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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For Men

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 For Men

Christmas is less than a month away… and I’ve been shopping like a madwoman. I asked Jeff to pull together a Holiday Gift Guide For the Men to share with you.. I couldn’t believe how many gifts were on his list! ;) Most people say that men are hardest to shop for… but I think they are the easiest. Most men are pretty simple when it comes to what they want for any gift.. they want it to be usable, comfortable, and new. We already created a post on the ‘best tech gifts for Christmas 2018’ (Click here to see that guide!) so this guide is a little more versatile than just the techy gifts.

Now on to the best gifts for men this holiday season…

1. Yeti Cooler – This amazing cooler is one of the best on the market.. and is perfect for tailgating/camping/fishing/beach days/anything outdoor related! Jeff has this cooler on his wishlist and keeps dropping hints… I think this may be the year. ;) There are 3 color options! Click here to shop the yeti cooler.

2. UGG Slippers – Jeff has owned many versions of these slippers over the years and loves using them on the cold winter nights & mornings. They are masculine and are just cool. They come in 2 colors. Click here to shop the slippers.

3. Ancestry Kit – Emma bought this ancestry kit on Father’s Day for Jeff and he loved receiving it. Such a cool, different gift for someone who is into learning more about their background, health, and more! It’s also only $69 right now which is incredible. Click here to shop the kit.

4. Patagonia Jacket – Almost all the guys in our family own a version of this jacket. It’s water-resistant, insulated, and perfect for any kind of activity. Jeff loves it for football games and walking Maggie, but this jacket can also be used for alpine skiing or climbing! It comes in 5 color options as well. Click here to shop the jacket.

5. Canon Camera Set – We bought this camera set last year and it changed the way we take photos. It’s not expensive for a high-quality camera, and it’s $400 off currently. For any guy who is looking to get into photography or just take photos of the family, this camera is great. Plus this set comes with multiple lenses, a tri-pod, tons of accessories and a 1 year warranty. Click here to shop the camera set.

6. Packing Cubes Set – Jeff swears by packing cubes, and it makes his life way easier when he travels for work or vacation! This is gift currently on sale, for only $29 for 6 different packing cubes. It’s usually $76 so even if you’re not looking to get these for a gift, they are also practical! There are 9 color options to choose from. Click here to shop the packing cubes.

7. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Set – How adorable is this gift set?! It’s a DIY Make Your Own Hot Sauce kit – perfect for anyone who loves a little heat. Our family is obsessed with anything and everything spicy and Emma is definitely getting this gift for Jeff! Click here to shop the hot sauce set.

8. Clubmaster Rayban Sunglasses – These are the best sunglasses ever! Jeff loves them and so does Zach, Emma’s boyfriend. They are probably the most versatile, preppy, and stylish of all rayban sunglasses and all of us have given them as gifts. Click here to shop the sunglasses.

9. Jeff’s Favorite Drill – This highly-rated, best-selling drill is Jeff’s go-to for any of his projects. He loves it so much that he insisted that I put it on this guide, so that you all will snag one for your man! It’s small enough to where it doesn’t take up too much room yet it’s powerful. It’s also on sale right now. Click here to shop Jeff’s drill.

10. Bose Speaker – This wireless speaker is mighty but powerful! Jeff loves it because of it’s low price…bring it tailgating, to a party, or give it as a gift! Click here to shop the speaker.

11. Cashmere Sweater – Love this sweater for all occasions. It comes in 13 colors from regular sizes through tall – and it’s a staple that Jeff has in a few colors. Emma gave this sweater for Jeff as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and he loves it because it’s light and thin so he doesn’t get too hot wearing it. He ended up purchasing a couple of other colors because he loved it so much! Click here to shop the sweater.

12. Allbirds Sneakers – This is one gift that everyone will love! Known as “the world’s most comfortable shoe”, Allbirds are the hottest men’s item right now. Emma’s boyfriend has them in the color that we’re sharing and they are on Jeff’s and Emma’s wishlist! They are eco and environmentally friendly, which is another reason why they make a great gift (for guy’s or girls!) Click here to shop the shoes.

13. Kitchenaid Mixer – For the chef in your life, this mixer is an amazing deal for a holiday gift! Not only are they great mixers, but they look beautiful sitting on your kitchen counter as well – it’s a win-win gift. Click here to shop the mixer.

14. Knife Block Set – Christmas is the best time to get great deals on knife gift sets… this 12-piece block set has a knife for just about every cooking scenario! It also has great reviews and is over 60% off right now. Click here to shop the knife set.

15. Men’s Shaver Kit – One of those gifts that men never buy for themselves, but are so appreciated! This shaver with it’s charging station and case is over 50% off and has great reviews! Click here to shop the shaver kit.

16. Tech-Friendly Gloves – These North Face stylish gloves will keep the man you love warm during the cold months and also allow him to text/use their phone while wearing them. Plus, this gift is under $35! Click here to shop the gloves.

17. Men’s Grooming Kit – Another gift priced like a stocking stuffer is this Kiehl’s grooming kit. It’s a complete head-to-toe grooming routine kit for a guy on the go.. these gift sets are best-sellers and Emma gives them to Zach every year. Click here to shop the grooming kit. You might also be interested in taking him to see a barber similar to this Kings Crown Barber Shop so he can be pampered.

18. Nespresso Machine – Such a great gift.. this Nespresso Machine is 50% off right now and has been one of the hottest gifts of the season. It’s a great starter coffee machine for a beginner and it’s the perfect size for the office! It’s under $130. Click here for the coffee machine.

19. Yeti Mug – Jeff obviously loves Yeti products! It’s a 30oz mug that is completely insulated and keeps your drink cold or hot in the perfect way! He uses it as his coffee mug while commuting to work everyday. It comes in 5 colors. Click here to shop the Yeti Mug.

Hope this gift guide helped you find the perfect gift for some of the men in your life. From dads to husbands, boyfriends and sons… there should be something for everyone on the list. If you’re interested in even more gift ideas check out Look for gift guides for her soon to follow! Have a great Monday. :)

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