Guest Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Hi everyone!

Thrilled to finally be able to share our new guest bathroom reveal with all of you… This space has taken on a complete overhaul from floor to ceiling and all I have to say is, thank goodness!!
Our 20 year old home had no upgrades in any of the bathrooms and this secondary bathroom was in horrible shape when we purchased the home.

Let’s begin with the bathroom before renovation ~

Oak and linoleum are two words that come to mind with these before pictures.  While it may not look that bad.. the space was so dark and the previous leaks caused many issues. We knew this would be a tear out from the beginning.

Even though we needed to work some magic on this space, I have to admit I was thrilled to have the opportunity to change everything. Prior to renovation this bathroom was dark and small.. It’s a Jack and Jill so there were two doors entering the bathroom. For some reason someone thought to add another to separate the vanity space from the shower. There is simply no reason for an interior wall and door in such a small space so we immediately made the decision to remove both.  As soon as the wall was removed the room doubled in size and light flooded the space. We were thrilled with the difference.

This original Jack and Jill bathroom housed a built in small vanity with 2 sinks. To allow for more counter space I placed an extra wide RH Kent vanity with a single sink in it’s place. It holds just the right amount of cabinets and drawers for my guests.

Love the polished nickel Grafton pulls that came with this piece.

As to the floor, I went with an all marble design from Jeffrey Court. The tiny gray and white hex tiles look so cute in this space and the shape is one I have always loved. They also compliment the marble countertop on the RH vanity and the marble material elevates the bathroom to a more upscale look and style that I love.

I have to bring your attention to the gorgeous glass egg knobs from Emtek. These Hampton knobs fit so comfortably in the hand I have them on almost every door in the house. We are crazy about them!

Pretty little fur throw is from Hobby Lobby.

I kept with my all white theme in the house by selecting a beautiful white subway tile with bevel edge from Sonoma tile for the shower and niche. I love the interest and detail it provides especially as I’ve carried the tile all the way to the ceiling.  The grout in the bathroom is Bright White from Bostik. I have found this to be the brightest white available and used it everywhere in my home… including the kitchen.

I deliberately left the glass doors off from the shower area and instead chose to hang a clean white waffle shower curtain from PB.. I hate the grime so often found in door slides. Plus, they cut off the room visually which is exactly what I didn’t want.

The Yates double sconces from Lamps Plus are a key feature in this bathroom. Not only do I love their design but the shine and size help fill the large wall. Having two sconces on either side of the mirror makes this room so light and bright… Important for my guests and Emma.

I placed a RH Lugarno train rack to hold the towels in this bathroom just above the toilet and right next to the bathtub for convenience. I found that I loved the one in the master so much I wanted our guests to experience the convenience as well.

My deep soaking tub and elegant style toilet are made by Kohler.

Accessories always make a space… I placed a pretty toilet paper stand next to the toilet rather than drilling holes into my new vanity. I also love the polished nickel Newberry piece from Restoration Hardware. Extra rolls of TP is kept in a glass container right next to it for easy refills.

You may notice the lower placed outlet in these pictures also. I made sure to have one installed on both sides of the vanity below counter height and out of site. I hate unsightly outlets in the middle of walls.

You may remember from my Master Bath before and after (click here to see more) my favorite Brizo polished nickel faucet. I love it’s classic style and warm polished nickel shine so much that I placed this piece in all the bathrooms in my home.

I found my rectangular mirror at Homegoods. It’s one of the prettiest I have seen for the price (just $99) and it’s narrower size fits perfectly between the sconces.

We are so happy with how this beautiful space has turned out… It just goes to show that any room can be made elegant and stylish without going crazy with color and design. Sometimes I find simple and clean is best when approaching small spaces.



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52 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Renovation Reveal

  1. Again…another beautiful renovation…love the calmness of this room..I’m sure Emma loves it and I’m sure your guests won’t want to leave..I know I wouldn’t….

    1. Thank you so much Donna… Emma loves this space so much and our guests have as well. It’s amazing how much brighter it is now. Hugs! xx

  2. Kristy everything looks beautiful!!! We love so many of the same things !!! I hope you’re enjoying your beautiful new home! Xo

    1. Thank you Randi! We really are. You are so sweet… I love what you’v done to your home as well! It’s gorgeous. Hugs! xx

    1. Aww… Thanks so much Paula! We love everything too. I was just thinking about you… I’ll have to call you tomorrow. I need your opinion on something. ;) Hugs! xx

  3. Gorgeous! I love all of your home decor videos and blogs! The perfect style of elegance and class ! The White decor is so fresh and clean. I’m absolutely loving it! You are my home guru!

  4. Oh, Kristy. It’s absolutely stunning. I love it so much. I would love for it to magically appear in our home. I can’t believe how much you and Jeff have accomplished in such a short time. Lucky Emma and Guests. . . . I want to check in for a couple of days. LOL.

