My Unfortunate 2x Breast Implant & Explant Experience

I’ve been waiting awhile to write this blog post until I’m fully healed from my explant surgery and feel that now’s the time. I’m happy to finally talk about everything that I’ve been going through for the past several years.

Between the years of 2010-2012 I lost quite a bit of weight. As a result my breasts went from a large B cup to an A cup and I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. If you’ve had a baby, you probably understand the sagging issue after breast feeding… add that to a big amount of weight loss and you end up with not-so-pretty breasts. That’s when I decided to get my implants. I was in my 40’s and looking forward to having the body I had always wanted.

When I first brought up the idea of getting implants with Jeff, he was extremely supportive as usual. He just wanted me to be as happy as I can be. When I talked to Emma about everything, she was a junior in high school – of course her opinion mattered to me. She has always had naturally large breasts (around size DD cups) and was fully supportive as well. However she did warn me about the struggles of having large boobs in every day situations. Your clothing fits differently, you have to be more conscious with how you appear in clothing, your back hurts some days, and some of my favorite styles of clothing might not fit as well. We are both runners and she also explained that having larger boobs would get in the way – double sports bras are a must!

Getting all this information did enlighten me but unfortunately I didn’t heed the advice. To make matters worse, I rushed my research in finding a doctor. I really thought the doctor I had picked had great reviews but in the years since the surgery I’ve learned otherwise. Ugh!

First Implant Surgery – 2011

I was really excited to meet my doctor. His office is located in Blackhawk – a really nice area in the East Bay. When I first met him.. I didn’t love his bedside manner. I actually disliked his cockiness and abrasiveness from the beginning. His office was absolutely beautiful however and in my rush to getting the surgery done, I disregarded the initial red flags. Oh how I wish I had listened to my gut on this one.

Every plastic surgeon tends to have a ‘style’ they prefer when it comes to the shape of the breasts they create. This guy liked the ‘va va voom’ style of breasts.. think Pamela Anderson. I didn’t realize this at the time, but he definitely didn’t dissuade me from wanting to go larger.

When the surgery was over, initially everything was great. It wasn’t until 2-3 months later that I began to develop Capsular Contracture. This occurs when the scar tissue or capsule that normally forms around the implants tightens and squeezes the implant.. it may be more common following infection, etc. Over the next several months my breasts became very hard and uncomfortable. They felt like heavy rocks. When I went back to the doctor to share this he became very defensive and said that he would only pay for a partial amount if I decided to have them redone – just 1 breast.

I was shocked at his immediate dismissal and almost defensive attitude from the jump. I never implied that it was his fault.. My dad was a surgeon.. I would never do that. The cause of CC is unknown but factors common to it’s incidence include bacteria contamination – most likely from surgery (which is what they think happened with me), a rupture of the breast-implant shell, leakage of the silicone-gel filling, and a hematoma – none of which had happened to me. So his immediately pushing me away was extremely disheartening and distressing during this vulnerable period.

When we left the office, we knew we were never going back. I guess I could have taken my case to a lawyer to see if there was anything we could do but CC is not a clear cut situation. We were looking at another surgery also at that point and the cost involved so we moved on..

Implants can cost between $5000-$10,000 depending on where you live in the U.S. When you add a lift to that (which is what I did) the surgery can cost anywhere from $10,000-$14,000 cash. No insurance.

Looking back now, I’m so happy that this original doctor wouldn’t cover the full cost of both breasts to redo them. I probably would have gone back to him for the redo.. who knows what would have happened. I could have saved upwards of an additional $12,000 surgery but at what cost?

2nd Surgery – 2012

I reached out to my diagnostic radiologist & my gynecologist for their professional opinion and to get the name of a good local breast surgeon to handle my case. They both recommended someone in the area known to clean up other Doctor’s messes. (think the show Botched on Bravo!) The first day we met, Jeff and I really liked him. He was extremely professional and I felt as if I could trust him from the get-go.

When he heard what I had gone through, he felt horrible about the pain and the distress I went through. After seeing my X-rays he told us that he felt the Capsular Contracture was probably due to some bacteria on the implant or otherwise.

I went with him for the second surgery. The only thing I regret about the that surgery was not going a bit smaller in breast size, like this new doctor had suggested.

When I came out of surgery and recovered – my body healed extremely fast and my breasts responded beautifully. Never had an issue! This just reinforced our thoughts that my CC was caused by something from the outside.

2019 & Explant Surgery

Fast forward 7 years. At the beginning of 2019 I felt weighed down by my implants, literally and figuratively. I had gained around 15-20 lbs from where I was after the second surgery and the extra weight was making my breasts even heavier if that’s possible. I looked so much larger in my clothes and felt like hiding my breasts. They just looked enormous.

After discussing my feelings with Jeff and my doctors about getting an explant/reduction surgery – my doctors referred me to a woman breast surgeon in the area. My doctors who referred her recommended that I go with a woman this time around so that I have someone who fully understands what I want and can guide me properly.

At my first appointment with this 3rd doctor, I was immediately impressed. She said I was way too large breasted for my petite 5’4″ frame and she stated that I needed to lose some weight before heading into surgery so that she knew how much breast tissue she had to work with. I loved that she wasn’t trying to march me into surgery right away and that she wanted the best possible outcome for me. It was very motivating for me and her recommendation helped me lose 15+ pounds before my surgery on November 12th. Before getting a reduction it’s always best to be at your healthiest weight so that you don’t ruin the work you’ve paid for. She explained that many women tend to lose weight after reductions thus losing breast tissue which can cause their new breasts to sag. Not something that you want to have happen after going through a big surgery and spending so much money!

