Intermittent Fasting Update

Intermittent Fasting Update & Weight Loss Information - How I lost 10 lbs by using the IF method. Answering your questions on the matter!

Intermittent Fasting Update

Exactly 2 months ago I began a new way of eating. To bring you up to speed, I have an upcoming surgery to remove my breast implants and my doctor recommended that if I wanted to lose any weight.. it would be best to do so prior to my surgery. It’s important for a couple of reasons.. the doctors need to know how much breast fat they have to work with for the lift (I’ll have to have a lift once the implants are removed) and it’s always better to be in my best shape before having a surgery like this. If I lose a ton of weight post surgery, all the work I paid for may not look the same. Your breasts are one of the first places to shrink when you lose weight.. at least this is true for me.

I’ve been wanting to lose around 15 pounds for quite awhile so my doctor’s input was the necessary push I needed to get going with my goals.

Every since leaving my last job as a flight attendant I haven’t been as physically active as I should be on a daily basis. Add to that, eating almost everything I wanted and drinking a lot of wine – my weight climbed. My weight has always run around 108-112 pounds without trying very hard until a couple of years ago. And no the weight gain has nothing to do with my age.. I’ve been on hormones ever since I had Emma at 30 after having a hysterectomy. Wish I could blame it on that. ;)

When I started this weight loss journey 2 months ago I was at my heaviest – 133.5 pounds. That’s at least 23.5 pounds up from just a couple of years ago.

When discussing different weight loss options my doctor recommended intermittent fasting. (click here to learn more about IF) Intermittent fasting allows you to eat between the hours of 12-8pm or 1-9pm. It’s called the 16/8 method and I have to say, I loved the idea of this. I work better with perimeters. Especially when it comes to food.

Once I began IF I found the process easy to follow. After researching more, I was excited to see how I would respond to the 16 hour fasting and 8 hour eating method after more time. It’s something I’ve never purposely tried before although I used to skip breakfast years ago just because I was never hungry in the morning. Maybe that helped me keep the wight off? Who knows..
One thing I have to add here.. I’m not an expert by any means. I’m just sharing how I’m doing following the IF thus far and answering a few of the questions that many of you have been asking through DM’s.

Ok.. let’s get down to Intermittent Fasting Questions!


Q: How many hours a day do you fast?

A: I usually keep to the 12-8 pm timeframe for eating except when my friends are over for our Bachelor/ Real Housewives viewing nights. On those nights I allow myself to eat a little later so I start the following day a little later as a result. Usually 1PM-9PM.

Q: Can you have cream in your coffee in the morning? Does it break your fast?

A: I found it easier for me to just cut cream out entirely. The only way you can have cream or milk is if it’s full fat and under 50 calories. That’s a tiny teaspoon worth of cream and it did nothing for my coffee so I decided to skip it altogether. I can’t believe I’m drinking black coffee in the morning and I’m not dying. Lol

Q: Can you drink diet sodas during your 16 non eating hours?

A: No. Using any kind of artificial sweetener during non eating hours breaks your fast and the process for which it was designed. You need to stick to water, coffee, tea with no sweeteners.

Q: Are you really hungry in the morning? I don’t think I could wait until noon to eat.

A: I think whenever I approach diets or changes to my eating habits like this I adapt pretty quickly. I’m always thinking about the end result. I definitely hear my stomach growl around 10AM but I have to say it’s nice to feel a little hungry for once. I used to feel full all the time. I haven’t felt dizzy or had any other problems as a result of limiting my hours of eating either if that helps. Your body does adapt over time and it gets used to the schedule. At least it has for me. Everyone needs to find what works best for them however..

Q: Are you following any other diet while also limiting your hours? I haven’t lost as much as you and I’m frustrated.

A: I am not following any specific diet except for the fact that I try to stay away from breads and pasta. I’ve also cut wine down to just 1 -2 nights a week and I try to stay away from sweets. (I’ve had a little more wine this past week but I’m back to my strict mode again as of today) I would rather eat my calories than drink them.. I find that power proteins – nuts and avocados help as snacks during my 8 hour window.

Q: How many meals are you eating a day?

A: I eat 2 meals – a lunch and dinner and usually have a snack in between of almonds or sliced avocado. This helps keep me full throughout the day.

Q: What kind of workouts are you doing?

