The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources Hi everyone!

My garden is exploding with so many beautiful flowers right now. It feels so good after all the hard work we have been putting into the yard this past year.

As a matter of fact, Jeff and I were just saying that we can’t believe a year ago he and his brother Brian began laying all the electrical for the outdoor lighting in a backyard that was full of dirt. How far we have come! It’s insane to be so close to the finish line. My flowers are filling the spaces and everyone has been asking for more sources so I’m including many of them today along with a few new pictures.

In case you haven’t had the chance to read my first Garden Update (including plants, etc) post click here.

Today I’m sharing what flowers I have along with a few tips while everything is still in full bloom. This week I took pictures of the garden to show you how everything is laid out. I’m a visual person so I hope this helps. While the garden is still young it looks so good! I’m loving how filled out it’s become. I’m sharing each of my favorites – from my beautiful iceberg roses to the penstemon. I’m not an expert by any means but I have years of planting & growing experience along with a Mom who helps me with her master gardening knowledge. Serafin, my gardener also contributes a ton. Most of you know how much I adore him as both a friend and gardener.

Let’s get on with it, shall we? Below are some of my favorite go-to’s that I love filling my garden with…

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

White Iceberg Roses

I have to begin with my favorite iceberg rose, simply because I have over 60 in my garden. Bananas right?

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

Reasons why I love this plant:

  • They are constant bloomers: from spring through mid-fall these babies don’t stop.
  • The fragrance is beautiful – When the wind blows and my doors are open I can smell this rose throughout my home.
  • They are resistant to mildew and rust. They are trouble-free!
  • Iceberg roses have very few thorns.. which makes it nice for pruning and cutting stems for the house.
  • They are a shrub like rose bush which is nice when you want something a little more full
  • Blooms in clusters which give it that “wow” factor.
  • They attract bees & butterflies – I’m all for having a happy eco-system in my backyard. For those who worry about bees, they aren’t interested in you and we never have issues with stinging in our garden. ;)

Tips For Iceberg Care:

  • Trim occasionally if you would like to keep your bush a certain size. They are fast-growers so maintenance is important. You can use a hedger if you want, or if you like a more natural cottage look (like me), just trim a little with pruning shears or scissors whenever. Their stems are thin & easy to trim.
  • Do NOT overwater. If you start to notice a bit of mildew then back off on watering to a few minutes less a day 9if on a dripper system) or to watering every other day.
  • They LOVE the sun – and need full-sun several hours per day. They can survive in partial light but may not bloom as much. If in shade, don’t water as often to keep mildew at bay.
  • Iceberg Rose bushes range in price from $24-$35 per bush. (At Home Depot/Nurseries). I found mine at a wholesale nursery (You need a gardener or a landscape designer to purchase there) for $14.99!
  • I have white everywhere except for a few pink bushes in the front yard.

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources The Flowers In My Garden + SourcesThe Flowers In My Garden + Sources The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

I even have pink Iceberg roses out front…

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources
The Flowers In My Garden + Sources


One of my favorite blossoming perennial flowers! Especially the two toned Apple Blossom..

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

Reasons why I love these flowers:

  • They bloom from late spring-fall! I like plants that grow almost all year long.. and bloom constantly.
  • Mostly disease-free flowers.
  • Attract hummingbirds & butterflies.. it’s so wonderful to watch the hummingbirds drink the nectar from the tubular shape.
  • They are resistant to deer and rabbits which is great for those in open spaces.
  • I like that they are tall. They rise above other foliage and are easy to see in your yard. The pale apricot pink color can be seen at night.. it almost glows! So beautiful.
  • Tolerates almost all soil, including dry.
  • Drought-resistant! Yay.