In November I went into surgery feeling excited and so good about my decision. Everything went well and I was able to head home that same day. Once you have breast surgery they wrap your breasts with a tight gauze for 24-48 hours to help keep swelling at bay. Your doctor then removes the wrap during your first checkup. My doctor likes her patients to come in after 24 hours to stay on top of things. When she took off the wrap she immediately looked very concerned because my left nipple wasn’t looking healthy. As a matter of fact it looked black indicating that it wasn’t getting the proper blood flow. This could be due to a few things.. too tight of a binding (the wrap) or the nipple not having it. This nipple had seen 3 surgeries after all. Whatever the cause.. we’ll never know.

All anyone really cared about at that time was saving my nipple. From the get-go, we had to encourage blood circulation to the area which meant daily heparin injections around the nipple.. (along with more attention to detail that I don’t want to go into). Every day or every other day we had to drive 1 – 1 1/2 hours each way to see the doctor. It was a trying time to say the least. I was worried and upset constantly, my breast hurt quite a bit, and if that’s not enough I was extremely stressed out from working/blogging during our busiest peak period.. I had already committed to many different partnerships over the next 2 holiday months that I couldn’t back out of. I was mentally and physically exhausted.

One thing I want to emphasize is that while this unfortunate situation was occurring, my doctor went above and beyond to try and be there for us. Jeff took off work and Emma bent over backwards. Due to this attention, I feel my body was able to respond to the medicine and begin to heal… although for some reason it took an unusually long time period. 7 weeks!! With daily care. My doctor even made a house call on Thanksgiving morning.. who does that? I feel blessed.

Overall Thoughts

What a mess though.. I must be the unluckiest person when it comes to breast surgery. In the scheme of life however I know that I’m fortunate. I didn’t have to have any of these surgeries due to sickness but the whole thing has been ridiculous. You can count me out for any future elective breast surgeries. I’m all for people getting what they want in life and there is nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery.. I just hope that through my experiences you can learn from me. If you’re considering any kind of plastic surgery for yourself – please do your research and get multiple referrals and many doctors reviews before heading under the knife.

One last comment about breast implant surgery.. If you do decide to get implants just understand that they are not lifelong devices and you’ll be looking at getting more surgeries in the future. Either to replace them or have them removed – both of which can cost quite a bit.
Click here for more recent October 2019 information from the FDA on implants and the upkeep they require.

In total I spent around $36,000 for my 3 Implant & Explant Experience surgeries. Definitely wish I could go back and make a change or two…

Hope my Implant & Explant Experience story helps you if you’re considering getting breast implants.. And for the record, I’m not against implants – even after everything I’ve gone through but I probably wouldn’t get them again knowing what I know now.


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118 thoughts on “My Unfortunate 2x Breast Implant & Explant Experience

  1. So sorry, Kristy you had to go that. Glad you are doing better. You look beautiful. LookinG forward to your posts this year!

    Your friend,
    Angie 😘

  2. Kristy,

    I applaud you on being so openly honest and VULNERABLE! i admire your strength and just the fact that you are real with Who you are. I love that you use your voice and platform for positive and not just the glitz & glamour like so many others. In a workd where social media is such a big influence to so many, Thank you for Being one of those many of us look foward each day!

    So happy to hear that you are healing well and on the mend to a full recovery. Rest is your best friEnd when recovering!

    Thanks again for shaRing you world with us all!

  3. So happy for you that you healed up ok and can put this behind you! Thanks for sharing this personal story and probably helping seekers make a better ChOiSe in doctors or juSt skipping the Whole thing when they reed your Story!
    I hope you have a spring filled with energy, sun and SLEEP! Proud of you for taking xmas off the social media even tho we all missEd you!
    Love from sweden!

  4. Hi kristy- im so happy You shared your story Sounds liKe you had a Very good surgeon. Your story Is similar To mine. I also have capsular contraCture in my left breast. Looking for removal without replAcement. Hoping you may share your surgeons name. I am looking for a FeMale surgeon.

    Thank you. Kris

    1. Wow! Thanks For sharing your story! I was at a point in my life where i thought about having a reduction. I was always heavy chested and never liked the way my shirts fit. But i prayed about it for A long time and put it in God’s hands. God helped me see the beauty that i had inside and out. And i always had a fear of shady doctors like your first experience. And plus i never had surgery in my entire Thank you for being so open and honest. Im sure your story will help other women!!! 💝

  5. That is quite the JOURNEY and im happy for you that things have taken a tuRn tO get you back to the fOrmer heAlthy you! You definitEly never showed any signs of distress through that very stressful situation. All my best for good gealth!

  6. I thank Yo you so much for posting your experience ! you have a lot of fans who really care and we have been waiting to know that you’re OK ! i’m sure that sharing this will definitely help somebody out there that wants to have implants. you are An encouragement to me to work to be beautiful inside and out ! God bless you!

  7. Im so happy that you are doing better and things are looking up fOr you. I follow you On instagram and you always had a smile through your pain. You are a trooper. Thanks for sharing your personal journey.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am at the 10 year mark with my implants and looking at a removal, but very anxious about the lift. I am so glad to hear you are doing well and over the rough part.

  9. Oh my!! You went through the ringer on this but rose above it!!🙌🏻 Shame on the first surgeon. God DEFINITELY placed people in your journey to help you!! So happy you are a NEW YOU!!😊🥰

  10. Kristy you are so genuine honest and always with a SMILE on your face. You have a loving family and you have your followers who also love you, your style your generosity is hard to find. Good health and happiness to you and Jeff in 2020. Sincerely

    1. Thank you so much for Being so honest. It’s not easy to coMe out in public and talk about personal issues. Your story will definItely help me. I’m glad you are healing well. You never showed us how stress and in pain you were. You are a true champion.

