Tour Our New Home Before Renovations

Tour our new home before renovations

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since we sold our home of 10 years!

It seems like yesterday when I first pitched the idea of selling our home in our quiet cul-de-sac to move a little closer to our Pleasanton downtown area.

With our daughter away at college it seemed the perfect timing to downsize and mix things up. I’ve always loved the close proximity to Main St. that my friend has enjoyed living near so as soon as I discovered a home was going on the market in the same neighborhood… I knew we had to act fast. Once we listed our home, it sold in just 2 days. If that wasn’t amazing enough… the home I wanted went on the market a week later. The real estate gods were on our side. ;)

Our new home is 20 years old and cozy at 1904 sq foot.. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. It’s never been renovated nor updated so we knew we would have quite a bit to do. As of today, our 5th day of owning the home, we have completely torn apart the entire interior. All of the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and garage are completely empty. All doors, appliances, cabinets, rugs, linoleum and baseboards have been removed to prepare for the next month when our contracting team can come in and begin to make this new home ‘ours’. So exciting!

To help complete this project we are fortunate to be working with many incredible companies and talented people. George Denton of Denton Custom Woodworks is building my kitchen and laundry room cabinets, Benjamin Moore is helping with the interior paint, Pravada Floors – my hardwood, All Natural Stone has become my complete marble and tile resource (thanks so much to Kathy Cipponeri for all her time and help) and Lamps Plus is providing almost all the indoor and outdoor lighting. Phew! It takes a village as they say. ;)

I’ll fill you in on more as each stage begins.

I can hardly wait!

Living Room and Dining Room

Upon entering the front door you will find a large circular staircase with the Living Room on the right and Dining Room on the left. We’ll be adding custom millwork throughout and can’t wait to see the difference.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKSNew House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Dining Room

We plan to change out the left window in the DR to accommodate a new set of French Doors to match the right side. I love matching doors in spaces this small. This will allow more of an indoor/outdoor feel. We plan to fill the outdoor space with a small cozy seating area + water feature.
(The left side of the house)

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Family Room and Kitchen

The large 6 ft slider in the kitchen/FR space will be switched to the same 5 ft set of French Doors as the dining room.
This allows us to extend the kitchen cabinets over a little more to the right, increasing storage and countertop space for the kitchen. I don’t plan to have a table in the middle either.. I find it takes away from the space so  much.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

The angled wall in the kitchen will be removed and the fireplace and mantel will be changed out entirely. The existing fireplace was a tiny 24″. Too small. A custom built 36″ fireplace will properly fill the space.. along with a larger mantel.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

The left media built-in will also be removed and changed to a larger piece as well.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS
We are adding an island in the middle of the kitchen and that left angled wall that houses the double ovens and pantry will be removed. This entire room will be completely revamped. (all soffits removed of course) We’ll be moving the sink to be centered under the window and adding extra storage and seating with the large island and custom built hutch.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Upstairs Master Bedroom

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Master Bathroom –

Master bedroom will have wallpaper added on the wall behind the bed and everything will change in the bathroom. The bathroom will be taken down to the subfloor and the tub will be removed to allow for a larger shower space.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

All cabinetry will be removed and replaced with a self standing vanity from Restoration Hardware.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Master Closet –

Working to make this walk-in closet a functional space with large glass Ikea Cabinets. So excited to make this large space pretty.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Front Guest Bedroom –

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Updating this room with new paint and flooring.

Jack and Jill Bath –

Switching to a 1 sink vanity and removing wall and door between shower space and vanity to allow for a more open and airy feel. We will be removing everything including the sub-floor to make sure all plumbing is updated.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Below is a small 2nd bedroom that will become a work space for Jeff.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

Backyard & Garden Space –

LOTS of changes coming to the garden and backyard spaces.
The patio cover and shed have been removed already.
(not built to code and rotting)
I am faced with yet another high fence and retaining wall like our last home… What are the odds?
We would love for this space to look as elegant as possible with a formal garden filled with greenery, boxwood and flowers.
This plan will also include a cozy courtyard feel with a brick/paver patio, updated retaining wall, large water feature, built-in firepit and BBQ as well as a large comfy seating space or two. Loads of cafe draping lights goes without saying.
(I may have to complete the backyard in stages…)

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKSNew House Reno - KRISTY WICKS
As of now, all concrete has been removed (concrete was poured to the edge of the doorways and wasn’t to code) and we plan to replace most of the space with brick or pavers.. We’ve added several french drains to help with drainage from the yards surrounding ours and bring in tons of color with flowers and greenery.

New House Reno - KRISTY WICKS

You can follow along on my journey here or on Instagram (+ IG Stories) and Facebook.
Change is exciting and we couldn’t be more than ready…
Who knew that moving within the same town could be such an adventure?!


