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Adding Simple Spring Accents to Refresh Your Space

April has arrived and with my favorite spring month (my daughter Emma was born in April) comes warmer weather and brighter colors! While my garden has begun to grow again, none of my flowers have begun to bud yet. I can’t wait for that to happen! In the meantime, I’ve decided to introduce color to my home another way… through a few beautiful and affordable spring accents. My family room is in dire need of color and I’m needing change.

My family room has been in transition mode since the holidays… in other words absent of all colors! I love taking the time between Christmas and spring to leaved my home a little more bare so I can breathe and enjoy my home in it’s neutral state. Once the weather begins to warm a little and we open our doors more, I find myself beginning to look for colorful accents to bring the outdoors in.

Recently I introduced a little spring color with a piece of art hanging next to my fireplace that has inspired my new color scheme for this year. (you can read more about my new art here) Pops of peaches, blush tones, greens and whites are what I’m loving this season. I’m finding these colors are popping up everywhere! Definitely on-trend right now.

I love the way my new colors look at dusk.. soft and beautiful.

If you didn’t already know, Jeff and I love The Home Depot. We hit the store almost weekly for their beautiful assortment of fresh flowers and plants. One of our favorite parts about The Home Depot is their incredible variety of home decor and fun products online. Their online store is full of everything from furniture to faux flowers, throw pillows and more. They have so many spring trends and styles at affordable prices.. I’m a huge fan.

For this refresh I was excited to find everything I needed to update my family room at The Home Depot and dressed up the space without spending a ton.

Colorful & Neutral Spring Accents

Some of the spring accents I selected include a few new throw pillows that I’m in love with. Keeping on top of the colorful scheme that I was after, peachy blush tones were my main focus when looking for cute throw pillows. I love this warm tone when mixed with my gray velvet sectional.

I found 2 gorgeous ruffle throw pillows at an unbelievable price – just $29 and $39 each. The Home Depot carries high-quality brands so when I saw the ruffle pillows were from one of my favorites, The Company Store, I was so excited!

The ‘ruffle pillows’ have wide pleats, which give them that tailored look yet keep them feminine. They can easily be used in a bedroom, living space, office.. anywhere! The colors add that much needed splash in a solid design.

Click here for the peachy blush ruffle pillow (I have 2 of the 18×18) and click here for the creamy white ruffle pillow. (I have 2 of the 20×20)

If you’re looking for new quality inserts, click here. These are one of my favorites.

Another fun pillow that I included to the bunch is the soft white velvet tassel pillow. The tassel detail is just one more layer that makes the neutral white pillow interesting and the color brightens the space in the most perfect of ways.

Click here to shop the white tassel pillow. (It also comes in yellow, black and grey!)

The last pillow that I added to my family room is this peach linen pillow with tan linen border & scroll detail. It’s a beautiful piece that adds gorgeous texture. I love how it anchors the sofa. The actual color is called ‘petal’ but don’t let that fool you… it’s a strong peachy tone!

Click here to shop the peach linen pillow.

Shop Spring Pillows:

| Peach Ruffle | Creamy Ruffle | Velvet Tassel | Peach Linen |

| Pillow Inserts |

Faux florals are another easy addition for any spring refresh. You’ll always find a combination of faux and fresh flowers in my home… I love the convenience and versatility they bring. To achieve a natural look, I like to combine 2-3 different styles and colors to make the flowers look more natural.

For my look and style I ordered several mixes of faux florals: 2 Peach Bouquets, 2 Mixed Pink and Rose Bouquet, and 2 Mixed Cream Peony and Rose Bouquet. I personally like to order the bundles of bouquets to get more bang for my buck. Rather than paying $3-10 for one stem, I’m able to get several stems for the same price! Important when you need a larger bouquet.

