2020 Goals & 2019 Recap

Who can believe the year 2020 is here? A new year in a new decade.. talk about monumental! It still feels like the 90’s were just 10 years ago.
I guess that makes Emma old which in turn makes me… well, we don’t need to go there. Lol!

Whenever I approach a new year I try to remain optimistic yet also realistic when looking at making changes. One thing I don’t want to do is treat 2020 like it’s life changing. Too much stress for that.. It’s just another beautiful year full of great opportunities, new beginnings and goals.

January happens to be my favorite month. It may or may not be because the 22nd is my birthday. ;) But in all honesty – for me it’s an introspective month. It’s a great reminder that change is in my control and a clean slate is possible. Even if 2019 was the worst year of your life.. just moving to a new number can make all the difference in the world to get going with goals and life changes.

2020 Goals & 2019 recap - Rounding up the goals I'd like to accomplish this year and looking back on last year's goals. What did I accomplish?

2019 Highlights

Now, let’s recap 2019. For me, I loved it. I had a couple of setbacks here and there (thanks to my surgery!) but overall, it was a fabulous year.

Some of my highlights included:

  • Traveling with friends & family more: cruising the Mediterranean with our good friends, leaf peeping with Emma in Vermont, hitting Hawaii with my family during Christmas, a family getaway with Jeff & Emma in Cancun and joining Jeff on his numerous business trips abroad.
  • Losing Weight – I lost 16 lbs this year and have never felt better.
  • Growing my business tenfold – Emma and I have never been so busy & we were fortunate to be able to work with some dream brands this year. I’m SO excited to grow our business even further in different outlets next year.
  • Accomplished a few large home projects – I really wanted to paint my home and finally did so this summer! I’ve fallen in love with how everything looks. We also added a fire pit and completed the backyard. So happy with how it turned out.
  • Removed my breast implants – I’ve wanted to do this for years and I’m so happy with the results! I’m back to the real me and I’m just find with that. :) (More on this to come)
2020 Goals & 2019 recap - Rounding up the goals I'd like to accomplish this year and looking back on last year's goals. What did I accomplish?
2020 Goals & 2019 recap - Rounding up the goals I'd like to accomplish this year and looking back on last year's goals. What did I accomplish?

Of course, there were a few things that I didn’t accomplish.

  • Getting Fit – I definitely lost weight but wanted to get stronger. I kind of avoided the gym for the most part taking up walking and running instead. In the future I need to lift more weights for bone strength.
  • Read more – I literally didn’t read one book last year, yikes! (I’m embarrassed to even admit this)
  • Sleep more – I slept less last year than I ever have. I only got around 4-6 hours of sleep a night. Ugh
  • Worry Less – What can I say.. I’m a worry wart at heart. I think too much about work, worry about Maggie when I travel, (why can’t I speak a dog language?) I miss my Mom and think about her all the time, and don’t get me started about Jeff and Emma when they’re away. ;)
2020 Goals & 2019 recap - Rounding up the goals I'd like to accomplish this year and looking back on last year's goals. What did I accomplish?
2020 Goals & 2019 recap - Rounding up the goals I'd like to accomplish this year and looking back on last year's goals. What did I accomplish?

Meanwhile, Emma didn’t love 2019 & she didn’t hate it. (Love how she said this..) She had the opportunity to accomplish a lot of things that she loved but also felt like she didn’t accomplish many of the things she had set out to do. It happens.

Things Emma did accomplish…

  • Read more. Emma read over 30 books last year. She really accomplished her goal of reading more!
  • Travel more & get out of her comfort zone – Emma traveled so much last year and explored new countries and cultures. She explored 7 countries last year! I was so impressed!
  • Became more organized with work – She 100% organized her work in better ways this year.

Things she didn’t accomplish.

  • Lose weight – Unfortunately she fell short of this goal but plans to tackle it this year.
  • Start a new hobby – Emma really wanted to kick start a new hobby but never got around to it. She plans to begin this goal with cooking to see if she likes it.. her second choice is knitting!
  • Make new friends – She was so busy with her life last year that she only made new friends when she traveled abroad. Unfortunately all her new friends live in different countries.. Emma would really like to make more close friends nearby! She’s already signed up for a couple of meetup groups that she’s excited about.
2020 Goals & 2019 recap - Rounding up the goals I'd like to accomplish this year and looking back on last year's goals. What did I accomplish?

