Tips For A Successful Exterior Paint Transformation

Today I'm providing tips on painting the exterior of your home.
Today I'm providing tips on painting the exterior of your home.
Today I'm providing tips on painting the exterior of your home.

Hi Everyone,

It’s been such an exciting month with our new exterior paint transformation! Many of you know that I’ve been dying to get rid of the old darker paint color since buying our house 3 years ago. Finally this summer we were able to make it happen! What helped nudge me? My neighbors! Yay!! They began talking about getting their homes repainted and it pushed me to seriously look into it. The process was also made so much easier because I was able to get referrals from them on great painters. That’s the hardest part of tackling a job like this.. finding someone good that you can trust. Painting a home is also an expensive project so it’s important to plan properly to get the job done right.

To make this post a little easier for you I’ve decided to add a few important tips that we’ve learned along the way. Knowing some of these should help make the process of painting the exterior of your home more pain free for you.

Tips on painting the exterior of your home | Kristy Wicks


TIP #1

Research painters and get multiple quotes!!

I can’t stress this enough. Exterior paint jobs can run anywhere from $4,000-10,000 in my area depending on the size of the home so it’s important to get a few quotes to compare. Ask friends if they know a good painter then look at a few of their jobs yourself if possible. Painting an exterior takes a ton of work.. from prep to painting to the finishing touches. You really want to find someone who cares about doing the job right. So many people rush to get to the next job and scrimp on the details as a result.

My experience –

When I began my search I met with 2 different painters who walked the house with me discussing their thoughts on what needed to be done. We had a dark painted home that I wanted to paint almost white so I knew this was already going to be a bigger job than most. I think most look to either repaint the same color or shift slightly to a similar tone. Both easier than a complete color overhaul. Another factor is that I have deep stucco on my home which I knew would take more effort to paint.

My friends who know more about exterior stucco told me to get a quote for 1-2 coats PLUS a backroll. You also want a quote that includes the specific type of paint you’re considering getting. Make sure to ask your painter what they recommend but also make sure to do your homework and tell them that you want a really good exterior paint. Not the bottom level which they may use if you don’t specify a difference. People aren’t out to cheapen the job but… some may and you need to watch what you’re paying for.

My quote consisted of Sherwin Williams Duration paint. I went with SW because my Home Owner’s Association required it. The Duration paint was a higher level and more expensive than the others but in the long run it will last much longer. It has a beautiful matte finish that repels dirt and dust and it goes on beautifully. Many of my Instagram designer and architect friends recommended it and my neighbor just had her home repainted using it. I loved the way it turned out so I knew that’s what I wanted. Every manufacturer (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc) has their top of the line exterior paints so find what works within your budget and let your painter know so they can include this in their quote.

The colors used on my home? Sherwin Williams Windrift Beige cut 50% for the body using Duration paint and the trim is Classic Light Buff in Satin. The shutters are Tricorn Black in satin as well. I love the entire combination.

I received 2 different quotes and believe it or not I went with the higher quote. I simply went off the jobs I saw being done ( both painters worked in my neighborhood) then rolled the dice. I love who I chose and I”m happy with their work. It’s a tough call however.. go with our intuition. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Most will if you’re polite and you know a little about what’s involved.

Today I'm providing tips on painting the exterior of your home.

Tip #2

Test Test Test your Paint Colors!

If there is one thing I would suggest it’s to paint whatever color you’re thinking of going with directly onto your home on all 4 sides. I did this and it helped tremendously. There are so many factors to consider when choosing. The lighting, the hardscape you have and more. I’m always surprised what colors look like when on an actual surface. Poster boards never work well enough for me. I test 4 different colors and painted 2-3 coats on my home of each to get the real idea of how they would look. :)

Tip #3

Clear your outdoor space of furniture and more

Move what outdoor items you have in the garage to clear the way for them prior to day 1 of painting. This helps keep your items safer from paint and it moves the job along a little quicker so they don’t have to move things themselves.

Tip #4

Plan for the paint job to take a good week for it to be done correctly.

Our paint job from prep to finish took an entire week. To paint things properly that’s how much time good guys will usually take. My painters covered every inch of pavers, stone and outdoor furniture and items. They carefully removed all outdoor lights from the house rather than tape around them and they also remove shutters, doorbells, hardware, etc. Another thing, my painters only painted 1 side each day. I found this interesting but it made sense.. they said that by doing it this way they can be more meticulous and see the job in it’s entirety from start to finish each day. Once the entire home was finished they went back over it again and triple checked the details. I loved that. Ask your painter how they paint a home. I had never thought of it this way before.

Today I'm providing tips on painting the exterior of your home.

Tip #5

Double check the paint before they begin!

My painter wanted to use a Kelly Moore product but I wanted Sherwin Williams for my job. I didn’t want a SW formula with Kelly Moore paint. It isn’t always the same. Another reason why you should double check? My formula was a color cut 50%. When the guys began to paint I recognized the color was darker and looked at the buckets. I then called Sherwin Williams and sure enough, they messed up and ran the formula at full strength. Double check!! When you are altering a color a little it doesn’t show up on the can as being cut 50%. It just gives you the numbers of the different colors in the paint. The guys had no idea the store made the wrong mix. Luckily I caught it before the entire house was painted and the store was quick to deliver the new paint and take back the wrong color. I can’t even imagine what would have happened had I not double checked!!

Tip #6

Get to know your painters!

This should be a given but I can’t emphasize the importance of being kind to the workers painting your home or doing any work for that matter. I worked in the service industry as a Flight Attendant and I appreciate being treated nicely. The guys, Juan and Francisco who painted my home were so conscientious I immediatly let them know. I told them I appreciated their hard work and reminded them every day by thanking them and bringing them coffee and cookies. It’s the least I could do. :) As a result they were amazing and treated my home like they would theirs.