I’m so happy that I purchased so many bundles of flowers.. as always, I need more than I think. The fuller the better as they say. :)

Shop Faux Florals:

| Peach Bouquet | Pink Bouquet | Cream Bouquet |

I had so much fun adding new color to my family room using faux flowers and pillows with this update. I’m also loving the introduction of some of the newer details in my home… pillows with ruffles and tassels are a first for me. So fun! What do you think of my new additions? Do you have a favorite pillow style? Let me know in the comments below!


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*This post is compensated by The Home Depot and affiliate links are used, but as always all product selections and reviews are my own!


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320 thoughts on “Adding Simple Spring Accents to Refresh Your Space

    1. Hi kristy I love all your decor love the fringe pillows and the flowers in the vases is this for US only I’m in Newfoundland Canada ??

  1. Ohhh la la Kristy, love ? love! Spring is in the air and how pretty your space looks after your refresh. Love the peach hue and the designer pillows as well as the gorgeous faux flowers and white vases. You never miss a beat and brings this room elegance and charm! Your room looks simply inviting!

    1. Aww Dee thank you so much! You’re so sweet. Peachy was so inspiring to me right now in here.. providing lots of happiness and light! xx

  2. April is also my favorite month of the year. My sisters birthday, as well as mine. Flowers are blooming! My creeping verbena is in full bloom. Gorgeous deep purple blooms draping over our [work in progress] garden area we had built last year. If you need or want ground cover that blooms all year..this is for you! I wasn’t familiar with verbena so it’s teally been super fun watching it take shape. Even with temps below freezing the verbena continued to bloom.
    I love your spirit Kristy. You and Jeff seem genuinely happy together. Great inspiration. I’ve been married for 43 years to my best friend ?❤️
    Your home and renovation gives me Hope that we will eventually get through our reno !!! And I’m in love with your King Charles spaniel! Precious!
    I read about your IVF and the story of your daughters blessed conception and birth. Happy birthday wishes to her from me. ??
    I’m hoping to order the pillows in just a minute. Peachy and blush tones with white is my favorite color scheme! Yours look gorgeous!
    Have a great day! Looking forward to following your blog. We have similar taste ?

    1. Hi Maleia! Thanks for the sweet and long comment. Your garden sounds absolutely wonderful.. I bet it’ll look gorgeous once you’re done. :)
      43 years! Jeff and I are excited about that. We are 30 years. :)

      You are absolutely the sweetest. Thanks for this comment. xx

  3. Beautiful! You just inspired me to change my coffee table decor. I didn’t have any faux flowers, so I used a green plant in a pretty pot, to add color. I also used a coffee table book, and votives just like yours! Thank you for the spring refresh! I love everything you do!

    1. Hi Sue – That sounds wonderful! And I bet it looks gorgeous.. and it was easy too. ;) How fun! Thank you for your sweet words. xx

  4. Your refreshed family room looks amazing and so inviting! I had no idea Home Depot carried pillows and faux florals, I guess its time to check out my local store.

    1. Hi Teresa! Thank you so much :) Right?! Their selection is incredible.. However most of their pieces are offered online! So the best way to shop is definitely through their online store to get the widest selection of home decor. xx

  5. Beautiful! Can’t believe the accents are from Home Depot!! Is the Company Store an extension of Home Depot? And please tell me where the arc floor lamp in the corner is from! Love it all!

  6. Livingroom refresh looks so pretty and fresh
    My Favorite are the pillows..especially the tassle pillows❤ I love tassels..adds a great touch!

  7. BEAUTIFUL!! I think the color just made it so welcoming. I love the ruffle pillows and floral arrangements. You have a beautiful home.

  8. Love the spring Look!
    The florals are my favorite and I love the ruffled pillows!
    Thanks for another fun giveaway opportunity Kristy!

  9. Love the family room spring refresh and the peach and cream flowers ? but especially love how sweet Maggie is?

  10. Absolutely adore all the beautiful florals and the embroidered pillow is stunning. Always love what you do Kristy! Xo

  11. Kristy I absolutely love your style! In fact slowly but surely I am updating my home with your home as my main inspiration! Your family room update is gorgeous! I would have never known those were faux flowers! I usually don’t care for faux flowers and plants, but your quickly changing my mind! I also love the shade of pink! It’s perfect for spring! ????

