My New Sectional Sofa Review

My New Sectional Sofa Review ~ Kristy WicksMy sectional sofa search, otherwise known as ‘sofagate‘, has been surprisingly more difficult than I anticipated. I just wanted to get something that would fit well with the rest of my furniture in my house. I even contemplated getting a new gloss tv unit but thought that it would be better to wait first. Usually when I am looking for a new piece of furniture, I know exactly what I want and where to look. I have a few favorite go to stores that almost always pull through for me. As long as they have the style I’m looking for it’s a pretty easy decision. What it comes down to for the most part is the comfort level. If it’s a store I’m familiar with I don’t even have to sit on the piece. If it’s a new store where I haven’t purchased something from before then I like to test it out. Doesn’t always work that way but it’s what I try to do… Then I can almost always make a decision quickly. It’s not rocket science as they say but for some reason this time around it felt like it. I could not get it right.

When I began my new sectional search this time I wanted to broaden my search to other stores. The funny part is that after looking everywhere I ended up right back at one of my favorite stores where I have purchased two sofas from before. Restoration Hardware seems to be the store that always has what I’m looking for. They are constantly tweaking their pieces to remain current and I love that. I tend to lean toward the more traditional in terms of styles but this time I made a concerted effort to look outside my comfort zone and considered a more modern sofa. In the end I went with a traditional piece that has been updated to look more modern. I’m really happy with what I have chosen.

My New Sectional Sofa Review ~ Kristy WicksI fell in love with RH’s new Belgian Classic Slope Arm Slipcovered Sectional the first minute I saw it in the store a couple of months ago. I’m so happy now that my sofa search happened the way it did, because I was able to try different things in my home to see how they fit and it gave RH enough time to introduce the new style. I wouldn’t recommend ordering a sofa and returning it normally but… that’s what ended up happening.

My New Sectional Sofa Review ~ Kristy Wicks
image via RH

At first I wasn’t looking for a slipcovered sofa again, I actually wanted something upholstered, more ‘tailored’. What I love about the Belgian Slope arm slipcover is that it’s everything I was looking for without realizing it. The slipcover on this sofa has a clean look. It’s not bulky nor over stuffed. It fits perfectly in my space. I went with an armless feature on the one side that is closest to the media cabinet to give it more of an open/airy feel as well. I love that I was able to customize that part.

Another reason why I chose this sectional is because of the fabric choices at Restoration. I have two chairs in my living room in RH’s ‘Vintage Velvet – Mist’ and I love it so much I decided to go with the same fabric on the sectional. I have had a velvet piece before and it held up extremely well. I’m hoping this velvet will react the same over time.

My New Sectional Sofa Review ~ Kristy Wicks
image via RH

The sofa I had before this sectional was made of a cotton fabric, and while it did not pill or fray at all, it wasn’t soft and cozy like the vintage velvet is.

My New Sectional Sofa Review ~ Kristy WicksMy New Sectional Sofa Review ~ Kristy WicksI need to add that this is NOT a sponsored post, but there are so many conveniences about choosing a piece of furniture at RH. They have multiple sizes: Petite, Classic, and Luxe. Even though my family room is smaller than most, I knew that I did not want my sofa to be too small, however I didn’t want it to be too large either. I feel like goldilocks. I wavered between the Luxe and Classic sizes and ultimately decided on the Classic. I think in the end it’s probably the best size for the space and the classic seats us comfortably. The seat back height is perfect and this sofa seems to fit Jeff so much better than the previous one I sent back. Number one lesson learned… never buy a sofa without your husband testing it out. ;)

Overall, I love everything about this piece and all that’s left to do is to find the right lamp, coffee table and rug to finish off the space properly… It never ends!

My New Sectional Sofa Review ~ Kristy Wicks

My New Sectional Sofa Review ~ Kristy Wicks

Tips for choosing a sectional sofas:

  • Measure or mark out the space where the sectional will sit, so that you get an actual feel of what it will look like. I moved furniture in the spots where it would sit so I could really get an idea.
  • Know what kind of cushion you like. At RH I had the choice of: standard fill or down filled. I don’t like having to plump my cushions after every sitting and because I like more of a structured look I chose the standard poly fill cushion. I have to add that I like cushions even more when they are spring wrapped like the sofas at Ethan Allen. This isn’t an option at RH however.
  • Know the fabric color that you really want your sofa to be and don’t even look at a place that doesn’t carry the colors you like. As much as it’s about comfort it’s also about look, especially when it’s a huge sectional.
  • If you have pets/children, I would suggest considering a slipcovered sofa.