  11. Wow! So sorry You had so much problems with your surgeries. Ive been following you for easily over 5 years and i must tell you you would never know most recently you had any problems. The smile On your face and Enthusiasm for everything is AMAZING!! Onward and upward. Thanks for sharing your Story you truly are amazing. 😁❣️

  12. Wow, you have been tHrough so much. What an exPerience. thank you so much for sharing such a personal journEy. I underwent a breast reduction and lift about five years ago. I’m ThThankful I didn’t have any complications.

  13. so HAPPY you Are HEALING and FEELING better! I really appreciate you sharing this story with Us. It is so important to be educated on these issues! Thank you!!

  14. Hi Kristy, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am sorry for what you had to go through. I considered implants for years but my husband always talked me out of it. I am so happy that he did and after reading your story and the information from the link you provided on things to consider, I am grateful. You are beautiful and I love your posts and Jeff’s too! I wish you all the best, Thank you! Sarah

  15. So sorry you had to deal with all of happy you are feeling better and all is well….i think posting this wll aid in womens decision about surgery…stay well❤❤❤

  16. Im so sorry you had such a DIFFICULT ex with your surgeries. So glad e is over and you are fee well!

  17. I am so sorry you encountered such problems…now that it is nothing but a bad memory I wish you a healthy and happy 2020! 💗 Laurel
    Ps that hubby of yours is a real keeper!

  18. I’m so happy you’re ok now, Kristy and you will never have to endure any of that ever again. I love your little family and how loving & supporting you all are of each other, and that you were so well taken care of. I had saline implants put in 2000. I went to 5 different Plastic surgery Dr.’s in a well known area in Newport Beach, CA. I too ran across some not so pleasant, very cocky Dr.’s and ultimately did not go with them. My guy was well known and nicer than most, caring too! Because of my age at that time, 27, my skin was too tight to go a big size. Each surgeon I consulted with all said I would have to come back in a year or two after my skin had stretched out from my first Augmentation surgery in Order to go a bigger size. Back then, I Thought okay, I will definitely go back in a year or two, but I never did. I’ve never Really been satisfied with the small c’s that the implants gave me, but now that I’m older, I just want them out COMPLETELY, ESPECIALLY since I’ve had them in for way too long, but I’m so scared. i have health issues now, and the THOUGHT of going under TERRIFIES me. Your story and bravery is so inspiring, that maybe it will be the push I need to get mine removed sooner. thank you For sharing, and for being so honest and open.

  19. So GLAD IT ALL WORKED OUT, what an ordeal. Thanks for sharing, thats whaT i love about you, you’re so real and honest🥰❤️

  20. Thank You so much for writing about your experience with implants and also the explant surgEry. That was a lot to deal with right before the holidays much less any time. YoU sure did handle it with grace❤️ If not for the complication You EXPERIENCED with the explant surgery, are the results what you expected it and are you happy? CONSIDERING having explant surgery instead of a replacement in the next few months. I just don’t want to deal with additional replacement surgeries as I get older.

  21. Kristy thAnk you for shaRing this story i Know A lot of women look up to you. So glad your frelin better

  22. Sweet Kristy, I am so happy you are feeling better. I think you went through all of this with a beautiful smile on your face and with such grace. Thanks for all of your daily inspiration… Mary

  23. Wow thats a lot to go through. You really handled yourself well, no one ever knew. Love folloWing you and your family, esp maggie. 😀

  24. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am considering having a breadt reduction and lift. Ive had 8 discs in my back fused for scoliosis. My large breaSts sag from breadt fEeding both of my children snd Im sure from gaining and loosing weight over the years. I tend to pitch forward snd to the left from my scoliosis. Im a smsll build, and am 5’. I know this is a different Situation than yours but was wondering if you had any suggestions as to what questions to ask a doctor when making my decision in choosing a doctor. Any help eould be greatly appreciated. I just feel that the weight of my breaSts is pitching ne forward more and causing a lot of streSs on my back. Thanks Kristy

  25. Thank you for telling your story and for being so honest With us about everything you went through. I am so glad that you are all healed and looking GREAT! You are such an inspiration and positive force for so many of us.

  26. Im with you just do t do implants ! I just had mine out and its just not woryh all the extra surgeries. Im so glad you are doing better❤️ You loOK beAutiful🥰

  27. Hi Lovely Kristy,
    Read your story, God bless you!
    Im sorry you had to go through tgat, i understand a lot of what you went Through gaving breast cancer a year ago and still suffer pain from BILATERAL MASTECTOMY with immediate reconstruction. I went through 8 hours oF surgery, even though i was told from every nurse that took care of me i Had “The dream team” In surgeons and also oncologist i too Had a scare. i was fortunate to be a CANDIDATE fOr skin/nipple sparring and by surgeons tHat woman come from all over the world To the palm beaches i was tOld for these doctOrs. However soon after surgery my nipples turned black also and it was a scary time.
    I still have pain i feel like my chest has a masive bruise and even the shower cant be too gard on my chest bc it still feels tender. Doctors say only 3% have pain at this point and some it bever goes away. My ONCOLOGIST and other PROFESSIONALS and few friends and family (and of course my husband) say i LOOK fantastic, my oncologist is tickled she said, “if i did Not know you had surgery i never wouLd Have guessed“!
    So im THANKFUL but still in Some pain But its not horrible i thibk im pretty tough in that way (suoer sensItive in spirit)
    I THOUGHT id Share my story and i hOpe you and Jeff Come to Palm Beach again together, i was so thrilled you were here.
    YOU’RE such a precious sweet Doll
    Blessings for 2020 in love, health, peace, joy and PROSPERITY

  28. So sorry for your recent scare after surGery. Did they use leAches to bring back bloodflow?

    GlAd things are better for you!

