April Beauty Buys

Hi everyone! Emma and I have been trying to focus more and more on our skincare lately. It’s something we both care deeply about and because we’ve been trying so many new things I thought we should pull all of them together in an April roundup for you. This way we can share a little about each item along with links and some of the reviews. So fun! :)

April Beauty Buys - Best in skincare and beauty products

| Supergoop! Sunscreen | Coconut Scrub | Skinfix Cleanser | Tatcha Cleanser | Drunk Elephant Face Mask | Caudalie Essence | Estēe Lauder Complex| Drunk Elephant Eye Serum |SK-II Toner | IT Cosmetics Moisturizer|

Some of the April beauty buys are staples that we have used for quite awhile and others we are trying out for the first time.. so excited to introduce some of the new skincare into our regular routines.

1// Sunscreen: The Supergoop! sunscreen is a new favorite. It goes on clear which is super important and it’s not greasy which makes it perfect to wear under your everyday makeup. As a result it’s perfect for darker skin tones as well. Emma and I have really made a point to wear more sunscreen and this makes it easy. Extremely popular! Click here to shop the sunscreen.

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2// Body Scrub: I love the smell and feel of the Kopari Coconut Scrub! I use a scrub all over every night in the shower. I like to have a few options to choose from to change it up, this is one of my new favorites. Click here to shop the body scrub.

More body scrubs we love:


3// Skinfix Foaming Cleanser: I’ve heard INCREDIBLE things about this brand and I’m really excited to try this cleanser! Tons of dermatologists recommend Skinfix for it’s natural formula and for sensitive skin. Click here to shop the foaming cleanser.

More foaming cleansers we love:


4// Tatcha Cleanser: Another fabulous cleanser that acts as a two in one formula. It removes all makeup (even waterproof varieties) and leaves your skin feeling amazing! It uses camellia oil which thoroughly cleans without stripping away your natural oils. Great for all skin types. Highly reviewed & rated.. we are excited to try this one out for ourselves. Click here to shop the cleanser.

More oil cleansers we love:


5// Drunk Elephant Face Mask: Pricy, but worth it. Thousands of positive reviews glowing about this incredible face mask.. supposedly a game changer! It exfoliates the skin while smoothing & minimizing wrinkles, pores, acne and more. It’s an “at home facial”. Click here to shop the face mask.

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6// Caudalie Essence: Brightens the skin by sweeping away the older dead cells and helps replenish fresh skin. Helps make the other products you use work better! Using essence is a major part of asian beauty & skincare routines.. I’m taking notes! Click here to shop the essence.

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7// Estēe Lauder Complex: A powerful serum that helps reduce the look of anti-aging. Definitely an important part of anyone’s skincare routine, especially if they are older! Once again, pricy but worth it. Click here to shop the complex. I have just begun using this..I’ll let you know how my skin looks and feels after a month. :)

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8// Drunk Elephant Eye Serum: I’ve heard incredible things about this eye serum and have been dying to give it a try! I’ve been using Tula’s Cooling Eye Balm myself but unfortunately it’s sold out right now. Click here to shop this eye serum.

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9// SK-II Toner: Toners are a must and this is one of the best on the market. Toners help revitalize your skin and over time help get rid of marks/scars/wrinkles. This specific toner is gentle on your skin and not drying. Excited to try this one! Click here to shop the toner.

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10// It Cosmetics Moisturizer: Obsessed is an understatement! Emma and I both LOVE and use this moisturizer every day & night. The smell is so relaxing (like a spa, according to my sister!) and my skin feels buttery soft after using it. Plus, the product lasts a long time.. Emma has had hers for 5 months and she’s just starting to run out even after using it 2x a day. Click here to shop the moisturizer!

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Hope you found something that you would like to try from my April beauty buys… I’m always looking for new things to brighten and moisturize my skin. Let me know in the comments about some of the products that you’re interested in.

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3 thoughts on “April Beauty Buys

  1. Hey Kristy, I am 52 and just discovering the amazing world of medical-grade skin care. Sephora is definitely seductive, but now I am listening to Brianna Stanko on her channel and buying the really good stuff. She just interviewed Dr. Ben Johnson (creator of Osmosis skincare) and since I started using his line a year ago, my skin is way better!! Have a listen if you have time ? Brianna knows skin!

  2. If you feel like sharing..what face foundation do you use? i’m in s carolina and everything melts off from the heat. you skin always looks so dewy with great coverage..i’ve used them all, it, kate von d, etc but would prefer a dewy look without sparkles…i follow your FB everyday…..loveeeeeeeeee you white color scheme. i’m lightning things up thanks to you…everyday you give me a new idea..a neater husband would help out, mine isn’t neat like jeff…happy 4th!!!