2020 Goals

I have quite a few goals this year that I hope to accomplish! Some carry over from 2019 while others are new. :)

My 2020 Goals:

  • Read at least 12 books – one a month! (just trying to be realistic) Hopefully I can tag along with Emma’s book club. I’ve already started reading January’s book & I’m loving it. Click here to see more info about our book club.
  • Eat less meat – For both health reasons and ethical reasons. Super hard for me however because Jeff is so good at grilling.
  • Travel to new countries – I have MANY places on my ‘travel bucket list’ that I’d like to visit. Once I know more about my 2020 travels, I’ll share on the blog!
  • Sleep more – Like I mentioned before, I’d love to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
  • Be more budget conscience – Jeff & I have quite a few long-term goals that we would like to accomplish.. so budgeting is extremely important for us in 2020!
  • Make some new true friends – I have some great friends who I love and have known for years. With work being so busy I haven’t had time to branch out as much as I would like.
  • Worry Less – I had to include this again!! ;)
  • Be more organized between Partnership/Collaboration shoots – Last year my beautiful garage became a huge pile of everything between collaborations. This made entering my home a little stressful so this year I’m vowing to put things away so I don’t trip over ‘stuff’ in my garage. Sounds simple but you would have died trying to walk through my garage during December. Not kidding!! Lol

& Emma’s 2020 Goals:

  • Lose Weight – Emma would still love to lose some weight this year!
  • Read 60 books this year – This seems like a huge goal, but she’s already read almost 10 and it’s only been 6 days into the new year! She’s a huge reader and loves it.
  • Continue to Travel – Emma would also like to travel again this year, to at least 2 new countries. She’s heading to Costa Rica in March to start things off.
  • Workout – She’s looking forward to heading to the gym more often this year to work on her health.

Ultimately, as you can see I love to set goals. They keep me in line and whether I accomplish all or not, I find them motivating and something that gives me hope and keeps me positive.. especially during the long dark winter days.
Do you like to set goals for yourself at the beginning of each year?
If so, what are your goals for 2020?
Cheers to a beautiful new year for all of us!



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22 thoughts on “2020 Goals & 2019 Recap

  1. These are great Kristy! We have already started down the plant-based eating path in dec. my husband has been so good! me not so much but i am working in it. I can’t believe emma has read 10 books already this year! that is so inspiring!! happy new year to you!

    1. Thanks so much Karen.. I just added a few more goals after thinking about it a little longer. ;) Jeff and I really want to become more plant based in our diet.. this year will be our year! Hugs!

    2. I accomplished a huge gOal this year – started a diet/ new way of eating on March 1 & lost 45 lbs !! HAVEN’T felt this good in a very long time .. i have 3 grands with one on the way & want to stay healthy & active for them!! Also trying to fit yoga back into my schedule & bEing more active is on my list for 2020! I love your posts & thank you for sharing your life with us! I feel like yOu are a pen pal from my childhood!!

  2. I love a new year and a fresh start. This year i would love to read more as well, something that has been difficult with 2 toddlers. I also want to priortize exercise, not oNly for weightloss but for the mental and physical benefits. I always feel great when im exercising. I want to be more present, life is going by QUICKLY and the kids are growing up fast. I want to really enjoy them before they are off into the world alone.
    Love following along with You! Your positivity and motivation help more than you know ☺️

  3. Kristi
    I love to set goals and use to Keep most of them. but it seems the Older i get and the older my grands get…. oldest 6 and youngest 2, im busIer than ever!!! Plus a mum that is getting up there! CONSEQUENTLY my goals go by the way side… we r traveling mid year yay! And our Oldest grand is our lil traveling companion so loving that! Apart from being more ORGANIZED an worrying less (+sleeping more lol) that is about all i can manage. My hubby is so awesome in that he helps support Mum and our kids if they need help which also contributes to whether i can ACCOMPLISH my goals or not.
    I do so love to live vicariously through u … so please keep on keeping on! Hugs from way down south in dixie!

  4. Hi Kristy!
    A great book from the 1990’s “The Power of Now” by eckhart tolle, will help you with your Worry less goal. It teaches you to shut down all the noise in your head. Great goals! Looking forward to following along.

  5. I love how honest you both are and Emma as well. I plan on doing the one book a month thing and myself and Emma, I am there with you on the losing weight thing. I can’t keep saying it’s baby weight when my kids are 35 LOL. One thing you did accomplish, all of you is a wonderful Instagram page. I enjoyed all of your posts last year. All the best for 2020

  6. Happy New Year, Kristy and Emma! :) You have a great list of goals for this coming year and have inspired me, too! I would like to read 12 books this year and really work on oRGANIZING paperwork, mementos, and photos. I would also like to spend more time with friends and really make a point to be more considerate and thoughtful in everyday life (send greeting cards, make a meal for someone, etc.). As always, love reading your blog and instagram page – excited to see what you share in 2020!