  12. Just love the white ruffle pillows! Adds a bit of romance with the ruffle and the white just looks so crisp and clean! ❤️?

  13. I really loved seeing how simple things can revamp the whole mood of a room! My favorite additions were the tassel pillow and the peony faux floral pieces. I’m obsessed with all things spring and new. Plus, these colors explain my style perfectly!

  14. Love your decor style. Your Home is gorgeous. I’m particularly drawn to all of the pillows but the faux flowers certainly caught my eye. I buy fresh flowers for several rooms in my home every week. It’s a treat to wake up and see them every morning. I’d love to win something gorgeous from you! Thanks for your time! PS love seeing you and your husband everyday! Thanks for sharing your life with us! So inspirational! I lived in the Bay Area for many years. Pleasanton has a place in my heart. I still have family there.

  15. Your room is absolutely stunning! My favorite part is Maggie, of course. She looks so cute curled up to the ruffle pillow.

  16. Kristy you are a decor genius! I just love your whole house ? and the peachy hues definitely make it feel like Spring has sprung! It’s hard to pick a favorite but if I must, it’s all the gorgeous florals ?

  17. I love your whole house. Love the soft colors of your refresh. I’d have to say the embroidered pillow is my favorite!

  18. Hey kristy,

    I am loving the peach accents in your family room. Love the ruffle one, but the embroidery one looks so soft – linen material?

    I love what you have done with the flowers. I had never thought of separating them. I am going to get some and try it in my lounge.

    Thanks for all you share. I love watching your stories and reading your blogs. I look forward to to it each day. Like the Krist, Jeff & Maggie show!!

    Lots of love

    Alison xx

  19. I love the refresh! Your house looks amazing as usual. I’m drawn to the white velvet tassel pillow. Looks so soft! ❤️

  20. I love it all. Your home is beautiful and provides a lot of inspiration. Maggie is so sweet and I love the pictures of her patiently waiting for bedtime?

  21. I am absolutely in love with your family room. I’m in a house with 3 boys, a husband, 2 male dogs and 2 male gish so no pretty light living rooms for us. But I do manage to add my pretty accents without them complaining too much. I love the embroidery pillow and the beautiful flowers the most in your room. Everything looks so beautiful and cozy!!!! Thank you for doing this giveaway!!


  22. Wow everything looks beautiful. I would say the pillows is my favorite it gives the couch such a nice touch.

  23. Oh my, I love it all!! All the colors look so good together. You are so talented. I love the ruffled pillows…peach or.pink. wonderful.

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  26. I love everything you did with the Spring refresh! It’s just the right amount and clearly Maggie is loving it too! I am also pleasantly surprised that you got the pillows at Home Depot. That’s one of my favorite stores as well and I’m so happy to know I should be browsing their online merchandise more. I’m still decorating my first apartment, but I’ve been taking my time and getting to know the space and what I want from it. Although I love the ruffled pillows, I am one to appreciate the detail of embroidered and decals on pillows too, I’d have to say those are my favorite! Looks beautiful! Happy Spring!!!

  27. I love the whole room especially Maggie, but really love the embroidered pillow. Lovely home.

  28. I love the faux florals. I had no idea Home Depot sold faux florals. I already checked and they aren’t in any of my local stores. But the HD website will ship them to a store for me to pick up. Thank you for sharing this find. Also, the pillows are adorable.

  29. I think the addition of the peachy pillows really make such a difference and are such an easy, inexpensive way to refresh the room for Spring!

  30. It is all magical and cozy Kristy! I’m a sucker for a ton of pillows, and pillows with a ruffle edge…… please!!!!

  31. Aside from Maggie being my obvious first choice for favorite part of the spring refresh, I have to say that because I’m a book worm I can help but love the Veranda and Hampton Garden coffee table books pulling the color theme all together. The intentional simplicity is just so gorgeous I love it all truly!

