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Martha Stewart

With Autumn finally arriving in San Francisco I’ve decided I better get onboard…   More and more recently I find myself slowly putting away my summer home decor and pulling out my cozy throws, yummy candles and soft pillows.  Although I live for the summer season with it’s hot weather beckoning me to the pool or beach every day I eventually embrace Fall and all that comes with it.

I’m a homebody at heart and with the change in temperatures I find myself nesting and ‘nestling in’ on the weekends.  Football on Sundays, picking out pumpkins to even wearing my plaid and boots… These are the things that I love most about the change in seasons.
It’s always such a beautiful time of year with the vibrant colors of nature on display at every corner.

Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with majestic Autumn snippets so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you today.  I’m from the East Coast so you won’t be surprised to learn that many of my picks are from the New England area where there is a variety of trees and Autumn arrives in full film presence.  It’s truly a Norman Rockwell painting there!

Enjoy the view and Happy Thursday!

source – Kiel James Patrick 

source – Classy Girls Wear Pearls
source – Houzz  {Charlene Miller’s Fall Porch}
Meet Ollie and Phil from Kerry Hills Farm.
source – AnnemieLovesBisou
source – Ann Ancher Design 

source – New England Living
source – MrBrojangles
source – A Wonderful Palmetto Life
source – Eva Kosmas Flores
source – Leah Olson Style
source – Sarah Vickers
source – Bedford Rose
source – Harlem Toile Girl
source – Saturdays NYC


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7 thoughts on “Autumn Inspiration

  1. OMG!!! Living in AZ I never see anything like this gorgeous photos you posted. The color’s are so vivid and amazing! So happy I checked in today. Xo

    1. Thanks so much Alyson! You have such a beautiful Blog. Love what you do! I can’t believe you grew up in Pleasanton! Is your family out here still? xo