20 Things I Love About Jeff

20 Things I Love About Jeff

Happy birthday to my amazing husband! To someone who is so caring, kind, and incredible.. I hope you have the most amazing day ever!!

You mean so much to our family, Jeff that I wanted to share 20 things that I love about you on your special day.

Enjoy! xo

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks

1.I love how smart you are. You know SO much about everything.. from building computers to preventing people from hacking computers.. adding sprinklers to the backyard and building walls. You know how to add electrical outlets and move thermostats out of the way. You love the challenge of accounting to the point of helping others with their taxes. There isn’t much you don’t know how to do and if you are unsure.. you tackle the project and master it!

2. I love that you are so caring you think to bring me coffee every morning.. even when you’re running late! You go the extra mile and include my added shot of espresso and cream too… So sweet!

3. I love how supportive you are in every circumstance – especially when we went through IVF. Flying all the way to Miami with me to give me shots was a highlight. ;) We would never have experienced the love we have for Emma if it weren’t for all of your love and support.

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

4. I love that you fold my clothes perfectly after doing the laundry.. then put them away. What man does that?! Sometimes it’s just the little things..

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

5. I love how much your mom and your family means to you. When you speak to your mom, you are so gentle and loving.. it makes me emotional just thinking about it.

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

6. I love how you were my dad’s best friend. You were another son to him and after losing your own father at a young age, it meant the world to me that you bonded so closely with mine. He admired you and loved you more than life. He called you “Jeff the Perfect” for a reason. ;)

7. I love that you stop and always turn the car around to help me pick up a stray animal. This has happened more times than I can count and it shows how big your heart is.

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.
Emma and Cal..

8. I love that you are left handed! I know that secretly means that you are smarter than me and that’s okay. ;)

9. I love how thoughtful and generous you are with your time. Helping all of my friends with their computer problems, hanging drapery rods or giving advice.. Lending a hand to any neighbor who needs help lifting a heavy piece of furniture, etc. Even confronting a neighbor who was neglecting their dog and not being kind to it – you are always down to do all that you can.

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

10. I love your love for cooking! It makes you so happy!! The challenges and creativity involved keep you smiling.. for that I am grateful. I could watch you all day long because I know how much fun you’re having behind the range. Plus, I love to taste-test anything you cook up. ;)

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11. I love your interest and curiosity about wine. You love researching and it shows.. You put up with me & my wine coolers back in the day (yuck!!) and gradually helped nudge me all the way to the the Chardonnay level, Lol. Thank goodness! It took a miracle and your helpful tips have cultivated the appreciation I have for good wines.

12. I love how great of a father you are. You are the epitome of a dream dad – you are loving, supportive and always willing to listen. Emma loves you so much.. even though she doesn’t say it everyday. :) I’m so happy that we were finally able to have a sweet baby together so that I could see this side of you.

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

13. I love that you’re still a kid at heart. Your jokes.. ;) Your love for Madden football, video games, eating ice cream straight out of the carton and squirting whipped cream from the can into your mouth while standing at the fridge.. I love it all.

14. I love your philanthropic heart! You love volunteering for Habitat for Humanity among many other organizations. Your love for helping others shines through everything you do and you inspire us daily. You are also the most generous person when it comes to donations – you would rather give than receive any day.

15. I love how supportive you were when I started my business. You were my first investor and you believed in me more than I did. Your enthusiasm in my Instagram stories is so evident and I love that people are getting to know the real you through our shares. :) THANK YOU!

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

16. I love how gentle and loving you are toward Maggie. We had already said that we would never get another animal after having 2 special dogs for the first 25 years of our marriage. WE were ready to travel without guilt.. but when Maggie found us you gave in and now you’re her favorite. When you greet her after work every day she is SO happy! I also have to add.. the minute you pick her up and sit down to love on her.. it’s a big de-stresser for you too.

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

17. I love how hard of a worker you are. You have inspired me throughout my life by how positive you are about work! I have never met anyone who has such an amazing work ethic. So much drive. You always say “you gotta be somewhere and you gotta be doing something in life”. I love that you are constantly challenging yourself by accepting new roles and being a great leader. You never take the easy way out. You don’t know what being lazy is.

18. I love how conservative you are with money and yet once you decide to spend it on something that you really love, (a new Tesla or a nice vacation) you enjoy every minute of it and never look back. You’re like a kid on Christmas morning and your happiness is contagious.