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  35. Kristy,
    I just painted all my walls a creamy white because I was inspired by how you are able to change your accent color depending on your mood since you have the neutral white backdrop. I love the spring coral color. I love the embroidered pillows and the tassel pillows.

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    The whole room is beautiful. I love everything about it

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  45. Hi Kristy!
    It’s my first time leaving a comment. I love to see all the different things you do to your beautiful home. The pillows are so beautiful. Love the different color contrast. My favorite pillows are the linen ones. So so gorgeous !!! You really inspire me. Thank you.

  46. Beautiful spring accents Kristy!!! I’d have to say the embroidered pillow is my favorite as well as the blush ruffled pillows. Thanks for sharing!!

  47. Love the spring look and love you and your family. You are an ispiration. I really like the pink pillows.
    Good luck Kristy!

    Lots of love from Dallas

  48. This look like the perfect place to light a candle and plop down at the end of a long, busy day! I love the soft, neutral but springy tones. My black haired dog would have to sleep in a separate room ? but I love the ruffle & velvet pillow especially!

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  66. Hi Kristy,
    I’m loving the fresh and simple Spring accents. It feels warm and romantic. I really like the ruffle pillows. It’s so beautiful!

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  68. I LOVE your Spring Refresh! And I look forward to all of your content everyday!!
    The embroidered pillows are stunners and are my FAV right now of your added touches. The whole entire room is pleasant and enjoyable to look at :))))

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  75. Love your refreshed Living Room. The pink pillows make a wonderful “Spring is in the Air “ statement. The ruffled pillows are my favorite.

  76. Love your refreshed Living Room. The pink pillows make a wonderful “Spring is in the Air “ statement. The ruffled pillows are my favorite.

  77. Everything is so soft and beautiful! My first choice would be Maggie!?But… I’ll go with the lovely flowers!!!

  78. Hello!! Love watching your videos daily and seeing all the refresh looks you do with your gorgeous home!!! Love anything “peach”, it is one of my fav spring colors along with lilac!! Do Love the Tassle pillows but everything together looks so beautiful and cozy!!

  79. Your spring refresh has inspired me! I have my eye on the white ruffle pillows, although I find buying a lot of peach and blush clothing this season! Your living room looks perfect. ?

  80. Just love your spring refresh. Those ruffled pillows are just so sweet. I love those little candles you have on your books as well

  81. Love your spring refresh! The flowers are my favorite because peonies are my all time fave! The flowers really bring all the colors in the room together. Perfection! You rock at decor, love seeing what awesome projects you’re up to :)

  82. Is Maggie an acceptable answer as far as what’s my favorite part about your room? Lol
    It all looks absolutely lovely! Makes me want to go buy all the faux flowers from Home Depot but currently I’m using your blog about flowers in your garden to help me with my yard. Thank you for sharing everything.

  83. I absolutely love this whole room! But I think my favorite accessory is Maggie. ? The ruffle pillows are a close second though!

  84. Love it ! Your whole house is goals , and so is your yard . Love the color palette , LOVE The throw pillows .

    My favorite thing is the flower arrangement .

  85. I just love this color palette for spring! Such a soft and inviting touch of color. Really love all the new pieces, my favorite would probably be the florals although they are all so beautiful.

  86. Love love love the florals! I’m new to the faux florals in my home, I used to buy fresh all the time, but it can get expensive, so the faux is so perfect to keep around all the time! I’m in love with the couch pillows too- I just painted my living room a light white/blue and they would look perfect with my decor!

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  90. I have to say the pillows but im having a hard decision woth which i like best both are super cute ❤️❣️?and the best part maggie put her head down ❣️❣️❣️ I love soft pastels in the spring in the home always give up some upmh from winter blues in the midwest :)

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  94. The whole room is so light and airy! I love the tassel pillows, And the gold candle holders so pretty.

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  97. I Love your color choice. Peaceful, Tranquility, Happiness are a few of the words that come to mind when I look at your pictures. Beautifully done.