  29. Glad you shared your journey so sorry you had to go thru all that. All you went thRough You never once let your followers know you were suffering im an RN and so Many times i hear oh its routine nothing Is routine things hapoen and go wrong
    Hats off to you
    Glad yOure on the mend

  30. AftEr childbirth mY breasts swelled to 44E. I am just 5”2 and carrying that weight was a huge workload fOr my neck and shoulders.
    Finally after 5 years of deliberation and pain i finally found the couraGe to have a breast reduction.
    Best thing ever! I’m so happy for you and your breast saga is now done! Xo

  31. I am So sorry. What a horrible ordeal and I am so glad you had such a Great support teAm and-that you are ok 💗 It aMazes me, and sPeaks Volumes that you were going through this and Still filled our liVes with your sunshiNe! Just have so much respect and Luv for the person you are 😊

  32. Thank you so much for your honesty. There is a saying I always pass on to a friend or family. Trust your gut, it’s your guardian angel! you have an amazing husband! I wish only health and happiness for you!

  33. Holy smokes kristy!!!!!! What an experience!!!! And Heprin shots in your NIPPLE!? 😳😳😳 DEAR GOD THOSE KILL!! THANK GOD YOU ARE WELL NOW!!! YOU ARE ONE TOUGH GAL.

  34. Kristy, thank you so much for sharing Your experience with All of your ig friends. You’ve provided honesT, detailed Information which will allow people to make a coNformed decision as to whethEr breasts implants are an OpTIon for thEm. So happy for you thaT you are well and excited about 2020! Cheers to you!

  35. Thank you for sharing such a personaL stoRy. I needed to read this – i helped to understand what could go wring if i ever Wanted to go get lift. So thankful yoh are healing and feeling better.

  36. Hi Kristy
    Im so glad to hear you are finally feeling better. I know many of us were concerned for you during the holidays. Thank you for bein so open and honest, i appreciate you so much for that reason. Best wishes going into the new year healed and healthy

  37. This is such an interesting read, thankyou. I had implants put in years ago and developed CC which resulted in That one implant being removed and replaced, to then have a complete rupture and both implants removed and replaced (3 surgeries in total at thIs point) and aM now Regretting it wishing id had an eXplant instead. Reading this makes me really think hard about my fourth surgery being an explant.

  38. Kristy!

    I’m so sorry to hear about the PAINFUL AND scary experiences you’ve been through with these breast surgeries. I have never had breast surgery and have always been quite small and wished i was larger but was TOO chicken! Now i’M GLAD I NEVER DECIDED TO DO IT. You’re beautiful, who would have known iN these last weeks since your EXPLANT EXPERIENCE THAT yOU weRe going through such pain AND WORRY. Your demeanor has been nothing but even sweeter. What a stressful time THIS HAS been FOr you! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING NOT ONLY THIS BUT SO MUCH OF YOUR LIFE AND EXPERIENCES.
    WISHING nothing but happy and good things for you and jeff! Now That all that PAIN is over, YOU can look FORWARD to a great 2020 AND BEYOND!


  39. Thank you for sharing what Is a very personal story. I am so glad that eVentually everything went well and you look amazing. Your family is so supportive in everything you do. Please try and get more sleep, i find keeping a notebook beside the bed helps me, i write down Anything that stresses me 😉

  40. Thank you fOr SHARING your Experience. I love your honesty. I am sorry you had to go through all This pain but i know so many readers will learn from this. I take away The constant Reminder… listen to your gut!!

  41. I am having explant surgery this Monday. I have had my saline implants for nearly 27 years and have cc on the left. My dr refuses to do anything else thAn the remOval at this time. He said my lift still looks good but i will OBVIOUSLY lose a lot Of my fullness. If need be i will go back in 6 mOnths for fat injections. Im not going to lie i was so excited to read yOur blog now all i want to do is cancel everything but i know they have to come out. I agree, if i could have a talk with my 27 year old self, i wouldn’t be in this situation. Im very glad to hear you’re feeling better and i do appreciate you sharing such a private procedure. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  42. KRISTY,

    thank you for sharing your story. I follow you and Jeff and emma daily and enjoy your shared thoughts and loving family. I am so sorry that you had to go through all of this. I am happy that you are well. you are a beautiful person inside and out!! have a great 2020. looking forward to sharing your upcoming trip!!

  43. Hi KristY ive been waiting fOr this informative post. I May have the longest breast implants On record! ApproximatEly 45years. Ive experienced similar problems with contractures but have been paralyzed to make a decision. I need to loose weight. That makes so much sense. Please share with me Your surgeon’s name. I live in the area. Thank you for sharing this personal story. You give me hope.

  44. Kristy – wow thank yOu so mUch for sharing your personal journey. You went through so much and during your ordeal you kept that beautiful smile on your face —and those of us who follow you Had no idea. It must have been so scary. Thank god You have such a wonderfuL and supportive HUSBAND and daughter who helped yiu through. I think i know which dr. In blackhawk you went to originally. I lived near there about ten years ago when i went to him for my 1st botox injection and i swore i wouLd never go back – he was an egotIstical jerk! I have not had Breast surgery and it is appalling to me how many young women think it is no big deal beCause of societal pressures to look perfect (or the Kardashian effect) 😢. More women Need to share their stories like you have so we can help and support one another. Thank you and i am so glad you got through it ok. You are a beautiful inspiration and i am sending you a big Hug 🤗 xox Michele

  45. what a dilemma! lesson learned, watch those red flags, listen to your instincts! you are God’s creation, beautiful as the you were created, the flows or misinperfection makes you unique! God bless you🙏❤

  46. Wow , so sorry you had to go through that .I’m very petite myself . I always wanted a reduction because I do have naturally large breasts for a 4’11” frame .But have always been to afraid to go under the knife . I know it’s a little more complicated with natural breast reduction than implants. I applaud you for being so brave . Hope you have the best year ever !look forwRD TO ALL YOUR BLOG POSTSTHIS YEAR . A GAZILLION BLESSINGS TODAY AND ALWAYS .