A: I’m walking/running 4.5 miles at least 4 days a week. I’ve been a little off this week but I’m getting back into it. I’m also incorporating some light weights for my upper body and legs. I’m not killing myself.. that’s for sure. ;) Just moving over 10-15K steps a day has made a HUGE difference for me. Especially since I sit at the computer or I’m on the phone on Instagram a ton. Moving is key!

Q: Can you give a few examples of what you’re eating each day?

A: I usually always eat high protein meals for both meals. I’ll either have a large salad with tons of veggies and chicken or salmon for lunch or low fat cottage cheese, a cup of blueberries and ground flaxseed. That has been a favorite go-to for my lunches lately. I love fruit.
For dinner Jeff will usually whip up something that’s packed with protein – chicken, fish, shrimp, eggs and of course beans. I love beans! He always includes veggies.
For snacks it’s nuts, olives, pickles, and avocado. Things that can hold me over. :)

Q: Are you planning on staying on this 16/8 eating window when you reach your goal weight?

A: I’ll probably stay on some sort of IF regiment on a daily basis but increase my food intake a bit once I reach my goal weight. I don’t plan on getting below 112-115 pounds. :)

There are so many great posts about IF online. This post from author, James Clear helped me a ton! That’s all from me on my Intermittent Fasting Update – if you have any more questions, leave them in the comments below!

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105 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Update

  1. I started Intermittent fasting 7 months and I LOST 30 lbs now I’m 121lbs I’m trying to maintain my weight best decision ever. Believe it’s worth it.

  2. I Don’t eat carbs unless their in nuts or vegEtables. I do have a cheat day a few times a month. I feel like it helps my body do better when im strict.

  3. Thank you for your tips. Beginning a weight loss program as soon as I get back from Hawaii. I’m so over eating.

  4. Thanks for your post…I was waiting for this as I too have started with 16-8 if but have lost 4 pounds in one month as I do cheat sometimes a lot and being a vegetarian it is hard too to eat low carb. Will try to work upon more on my eating.
    Thanks so much Kristy..😊

  5. Thank you for sharing your “IF” experiencE. I did “IF” over the summer and really liked my results, way less abdominal bloat! I need To get back to it as ive started to feel heavy again. I have been walking almost daily so im sure if i Incorporate “if” again i will see quicker ReSults.

  6. Th this is so helpful. Thank you. I got in touch with you a few months ago because I would like to have my implants removed, as well, and do not want to put new implants in. When I saw that you were planning on doing this, I got in touch with you to find out more. I went and saw my doctor and they suggested that I lose some weight, as well. I am heavier than you are and I have about 25 pounds to lose and it’s overwhelming for me to think about. I’m going to try the intermittent fasting. I d I do feel that having something like this surgery, in my future, will help motivate me.

    1. Hi ALon,
      Planning my surgery has really helped nudge me to get going with my weight loss. It feels great going into something like this with a healthier me. :) Good luck! xx

  7. I haven’t tried intermittent fasting but i definitely want to try it after following you. As a first time 40 year old mom, i want to lose those last few pounds i can’t shake.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Hi
    Its not working for me, I stop eating at 630pm until 1 the next day. BUt i do have a cappucino with skim milk at 8am. I eat a smaLl lunch. I dont snAck but i admit i overeat a bit at supper. I only have wine on friday or saturday. I have put 10 pounds in the last year because of menopause. I walk everyday for one hour approx 10000 stEps. What Am i doing wrong and i dont eat sweets. OccaSsionally i have an Lowfat 90cal ice cream.?????

    1. Hi Adele,
      I just wanted to say that I was doing 16:8 fasting for about a month – with minimal results, (like losing.2 pounds a week – yes there IS a . in front of that .2! Is .2 lbs even anything??)
      Anyway, I had also come across James Clear’s info online. I was drinking coffee with a bit of fat free, (30 calories) creamer and some Splenda. Well, from everything I read, that was probably what was keeping me from losing. It really isn’t about the calories, it is what your body does biologically in the fasting state. I started drinking black coffee, (hard to get used to, but I’ve done it) — and I have been losing an average of 1 pound a week since I went to black coffee in the morning.
      So you may want to try your coffee without the milk and see how it goes, it has made all the difference to me. I’ve lost 3 lbs in 3 weeks. (I am exercising 5 days a week for 40-50 minutes).