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    Happy happy Spring!!!

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    I love the romantic and soft details overall it looks so calming and dreamy.

  100. Hooray for spring! Always so excited whenever the seasons change and get to bring out fun new decor. Loving the faux florals here! Finding good looking fakes can be hard sometimes but these ones look great! I think the ruffle pillows are my favorite though. Perfect combination of feminine yet classic.

  101. Just enough peachy pops to make everything look so perfect!
    I gotta say- those flowers look so real! Just because you made different sized arrangements. Smart move! ?
    Favorite things – the tassel pillows and Maggie! ???
    You’re always inspiring me for new crafty projects :) thank you Kristy!

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  104. I love the Faux florals what a great way to get so many at an amazing price! They also look very nice! I love all the pillows too!

  105. Hi, Kristy it’s hard to say which one I like the best because EVERYTHING in your home is just so beautiful . Are we aloud to pick your dog? He is the cutest. With that being said I’m going to have to pick the linen pillow. It’s so springy. I’m so glad I came across your I G. I really enjoy it. You seem so sweet and so down to earth. I love how you and your husband get along and work so well together. He is a superhero in many womens eyes. So caring of you and your home. Who wouldn’t love a man who cooks and is so neat about it too. Anyway I read all your stories and enjoy each and everyone of them. Hope you have a great week. Take care and be safe….

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  114. HI gorgeous I love watching your videos and how to organize your wonderful home. I follow you from the Middle East and I love the pink pillow with the softness of the lead.

  115. Beautiful! My favorite pieces are the embroidered pillow and the white pillow with frills <3. You made the florals look so natural! Xo

  116. I love your style! It’s heartwarming to watch you and your husband in your stories. Love your new look in your living room! All of your pillows are great! The tassels are my favorite! Thanks!

  117. Hi Kristy,
    Love your living room! My favourite part is the added warm colour that come from the beautiful pillows. My favourite is the embroidered!

  118. Hi Kristy! I love the pops of pink that bring spring alive in your room refresh! Also love that bowl on your coffee table! I just remodeled our kitchen and used yours as my inspiration! Thank you for your impeccable taste! ???

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  121. I love anything pastel in the spring, and this peachy tone is perfect! I think my fave is the embroidered one. Happy spring Kristy!

  122. Good morning Kristy,

    I’m From Miami Florida and I love following you, to see everything you share with us about your beautiful house. You’re house looks very warm, invited and peaceful. I love the embroidered peach pillow and the a peach ruffle one. I have to pass by the nearest Home Depot store to see them

    Thank you

  123. I love the peachy blush ruffle pillow as it’s not too pink and it looks great on your couch by the way!!?

  124. I am loving that embroidered pillow! The whole space looks so inviting, perfect mix of warm and refreshing. The flowers remind me of my childhood home, my mom always used them to liven up a space. Thanks for sharing!

  125. So loving this beautiful refresh!!! My favorite is definitely the embroidered pillow! Haven’t seen anything like it! And who would have thought..Home Depot?!!

  126. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE the embroidered peach pillow and the plain Tassle ones!! ♥️♥️ such a fun fresh color makeover ?

  127. Love the Spring refresh! My fav is the white tassel pillow and of course, your model Maggie ? always love what you do to your home. Xo

  128. I love the the pop of the blush color against the white. It’s is such a crisp look on your couch! I love it!

  129. Your beautiful soft peach flower bouquets are inspiring me to do a spring refresh in my home, Kristy! Thanks for the endless ideas and inspiration. :)

  130. Love all of your posts and stories!! Have a blast on your cruz and you already look GREAT so don’t sweat it! ? I would like to enter your contest for the pink ruffle pillow and the embroidered one????

  131. I love all the new changes in your living room. So light and airy. The peach embroidered pillow is LOVE!

  132. I love how white your space is! Every white element makes the room feel more open and airy. Truly perfect for Spring. I’m inspired ?

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