Today I'm providing tips on painting the exterior of your home.
Today I'm providing tips on painting the exterior of your home.

Hope these tips help you a little with your exterior paint decision making process… I learned a ton on this project from not only my friends and neighbors but from the guys themselves. If any of you have more tips on the subject please leave them below so that we can all learn from you! :)

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24 thoughts on “Tips For A Successful Exterior Paint Transformation

  1. Your advice is a God send to those who are going to do this. I rent so i won be taking on this project but those who are looking into it, you have missed a single detail. Great advice !! And by the way i live the color you choSe. Your house is gorgeous !!

  2. Your house looks fantastic! We have been wanting to paint ours all summer but I can’t pick a color! I know you had limited selections, but would you have advice on choosing?

    1. Omg I absolutely love the transformation!!! Wish I knew all of this when we got ours done . Lol we picked a navy blue and white trim and they mixed up the paint !! We left for a 3 day hey away and we thought we were coming home to a beautiful home 😂😂😂 we have cameras and we just never checked because we wanted to be surprised 😮 yeah we were surprised our house looked like the Smurfs color !! Or a Raspa Stand ! My 10 year old backed up and said it looked OUTSTANDING 😂 I didn’t even wanna get off the car ! I was so upset , I couldn’t believe the “ professional “ painters would do us like that . 3k down the drain

  3. You house looks beautiful! I just love everything you do inside and outside. Its always perfect. Your the best couple on i.g. I just brag about Jeff all the time he is always so neat and clean about everything. He cooks and your kitchen is always spotless. Love you both. You don’t know this but your my best couple on i.g. look forward to your stories everyday! Thanks for sharing your life with us all!💞💞💞💞

  4. wow kristy….the transformation is truly amazing! Like night and Day ;-) I love the lighter color. If you weren’t stuck with HOA rules, curious would you have gone with a pure white (LOL)? I love it and can’t wait for you to show us how to decorate with this new color :) -xo


  6. Your home looks amazing painted Kristy, I lust love it. DO you have any recommendations for painting brick? Our home is enourmous and this will be a huge job so I want to find the best paint for brick. thank you

  7. Kristy, your home looks fabulous! I love the coLor you chose. Great tips on hiring a painter. Good thing you were there to Notice the coLor wasn’t right. Yikes. You and Jeff must be so pleased WITH THE reSuLt. It’s stunning! xo

  8. Hi Kristy and Jeff, What can I say that hasn’t been said already!!! I love you guys, and I love your home and ideas. I always say when you got it you got it and Kristy you were born with it. Your taste is amazing, not only uncluttered but yet elegant, warm, and inviting. When it comes to the big pieces, Love the idea of keeping everything light and natural and then as the season changes all you need to do is change up the décor “pillows, flowers, rugs, etc…” Not only is it money saving but yet so much easier and the best part is… your home is always looking fresh and new. Gardening, OMG!!! I love how you transformed your garden into a living area. walking thru those doors into your garden is like walking right into another room inside the house. lovely, airy, beautiful for the eyes to see. the flowers, the fountains and lighting, it truly is a sanctuary. If only I had the money to hire you as my private decorator!!!

    The ideas and links to finding these pieces are great, from purchasing the same exact item to finding replicas is awesome!

    Jeff… you also are an inspiration. also love how you pickup ideas on your eating ventures and practice at home. love that you both eat healthy and how you not only practice but change things around to make every meal exciting. Love how you take a new appliance “Ice Cream Maker” and try it with us for first time. We as your audience love to experience the do’s and don’ts of a new item along with you. you educating us on how its done is a big plus for our future purchases. from the tweaking of measurements to the presentation!

    Got to tell you. My husband and I Look forward to your next post an story everyday. Now this is a reality show I love to watch!!!

    Thank you both and have a wonder day.

  9. Thank you so much for all this info
    Kristy. Things i would never have done
    Or thought of. I love your choices and beautiful home-such class!

    1. Yes, Like you, I am also happy I have landed here. I do love your content on successful home renovation and instant transformation! Everyone has different eyes for color choice, thanks for sharing your ideas and tips. I have also read a few tips from walthampaintingcompany and you guys have the same perspective with regards to Boston house painters. We’re going to improve our house and I’m thinking of applying some ideas here for some rooms. I’ve been working as a painter since I was a teenager, still not a prof but I could do all for our home! Keep posting this kind of stuff, guys! Big Thanks,!Thomy~

  10. Thanks ! Great tips….ESPECIALLY about the ACcuracy of the paint, and Being involved with your painters. They always apprEciate the feed back.

  11. Would windrift beige (cut 50 per cent work in the interior of a small cottage with vaulted ceiling?? There will only be 2 reg sized windows in each room and one outside door with glass in kitchen and one small window over sink area. The cottage will be facing S. West. It’s only 973 sq. ft. There would be a 34 in. Wainscoating at bottom in living are. Also, what do you recommend for trim and kitchen cabinets to blend with the windrift wall color. I would so appreciate your thoughts as I’ve read so much of your suggestions and love them. My floors are very similar to yours I’ve built 4 homes and have been lucky that the colors have been great, but at 79, I need help. I appreciate your help and thoughtfulness to your followers.

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      I would test anything first to see what you think. I had to keep within a certain paint color brand and list because of our Homeowner’s Assoc or I may have looked at other paints first. I would try a few diff whites before starting to split paint colors.

      Here are a few white posts that may help you..

      Let me know what you end up going with! It’s such a big decision.

  12. Fantastic Blog! I agree completely with you here. It is a very valuable and helpful collection of blogs. I am trying to gain information from all these. Really helpful post. Thank you..!!