    2. Hi Adele,
      I think you’re breaking your fast with the added skim. Like Penny mentioned, anything like splenda and sugars in skim does break your fast. Kepp doing what your doing and try to skip adding anything to your coffee if you can. I have never gone with black coffee in my life until this and I really feel as if it’s helping keep me from stimulating my insulin levels. Good Luck!

    3. The skim milk has sugar…one cup is 83 calories…to do i.f. You need to stress under 50 calories. You should also take a look at your carb intake during your eating window.

  9. How do you work out in the morning if you havent eaten? I yhink i would feel so weak. I also usually have a protein bar right after my work out. Can i do the fasting four out of seven days and just eat something light on the mornings i work out?

    1. My body adjusted to the no eating rule until noon pretty easily surprisingly enough.. I would suggest not jumping into a heavy workout routine until your body adapts and instead walk or exercise lightly like I did. I found it worked well with my adjustment.

      There are many diff ways you can Intermittent Fast.. I woud look into a methid that fits best with your lifestyle. They do say the 16/8 works best with most over the long run however… :)

  10. Hi KRisTy, thank you so much for your INTERMITTENT fasting blog. I have been fasting not seeing such fast results but I’m not going to give up. You look amazing!! I AppreciaTe your HONESTY and advise!! Keep you postEd. Thanks TerE

  11. Hi Kristy!
    This is so interesting, i had never heard of if before you spoke about it! It is definitely something I want to look into! Thank you for sharing!
    Good luck with yoir sugery!!

  12. Yes! Im a full BELIEVER in INTERMITTENT fasting! My husband and i have done it for so long that i am not usually hungry until 12pm! Have you looked into the benefits of whole day fasting? (Limit youRself to 300-400 cals). I have done that for almost a year now! brings a new meaning to menta CLARITY! HUge fan of IF!

  13. Dear Kristy, bonjour! my Md gave me tHe go ahead To use IF as a lifestyle. The first 3 months I was On point, then I decided once I went down a dress size (which was my goal) to take the weekend off. I follow if 5 days with 2 days off. I am able to maintain my weight plus have the foods i love to induLge in. I find staying on any diet PLan is difficult so for me, this lifestyle plan is best. I Find eating healthy tHe 8 hours, 5 days then have the 2 days to eat ( Healthy) stops me from cheating. Ty fOr the health posts, love them❤️With tidbits of info 😘

  14. Hi Kristy
    Thank you so much. Love hearing everythinG. I started IF 5 weeks ago and have list around 7 lbs. i am trying to follow tHe Faster WAY to fat loss program. They track macros and carb cycle. It is very interesting. I do the 16/8 from 1:00 = 9:00.

  15. Hi Kristy, I follow you on Instagram from the UK, love you and Jeff.
    I started almost exactly the same time as you doing IF, it was such a coincidence when you came on one day and said you were doing it, I was so happy. I have been hoping for you to talk more about it. I love it and have lost 14lbs, I have totally changed my food intake also, ive gone low carb and low sugar also.
    I was spurred on because I was getting no exercise (sit at a computer all day in office) and started getting water retention in my legs. I felt bulked up and sluggish although I am not a big eater, so I went for blood tests at the doctors and the result came back, I have a chance of pre diabetes and heart disease possibilities in the next 10 years and high cholesterol. That was it I started changing my diet, although the biggest thing I needed to change was exercise. I have done a bit more walking, but still need to work on that more.
    I love the blog post, and I feel like we are IF buddies and I am following your progress with a lot of interest. IF is a great way to get started on a healthier lifestyle, and in middle age we need to consider that more.
    Thanks for the great content you do everyday.
    PS. Jeffs meals look delicious, how lovely to have him do the cooking and look after your nutrition. Good one Jeff!

    1. Yay Karen! So happy to hear you’re loving iF too.. YOu’re ahead of me on the weight loss but I’m back on track again after my trip and feel better already. :) Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs xx

  16. I might have told you this before but theres a brand called josephs that are wraps. I spray avoCado spray on them and then season with everything bagel and cook for 15 min . Cut into strips or triangle for chips. They are very crunchy , so you can use thEm for dips. 🤗ive lost 22 pounds since feb, im diaBetic and weigh around 123. 49 years old. Its been slow but i feel amazing and not bloated. I start eatting around noon and end around 7. The biggest thing is to move i think tHat has helped soo much . I eAt high Healthy fat and very low carb. Goodluck 😊💕

  17. Yes! I love IF! I do the 16:8 protocol as well and also Occasionally a 24 hour fast. I am aLso a FASTer way To Fat Loss coach so i Implement a few other far burning strategies as well. A few tils for people starting out: 1. Drink plenty of wster 2. Make sure yoj eat enough (under-eating can cause the body to hold onto fat) 3. Progress not perfection!

