Leaf Peeping in Vermont

Emma and I are having the BEST time visiting the beautiful state of Vermont. It’s our first time here and we’re having a blast leaf peeping. We’ve been driving all over the state today… (which is not hard while you’re here because it’s just 3 hours from the north end to the south end of the state). For those who are unfamiliar with VT, this state is populated by only 600,000 people…you can imagine what our scenic drives have looked like. Just pure New England beauty at it’s finest! Emma couldn’t believe how gorgeous the mountains looked – it felt like we stepped back in time to the 1800s. Enjoy some of our leaf peeping in Vermont photos below.

It is peak fall foliage right now and the trees are at their prime. All day long we spotted leaves full of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens.

Outside of Stowe, Vermont.
Adorable sheep grazing at the Von Trapp Family Lodge. While Leaf Peeping in Vermont 2019. | Kristy Wicks
Adorable sheep outside of the Von Trapp Family Lodge.
The cutest covered bridge in Woodstock, Vermont.
Adorable farmhouse outside of Stowe. While Leaf Peeping in Vermont 2019. | Kristy Wicks
Next to the cute Maple Store outside of Stowe, Vermont.
Cute B&B in Woodstock, Vermont.
Beautiful Woodstock, Vermont home in the Fall. While Leaf Peeping in Vermont 2019. | Kristy Wicks
Captured alongside a pretty river in Woodstock, Vermont.
The gorgeous Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, Vermont.
Incredible autumnal view while on a scenic drive in Northern Vermont. Leaf Peeping 2019. | Kristy Wicks
Scenic road outside of Stowe, Vermont.
More autumnal themed neighborhood. While Leaf Peeping in Vermont 2019. | Kristy Wicks
Festive fall homes in Woodstock, Vermont.
Our view while on a quiet country road outside of Stowe, Vermont. While Leaf Peeping in Vermont 2019. | Kristy Wicks
Our view while on a quiet country road outside of Stowe, Vermont.
More fall foliage in Woodstock. | While Leaf Peeping in Vermont 2019. | Kristy Wicks
More fall foliage in Woodstock.
Gorgeous cone hydrangea outside of the Woodstock Inn entrance. - While Leaf Peeping in Vermont 2019. | Kristy Wicks
Gorgeous cone hydrangea outside of the Woodstock Inn entrance.
Simple and beautiful fall decor in Woodstock, Vermont. While Leaf Peeping in Vermont 2019. | Kristy Wicks
Simple and beautiful fall decor in Woodstock, VT.
More beautiful homes in Woodstock, Vermont.
The Von Trapp Lodge
Town Square in Woodstock.
Fall Home Inspiration - cutest pumpkins. While Leaf Peeping in Vermont. | Kristy Wicks
More shots of this fun home in Woodstock, Vermont.
Beautiful view from Stowe Lodge.
A cute home in Woodstock, Vermont.

Don’t worry – for those of you who hope to experience leaf peeping in Vermont in the future, we’ll be writing a full travel guide sharing all of our trip’s details & experiences soon!

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53 thoughts on “Leaf Peeping in Vermont

  1. My Mom was born and raised in vermont and I still have Quite a bIt of family there. My husband has never been there and We’re hoping to go next year in October. I’m really looking forward to your blog post and recommenDations. The pictures are truly gorgeous!!!

  2. Your pictures are just BEAUTIFUL. I love all the colors. And i just added visiting VerMont to my Bucket List! Thanks for sharing Kristy and Emma! Enjoy yoUr amazing trip! 🍁🍂🎃

  3. Your pictures are magical.

    I live in WISCONSIN and Am headed to the MISSISSIPPI river area this weekend for my fall trip With a great friend. Hope we have the color you saw.

