Best Tech Christmas Gifts 2018 – Jeff Approved!

Best Tech Christmas Gifts 2018


Hi everyone! This was one of the most highly requested gift guides of the season… everyone wants to know what a cyber security/tech lover/new gadget obsessed guy would recommend for the holiday season. Jeff loves his tech toys, and came up with the best tech Christmas gifts of 2018 to share with all of you.

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Now onto Jeff’s Tech Picks…

1//. Secure Tech Alarm System – Jeff loves this because it’s convenient and keeps us safe while it being techy and easy to use. There are a wide variety of products that come in this kit, including motion-sensors, nest tags that can allow anyone you would like into your home without them having a key or a passcode, and you can access everything from your iPhone. Best gift! Click here to shop the alarm system.

2//. Google Home Activated Speaker – Jeff and I have had this handy speaker for almost a year now and we absolutely love it! It currently sits in our kitchen behind a large tray, and we use it constantly to play our favorite Pandora radio stations, check the weather, and answer questions. It’s an awesome gift and it’s under $150 as well. Click here to shop the speaker.

3//. Joule Sous Vide – Jeff is absolutely in love with this amazing cooking product. Everything cooked with the sous vide ends up tasting delicious! It is paired with a controlled app that helps you pick the exact doneness of your food.. Jeff loves this! It’s also super small and easy to store. Jeff thinks this is by far one of the best gifts. Click here to shop the sous vide.

4//. Nest Doorbell – This is a product that we use every single day and we LOVE it so much. I get a million packages delivered for my job, and this doorbell videos everything that is going on so I get to see when products arrive, I can speak through the doorbell to solicitors, mailmen, and more. I never have to physically go to the door to see who is there. Jeff installed this last year and it’s one of the best additions to our home. This is an amazing gift! Click here to shop the doorbell.

5//. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch – Jeff thinks this is one awesome gift. It’s a fitbit and a smart watch all in one – it’s an awesome gift for a beginner athlete or advanced. Anything that encourages a healthy lifestyle – we’re all for! It links up to your smart phone and can store up to 300 songs, track your workouts, monitor all vitals like heart rate, steps, calories burned and more. Plus it will show your texts, calls, and your calendar! What more does a person need? It’s also less expensive than other smart watches. Click here to shop the Fitbit Smart Watch.

6//. iRobot Roomba – This updated version of the robot vacuum is on our wish list this Christmas.. (hint hint Emma!) This little vacuum will clean whenever you want it to, from an app on your phone! You’ll never have to come home to a dirty floor again. Who wouldn’t want this gift?! Click here to shop the irobot.

7//. Samsung 65″ 4k TV – Jeff recently bought this T.V. as a “treat yourself” early holiday gift… he is over the moon every Sunday when he’s watching RedZone football. This is a pricy gift, but this is something you will keep for years, and the whole family can enjoy! (Upgraded movie night). This T.V. is so amazing… we are blown away by the quality and colors. Click here to shop the T.V.

8//. Jeff’s Coffee Machine – We’ve had this coffee machine for over a year, and I share it constantly on my IG stories. So many of you have bought this machine as a gift, or to upgrade from your previous machine and many have you have let me know that you love it as much as we do. We use this machine every single day and Jeff researched tireless to find the best quality for the price. We’ve had so many coffee makers over the years and none have compared. This is also a pricy gift, but you will have it for years. (This machine can make regular coffee, espresso, lattes, and more!) Click here to shop the coffee maker.

9//. Noise-Cancelling Headphones – Jeff loves Bose, and this pair of headphones makes a great gift for anyone who loves music, works, is in school, or who travels. He has a pair of these and uses them constantly on long-haul flights. Click here to shop the headphones.

10//. Latest Model iPad – Believe it or not, I have never had an iPad. Jeff recently bought me this iPad as a gift and I LOVE it. I read books, surf the web, watch shows, shop online, blog, and more from this baby. It’s convenient for travel and when you don’t want to squint to see the screen in the middle of the night. Jeff also has one and uses it daily! Awesome gift. Click here to shop my iPad.

11//. Wireless Charging Pad –  Jeff has this wireless charging pad and it’s the greatest new invention! He has it on his night stand and loves the convenience of being able to lay his phone on top and not deal with cords. Great gift for anyone who has a new iPhone (8 or newer). Click here to shop the wireless charger.

12//. Playstation 4 1TB – New video games consoles are always a great gift for anyone! Jeff has this and plays Madden Football on it whenever he gets the chance. You’ll definitely be the coolest gift-giver if you give a video-game lover this present. Click here to shop the newest playstation console.

13//. SoniCare Toothbrush – Jeff and I have this toothbrush and it’s incredible. If you look at the reviews on SoniCare, you’ll definitely want to invest in one of these babies. The research is incredible how the cleanliness of your teeth after using a Sonicare toothbrush vs. any other type. Click here to shop the toothbrush.


We hope this gift guide helped you shop for different people you love today… we’ll be coming out with more gift guides in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so keep checking back to seem them all.



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3 thoughts on “Best Tech Christmas Gifts 2018 – Jeff Approved!

  1. My college son will love a few of these and I’ll love a few for myself (coffee maker ?) Thank you to Jeff! ??

    1. Hi Stephanie, I’m so glad you like the gift guide! Jeff and I had fun pulling it together.. definitely tons of great options for college guys :) Happy holidays! xx

  2. I just purchased this coffeemaker and in your comments you say it makes regular coffee. What setting is that? Also what is your favourite beverage to make with this coffee maker? Can’t wait to experiment with this. Thanks for the recommendation you guys!!