  18. Kristy,
    This was helpful! I wanted to lose 10 lbs To get back to my comfortable in my clothing weight. The keto diet worked soooo Good for me and i lost 11 lbs in Exactly one month. ( started at the end of august). Ive been wanting to try IF so im glad to hear its working great for you, as we are the same age! So, thanks for sharing your success!

  19. I tried IF and had no problem with hunger but I did feel dizzy at my morning workouts. Any suggestions to fix that??

    1. Hi Teresa, I would take it easy with the workouts for awhile until your body adapts. You can also try working out later in the day after having some food. That may help? :) Good luck! xx

  20. Any caLories (ie cream in coffee) = not fasting. So black is fine But not with cream of any kind or additional calorie content. :)

    1. When it comes to IF they actually say you can have up to 50 calories of full cream (not half and half or milk, etc) without breaking your fast. I personally found 50 calories wasn’t enough cream to make a diff in taste so I skip it altogether. :)

  21. I have loved following along with your ‘IF’ journey kristy, thank you for all the tips you post and the blog post was great.

    I started ‘if’ 10 months ago, also cutting out dairy, carbs and sugar and as of today have lost 16kg (I live in Australia so approx. 35lbs) and I feel great, I still have a way to go but I am over halfway there!

    I always start my day with a coffee (with mct oil in it) and then usually have my first meal of the day around 11:30 and I try not to have anything after 8:00pm at night so similar to you. I find smaller more frequent meals work better for me especially in the later part of the day.

    the greatest aspect for me is that it does not feel like I am constantly dieting, to me it has become a way of life, a lifestyle choice and I love that.

    the other big win for me is that I have discovered I love to exercise, jogging particularly which I have never loved!

    so thanks again kristy, I look forward to all of your posts on ig and your blog, and I am inspired by your journey, you look great and to keep going with mine because I feel great!

    apologies for the long reply……long time follower first time replier :-)

    rae x

    1. Hi Rae! Congratulations on your weight loss! That’s amazing.. Love all your tips on what’s worked for you. I also feel so much more in control and happier limiting the times of my eating. :) Hugs and thaks for sharing xx

  22. THank you for sharing about removing Your implants. I have a consUltation next week and several friends are doing the same. It seems like a subject most women are afraid to talk about.

    BlessinGs to you!

    Cindy tree

    1. Hi Cindy, I’m only removing mine because I went too large. If I had gone smaller from the beginning I would be fine with them. Since I’m going through another surgery however I figure I may as well just remove them if I can. I’ll be having a consult next week to seeif I have enough fat in my breasts to go without anything. I’m thinking I’ll be ok on that front. Hugs!

  23. I just HEARD about this “if” program on mondaY. I started on tuesday …thank you for the tips, my husband and i are Hoping its a life sty change for us.

    Keep the ENCOURAGEMENT coming
    Thank you,
    Linda milner

    1. That’s great Linda! I hope it’s been going well for you both.. The longer you stick with it the more you will begin to see results. :) Hugs!

  24. Hello :) i really enjoyed this post. I was wondering, can you have coffee in the morning duriNg your non eating hours? Thank you :)

    1. Hi Isel, Yes to coffee and no to cream, sugar or sweeteners :) YOu can have 1 tsp. of full fat cream (not half and half, etc) but I tried it and it didn’t help the taste so I go without because I don’t want to chance breaking my fast by adding too much. Hope that helps. :)

    1. Hi Glenda, My plan is to go without anything. I don’t have any negative side effects from the implants but I figure I may as well get rid of them entirely if I’m going through this whole surgery thing again. I think I’ll have enough fat to work with to have a full or large B cup with no implants. :)

      1. Great post & update on if! Im goIng to tRy to ELIMINATE creamer- i thOught sugar free or faT free was ok- no wonder it dIdn’t work, lol
        I loved Your fall travel post with emma!
        Thanks – good luck on your surgery xo

  25. I have done if for 12 years but only a period of time. Not the whole year. 😨Sometimes few months to get all the “Full feeling” out. I found it def cheaper and healthier than buying all the sugary detox juices! I don’t BELIEVe in them. What helped my snack is few fresh dates. With nuts i was oversnacking because they brought me the need to munch. Speeding up YOUr steps makes a difference and i found massaging very invigorating when i didn’t feel like exercising.