  47. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Kristy. THis is a very personal choice and I’m sure you sharing will help others in the future to make their decisions. So happy you’re on the mend! xoxox

  48. Thank you for sharing this with us. I think its natural for a modern woman to want to make changes at our age,I’m 53 and have had 3 babies. I have honestly been thinking about this. Your experience and openness has helped me to make up my mind. So sorry for your pain. Never did I see it in your feed. It was alot for you to go through. Glad your happy and recovered ♥️

  49. I have always wanted implants to balance out my athletic build but I could never justify spending the money with 4 boys to put through college. After reading this and some other stories, I’m so glad I never did it.

    I’m so sorry you went thru everything you did, Kristy! It must have been awful and yet you were always on stories with a beautiful smile and positive attitude.

    Thank you so much for sharing and I’m so glad you are feeling good now!

  50. Boy Kristy! I knew you mentioned that you had had some issues after yoUr surgery, but, as usual, you handled this long event with grace. We would have never known by your posts or stories that you were going through so much. I am so very glad you are well and that you found a great Doctor. Great health to you in this New year!

  51. So sorry that you had such a tough time. It really shows how much grit you have. So glad it worked out well and that you have a happier and healthier 2020

  52. What a brave story to share with all of us!! I am so sorry you had to go through all of that – and so glad you are healthy after all the surgeries – I’ve only got one friend who went from an A- to an A and she hasn’t had any problems – yet – crossing fingers for her!! I love your website – and your stories so much – I know you have a lot of us to keep track of – haha – but I was a flight attendant for 20 years (Piedmont/US Airways) and I have a Blenheim as well as a Ruby king Charles cavalier – so we are a bit of kindred spirits in that sense. also my husband loves to cook – so do I but it def helps when I will be out for an evening that he and my son who is still at home aren’t eating cereal. I also have a grown daughter who is out of the house and a happy working gal – just like emma!


    I host the bachelor at my house every Monday too!! we have anywhere from 2-6 gals every week!
    Love that peter – and so far Madison and Hannah a are my faves – one of them looks just like jenna dewan don’t you think?

    anyway, love following you and here’s to lots of good health to you in 2020!!


  53. Dearest Kristy,
    Such trials and tribulations you share with such wit and courage. It takes a string woman to overcome the mountainous heap and not turn angry because of improper care and medical impunity. I have learned to not do elective surgery anymore after the odds of it being successfully done are a weight on a scale that seem to be an imbalance. You just never know. I’m in medicine myself and have seen and heard horrific stories and it really makes my head boil. I totally get our bodies already are put through so much as we age, why put it through more if we don’t have to. In the end, vanity is not so exciting when you reap such consequences. My last elective surgery I regret and I wished I had more info before I did it. More women need to speak out. Thank you for your forsight and courage to be open and real. A truly amazing story.

  54. Oh Kristy! Im so sorry yOu have had to go throUgh all of this.
    Im Happy YOU FOUND your New MD.
    And are feeLING WELL!
    HAPPY New Year!

  55. Oh my Goodness, Kristy, you went through the mill, so glad you recovered well. Thanks for All this information. You look amazing, even when you were going through all the pain. Your amazing!

  56. Kristy, I had explant surgery 2 or 3 weeks prior to you. They had me really Take it easy and i stayed in bed way longer than i thought. I had drain tunes for 2 weeks and that in itself was horrible. They had me stay Wrapped up fOr 5 weeks. i was so jealous of you because it looked like you were doing amazing and it seemed as i was being a whimp. I was diagnosed with RA 2 years ago and heard that implants can be connected to auto immune thus the Reason for me to have mine removed. I did feel over the last year or so i was gaining weight in my bust area and my buttons wete pulling in my shirt. i had my saline implants forv19 years. Im doing great now and waiting to see If my body has more healing of the RA signs. Glad you are doing better now. I wanted to send you a message earlier but thought you were doing way better than i and didnt want to bother you. Blessings to you!!!

  57. Thank YoU for sharing your experiences! it is very hard to know who to trust in medical situations. My 26-year-old daughter lives in the SOUTH BAY. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2018.
    We had to quickly turn to the referrals of her doctors who I did not know (i live in oklahoma!) and just pray and hope for the best. We were so lucky to be referred to Dr. noone (breast surgeon) and Dr. Zeidler (plastic surgeon) in Los Gatos. They are both wonderful surgeons! My daughter and her fiancé were finally married two weeks ago! SuCh a happy occasion! My daughter and I actually drove to Pleasanton one day to see your pretty town! We bought a dress for her rehearsal dinner at one of the cute shops And enjoyed meadowlark dairy! Yum! All the best to you! I so enjoy your Instagram stories and your blog! Take care!

  58. I am haVing a doub mastectomy in MarCh.
    My SurGeon RECOMMENDEd a plast surg for my reconstruction, but i maybe i should get multiple opinions.
    Thank you For this information it is extremely helpful!
    XO Michelle

  59. Wow! ThanK you for sharing. I have always been extremely
    Small busted and very self CONSCIOUS because of it; your experience reminds me that God made me how he intended and i will jist leave things alone! So glad you are feeling better – you ABSOLUTELY look Even MORE AMAZING these days.

