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Master Bath Before and After

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally share my master bath before and after with all of you!

I love before and after renovation details, don’t you?

To give you a little background on our new home..  It sits in a neighborhood we love and couldn’t wait to get into.  The house was built in 1996 and after 20-21 years with the original homeowners, it finally went on the market for the first time.  Even though everything needed to be updated and the inside looked tired and worn we were thrilled and totally up for the challenge.  The rest is history as they say… and here we are.

The bathroom before…

This wide angle camera shot from the realtor’s listing is misleading… The bathroom really isn’t very big. It has high ceilings which definitely help give it a larger than life appearance but that’s about it.

The before photos are almost unrecognizable to me now. The bathroom was so dark and full of old yellowed oak cabinetry, wall to wall carpet and yucky linoleum. (I couldn’t wait to rip that out!)
There was even a linen cabinet that sat directly next to the vanity which caused the sink area to look and feel so much smaller. That was gone the minute they said the house was ours. ;) Yay for demo day!

I always knew if given the chance to renovate I would go with an all white color scheme in my master bathroom.  I’m drawn to bright spaces and love spa-like environments.

When I first began looking at materials I felt like I knew what I wanted but in typical Kristy fashion, I had to look at every kind of tile imaginable and drill everyone on what they loved most… I then ran around with samples in my car, purse and home before circling back to my original love – all white marble for the walls and Carrera on the floors.  It’s an exhausting process but it works for me… Lol

The shower tile I fell in love with is simple and classic. We placed Thassos 12 x 24 inch tiles on the walls and a 3/8th mini mosaic tile in the niche and in a picture frame that surrounds the shower head and handle. One good thing about the larger tiles is there is less grout… I love that and thank my lucky stars every time I clean the shower. The white tile also hides calcium buildup and stains from the hard water in our area. We had a water softener in our last home and plan to add another here.

When we began designing the bathroom we knew one of the the first things that needed to go was the bathtub.  While I love a good soaker this space just didn’t have the room for a pretty clawfoot and a shower so we decided to remove the tub from the equation altogether.  Tearing out the tub allowed us the opportunity to give Jeff the larger shower he’s always wanted.  It was a win win situation.

When deciding on floor tile I knew I wanted a basketweave of some sort.  It wasn’t until I saw Jeffrey Court’s Metropolitan Gramercy Gray Dot that I knew I had found the one.  It’s not only a soft beautiful white and light gray basketweave but it also has a clear glass dot between the tiles that sparkles and looks so pretty in different lighting.
Renovation Update and Favorite Bathroom Mirrors
While having a large shower is a great thing on one hand, it also means having an entire wall devoted to glass.  I chose a 3/8 inch thick glass for the shower door and surround but also made sure to upgrade the glass to Starfire which is extra clear.  I didn’t want any tinge of green in my white space.
We also added the Diamon Fusion which is sprayed onto the glass to help protect it from water spots.  Pleasanton Glass supplied all.  They are amazing.
(This is not a sponsored post)

Every bathroom deserves something different so we added the new San Souci hands free toilet from Kohler. You simply wave your hand over the flush button ON THE SIDE to flush the toilet.  We thought it would be nice to include a high tech piece… plus, Jeff thought it was cool. ;)

image via Kohler
The makeup mirror mounted on the wall was a must for me.  Crucial for anyone who wants to see everything close up.
I can’t imagine my life without a magnifying mirror now.

Flanking the large mirror above the vanity are 2 sets of Charlotte double sconces from Lamps Plus…  I love these pretty lights. The octagonal polished nickel back plate makes a nice contrast sitting next to the large rectangular mirror from RH.  I always choose opposite shapes to add more interest whenever possible.

Another Restoration Hardware piece that we’ve added to anchor our master bath is the white Kent Double Vanity.  I loved this classic piece the minute it arrived… It’s the perfect size and the honed Carrera countertop was thicker than all the others I found online. The Kent also provided the extra drawers and under the sink cabinetry storage that we needed.

The vanity comes with countertop and sinks so that left us with the faucet selection. I’ve always wanted a timeless faucet with cross handles and the Brizo Tresa faucet looks like it belongs with this vanity. We loved them so much I included them in all 3 bathrooms. The polished nickel finish lends a warm and regal touch to the white space. (affiliate links used in this post)

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the changes we’ve made to our new Master Bath… This home has been an adventure to say the least.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask in a comment.  I’m sure there are several things I’ve forgotten to add.