  26. Jorge cruise with the cruise control diet does this INTERMITTENT fasting and he says you can have stevia in your coffee and Mct or coconut oil and up to 2 T. Butter or heavy cream all without breaking your fast. Also he says you can soak chia seeds in almond milk to eat also without breaking your fast. I’ve lost about 5 pounds last month but I need to exercise more and maybe be stricter on what I eat during the 8 hours I do eat. I have about 30 pounds to lose. I have not restricted my carbs. I guess I’ll try more consistently following his protocol. He has a book OUt. I just borrowed it from the library 😉.

  27. Can you change the times as long as you only eat for 8 hrs during the day? For example, instead of 12pm – 8pm, could you do 10am – 6pm? I find that if i eat after 6pm, I still feel too full when I go to bed around 10:15pm, and then I don’t sleep well.😕

    1. Hi Leanne,

  28. Hi Kristy!
    One of your Canadian followers here! I am struggling to understand the whole intermittent fasting idea..I understand that you allow your body to go through a fast for about 16 hours what I don’t understand is what foods you should eat during the window where you can have calories. do you cut out all carbs or just those in breads, pastAs etc. and do you restrict yourself to so many calories a day? Im 5 1” and weigh 130 aNd would like to loose 5-6 lbs

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I actually try not to limit myself on calories when I can eat, but I don’t eat carbs very often (pasta and breads) I do eat beans, nuts, chicken, Veggies, wine and some snacks occasionally. I don’t want to feel like it’s a “diet”. I have lost 11 lbs so it’s worked for me. xx

  29. Hi Kristy,
    I tried IF and really saw great RESULTS and felt in control again but it messed up my cYcle so i had to stop. I’m bummed about iT buT so glad its working for you! Take care, see ya on IG!

  30. Hi i just started last week. Going well. Hoping to drop 10 and then REASSESS. I find This so easy. Never been a morning eater. Get HUNGRY about 11. I have to say. Im feeling really gOod. So nice to have an Empty tummy sometimes. I am puting about a tablespoon of almond milk in my coffee. Is that ok? I mostly avoid dairy

    1. Hi Tammy – the way intermittent fasting works is that you can’t have anything during your 16-hr window unless it’s under 50 calories. I was addicted to creamer and I still quit because I wanted to lose weight. I wait the full window without anything (black coffee only!) and it has worked. very important.

  31. Hello! do you do IF 7 days x week or do you take the weekends off? i started about a month ago, but only 5 days a week. haven’t seen much weight loss. I am the same weight and height as you (before you started If). perhaps i should not take weekends off? thanks and love your content and Instagram!

    1. Hi Michelle – I do this every day. I wouldn’t take weekends off because I think i would fall back into bad habits. It gets easier the more you do it. Hope this helps, thanks for your sweet words. :) xx

  32. WITh your upcoming surgery, what made you elect to remove your implants? How long haVe you had them? WiTh your weightloss will there be enough breast tissue for a lift with natural Look? Will there have to be a reduction of Skin as well. Sorry for all the questions, i have lost a massive Amount of weight with help of weightloss surgery(vsg). Now i have no breast tissue, so implants are one option or fat transfer With skin reduction. I am so worried that 10 or so years i will need the implants removed. Thank you for taking the time to read, all these emails from all your Followers.

    1. Hi Michelle – no worries on the questions. That’s why I’m here! I was always a B cup my entire life. About 7 years ago I lost a little weight and went down to an a-cup & I needed a lift. So i figured I may as well have implants put in. I liked them at first even though I did find it challenging to find the right clothes to wear for me.. I’m 5’4 and petite. I never wanted to look too “booby” especially at my age.