  60. Thank you Kristy for your stOry. Even THOugh i have not had issUes with my iMplants i am over mine tOo anD waNt them remOveD. Im also too Large (DD) and i waNt to be sMaLler and alsO heaLtHier. I disliKE HAving mammOgrams with implants. I have had mine since 1991 and I am more than ready to get them out. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps others.
    God Bless!

  61. Hi Kristy. Sorry for all you’ve been through. Stay well. Be Happy. Glad this is all behind you now. You are a strong person to have kept up your work despite all that was going on. So glad you have awesome support. blessings.

  62. Kristy,

    Thank you for being so candid about your experience. What you have shared here should encourage us as women to do our research before altering our bodies. As a woman who has entered her 60’s, I look in the mirror and am discouraged by what I see. I always told me myself when I was younger that I would be that woman who would embrace my age & grow old gracefully. Believe me, now that I am at this age, easier said than done. I feel that I have taken good care of myself but the reflection in the mirror is hard to take sometimes. Your story has reminded me to love myself & be thankful that God has blessed me with a very healthy life. I need to be happy with this person I am looking at. Thank you again, for the reminder.

    I have been following you on IG for over a year now. Please continue to share your experiences in all walks of life. Much continued success!

    Sincerely yours,

  63. I had implants back in 89 when i was young. noone mentioned they werent life long and would require more surgery. after several years of impressing drs due to looking and feeling so natural, mine got pretty hard as well, one more than the other. but i dealt with it for several more years. in 2014 i go really sick for a year and a half (then finially getting diagnosed with lyme and coinfections) and during the course of trying to find the cause discovered one of my silicone implants was leaking. luckily it stayed in the cavity but resulted in a total capsulectomy. i also had a lift at the same time. i elected not to have them replaced. after all the health scare and still not knowing the cause at this point i just wanted to be healthy again. i was the first patiend my surgeon ever had that did not have them replaced. i had them removed in jan of 15. surgery went well, healing was pretty quick and i went forward adjusting to my new body, which resembled my high school body. the loss of large breasts didn’t bother me much for quite some time and only more recently do i find myself feeling less feminine because of it. THe biggest dower is that now, after 5 years i still have horrible scars. even after laser and injections i feel like i have frankenstien booobs. red raised scars that will still at times hurt.

  64. KRisty,
    So glad you’Re feelinG better and have hEalEd, and that you have a strong supPort system. You did a wonderful job keeping up with all your responsibilities during The season! We never knew. Im soRry you went through what you Did. Happy New Year!

  65. Kristy,

    I am 53 years old, with no implants, but large breasts that with three kids, breast feeding etc. are pretty sagging. I am considering getting a just a breast lift. After what you went through-would you recommend?? Do you think the lifting part worked? Worth it?Thank so much.


  66. So sorry you had to go thru all that!! I always have had small breasts and wanted bigger ones! Two of My Sisters had reductionS duEs to the size of theirs! I thought well thats not Fair to my siZe A’s! Ha Ha! But as I got older And have had other issues with health and Fertility issues! I learned to except what is and be happy they were healthy! So happy all is well with you and Jeff was such a great support! You have a great family team!!! Best to you all in 2020!!! XO

  67. So glad you are getting well and you continue to take the time you need! I’m so with you on all aspects of cosmetic surgery whether It’s necessary or not. Three and a half years ago I had a preventative double MASTECTOMY in which they used my belly fat to reconstruct my breasts. I was not a candidate for implants. Although the breast portion of my surgery was successful, I developed scar tissue and adhesions along my hip to hip belly scar and have been very ILl ever since. No surgeon (I’ve seen six) has been Willing to re open my incision for fear They will create additional scar tissue. Essentially, this was a tummy tuck and has caused high blood pressure, heart palpitations, migraine headaches and never ending Cyclical pain. I was a highly functioning special education teacher and at the top of my game physically. now i am basically bed ridden Going on a fourth year. My situation is highly unusual, however, if I had considered this outcome I would have put some things in place such as a long term health care policy. recently, something very unexpected has been helpful to my recovery. IT’S a procedure (not selling anything) and I’d be happy to share it if you happen to be experiencing something similar. Please don’t email out of CURIOSITY.Kristy, I’d be happy to share it with you. You are an absolute doll and I wish you the best!

  68. so sorry you went through this experience Kristy. I did my research when diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time. This time needing a mastectomy. my breast surgeon tried to push me into getting reconstruction done but I just wasn’t up for all the surgeries that it entailed. I researched and joined a facebook group of women who had been through the wringer with getting implants and then explanting due to problems they were having. they most definitely are not lifetime devices for sure and while I get the need to want to look feminine and beautiful, it’s just not worth all the surgeries and complications that can arise from implants. thank God you are okay. I am too. I wear a breast prosthesis and no one knows except my husband and daughters. thank you for sharing your story.

  69. I totally relate! I had My implant remibsl
    On auguSt, i had two sets of implants and eas ready to look more like self,
    Over time
    I too had gained weight and at 55 and 5’3
    I felt and loked way too top heavy.
    My surgery was a success, i did drain for a a solid week, But By breasts Do look like E
    Okay for me
    As i have to learned after 3 suRgeries and $$$$ that iT is more than ok to just be me whateVer Boob size i have is fine.
    I wish i would of never started the whole prOcess tRuth be told..


