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You guys are constantly asking me about my hair & which hair care products I use! Over the last year & a half I’ve completely transformed my hair style, color and which products I use and thankfully I found some stylists who really helped me hone in on the best hair care items on the market.

I have medium to thick wavy hair, my daughter has extremely thick and curly hair, and her best friend has thin straight hair. All 3 of us happen to use the same products that I’m sharing today and love them. So no matter what hair type you have.. these products I’m sharing below work great for everyone!

I like to use a mix of high-end and affordable products on my hair daily. What I’m super excited about is that Walmart Beauty carries everything that I use.. making it a one-stop shop for me. Previously I used to have to run to 3 different stores (beauty salon, beauty supply store, and a drug store) to get everything I needed.. vs. now I order everything online from just 1 store.. so much easier and convenient! Walmart Beauty offers tons of luxe brands and products at affordable prices. Until recently I never knew they carried Kérastase… love it. It’s one of my favorite go to brands for smooth soft hair. Click here to see their whole selection of beauty products.

Below I’ve rounded up 11 of my hair care must-haves. Note: I don’t use every product daily.. some (like the masks & serums, etc.) I use just 1x-2x per week. The products I select also depends on the style I’m after. While some days I crave a straight look, others I want the the soft beachy waves. Each product is geared toward a certain style.

My Hair Care Must-Haves - Best of Beauty Products. I'm obsessed with hair & how to keep it looking fresh and healthy.. all of these are my fave hair tools!
  • Hot Tools Curling Iron – This tool is my saving grace for curls. Not only do I use it all the time – when I hit the blow dry bars.. this is the exact same tool they use as well. I love the price point too and this new iron is flipperless which I love because it doesn’t grab your hair, tear it or pull it. Click here to shop my curling iron.
  • Kérastase Hair Masque – I use this mask in the shower as a deep conditioner 1x every other week.. it’s THE best. Click here to shop the hair mask.
  • Wet Brush – Holy grail product! This hair brush is meant for detangling & doesn’t damage hair. Emma got me into this one.. we are obsessed. Under $10 too making it easy to have two. One that I keep in my luggage and the other in my bathroom. Click here to shop the wet brush.
  • Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum – Another super popular product. This serum leaves your hair soft & shiny.. I use it after I’m out of the shower. Under $7! Click here to shop the serum.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo – I use this after I haven’t washed my hair for a couple of days and I’m always amazed at how great my hair looks after. Dry shampoo is the best! This product is affordable and works really well. Under $6. Click here to shop the dry shampoo.
  • Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Oil – Best hair oil ever!! I use this constantly for de-frizzing and for softer hair. Emma uses it every day – on her hair, dry or wet. Click here to shop the hair oil.
  • Moroccanoil Hair Mask – Emma loves this mask & uses it constantly. It makes her hair smell amazing & adds a ton of softness. I use it also and really like it! She uses it once a week while I use it every other week. Click here to shop the hair mask.
  • Living Proof 5 in 1 Styling Treatment – This adds volume to the hair. I love using it right after the shower when I know I want big hair – it adds a ton of body. Under $20. Click here to shop the styling treatment.
  • Chi Straightener – Emma and I have this straightener and love it. It’s a 1″ and small enough to use for straightening and curling. It also can get closer to the roots because of the width. If you have frizzy or curly hair this straightener is a must. Click here to shop the straightener.
  • DevaCurl Heaven in Hair – A mask that Emma uses 2x a week. Mainly for curly hair and she LOVES it. Game changer for her. This product helps control the frizz with curly hair & calms the curls, making them more manageable. Click here to shop the mask.

Do you use any of my hair care must-haves? Any of them catch your eye? We’re addicted to hair care & would love to hear your opinions. :)

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Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post all about my hair care must-haves.


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6 thoughts on “My Hair Care Must-Haves | Best of Beauty

  1. Hi girls!! When it comes to beauty I’m all in! the wet brush is FAB and it’s been a game changer. My hair is medium wavy and this brush is so easy on my hair when it’s wet, less hair breakage. I use ethical, organic, or cruelty free/ Green products (careful what I put on &in my body) when I can. my go to products are Davines,the wellness company/Melaleuca, sei bella and award winning Allafia. Also use alba, andalou, Avalon organics, acure, Briogeo, Rahua, giovanni etc. Samples of hair cleansers I use are Avalon tea tree oil, melaleuca Herbal shampoo & Davines

    1. Sorry 💔 sent it too fast. Davines minu shampoo & conditioner. Love davines! ..treatments are davines all in one milk- the best! o’pro organic leave in conditioner, luv it. Moroccanoil Treatment For leave in, Davines Oi Oil treatment. Masks would be Mielle organic mint oil TREATMENT, Kiehls Sunflower color preserving deep recovery, I don’t use dry shampoos and I deep condition my hair with avocado, manuja honey, coconut oil and she’s butter that I make at home. I’m just one of those weird ladies who exist lol. I love your posts and learn so much when I look up products you chose and use. I live your hairstyle and make up, you are perfect and Emma is a living doll. Post more beauty! Ty!!❤️🌹🌺💐

      1. Shea butter. Oh and I change up products often, good for the hair and skin. Reason I don’t use dry shampoo it is not good for your hair follicle and blocks your pores, it also is better to just wash your hair. After 3 weeks if just washing your hair every 3 or 4 days you will find your hair will get use to it and you will not need dry shampoo. But we’ll, I know lots of ladies do use them and I would recommend Bb pret a Pret, or Amika. Ok, I’m done.

  2. I love and appreciate your recommendations. I tend to overlook my hair because I’ve been fortunate to have relatively healthy hair regardless of the abuse (color and hot tools) I inflict on it! That said, I’m getting older and can’t take things for granted. It’s time to focus on My hair as I do my skincare. I’m going to incorporate some of your recommendations … I love the wet brush! Thanks! xo