      I’m electing to remove them because she said I have enough fat for a b-cup & we have to do a lift because I’m currently a DD-cup. Good luck, I would do what is best for you. I think implants are great.. however I would read up on new articles regarding the FDA’s opinion on implants they just came out with.. recommendations are now that people need to know they can’t have them in forever.. ultimately meaning more surgeries down the road. xx

  33. My biggest issue is my coffee. I love espresso but Not without sugar. Sadly i cant EXERCISE(like no time and the gYm is too far away to drive in the winter) so i hope its gonna help loosing weight Even if i try and change my coffee

  34. I tried iNtermittent fasting for a couple of weeks, but suffered TERRIBLE headaches. I don’t drink coffee and oNly drink tea once in a while. I Usually drink orange juice first thing in the morning. I’m tHinking the headaches Were maybe from a dRop in blood sugar because they stopped as soon as i started drinking oj in the mornings again. I may give it a try agAin because I’d like to lose 20-25 lbs.

  35. Love this post so much! It is so encouraging to read what you have shared, as i have an upcoming surgery and need To shed a few pounds, as well. I have lost 6 pounds in one week on the Fast, and am trying to incorporAte foods from the daniel fast as much as i can in combination. Thanks for the extra push!

  36. Hi Kristy
    I just wantedto say how much i enjoy your InStagram page and bloG
    we have a few Similarities,our daughters are similar ages, my daughTer is turning 24 in feburary, And shes my only one too, as i too had a hysterectomy, after her birth, so lucky we had girls!
    I look foward to your post and fabulous ideas Too, we are 2 years in our house also, but Not as fast at getting thiNgs done as you are!
    Wishing you and your family a very happy thanksgiving
    Donna x

  37. Kristy

    Have you heard different things about increasing the length of your fast (instead of 16HR bumping it to 18-20hr) if that is more effective?
    Thanks so much. You are an inspiration.

  38. Are you exercising in the morning without eating anything? I find that I don’t have enough energy to get through my workouts if I don’t eat something. Any tips on that?

    1. I’ve gotten so used to the IF that working out in the morning isn’t a big deal any more… I would simple move forward slowly and don’t push yourself until your body adapts. :)

  39. Thank you for sharing this! I’m very motivated to start this “program”. I, myself fall into the same weight category as. All my life until a few years ago I never needed to worry about my weight. With warmer weather and a wedding to attend in may in Charleston, I can do this! Thank you!

  40. Hey Kristy! I started doing WW & IF a few months ago and have lost a lot of weight (50+ lbs!!). It really works! Just curious how tall are you?

  41. Thanks Kristy, this has been such an informative post. I’m happy for you that you’ve been so successfully – you look great!

  42. Hi Kristy,
    This is such a lovely read. I am trying to loose weight myself. I am currently 114 I started at 121 in March.

  43. Hi Kristy,
    This is such a lovely read. I am trying to loose weight myself. I am currently 114lbs I started at 121 in March. I walk an hour for 5 days and excerise for 1/2 in the morning 5days a week . I do eat healthy I cut out the bread and eat pasta intermittently. I eat lots of veggies and fish. Avocado is in abundance so I’m eating one a day. Food and life is alot of fun just embrace it. Love the cooking shows with you and your husband.

  44. Thank you. How much water are you drinking each day? And how many calories do you think your having a day? I find a protein drink for one meal helps me . ❤️

    1. Hi Kathy,
      No, the fasting has to be 16 hours to work properly. If you eat before then insulin levels go up and break the fasting mode.

  45. Thank you so much Kristi for this informative blog. Today is my second day on IF , must admit it is tough. I decided to get on this as I’m borderline diabetic… I’m a 25 year old with two kiddos . I’ve found that it’s kinda hard to eat healthy on a budget… my husband is the only one working. I would love if you can pull a list out of easy / fast / cheap meals..
    thank you ,love you X Gaby

  46. Thank you for haring your updates with us! it is good to know about how it works for some people! I was thinking of getting into IF, but I wanted to know more about it. I came across this article,

  47. Very helpful thank you. I began IF during covid lockdown just because I was stressed and already not eating a ton. It works! I need to stretch that time frame longer so thx for your story. Very helpful as is all you share!!

  48. Can you eat from 10:00 – 6:00? 8:00 pm is a little late for me. I’m 75 years old and not as active as I was before Covid as my job ended then. Therefore I have gained weight.

  49. This is great Kristy. You’ve inspired me to start this week but my timeframe will be 10-6pm Hopefully, it doesn’t matter when you schedule your 8 hours? These times are so much better for me. I need to lose 20 lbs. but I’m 5’7 so 135-145 is my goal. My focus is to build more muscle with weight training because it feels like it’s disappearing everyday. Also, can I just wait and have my coffee at 10 o’clock with some cream :)