  4. Did you go to the Simon Pierce glass store & factory, near woodstock. There is a cafe, awesome lunch menu!!!

    1. Unfortunately we ran out of time to go to Simon Pearce this time around.. WAhh! WE’re planning another longer trip next year. :) Thanks for the cafe tip Marcia! xx

  5. Dear Kristy & Emma,
    There is nothing more serene then being in the outdoors with the cool weather and the changing tones of autumn. The colors are remarkable; the vegetation and foliage merely breathtaking. Reminds me so much of my roots up north in Minnesota and Wisconsin. And all the cute, quaint towns. Living your pics and travel this far, looking forward to more! And a must visit on my travels in the future. Enjoy yourselves and ty for your adventure we get to live vicariously through you two 🍁😋🍂🌾🎃🧡

  6. Is this even real! A dream of mine to travel to Vermont and see this with my own eyes. You and Emma have certainly brought the colors and charm.

  7. Hi kristy,
    I love all your posts, but this one has to be my favoritE maybe because i love the fall and all the colorS. Also being from the east coast i just said to my Husband after see this lastest posT of yours, vermont is our next trip. Enjoy the rest of your trIp with emma.

    1. That’s so great!! WE loved this trip and plan to go longer next year.. The state is gorgeous and there is so much to do and see! You have to go.. Hugs! xx

  8. GORGEOUS photos! DEFINITELY on my 70/70 list! (70 things to do before im 70) ill look forward to Your travel guide! 💖

    1. Love that you have a 70/70 list Phyllis! I need to make one.. :) And yes, you need to add this trip for sure. It’s such an incredibly beautiful state! xx

  9. The pictures are beautiful! So noce thay you and your Daughter are able to do a trip like this! I have relatives in Vermont! Now I know why!

    1. Aww.. thanks CArolyn! Emma and I had such an amazing time together, even if it was too short. ;) Lucky for you to have relatives in VErmont! You need to go visit! xx

  10. Absolutely beautiful!!! I would say you are there for peak season for sure!!! I hope to someday see that part of the country. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!

    1. Yes, you need to visit VErmont one of these days Marilyn! :) WE couldn’t believe how gorgeous the colors were during the fall and the state itself is so special. :) Hugs!

  11. Love seeing the Photos. My husband and i married in vermont in 1971. We get color in upstate NY but never quite like the mapLes of Vermont. Glad you are happy To visit! Best ever!

  12. Looks amazing Kristy! True fall heaven! 🍁🍂 Michigan bu the lake is similar to this. Reflections are ahhmazing! But I’VE been thinking of visiting Vermont and Virginia for a while now, and this inspires me to go sooner even more!
    Gorgeous photos!
    Have a safe trip back home. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Maria :) You’ll have to add both states to your list of must see spots.. :) I grew up in Virginia and it’s aslo beautiful. So much history in both places. Washington DC too. :) Hugs! xx

  13. Hi KrIsty! It looks like yOu and yOur DAUGHTER had a Fabulous time in BEAUTIFUL VERMONT!! The next time you visit, we would love fOr you to come to the NOrtheast kingdom to our inn. We are currently restoring/renovating An historic 1906 mansion and hope to be Open next summer. We are hard at work bringing back all the original beautY here and have Cara, The Fox Group, Designing For us, so it’s sure to be GORGEOUS!! Please let us know if you plan to come back next fall!! 🍂🍁🌾 We would love to meet yOu 😊 marci

    1. Wow Marci.. what a sweet invitation! WE’ll have to head out your way once you open. I adore Cara and her work.. Can’t wait to see how everything comes together. :) Congratulations on your exciting project and thanks for dropping by my blog! Hugs xx

  14. Kristy,
    Thanks again for sharing your trip with us!! This is on my list. I have talked about traveling to VT in the fall for a long time… When I look at your photos I cant help but sing “take me home country road” J Denver. :).
    Looking forward to the travel Guide.


  15. How beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics! 😊Looks like you GUYs had perfect weather also! I think it would be so cozy to stay in one of the B&B’s also! Have alwaYs wanted to do that. What a great mother daughter trip😊💕🍁

    1. Thanks Jean! Yes, Emma and I had such an amazing time together.. Next time we’ll have to plan for a longer trip. This flew by too quickly! ;) Hugs xx

  16. Looks like you had great timing! Autumn has been slow to arrive here in coastal massachusetts. That is good though…my dahlias are still flourishing!

  17. I live near Toronto and we have all four seasons and colours similar to the ones in your photos – though those are some gorgeous pics. – and I think we tend to take them for granted. Thanks for reminding me how special they are!