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39 thoughts on “Tour Our New Home Before Renovations

  1. Can’t wait to see the the “durings” and “afters” next… I love watching the transformation of spaces take place!!! (Still can’t quite figure out which neighborhood this is…and I’ve lived in this town for 38 years!!!LOL! I’ve been trying to put your clues together, so I have a couple of ideas!)

    1. Haha… I bet you know several of my neighbors Karen. It’s a popular street. :D Thanks for taking a peek… Isn’t it so much more fun watching others go through this misery? ;) Me and my grand ideas… Lol

    1. Thank you! I’m trying but it definitely helps to surround myself with a great team. I know what I like but I don’t always know how to get there if that makes sense? So many incredibly talented people out there. I love this supportive community. Hugs! xo

  2. Wow Kristy ! Exciting times so looking forward to seeing all your exciting plans unfold in what s going to be a complete transformation !

  3. Kristy I can just picture the amazing after already with your vision! I can not wait to go on this journey with you through your blog and see your transition. I know this is the perfect next step and I am here cheering you on sweet friend!

    1. Aww.. Love you Rebekah! Thank you! We need to talk soon. So much to catch up on. Thanks for always being there… You are a real friend! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Bree!!! Now maybe I can get back on track with everything. I’ve been so distracted with everything going on… Hugs and just know how much your support means to me! xoxo

  4. Um, how exciting is this?!? I always have my eye out on the real estate listings – especially now that our house is getting close to being “done”. So fun to start over with a blank slate!

    1. I can’t wait Krista! Sooo excited to begin. :) I’ll be blogging about all my choices and decisions beginning tomorrow. I’ve been running around like a maniac! Lol

  5. Omg, I live in Livermore- how funny, what a small world. I just happened to find you via other IG designers I follow (who aren’t local). I can’t wait to see your home after the renovations and how awesome to know of some good contractors in the area. Keep us posted!

    1. Hi Amy! How ironic! My husband’s mom is also a McCarthy (from Bakersfield) too… His cousin is the Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy. :) Maybe we are related? ;) Thanks so much for your sweet support! Hugs! xoxo

  6. Hey, Kristy! Didn’t know another way of contacting you. This is a comment about the door into your bathroom. As someone who DOESN’T get up as early as my husband (5 am), I don’t want all that light shining on me while trying to sleep. Are you trying to get more light into the bathroom? I would add a solar tube. I do love watching you go through the process. Thanks for sharing. I’m a California Girl living in Texas.

    1. Hi Catherine,
      I just love having a glass door in my bedroom. :) I do have windows in the bathroom but any extra light is welcome. Funny that your husband wakes at 5am… so does mine! It never bothers me however as I have been a Flight Attendant for 20 years and I think I’m just used to light coming in the hotel bedrooms. Love your idea of adding a solar tube… I had thought of that before but haven’t approached my contractor about it. I’ll have to check into that. ;) Hugs!

  7. Hi kristy, is your kitchen designer yvonne king still performing design work? If so, can you share how to reach her or if not, do you have any other recommendations?

    Thank you!

  8. Wow, wow, wow!!! I am amazed at the vision you and Jeff had for your home and just how beautiful it looks now. All kudos to you both.
    What is your climate like to keep those plants so healthy? Colour me green!
    Hugs from New zEaland….

    1. Thanks so much Colleen! Living in our area we are able to grown almost anything although it can get quite hot during the summer time. We’re in the valley with 90-100 degree temps. I take care of everything but purposely chose each plant specifically for my climate etc.

  9. Wow!!! What a difference .. in every room! Your stairway is so beautiful! 😍 It’s nice to have contractors that know what they are doing. I renovated my childhood home. The contractor I got did me so wrong. I was alone and very uneducated in how not to be taken for a ride. Oh well, we learn by experience! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Wow!! Amazing transformation- the back yard if’s the most transformed!! How could you have seen all that beauty you have now!! Even the front of the house!! Sooooo impressive- great job!! Love your home!

  11. Kristy, your house is so beautiful now! It is so different and beautiful. I can’t wait for the side by side pictures. You have a great eye for remodeling and decorating. I love it. If you ever what to remodel another house… you can do mine.

    1. Hi Kristy I stumbled upon your Insta acc one day and loved it ever since. I am truly inspired by what you do. You are so inspirational. Sometimes when I’m feeling blue I pop onto your daily videos and it truly makes me so calm. I too love beautiful interiors that are homey and you manage to do just that. I just read in your comments that you know what you want and also know who to go to to get that…. that really made my day because that’s me 100% 🤗. I am so ready to do some redecorating myself after this long lockdown. Much love from South Africa 💕

  12. I absolutely LOVE how you have designed and landscaped your front and back yard!! How did you go about doing this? This is exactly my style. Do you go through a landscape designer to plan your layout?