Happy Friday!

Sources ~

Paint – Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65

Vanity – Restoration Hardware Kent Double Vanity 

Faucets –  Briza Tresa 

Mirror – RH Venetian Beaded Mirror 48×60 silver

Towel Train Rack – RH Lugarno Train Rack

Hand Towel Rings – RH Asbury

Double Sconces – Lamps Plus, Charlotte Double Sconces

Toilet – San Souci Hands Free Toilet by Kohler

Face Mirror – Kimball & Young 

Shower Tile – AKDO 12 x 24 Thassos & AKDO mini mosaic interlocking Thassos

Floor – Jeffrey Court – Metropolitan Gramercy Gray Dot

Baseboards – 9 1/4 Santa Fe


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39 thoughts on “Master Bath Before and After

  1. Faucet brand is Brizo not Briza? there lively! We install them for our clients frequently now and just live the quality and design choices. Is the finish polished nickel? The whole thing is beautiful and timeless. Job well done!

  2. Love following your blog, and Instagram ❤. We are getting ready to start building our home, 17 years in the process! Now that the kids have moved out, we are changing ideas, and I’ve learned several things I do, and do not want, from your visions. Thanks so much for all your great ideas!

  3. I discovered you on Instagram and have been captivated since our tastes are so similar. I am in the process of my kitchen and main floor reno…..next summer is my master bedroom, bathroom and walkin. I am already gathering ideas. Thank you for being so gracious and sharing!!

    Grateful :)

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Good luck with your reno, it takes a while but the outcome is so amazing. Have a great day!

  4. Your master bath is gorgeous. I love how you also talk about cleaning the choices you make which leads to my question: Did you choose polished or honed on the shower walls? Sounds so easy to keep clean–just want to be sure I get the right one.

    1. Hi Melanie! I have both in my bathroom but went with the polished because I simply think it’s easier to clean a polished surface on walls. I have the honed on my countertops however because I use a lot of makeup and it would etch or stain the polished surface quickly giving it a messy appearance. I sealed everything before we moved in and that helps tremendously. I’ll do that once a year or so to help protect everything more. I also have a water softener which helps with water stains. Good Luck! xx

  5. Love it! Your all white house is goals for me…i can’t imagine it right now, but maybe one day when the kids are all grown :)

    Curious which white paint you guys used all over your house for the walls, trim, and cabinets? I spent the last 3 days going crazy over which white paint to use for my son’s monochrome nursery. I never knew there were soo many whites!

    1. Hi Dee, I used Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace everywhere except for my bedroom. In that space I went with Simply White. I love both for different reasons. Chantilly is clean without looking cold and Simply White matched my wallpaper so that worked beautifully for my master. Hope that helps.. :) xx

  6. I love your Bathroom and shower! I am about to redo mine but everyone is scary me from doing marble in the shower because of stains on the water getting in the grout in behind the tiles and staining them. And also the upkeep. Have you had any issues with any of this? Is it hard to keep clean?

  7. Your bathroom is so beautiful! I’m planning a similar remodel and wonder how you’re liking the Thassos tile. Also, is your polished or honed? And do you have to seal it often? Many thanks!

    1. Hi Kitty, LOVE the Thassos on our shower wall. It’s polished and beautiful. We sealed it once 2 years ago and will do so again but have had no issues. :)

  8. I love what you did with your Renovation to your bathroom which gets me inspired to do my bathroom Renovation as my bathroom!!

  9. Beautiful! I love the shower and main floor transition. Could you tell me the field tile or size of the field tile you used in the shower?

  10. Hello! I remember you did an IG on your master shower head and hardware. I’ve looked everywhere bc I thought I wrote it down but can’t find it. Would you please be so kind to tell me which one you have? And it’s polished nickel right? Thank you!

  11. I love this so much! I’m doing the same tiles in my shower/bathroom floor. Would you mind sharing what grout you chose for the shower walls and floor?

  12. I absolutely love what you did here. Which style would you say represents this? Glam? I find it is exactly what I love , but hard to put that label on it…. help this lady out! LOL
    It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!