Kristy Wicks

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for visiting my website. This is a place where I share everything in my life from my latest shopping finds to my family, ideas on decorating my home & garden and places I’m traveling to.Β  There are so many things in life that I’m passionate about that I love sharing with all of you..

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World’s Best Stuffing Recipe

Hi everyone! Jeff has been making his World’s Best Stuffing for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for as long as I…
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Cinnamon Bun Pancakes with Apple Cider Icing

There is nothing better this time of year than holiday baking! Our niece came through Santa Barbara on her way…
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Jeff’s Baked Cinnamon Bread French Toast Recipe

Jeff’s Baked Cinnamon Bread French Toast recipe is simply a new twist on our baked french toast recipe. I have…
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Packing List for Europe

Jeff and I are heading to Europe at the end of this week for a two week vacation and we’re…
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Save or Splurge: Beauty Edition

Who doesn’t love saving a little money? The worry is if you are sacrificing quality for price, so I decided…
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