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53 thoughts on “My New Sectional Sofa Review

  1. I think you hit a home run here Kristy. I absolutely love this sectional and it looks like it was a piece made especially for your family room. What style of cocktail table are you thinking of pairing it with? Excited to see what you choose. ?

  2. Kristy, I’m loving your new sectional. It makes your room look larger. The color is beautiful ! I would love to see a round coffee table . You have exquisite taste!

  3. Love your choice! It looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you choose to finish the room. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Love this sectional! I wish my living room could fit a sectional like this. It looks so comfortable! Where is the rug from that you currently have in the room?

  5. I really loved the glamour of the first couc. This new couch looks great and grounds the room. Looking forward to seeing your choice in coffee table. I just went with a large round number and everyone who visits loves it.

    1. I loved that first sofa too… It was so beautiful! We just didn’t feel it was cozy or comfy enough and we love to curl up and watch shows/movies together as a family. I’m definitely looking at round tables as well but once again it’s more about convenience for feet and glasses. ;) If I can find a round or an oval table that fills the space properly than that would be ideal. :)

  6. Although I think it looks so nice I’m wondering why not two sofas?
    I’m leaning towards that as at times sectionals can be hard to keep together whereas two sofas put together I can place table in between that area as well
    Just expressing my thoughts in which wayvto go :)

    1. To be honest I have never been a fan of sectionals and I too like tables in the corner you referenced. That being said… If we lose that corner seat it’s one less person watching the tv which is what we like to do as a family. I have friends that come over and this room is really small. There isn’t room for people to view the corner tv. I’m getting a floor lamp for the back corner behind the sofa and a coffee table so we can have a place for glasses. I’m hoping I like it… ;)

  7. Where can I find the 3 tier glass go,d end table …. been looking for a while and can’t find the exact one.,

  8. My sister is looking at the same sofa,but in the lux. Her husband used to play basketball fir the Lakers, he is 6ft. 7in. They have a large space, so I think it will work out great. I will tell her about your blog so she can read your thoughts. Thanks~Laura

    1. Hi Lisa,

      My sectional is quite long – 120″ x 96″. I also went the fiber fill as I didn’t want to have to continually fluff. ;) Thank you!

  9. This post has been so helpful. I am considering this sofa (same fabric!) and also do not like having to fluff down cushion or the “messy” look. Do you feel that these maintain their shape? Does the standard fill still feel cushy? I am so worried that I’ll order and it won’t be comfortable upon arrival! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Stephanie, The sofa has held up well and the cushions are maintaining their shape although they can look a little slouchy at times.. mostly the back cushions but those are easy to flip so it’s no biggie. The bottom long cushion is large and heavy so it’s a little difficult to flip on it’s own but I can still manage it. :) I find the sofa comfortable but it’s hard to know what you will like. I would test out a bunch at RH to know if the seating will work for you. I still wish they offered spring wrapped cushions but most companies like PB, Crate and Barrel and RH don’t. Good Luck!

  10. Hey Kristy,
    just wondering how the RH sectional is holding up ? Are you happy with it? We currently have the metropolis sectional from Raymour’s and have been really happy with it. Was considering just ordering the same for our new home in a different color until the Parisian taper arm sectional caught my eye on Would love to hear how yours is holding up and if you think the extra expense is worth it. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about RH upholstered furniture…

    1. Hi Theresa,
      This sofa is expensive but then again it’s like having 2 new sofas. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on what you like and how much you are willing to spend. I hate spending this much on any one item personally but this piece is large and we felt we knew what we wanted and plan to keep it for some time. We have kept almost every sofa for at least 10 years or more in the past..
      I would go to RH and test all of them out a bunch before committing. I know how hard a decision it is. Good Luck and let me know what you end up going with. :)

  11. Hi Kristy!
    I too would love an update on your sectional in terms of wear & tear plus comfort. We just ordered the Maddox Sectional in the same fabric and fill as your sectional. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jan,
      Our sofa has held up great so far.. We sit in it tons and I’m surprised how well the bottom cushions are holding up. I love the Mist velvet and would do that again in a heartbeat. This sofa has been really nice with the bench seat. I love not having a million cushion lines although it’s heavier and not as easy to flip. ;)

  12. Thanks
    It was a pain actually getting it delivered to my apartment but it was worth the hassle! It is so beautiful and makes my whole living room. The velvet and tufted detail make it look very expensive and I love that I bought it at such a reasonable price. I am so happy with it!