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

19. I love how lucky you are! Whenever you go to Vegas – you win big! Whenever you play scratchers or play the lottery – you win! And you don’t spend much either on tickets! It’s truly amazing.. especially that time several years ago when we were just 1 digit away from winning the Powerball.. (had we won we would have been 1 of 3 winners sharing 265 million dollars!) I swear it’s all due to the fact that you are always so positive.

20 Things I Love About Jeff | Kristy Wicks.

20. I love that you are my best friend and soulmate. You always encourage me, love me, never judge me and you have never put me down once. You still hold my hand and romance me after all these years, you wait patiently for me while I put my makeup on before heading out.. you somehow make doing chores together feel like a romantic date. How, I’ll never know! :) I’m so thankful for you.

Happy birthday beautiful Jeff! I love you more every day.



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92 thoughts on “20 Things I Love About Jeff

  1. This has got to be the sweetest, most heart-warming, beautiful blog post I’ve ever read! The pictures are wonderful, too. We could all use a “Jeff” in our lives. Happy Birthday, Jeff! You two are my favorite couple ever.

  2. What a beautiful tribute Kristy. You are a truly blessed young lady with the likes of Jeff. Obviously he has a great Mom, so cheers to her and a Wife who cherishes her man. It shows! Happy Birthday Jeff and many, many more!

    1. Thank you so much Marilyn – all is so true. Jeff’s mom is an amazing woman and brought him up right. Thank you for your kind words. xx

  3. I’m in tears!! Such a beautiful post. Happy Birthday to Jeff!! Wishing him many more. You guys are too cute. Many blessings to your marriage ???

  4. ???? kind of sound like my husband!!. Yay to wonderful and amazing husbands!! This post is so perfect for Father’s Day!! Wow!!

  5. This was absolutely Beautiful ♥️ How very Special it is that you have each other. Happy Birthday Jeff ???

  6. I love this! Love your blog, instagram, and this post. Also, Jeff looks like Paul Newman in quite a few of these photos ?. I started sharing your stories with my husband and now we watch them together. You two are great together and make a wonderful couple! Happy Birthday Jeff!

  7. Kristy. That is such a kind thoughtful
    Post you wrote about Jeff. When I first started following you, I thought you were newlyweds. Your love is evident and infectious and so uplifting to view. Thank you.

  8. Happy Birthday Jeff ??
    It warms my heart to read this beautiful post, wishing you both all the best, you are a wonderful couple and I am sure you inspire so many people with your love?

  9. Beautifully written! I think you hit the jackpot, Kristy! Happy Birthday, Jeff!! The world is a better place because you are in it! Cheers ?

  10. Wow, what a beautiful testimony to your husband, your marriage and to you. Good people! Thank you for making me remember how positivity multiplies! Happy Birthday Jeff!

  11. Sweetest most loving tribute to your husband !! Happy birthday to Jeff . How lucky to walk through life together ❤️

  12. Omg this is the sweetest , perfect post ever! Jeff is one of the rare almost perfect human being out there ! The most gentlest man ever ❤️ You both deserve each other , super sweet you two ? please keep inspiring us Kristy , many more blessings ? happy birthday Jeff! Enjoy ?

  13. But who doesn’t love JEFF???? I love how down to earth he is and how loving he is. Happy Birthday! Your husband is everybody’s dream.

  14. I love this♥️ I too have a husband named Jeff who shares many of your Jeff’s qualities. Must be something with the men named Jeff?. Happy Birthday? to your special man and I wish you many more wonderful years together! You are truly blessed ?

  15. Wow! What a beautiful post. Your words touched me so deep that I’m sitting here typing this while crying!

  16. Ok this man Needs tobe cloned!!! Every women needs a husband like that, but alas i know he’s one of a kind and meant for you kristy? You two are the sweetest couple. Just live getting my daily dose and positivity that you share❤️?

  17. Happy Happy Birthday Jeff, Enjoy your day, you deserve it. You and Kristy have such a wonderful and full life,,,God Bless you Both??????

  18. Kristy that was such a beautiful tribute to Jeff on his birthday. I loved reading the 20 things and getting to know you two a little bit more. Thanks for sharing and wish Jeff a Happy Birthday! XO Elizabeth

  19. Kristy, this is a wonderful “gift” to give. Just highlighting these 20 things and elaborating shows how deeply you care for Jeff. I have so enjoyed getting to know you-both!

