Front Garden Update

Happy Sunday with a Front Garden Update!

Well, it’s been another one of those weekends when Jeff and Serefin have been busy working in the garden.  I have been concentrating on cleaning up the front yard so we aren’t as embarrassing to the neighborhood.  It’s so different when you are doing everything on your own.  Last house we moved in and hired a garden company to do everything but this time around we are preferring to take on the challenge ourselves.

Yesterday, I went to our favorite wholesale nursery with Serefin. (our trusty gardener and good friend) I get all my plants there because I find the prices and quality to be so much better. For example, a 5 gal Green Beauty boxwood at a local garden store is $24.99, while at the wholesale nursery I can get the same for $14.98! Because of this, I am able to put in much nicer plants than my budget allows.  Love this.

As you can see in the photos, we have a big clump of dirt piled on the street in front of the house. Some of that was removed from the front, but most of it came from the backyard. It’s incredible the horrible dirt we’ve had to work with here.  To help the plants get a much better start we are removing quite a bit of it and bringing in a rich soil full of nutrients.

Along the fence-line on the front left side of the house (when facing it) we are planting a privacy hedge full of Prunus Caroliniana. Serefin loves this plant for it’s glossy green leaves and it’s conical shape.  When trimmed properly it can become the most beautiful and elegant hedge.

In front of the hedge will be a mix of plants.. Even though I was only able to pick up a few things yesterday I made sure to grab several Iceberg Roses. They are constant bloomers and huge on the disease resistant category.  I hate having to deal with sprays and roses that don’t bloom often.  I always get a variety of white and pink because while I love white, I always need a pop of color. I will be adding other plants which I will be posting about in the near future.  Tons actually!

All along the border of the grass-line will sit a formal boxwood hedge. If you remember my last home, I had boxwood surrounding all of my garden areas. I find that the formal border gives them the clean look I crave in a soft and colorful manner. The boxwood that works best for me is Green Beauty Boxwood. I love this drought tolerant plant and I have yet to have one die in the last 12 years!

Other plants in my front garden area are the large spiral and triple-ball Ligustrum or WaxLeaf Privet. It doesn’t matter what type of home I am in, I always have an abundance of these. They give me the height needed against the home in a beautiful shade of green  and their structured shape reminds me of the European gardens I love.

Behind the triple ball Ligustrum on the right side of the driveway I’ve placed 5 compact Prunus Carolinianas.  These won’t grow as tall nor as fast as those planted to the left of the house which is fine with the small area I’ve squeezed them into.  I adore my neighbors but their front door is just steps away so I think this hedge will be appreciated by all.

Last but not lease I snagged a few Salvias to plant in the front bed under the large window.  I love their scent and the hummingbirds are always all over them. I’ll need to add some hydrangeas and other colorful plants as well but once again we simply ran out of space in Serefin’s truck.  Another trip or two to the nursery will definitely have to happen soon…

I’m always drawn to gardens that are rich in color and constantly blooming… I’m crazy about borders made of formal hedges. It’s really not too difficult to keep all of these plants listed trimmed and happy… Through the years I’ve learned through trial and error what works best for me and my region.

Hugs and hope this has helped answer a few questions from those who viewed my weekend nursery visit!  More to come soon!


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10 thoughts on “Front Garden Update

  1. Kristy,
    I love following you and your fab Insta stories! Thanks for sharing the plant types with us. I live boxwood and formal hedges too so it was interesting to see the type of boxwood you use. I’ve only used Winter Gem (we live in Michigan) because of its glossiness but I’m going to look up your type and ask if it would be better for hedges here also. The tip on the roses being constant bloomers and low on needing to be sprayed was good to know! Can’t wait to see your gardens complete! xx Sandy

    1. Thanks Sandy… Love Winter Gem boxwood too! Both are similar when comparing the differences. I’m just so familiar with Green Beauty as it’s huge in my area. I can always find an abundance of healthy plants and that makes a difference. Looking forward to finishing the gardens as well… I know Jeff will be thrilled when all is complete. Lol Hugs!

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I purchase most of my plants at Devil Mountain Nursery which is a wholesale nursery located in my area. I also find tons at Home Depot, Lowes and our other popular nursery, Alden Lane. :)

  2. I am loving seeing all your gorgeous plants. Your ideas are inspiring me to finally do something with my own front garden. At the moment it’s a very boring sea of green, with a lot of moss. Happy planting to you all, looking forward to seeing more posts.

    1. Thanks so much Wendy… We have SO much planting to do this week. I can’t wait to get everything in. Good luck with your yard! :)

  3. Kristy,
    Glad you are back to blogging again. Love your insta stories. Just a suggestion of adding an ornamental plum tree in your yard or any plants that are that dark burgandyish color like your door and shutters. I think it would look nice.
    XO Donna

    1. Thanks so much Donna! I’m actually changing the shutters and door color to something closer to black. I think with the shady area near the door I’ll go with something architectural rather than a tree… I’ve been going back and forth on this decision but think I need something a little more structural. Love your idea of a plum tree however and may go that route if I can’t find something that speaks to me. ;) Thanks so much for dropping by and for your suggestion… Such a great idea! xx

  4. Hi Kristy,
    If you do want to do the ornamental plum true there are plants that are that color.
    Intermedia or Japanese Barberry is a delicate splash of reliable color but a hardy plant/shrub (four seasons)for any setting where you need that little bit of something extra to spice up a location. It has the same dark red foliage, easy care great for California. Can be kept any size easily.
    Also diablo ninebark.