Fresh & Affordable Everyday Drugstore Makeup Routine

I think this is one of my most-requested blog posts to date! I must get at least 20-30 questions a day regarding my everyday makeup routine & looks. When it comes to me I’ve always loved the convenience and price of drugstore makeup products! As many of you know, I was a flight attendant for many years so when it came to purchasing products.. I needed quick & easy access to picking up my makeup. As a result, I’ve tried probably hundreds of different brands/products and have now solidified my classic favorites in the drugstore makeup field. All of my favorite products are perfect travel sizes and many are best-sellers.

As many of you know, our family loves the easy convenience of shopping at Walmart! Walmart Beauty has a surprising number of brands and products – from drugstore to luxury at affordable prices all around. The best part of ordering things through Walmart is they offer 2-day shipping on almost all of the products I love! No more having to search through multiple drugstores because of the empty shelf syndrome (especially on those really popular products!). Everything In my everyday drugstore makeup routine is available at Walmart. Click here to see more of what Walmart Beauty offers.

Today I’ve decided to break up my routine into several easy steps for you – sharing exactly how I apply each product every morning!


My Everyday Drugstore Makeup Routine


1. Maybelline Facestudio Master Prime Primer

Before applying any makeup, I always make sure to use a primer. This helps my makeup stay streak-free and fresh all day. It’s a cult-favorite and it has over 5500 positive reviews on Walmart alone. I like that it’s fragrance free and it’s a lightweight non-oily formula.

I apply this everywhere on my face and make sure to rub it in.

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2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer 

Many of you are probably aware of this concealer.. it’s been around for ages & it’s one of the most popular drugstore concealers! There are so many reasons why I love it, but a couple of them include the coverage, the packaging (beauty blender-style tip) and size. Perfect travel concealer. I use the color “fair” but during the summer I tend to like a darker shade like “light”.

I apply the concealer under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, on the corners of my nose, and below my bottom lip. I use a beauty blender to blend it out (click here for a beauty blender!)  Emma uses it a little on her cheeks because that’s where she tends to get red. I end up using a pretty generous amount on my face every day.

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3. Revlon Colorstay 24H Foundation For Normal/Dry Skin

One of my all-time favorite foundations. Whenever I try anything new, I always end up falling back to this always-reliable and inexpensive foundation. It has an SPF of 20 which is important to me and it really does stay on for a long time. It has a nice medium coverage that doesn’t look cakey. I really like the formula. No real smell to it either which is nice. For color I usually use either 240-250 depending on the season.

When applying, I first use my fingers to add wherever I want it. I use it all over my face- including my eyelids and below my chin line. Then I use a beauty blender to dab it and give it the seamless look that I love.

Right after I finish applying my foundation, I usually add a little more concealer under the eyes and dab with my beauty blender.

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4. Covergirl Clean Matte Pressed Powder

Technically, this is called a “foundation” but it’s definitely more of a pressed powder than anything else. I like to use a regular soft brush and add a bit of this powder all over my face to help set my foundation. Everywhere including over eyelids, cheeks & more.

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5. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer 

Another cult-following & extremely popular product here. Amazing reviews. This bronzer is definitely deserving of all the hype it gets.. Emma and I love it. It comes in a few color options and it smells like coconuts. Need I say more? It goes on the face satin-like and not drying. Has a bit of sheen to it which is also nice.

I apply it by brushing it under the cheekbones and at the top of my forehead.  I also like to add a narrow brushing down on the left and right sides of my nose to narrow it. Last but not least I add a little bronzer to the neck and chest area depending on what I’m wearing. Use your beauty blender to blend everything in.

Click here to shop my bronzer. I just use the original “bronzer” color.

6. Milani Baked Blush 

Another popular drugstore item! I love the look and sheen of this blush. It has a bit of gold & sparkle in it’s formula which I love. I love to look bright with my looks – matte isn’t really my thing. It comes in a few color options – I like Dolce Pink and Rose D’oro. My everyday color though is Dolce Pink.

I take my soft brush and apply the blush on to the apples of my cheeks.

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7. Maybelline Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter 

This highlighter is from the same collection as the primer. I love adding a highlight to my cheeks for a soft glow and pick-me-up. I find it brightens my skin and just makes me looks better! This highlight is extremely affordable and gets the job done. I do find that the average drugstore highlight isn’t as great as some of the high-end brands.. however this highlight does the job well enough for me.