  70. Thank you so much for being so open and honest wIth your experiences. The support of your husband and family is so heart warming. I have Not had breast EnHancement But the thought did cross my Mind. Now i think i will just be happy and feel bLeSsed with what i was given. Im going to be 55 in a month and at this stage being healthy is most impOrtant. Stay healthy and Happy and thank you again for your openness and honesty. God bless

  71. Hi, Thank you for sharing your EXPERIENCES i have large breasts and think of getting s lift. Im 58 years old and would you recom a lift? How do you feel about your lift comparing to the implants?🌻

    1. I do recommend a lift for anyone who wants or needs it. For all my breast implant surgeries I’ve had to have a lift and can’t imagine it any other way. Once your breast implants are removed you’ll also need to have another lift as well. After having my implants removed I’m now a small B cup with the lift and I feel great about it. :)

  72. Kristy, thanks so much for telling your harrowing story-not many people in the public eye would choose to do so. I first decided to have a reduction in my early 20’s, having dealt with large breasts since puberty. my surgery was successful in that I healed well, but it was only after that I noticed that my breasts and my nipples were two slightly different sizes-and they weren’t that much smaller! then I discovered that my surgeon had done one side while his resident did the other. but he had no apologies, and no recourse, so I lived with them. but as I had children, and then got older, they began to grow even larger than before. so now its time to have them done again, but this time I found a lovely female surgeon who took the time to answer all my questions, explained the possible dangers and setbacks (including the black nipple issue-which, I have to say, was pretty frightening until I read your post : ). she assured me that she could monitor the blood flow during the surgery and if it was not adequate, she would take steps to ensure a good outcome…and, only she will be performing my surgery. In preparation, I am on a weight loss and exercise regime to maximize the positive results. so thank you for sharing-it made my decision to move forward a bit easier!

  73. Wow kristy
    So sorry you had to go through all that
    Bravo to you for being so brave and stRong To share your stOry. You would never know what you were going thro watching your stories, im so glad your healing well and feeling better! Looking forward to your stories and pists in 2020.

    Thank you for being so Real so brave and strong to share your story!


  74. On my goodness, you certainly have been through a lot with this! I applaud you for sharing!
    Wishing You a Healthy 2020!

  75. I have implants agter breast cancer 8 years ago. Dread if ill need them replaced im 60 now dont know what to do need them or i have no breast tissue ar all. Its hard you want to look like a woman

  76. Oh Kristy, what an ordeal you’ve been through! I’m so sorry for all you and your family have dealt with and Im so glad you are at a good place now. You deserve to be healthy and happy 💗
    Thanks for always being a positive time in my day. Here’s to a wonderful 2020 my friend.

  77. Kristy, i went through this too. I had saline implant surgery in 2007 and had them removed 4 years ago. Best decision i ever made. When i hugged my kids after the implants were gone, my heart felt closer to theirs ❤️ It was such a traumatic yet healing experience through sexuality, perceptions of women, reinTroductions, so to speak, to Your husband and to yourself.

    Thank You for sharing Your story. Your braveness and vulnerability are second-to-none.

  78. Oh my goodness, great information… After two babies and breastfeeding for 18 months for child 1 and 15 months child 2… I need to do exercises and tell my husband, get over it. You have what you got. Be happy with healthy wife with sagging boobs.. XOXO waleska

  79. Hello Kristy,
    Thanks for story, I follow you in Instagram and my friend Mani told me I had to read your blog. I have also had a breast augmentation 15 yrs ago. 3yrs ago, after a mammogram (I’m convinced this is why) on of my breast started hurting and I felt a hard spot. I think the capsule scarring was starting to happen and the mammogram made it worse. Anyway, that’s my opinion as to how I ended up with capsule scarring. I finally went to see a plastic surgeon last spring. Funny, I strongly felt that I wanted a female surgeon this time. She confirm that I have capsular contracture. She payed out the options of removing and replacing, removing and lifting, and just removing. If I just remove without any lifting, our health insurance (Canada) will cover the cost because this will be done in the hospital and I have a legitimate reason for removal. I chickened our this past summer, when I was supposed to have the surgery. I have rebooked and I’m due for surgery on February 20th. I’m very nervous because I have no idea what they’re going to look like and I’m afraid of the pain. Question…what kind of bra did you use after, as I know I won’t be able to lift my arms. I’m wondering if I should get sports bras that I can slip on from my feet (you know what I mean?)
    I’m so glad I read your post, but also sorry that you had such bad luck with everything. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for February 20th
    How are you feeling now?

    1. Hi Natascia,

      I’m so sorry you have gone through so much.. I get it completely! I have to say after reading your situation… I would never go through having implants removed without a lift. The skin is so stretched out after implants.. you need to have a lift to look your best again. I didn’t have use a bra the first couple of months. I actually only used nipple covers. I do have a bra that I use occasionally but since I’m not huge.. I don’t use an underwire bra. It’s so freeing. :)
      Thanks so much for your sweet words and good luck!! I don’t regret a thing. Let me know if you have any other questions! xx

  80. I’m so sorry you went through such an ordeal, and I’m glad you are doing better now. As an extremely well endowed woman I would dissuade anyone from getting implants because of all the things your daughter mentioned and more. Also, I have had more than one friend who had implants and had to have them removed because of leakage and then ended up having lupus or other autoimmune diseases that they believe were brought on because of the leakage. Such a hard thing for you to go through, I’m so sorry for all the pain you’ve had, and I’m happy for you that things seem to be going well! Blessings, Dee

  81. Hi there. This story sounds so familiar! I had implants and then CC I want to explant so badly. I’m so worried about healing and cost but I know it needs to be done. They are so heavy and awful looking and honestly haven’t felt “well” since I got them 13 years ago. I so wish I could go back in time and erase it all. Thank you for your encouraging story, I had no idea!

