Lighting Update: Smart Switches

One of the most affordable and impactful steps in this renovation has been installing smart switches. Lighting sets the mood for everything from dinner parties, cozy nights in, great photos, cleaning… you name it, the right light can make such a difference. We ordered the Caséta by Lutron switches and once we used them for a week we ordered more for the rest of the house because we liked them so much.

This house is new to us, but it’s 70 years old. These switches give it new life, making it feel like a brand new home with the up to date features. We are able to control all our lighting through an app or voice control through our Google home. This is Jeff’s favorite feature, he loves smart technology like this – Emma and I joke he’s such a nerd, but I think he might be onto something with this one. ;)

Lighting upgrade

My favorite thing is the ability to set a schedule for the lighting. I work from home and I’ve scheduled the lights to dim around 5:30 pm.. that subtle change of ambiance in the house brings me out of work mode and helps me relax. Aside from creating a breaking point in the day setting a schedule can help reduce energy costs… Win-win!

We also love that we can turn the lights on and off while on vacation. It’s an amazing thing to be able to give your home life while away. It definitely gives me peace of mind knowing that someone won’t know whether we’re home or not. This feature even works if you’re abroad. Love that!

Upgraded lights and Christmas tree

I was worried at first that the technology may be difficult to pair or lose connection from time to time but Caséta doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi. That means it always stays connected so you never lose smart control of the lights – even if the switch is off or the Wi-Fi goes down.

New lighting in kitchen

Jeff was able to install these switches himself in about 15 minutes, they work with a home’s existing wiring so there was no need to call an electrician. He said it was really easy to set them up too.

All in all, we are loving this new addition to our home! It was one of the easiest things we’ve added yet gives our home the biggest impact. There is nothing like walking out of a room before bed knowing you can turn your lights off from the bedroom or just by telling google to turn them off as we’re leaving the room. :) Have you tried this technology? Do you love it as much and Jeff and I do? I’d love to know your thoughts, and let me know if you have any questions!


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2 thoughts on “Lighting Update: Smart Switches

  1. Need your advice..which flush mount can ceiling lights do you and Jeff like best for kitchen, amd which light..soft white, natural light etc? Thank you amd looking forward to your suggestions!