  5. Such a beautiful renovation which gave me plenty of ideas! Can I ask where you got your doors throughout the home? I love those so much and the crystal door knob icing on the cake. Well done!

  6. What type of paint do you suggest using in a bathroom with a shower, because of the moisture from the shower that lingers? Flat, eggshell, etc.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I went with the finish that I have everywhere in my home which is BM Matte because we have tons of windows that we open when we shower and we have very tall ceilings. In our guest bathroom we went with the matte also because we have a window in there as well.
      Most everyone I know has a window of some sort so they don’t go with the glossy finish in their bathrooms because of how it looks. I would see how steamy your bathroom gets before deciding. A satin or eggshell could be another alternative. :) Hugs!

  7. My favorite all time home!!! Please give me a suggestion for a paint color if my daughter is doing an all white bedroom. The bedspread has a tint of ivory. I’m lost at what to choose!

    1. Hi Julianne,
      You probably need to double check whites to see what matches best. A creamy white that I use is Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. My bedroom is painted with it. :)

  8. Hi Kristy! I love your train rack idea and would also like to pick one up, too. When I went to the RH website, I noticed that there were two sizes. It looks like you may have bought the small. Is that correct? Also, do you happen to remember how high you mounted it above your toilet?

    1. Hi Melissa,
      You are correct – I ordered the small train. In regards to height, I eyeballed it knowing what I would hang from it (hand towels mostly.) There is no wrong or right with this sort of thing. Up to you!

      Hope this helps, Kristy.

  9. Hi! I love your bathroom so much. I am getting the same size vanity made with a single bowl. Would you be able to tell me the dimensions of your mirror? I am looking at the laurel border mirror at Wisteria (and one more called the Moorish mirror or something), but I wonder if they’ll be wide enough, at around 26”. Thanks!

  10. Hi again, Kristy! The other Wisteria mirror is actually called the ‘Moroccan Mirror’. :) I was just wondering if you’d also be able to tell me how much room you have between the vanity and side of the toilet. I wanted to have a toilet paper stand as well, (I chuckled when you mentioned not wanting to drill into your vanity, because I said the same thing) and I want to make sure I leave enough room there. Thanks again in advance.

  11. I love it Kristy. It is very similar to what I did with my daughters’ bathroom. Same cabinet pulls even, however I NEED that doorknob now and didn’t even realize it! Love love love
    I agree with needing more countertop space instead of double sinks too, and I placed the outlet exactly where yours is. Can’t wait to see the new bath you’re helping with.

  12. It’s so beautiful! Your home is one of my favs! ❤️ Just one question….where do your guests hang their bath towels? Our guest bath is pretty much the same footprint and I have a hard time with functionality. Thank you for the beautiful ideas.

  13. Hi Kristy! This is gorgeous! Your house is one of my favs. I was wondering where your guests hang their bath towels? Our guest bath is a similar footprint and I have trouble with functionality. Thank you for the beautiful ideas. Have a great day!

  14. Where did you purchase your vanity and has it held up well?
    I would like to duplicate this bathroom in our home.

    1. Hi Kara, While I love the look of my vanity (both master bathroom and guest) I hate the way the doors clang loudly when they close. They don’t have a soft close and instead make a loud noise every time we close them. They are the Kent from Restoration Hardware. Not sure I would buy them again with the issue. There are too many beautiful other vanities out there to deal with this issue. :/ Jeff can usually fix everything but even the cabinet guys said these aren’t fixable as they require a special hinge that won’t fit these doors. Hope that helps..

  15. Your work is truly inspiring and I am building a hime right now so I have gotten some great ideas here. Thank you for sharing. I do have a question. What size hex is the floor of the guest room and what color is the marble ?

  16. You have excellent taste! I love that you didn’t choose all of the hardware from the same line but you are mixing and matching. It all looks wonderful together. Love the sconces with the decorative backplate. And oddly enough, one of my favorite elements is the glass spare toilet paper holder! If I can find one I’m buying it!

  17. Beautiful! What is the paint color in your guest bath? Lots of spa-like white so curious about the wall color. Thanks!

  18. Fell upon your site while looking for tile ideas. I love your design, it’s elegant, current and timeless. Thank you so much for sharing the details of your purchases. I’ve been wanting to replace all my knobs for years with the glass style and now I’m inspired to do so. I’m renovating a very tiny guest bath so I think I’ll purchase a RH train rack too, so gorgeous.

  19. Beautiful guest bathroom! I love the elegant nearly all white look! Thanks for sharing the names of products you used and explanations of why you chose the products and other materials you used. I will definitely be incorporating some of your ideas in the guest bathroom we’re getting ready to do in our home. Great design and so functional and lovely!!

  20. Love your guest bathroom. Your white subway tile looks like it matches the tub really well. Could you tell me what brand tube you used? Thank you.