  82. Kristy,

    Thank so much for being open and sharing info! I am also 52, and don not have implants, but large breasts and 3 pregnancies and breast feeding. Just wondering if you would minf=d sharing the lift part of your experience? Does the lift really work/look good with out implants, just wondering if surgery is worth it? Thanks!!


  83. Thank you for sharing this with all of us- you are so brave and giving of yourself! I am sure that you have helped and will help many woman with your honesty! You are truly beautiful from the inside out🥰

  84. Thank-you, thank-you for sharing your story!
    Any type of breast surgery can be scary, elective or not, you made the right decision for you, it’s your body, and that’s all that matters.
    When I was 23 years old, I found a lump in my breast, my nana had breast cancer twice, so I went straight to my doctor with my concerns. At that time, my doctor assured me it was most likely a cyst. My doctor sent me to see a general surgeon, “just in case”, he said he didn’t want to do surgery, because I was so young and it would leave a small scar. The surgeon wanted me to monitor the size of the cyst, and if it ever did get bigger, to call him immediately. Well, 5 months later, it started growing, rapidly. I was barely an A cup, and my left breast no longer fit in my bra, the “cyst” was the size of a mandarin orange! I saw the surgeon, and within a week, I was lying in a hospital bed, signing papers for a radical mastectomy. They were able to save a bit of breast tissue, and only had to do a partial mastectomy. While I was recovering, a plastic surgeon came to talk to me about reconstructive surgery, and saline implants. I told him that I had just had something foreign removed and I’d prefer not to have anything put back in. He was very understanding, and he told me if I ever changed my mind, to let him know.
    I never changed my mind, and to this day, I’ve never, ever regretted my decision. I survived cancer and I’m proud of my battle wounds.
    P.S. what’s Jeff making for dinner tonight?

  85. Like Emma I have always had larger breasts – D cup and I am only 5’6 and small framed. While I am still a D cup, after two children my breasts definitely do not sit where they used to. My boys are now 16 and 18 and over the years I have considered a lift. I never went through with it mainly because I love to train and didn’t want to take time off. Seeing our bodies change after children has a big impact on our self-confidence and I don’t blame you for taking the implant journey – just very sorry that you had such a horrible experience. Glad to hear that you are fully mended and enjoying the new you! Thanks for sharing.



  86. Omg Kristy your Beautiful inside and Outside. So sorry you went thru all this pain, you’re story does give a perspective on breast implants. I’m Happy your ok Now!!!

  87. Kristi, what a journey! Thank you tor suaring your experience. You are so lovely. I enjoy following you Kristi. Sue

  88. Thank you for sharing your story. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions I have had implants since 1987 with no issues at all I’m on my second set just because I wanted to make sure the first implants weren’t busted so I switched them out went a tiny bit larger however now after 10 years I feel they’re too large I’m tired of them I want to wear different clothing. I’m 63, never had any issues with them. Question, after you had them removed did you have another lift? I’m concerned after I have them taken out if they can look good. One doctor said that I would probably look best with a lift and a small implant however I would like to have no implants. Can you give me a little description, right now I’m a 34 almost double D, I’m 5’55”and weigh about 118. Thank you so much!

  89. I wanted to know if you recommended your plastic surgeon that performed your breast surgery. I live in Santa Cruz Ca and am interested in having a reduction and lift and am looking for a doctor. Any information or advice would be great.

    Natalie Clements

  90. Thank you for sharing this, I haven’t had your complications, I’m 48, had them for 16 years, and considering explant, but will likely get smaller ones put in, I’m flat, but I’m taller, so I need them for wearing clothes. It’s all so frustrating. I don’t know, praying about it. I have a great dr that specializes in this, so that gives me hope. xo

  91. So sorry for all you have been through. So appreciative of you sharing your story. Did you have a lift with your explant? If not, how was the sagging after getting the implants removed? Thanks again!

    1. Thanks so much Kat.. Yes I had a lift as well as you need to have one once they remove the larger implants. You still sag a little no matter what however like you would in real life. ;)

  92. Wow! This story is eye opening! So sorry for what you went through but you have a great attitude despite it all!
    Tina 🤍

  93. I appreciate you sharing your story and being g real. I’m just confused however did you have your implants removed the final time? It’s unclear in your blog if you had a third set explanted and now you have no implants?

  94. Did they have to do any reconstruction when they removed the implant? I’m looking into e explant surgery. Mine are so old and either need replaced or explant. I’d rather get them out. If only I could talk to my 25 year old self!

  95. Omg!! I went to the same quack of a surgeon in Blackhawk!! Same thing happened to me. Coincidence… I think not!

  96. Dear Kristy,

    I read your post with amazement because my own experience closely resembles yours. First surgery also resulted in contracture. I had been told that textured implants (rather than smooth) would help eliminate CC. So I chose that option. But after they got rock hard and horribly uncomfortable I had a different surgeon replace them, and she found that the original surgeon used the smooth, not the textured implants I requested! I know you can relate when I say I didn’t want to even hug anyone because they would notice my hard breasts. So embarrassing.

    So about a year later I had the implants redone, as you did, and no problems. This was before the whole scare about silicone implants. Unfortunately a mammogram some years later showed leakage from one of my implants and I decided to get them out! No reduction but as I healed I realized one breast was a full cup size smaller than the other! Yikes! The surgeon had no explanation except that once the implants were out my body just healed differently on each side.

    No more breast surgeries for me! I am living with the uneven breasts because of the same reasons you mentioned. I had already had enough bad luck. I too hope women seeking implants realize what they are getting into. There WILL be more surgery at a later point. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I have never shared mine until now because your openness and vulnerability encouraged me to open up about my own experience.