Tips For Penstemon Care:

  • Plant in full sun in coastal regions and slight shade inland.
  • Pinch plants after the first blooms to promote a quick re-bloom. I usually pinch them back constantly so the regrowth begins right away stem by stem. The plants seems happier and looks more beautiful all season long.
  • Don’t over water. They do prefer a little more of a dry soil. If you begin to see yellowing of the leaves, back off on the water.
  • If you see any bugs or aphids on your plants (which you usually see mid-season when it’s hot) give them a spray of water to shake off all the bugs. I do this occasionally during the hot summer season.. my plants always love it.
  • Every early spring (usually March after the last freeze) I cut my penstemon wayyyy back to just a few inches above ground. They come back in the spring like roses.
  • Penstemon last 3-5 years so when your plant begins to look like it’s not coming back as beautifully one season then pull it and plant another. This is simply the life span of the plant.

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources The Flowers In My Garden + Sources


A plant that produces an abundance of colorful tiny flowers that attracts hummingbirds

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

Reasons why I love Salvia:

  • It’s one of my favorite plants for a garden because it blooms non-stop
  • Salvia is drought tolerant (definitely a plus in California)
  • Hummingbirds LOVE it
  • Can fill a hillside if you choose the larger variety like ‘Hot Lips’
  • Comes in a variety of colors from blues to reds and even peach. There are so many and tons of different sizes so be sure to double check before purchasing to see if it’s the right size for your garden.

Tips For Salvia Care:

  • Salvias love to be planted in full sun
  • Plant in well drained soil however my salvias still tend to make it in clay soil. If you can mix your soil with an organic planting soil – that will help.
  • Trim all spent blooms to encourage new blooms
  • After the freeze season trim the plant to an inch above ground. It will come back
  • You may need to switch out your plant after a few years. They don’t have the longest lifespan but they are worth it.
  • If your salvia gets too large you can separate it into clumps to replant elsewhere if you feel like doing the work. I have never done this but I know many who do.

I have 2 Salvias in my garden.. A pink Grecchio and a blue by the fence out front and a couple in the back.

The Flowers In My Garden + SourcesThe Flowers In My Garden + Sources The Flowers In My Garden + Sources


Love this delicate flower that grows back year after year. I have the white variety in my garden and love the contrast against the black bark mulch.

The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

Reasons why I love Alyssum:

  • This white or pink/purple flowering plant is beautiful
  • Love the delicate way it drapes over pot edges
  • Perfect border/edging plant
  • Smells amazing
  • New varieties allow it to handle the summer temperatures
  • Reseeds so expect to have little flowers elsewhere in the garden. I love that. ;)

Tips for Alyssum Care:

  • Plant in spring to get a jump start on the hotter temps of summer
  • Water a little more if planted in hot climates or if they are bordering a hardscape in the sun. They dry out more quickly there.
  • Trim back to a small size occasionally to control the size and to keep it healthier and fresh. I am constantly giving mine a haircut. ;)

The Flowers In My Garden + SourcesThe Flowers In My Garden + Sources

Hopefully this will have helped answer some of the questions regarding the flowers in my garden. I forgot to mention that I also have Impatiens planted along the steps leading to my front door (you can see just above). Because my walkway is on the north side I thought the flowers could handle the afternoon sun. I think only half the flowers are making it however so I may have to replant with sun loving petunias. Oh well…. I just try something and if it doesn’t work, I try something else. ;) There are Sunpatiens I could also try but they tend to have a darker foliage than what I want.


The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

Sources for Garden Furniture, Etc:

Outdoor Furniture:

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Outdoor Consoles – Scarlett Console

Garden Stools – Next To Sofa

Garden Stool – Rope Detail

Gate Hardware – Twisted Ring Gate Latch


Travertine – Versailles pattern, Color – Cafe Light

Pavers – Calstone Pavers – Quarry Stone – Color, Cameron Cream, Pattern – QS4

Outdoor Lights –

Lanterns – Mount Vernon Style in Bronze

Outdoor Path Light – Shepherd’s Path Light

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23 thoughts on “The Flowers In My Garden + Sources

  1. Looks simply beautiful! I think I’m going to purchase a few iceberg roses the next time I’m at Lowe’s, they’re gorgeous.