  20. You’re on lucky girl!! You have been blessed with such a sweet soul!!
    Happy Birthday Jeff! Thank you for letting us in and sharing your hubby with us.

  21. Happy Birthday Jeff!! This is so sweet Kristi. He reminds me so much of my husband. Not many like them. xo

  22. I am just SWOONING over you & Jeff’s undeniable love for one another. I truly warms my heart that there are marriages so beautiful as yours. ……I think Jeff should run for President. America could use a kind, smart, loving, caring [and much more] man in the Oval office. So So happy for you Kristi & your Prince charming. Xoxo

  23. Love this so much! It’s so evident how much you both love each other and I aspire to have a relationship like yours one day. Happy Birthday Jeff! You really are the sweetest and deserve a fantastic day!

  24. Dear Kristy, Your Jeff, your Cherie is so obviously everything to you as you speak with heartfelt joy, To have a partner in life where you can name off 20 amazing historie’ of every wonderful thing about this man you call your husband. How blessed you both are to have one another. Happy Birthdsy to your amore’!! You are both so very unique, inspiring and my favorite couple! “ clink” ~ cheers~

  25. I LOVE that you wrote all these beautiful things about him. What a gift. I need to start a list for my huz. ❤️

  26. Kristy, Jeff is so lucky to have you and Emma, such a beautiful family. You are the luckiest girl in the world, Jeff is every womans dream spouse, and I love getting to know Jeff, his beautiful soul resonates through your stories together.
    Cheers to a fabulous celebration!

  27. This post is exactly what I want in a man, yet I’m expecting a baby with a guy that is the exact opposite, and it’s very upsetting. I’m so happy you found someone as wonderful as Jeff.

  28. Omg these words are sooo beautiful.It says a lot about you too Kristy Happy birthday Jeff you sound like a lovely man and a keeper

  29. Jeff radiates everything you just posted about him and you also radiate such a loving, caring and positive spirit. You both are one of the few I enjoy hearing from daily on IG.

  30. Awwww! You’re so lucky that you found each other. Your love for each other js so evident in your photos and stories and it makes me smile to see you 2 sweethearts together. Happy birthday Mr Wicks!

  31. I love how you didn’t include how handsome he is. It’s a real testiment to how many special qualities he has that it didn’t come up being such an obvious one. I don’t understand much about astrology but I’ve heard today is a very special day to write down your goals and aspirations and visualize them for the next 7 years of your life. After this post I know exactly what to write! Thank you for the inspiration, may you enjoy 50 more years together in this beautiful relationship!

    1. He is so cute Maggie.. ;) That’s so interesting about astrology! I didn’t know that..Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading. :)

  32. Happy Birthday Jeff! Dear Kristy, This was such a heartfelt and beautiful tribute to your special husband. I could not contain my tears…this was the sweetest!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with all of us! It’s so positive and inspiring how you live and treat one another with such respect and love. It makes me SO want to know the two of you and be your friend! We need more couples in the world like you and Jeff!❤️

  33. Happy birthday, Jeff! :) Kristy, this is a beautiful post. You are so lucky to have such a kind, supportive husband. I loved learning more about him. Have a wonderful time celebrating! :)

  34. Love this so much!!!! Jeff is amazing. I have shared this post with my daughter (28) and my girlfriend so they will know what to look for in the perfect husband. Now I want Jeff to write a similar post about you so he can give women tips on how the be a better wife/partner!

  35. Oh my gosh Kristy, this had me in tears!!! So so sweet. We have really started to see who Jeff is through your insta-stories and what a fabulous guy he is. Just one of those genuinely ‘good eggs’, as we like to say in the UK.
    He reminds me so much of my husband and I think we are incredibly lucky to have our guys, as they really are sent from heaven!
    Happy Happy Birthday Jeff xx

  36. Now we know why you are always smiling, Kristy! You two compliment each other so well. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing this beautiful birthday tribute. Wishing you many more blessings! I truly enjoy all of your posts, which are so inspirational.

  37. This is the best post I’ve read from anyone in awhile. It’s so beautiful to see a couple who is so in love after so many years. Sadly it’s not so common.
    Congratulations on a beautiful marriage and happy belated birthday Jeff!

  38. You just have to look at yOur husbands face to see that he is a kind man. A countenAncE says it All. You are both very blessed to have each other.

  39. Wow….What a beautiful tribute. Kristy, you two were made for eachother! A VERY HAPPY birthday, Jeff. Keep on keeping on.