Hi everyone! While out shopping today I couldn’t help but notice a few fashion trends that are really standing out for 2023. I’m always interested in what’s new and in style so I thought this would be something fun to share with all of you. This year there’s a little something for everyone – polka dots, denim, cargo pants, bubble hem and drop waist dresses, sheer fabrics, florals, and metallics.. One common thread with most of the looks is seeing more feminine, romantic looks and styles. Love that!

While great friends, Kathy and I have completely different styles which makes it so much fun to go shopping together. I love seeing how we wear certain trends differently, keeping in mind our body type and preference. Nothing like a great friend (or family member like my sister) to help give you advice on how to the navigate new looks for the season.

Polka Dots

Louis Vuitton




Polka dots were first introduced in the mid 1800’s and received it’s name from the Polka dance craze sweeping across Europe at that time. The print is still popular today and you’ll see it making a statement this spring.

Louis Vuitton is making a big splash with polka dots. As seen in the photo above, they are featuring it in their handbags and clothing, you will certainly be noticed carrying this fun, colorful polka dot handbag.

You can wear this look big and bold or small and subtle, fun and playful or sophisticated. However you choose to wear this iconic fashion, it will add a timeless graphic to your outfit.

If you haven’t worn polka dots for a while, try adding this classic trend to your look this year with a cute polka dot accessory.






Denim jeans are said to be classic and never go out of style and the most popular clothing item we own. But we can all relate to finding the perfect pair of jeans and then as the trend changes, we are on the hunt for the next perfect pair. This season look for the wide leg jean to take center stage.

Denim in 2023 is going to be incorporated into many more elements than just our jeans. One look this year will be full denim outfits, which I have to say wasn’t always my favorite look and now it’s growing on me. Kathy recently wore a light blue denim shirt dress with a darker denim jacket and I loved the combination! If you find matching denim difficult then opt for an easy version and try a jumpsuit.

Some of the other trends for denim is two-toned color blocking, midi and maxi length skirts, soft fabrics and baggy jeans. There are a lot of options in denim this year, giving you many ways to find the right look for you to up your game in 2023!

Cargo Pants

Free People

This is definitely a pant style for me! Cargo pants are back but not in the same style we remember. They will transcend this season to a more tailored silhouette with creative pocket placements. I’m always happy to see this as a trend, cargo pants can be dressed up for a night out on the town or worn casual for running errands or meeting friends for lunch.

If you are shopping for a new cargo pant, you will not be disappointed, they come in a lot of colors and elevated fabrics, giving you so many options to style this look for all seasons.

Bubble Hem and Drop-Waist Dresses


One of the dress trends you will see this year is the bubble hem dress. It was first introduced in the mid 1950’s by Pierre Cardin. It became popular again in the late 80’s worn by Princess Diana when she paired it with a double breasted blazer. It’s back this year with more sophisticated styling. This can be a flirty yet sophisticated option to wear, as it’s available in different lengths and colors.

Another dress trend in 2023 is the drop-waist. This look is from the 1920’s and Coco Chanel helped make this style popular. The drop-waist dress (which refers to the waist hitting below the natural waistline) was fashionable in the 60’s and 80’s and is now back for 2023! This style of dress was intended to make you look longer and slimmer, who wouldn’t want that effect! To top it off, it’s as comfy as sweat pants, since it doesn’t cinch your waistline! The drop-waist dress is just versatile enough to work for you in many different situations, so consider alternative styling options when you’re shopping for the perfect drop-waist dress!

Sheers and Florals




Wearing sheer fabrics might sound a little intimidating to wear this year but before you wash your hands of this trend, you will be happy to know it won’t leave you feeling exposed! The sheers being shown this year are done in a tasteful and elegant design. This is being called the airy fashion trend and we will see more lace, floral appliques, ruffles and flowing fabrics with a romantic feel. I love this trend and I’ll definitely be adding this look to my fashion this year!. 






This is where you can add some sparkle and shine and stand out in the crowd. You can expect metallics to be popping up everywhere (mostly silver), it’s not just for parties and holidays. There are so many ways to add this to your collection! There are shoes, jackets, handbags, tops and pants..the list is endless! You can let loose or just add a few accessories. I recommend having some fun with this trend and see if it adds the right amount of shimmer and pizazz to your step! 

I hope you enjoyed reviewing a few of the fashion trends for 2023 as much as I did. As we know trends come and go and then come back so keep that in mind when shopping and maybe try one of these looks. Finding ways to make trends work for you is key. Be brave and try on a few different styles, patterns and colors you haven’t tried before. You might be surprised at what can become one of your new favorites!

Happy Shopping!




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  1. Great post! Could you please link your black bag with the gold accents hanging in your dressing room pic? So cute!!!