  7. Both of you have great goals. I have set a goal of 24 books this year. I love to read and I will lay my phone down more and pick up a book instead of the phone.

  8. I would love to be Emmas friend I live in south San Jose California and work in downtown San Jose . She seems like some an awesome Girl ! Just like her mom :)
    Great goals :)

  9. I would love to be Emmas friend I live in south San Jose California and work in downtown San Jose . She seems like an awesome Girl ! Just like her mom :)
    Great goals :)

  10. Hi Kristy
    Thanks for sharing yOur goals. I love the new year as a time for reView and checking in with myself On what i’m Feeling about growth and inspiration for the coming Year. I try not to put too much pressure on myself so i dont get discouraged. I believe any positive change we achieve is a good thing! Healthy food and exercise are always part of my goals along with spiritual growth. I also look at the first of every month as a check-in and a chance for another new start! It’s Interesting how you view january as your fave moNth Since its also your BD month – i feel that way about February – my favorite holIday being valentines day and Its my BD month – Also on the 22nd! Thanks for all you do to share your your life wIth Us. It is inspiring and i so look forward to seeing yOur precious Maggie. Cheers to a fabulous 2020! 🥂

  11. Kristy, thanks for sharing your goals and where you missed it last year! I think my favorite is your house getting painted. It was pretty before, but boy did that paint job really brighten up the place. Gorgeous! Since moving into a new house last year where every room needs some love, my plan is to continue to work my way through the rooms. The reading goal is important for me this year as well! Happy New Year to you, Emma and Jeff! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  12. Kristy
    Since Emma is wanting tO loose a little weight, have her look into Intermittent fasting. Its 16 hours of not eatIng so you can stop for example at 7 pm at night and then not have another meal until 1pm the next day. Take a look at @cynthia_thurlow_ On Instagram. It worked for me and i hate Dieting.

  13. Hi Kristy, love Reading about your experienceS and thoughts about them. Id love to share a few things that have wo so well foy me. Im a l older that uou, a former baller. Ive stayed in shape pretty well, but it gets harder! Ive done yoga and pilates gor years which i credit for above average strength and bone density. Ijoined Club Pilates and go nearly everday for a class. You have them in your area. Anyone of any age can do this! Also i stopp beat my in for not reading more. So i did two things! One, i subsc to Audible. Im liste to Emmas bookclub choice now! At night i turn the lights out and let so read to me! I also went th all my books ‘KOnmari’ style. I kept those that are precious to me and took the rest to the library! What a purge! Its hard to make new fr whe your job is isolating, mine is too. But somehow the tight peopl make their way into Your life. Just ke your eyes open. We all know you need a break, take it. We’ll all still be here. The quality im most drawn to is your kindness.

    1. This typing format is a mess. It misspells and cuts off words. I just read my pre vious email which looked perfect on this form but is full of typos on the submitted form. Can you please delete it?

  14. First of all, congratulations on building your business 10 fold! As a small business owner for almost 28 years, i know how exciting (and exhausting) that can feel! you feel blessed and stressed all at the same time!! lol!! even though i was always very organized and efficient at work, i felt that although my home was clean, it was disorganized. so after i retired a year and a half ago, my goal was to organize my house, which i was able to finally do! i was also finally able to travel more and take more vacations. In 2020 though, i want to go back to europe (after 35 years!), so i would love to hear more about emmas travels and how she gets around. tips and pointers, if you will. like you, i also worry too much and i really want to stop that. i’ve found that my worrying doesn’t make anything better, only worse for myself. I’ve also cut out as much meat as i can and continue to exercise by walking my husky everyday, but also need to start weights for strength, just like you. finally, i’d like to start meditating for at least 10 minutes everyday. i don’t know if i’ll be able to achieve that, because i need to learn to quiet my mind, but i’m going to try!! here’s to a new year in a new decade! Good luck to you and emma on your goals and stay healthy and happy!

  15. Kristy loved reading your goals. I Was drawn to the fact that they were about quality of life. Love everything you do. Thanks so much fOr sharing so much of you, jeff, Emma & Maggie with all of us. Xo

  16. Kristy, just wanted to tell you how great you look after your explants. I noticed in Your lily pulitzer gold dress how small you are.

  17. I love the worry less goal! It really can consume you. My youngest went to college this year and the empty nest lends itself to worry…. My resolution is to work on myself and my goals so much that I have little time for invented problems (worrying). Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers to 2020!