I use a brush to swipe a little over my blush on both sides of my face.

Click here to shop my highlight. I use the color Rose Gold. Under $8!

8. Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil 

An emphasized brow makes your eyes pop! This pencil works really well and I love that it lasts all day. It comes in a few color options and the applicator is really easy. I like that it has two sides – one being the actual pencil and the other being an eyebrow brush. Another plus is that you don’t have to sharpen this pencil!

When applying, I like to use lots of mini strokes so that the eyebrow looks natural. After I apply the color, I brush the eyebrow upwards and out. Sometimes I run a line under the bottom for shape depending on how it’s looking.

Click here to shop my brow pencil. I use the color dark brown.

9. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Shadow

I’ve used Physicians Formula eye shadow for years now & really like the formula! I also love this compact eye shadow palette – perfect for traveling. The colors in this palette are made of a shimmery day look, which I prefer over matte personally. I use their lighter/pinky colors mostly.

To apply – I take an eyeshadow brush and go in with a light color all over the lid. Then I apply a medium color in the mid to outer corner and blend. I love a simple eyeshadow look for the day. I also line the bottom of my eyes and corners with a light color as a brightening tip.

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10. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 

After I’m done with my eyeshadow, I use my eyelash curler on both eyes then add mascara! The Great Lash mascara is a tried and true favorite. I’ve tried a lot of mascaras from drugstore to high end brands and this is one of the best in my opinion. It never clumps nor falls in my eyes which I hate!

I apply the mascara from the outer edge to the inner corner. I do several coats. Super important to layer.

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11. NYX Lip Pencil

Now on to the lips! I use a lip liner everyday to outline and fill in my lips. I find that liners define the shape of the lip better and keep lipsticks from bleeding. Lipliners also act as a good primer for lipstick and gloss. I personally love NYX’s color selection in the nudes and pinks. NYX’s Lip products are extremely popular and act as dupes for many high-end brands.

I like many of the colors including: mauve, peekaboo neutral, nude pink, natural, and ever.

Tip – Before I add my lip pencil I like to moisturize buy using a little chapstick. I then outline my lips with the pencil and fill in.

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12. NYX Powder Puff Lippie

Over my lip pencil I like to add a main lipstick or lip gloss layer. I use a variety of different options including the powder puff Lippie, NYX Soft Matte lip creams, Revlon in Sassy Mauve Lipstick and more. I usually like pink or mauvey tones.. I’m not a huge dark purple or bright red lipstick girl for my every day looks.

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13. NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray, Matte 

Last but not least, I like to use a setting spray at the end of my makeup routine. I always find that my makeup really does last longer by using a setting spray. The NYX spray is extremely popular and affordable!

I use 2-3 sprays all over my face.

Click here to shop the setting spray.


That’s it for my everyday drugstore makeup routine! I know it seems like there are a lot of steps here but it really only takes me around 15 minutes to put everything on. It’s simple really.  I love to highlight affordable options in makeup.. especially when the higher end brands tend to get all the hype. There are so many options here that I love just as much.

I hope my everyday drugstore makeup routine helped you understand how I apply my makeup each and every day! I’m a makeup girl at heart and love sharing. One tip that I would also like to add is that it’s important to have a great makeup remover to remove everything at the end of the day. Because I’m on the go a ton my favorite makeup remover is Neutrogena Face Wipes.  They work beautifully!

Let me know in the comments what makeup you love and how your routine goes! I’m curious. :)



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Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring my everyday drugstore makeup routine. As always, all opinions and product selections are my own. 


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19 thoughts on “Fresh & Affordable Everyday Drugstore Makeup Routine

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  14. Hi Kristy! Thanks for the recommendations. I’m looking forward to trying some of these products, especially the Milani Baked Blush. It’s always nice to have good drugstore options! I’ve used L’Oréal products for years and have found them to work well on my skin. I particularly love using cream formulas for my eyeshadow and blush – I’ve found that they don’t wear off as easily (for me)! My favorites are L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Eye Shadow (in Bronzed Taupe) and L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Color Lift Blush (in Rose Gold).