  2. Kristy, Everything looks so fresh and beautiful in your yard!! I’m wondering you thoughts about the Iceberg Roses against a 4-6 foot high fence? I currently have a pretty dated yard (80 bushes) ;) and I’ve followed you through your whole journey with your yard and am getting such great ideas. Also, any advice with Sunflowers? That is my favorite flower and I’ve always dreamed of growing them, just always worried I’ll plant them in an area that will not get enough sun.

    1. Hi Kristin.. My MIL had an amazing sunflower plant that grew to 12 feet high. It was amazing.. I don’t think they did a thing for it (except give it tons of sun and not a lot of water) and they lived in a very hot zone. I have no clue what to suggest advice-wise. Icebergs can get tall but you need to cut them back every January so I’m not sure that would be a plant you would want to fill a fence with. You may want to look at other hedge options. xx

  3. Love seeing the progress. It’s all so beautiful ?. Can’t wait to see it all filled in!What kind are your boxwood plants?

    1. Thank you so much Randi!! You know how tiny it is so that means the world to me. We still have so much to do with the fountains and other seating area… So excited! Hugs and thank you so much for taking the time to drop by. You’re so sweet! xx

  4. Hi Kristy-
    Your garden blog is stunning, generously detailed and one of the greatest gifts for someone like me that loves the outdoors but doesn’t have a clue how to design or properly care for a dreamy yard like yours. I was also able to do some fun birthday shopping. I can’t thank you enough for the joy and beauty you and Emma bring to my life. ??

  5. Thanks for the tips!! I was loving the roses in your garden and was asking their name, now I know. I’ve been needing an idea to fill my garden!! Glad I went to the Wine Stroll and stumbled across this lovely find!

  6. Do you deadhead your rises ? How do you keep them slways looking nice ?

    Thanks 🙏🏻
    Love your blog

    1. I constantly trim back any dead roses.. If the stems get too long then I also cut those back. Sometimes all at once and other times stem by stem. :)

  7. This is Awesome, such a great post! I am so grateful for the time you took with so much info, links and my personal fave was the gardening tools at the end!! I had never heard of Terrain and love it all! Thx again Kristy, I am ready to garden NOW 😉

  8. This post is so incredibly beautiful AND helpful! Would love to also know where you got your cute coffee table? Is it an indoor/outdoor table? Or maybe an indoor one you’ve treated with something for outdoor use…if that is the case what did you treat it with and how is it holding up? Thanks!

  9. Hi Kristy!
    I am a NOVICE, in every description, when it comes to gardening. And I have a quick question for you :)

    When you say ‘pinching’ – Is that when they start to flower, or after they’ve bloomed?

    When you say ‘trim back’ is that just like trimming off dead leaves and dead flowers?

    Thank you so much for your time!! Your home and garden are so beautiful, and such an inspiration!!

    Much love and many hugs from CO 💚💙

    1. Hi Whitney,
      You’re so sweet… I’m always learning about gardening too. ;) Pinching back means cutting the dead flower off at the base once it’s done it’s thing to help promote more blooms. I also trim back whole plants a bit once they’re done with an entire bloom session.
      At the beginning of the year (Super Bowl Sunday) I trim back all my roses to around 18″ from the ground. I also remove all leaves and this helps start the plants off on a healthy start for Spring. As to the Penstomen.. I cut them back all the way when I do the roses in January.
      Hope this helps a bit. Google is a great resource when unsure too. I’m always looking there. :) Hugs!

  10. I recently discovered your update pictures of your lovely home and would like to know if the flower tree at the front door is real or artificial? And is it a hydrangea tree. I have enjoyed your information. Thanks in advance.
    Pat Johnson
    Nashville, TN

  11. Hi Kristy,

    I love what you’ve done with your yard space. I’m looking for a wall fountain like the one you have in your backyard. Where did you get it? Do you recommend it??

    Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Love it all! These are the exact color pillows I am looking for! Can you please tell me where to purchase? Thank you!