  13. Beautiful design! I’m considering a vintage velvet RH sofa for my family/playroom but am concerned about spills/stains. Thoughts?

    1. So far so good with mine Diane! You can always scotchgard it even more… We have spilt drinks on ours and even got out an M&M stain with just water and blotting if that helps. :)

      1. Hi, we just got a sofa in the same fabric and are afraid to sit on it lol! What brand of scotch guard did you use? Any tips? And thanks for this post, it’s so helpful!

  14. Smart move to go with the RH standard fill instead of the down feathers. We bought an RH sofa with down feather fill at the advisement of the person helping us at the store. Big mistake! We didn’t really get to experience the standard fill in store because they said they only have down fill in the showroom. The guy who helped us insisted that we would only need to fluff the pillows once per week, and the feathers would not pop out. Stupidly we followed his advice, and three years later, we live to regret it. The feathers pop out constantly, and the cushions are always misshapen and sagging despite fluffing several times per day. I’ve finally reached out to RH about replacing the fill with standard because we just can’t take it anymore. It was a really expensive sofa, and it’s not something anyone should have to live with. Hopefully they will be amenable to providing some options for a fill replacement.

  15. Hi Kristy,
    Good read!
    I am looking at an 8 foot one arm leather RH sofa. The cushions cannot be flipped because the leather is not on the back. It is a one pillow seat I’m not sure about that. The one arm is on the correct side for my room but does that look unfinished. I just cant decide . I do love the couch! Yours looks great but it is a sectional compared to 1 couch. Suggestions? Thanks.

  16. Hi Kristy,

    Just received my luxe modular sectional. Seems that it is not as comfy as the ones at the gallery. Almost as firm if not former than my bed. We didn’t want the full down but maybe we should’ve. Do you think it’ll loosen up or become more comfortable after multiple uses? Thanks

    1. Hi David,
      Did you order the same sectional as I did? My sofa is not hard at all… but it’s not down soft. I flip the cushions often (every week) to mix it up. It was immediately comfortable. If you’re not happy with the cushions definitely let them know ASAP and work with them to switch the cushions out. But like all things… the more you sit on it, the softer it should get… but that being said: we pay a lot for the RH sofas so you want to make sure you’re 100% happy with it. Pillow cushions are something that can be switched out. Hopefully they will work with you on this. Just my 2 cents. Let me know how it goes.

    1. While I love this sofa the 1 long bottom cushion makes it harder to take on and off easily. Two large bottom cushions on that long piece would work better since my sofa is 120″ long. That is my only complaint. :) Who would think I would want 2 cushions versus the one? ;)

  17. Hi,

    Thank you for your review. I Was wondering how your sectional is holding up and how the standard fill cushions feel. Ive been to multiple RH and havent found a single sofa or chair in the standard fill to test it out.

  18. I am so thrilled to find this post as I have also been going through ‘sofagate’ for the past year – humming and hawing over every type sectional. I’ve narrowed it down to the cisco brothers louis coastal left facing chaise and the RH belgian slope arm chaise sectional. I love the look of the slope arm, but i find the fabrics at RH limiting and frustrated you can’t get larger than a 6×6 piece. Do you feel the velvet stands up to kids and pets? I was looking at the dove textured linen weave, but feel like its not as soft and maybe too gray. i really wanted something truly neutral – not too brown or grey, and RH tends to go either way. I was also leaning towards upholstered, but after reading your blog, thinking slipcovered better? what are your thoughts on this? I have had slipcovered mgbw previously and wanted a cleaner look. thanks in advance for your help! stacie

  19. I am about to order the same sofa sectional from RH and can’t decide bt vintage velvet and Belgian linen…. I’m getting in white, luxe…. and suggestions I take into consideration… oh I’m also getting slipcover for sure! Thanks so much.


      1. Happy Mother’s Day!!! I said Belgian linen but I forgot to add the brushed before the Belgian linen… so it’s the brushed Belgian linen…. it seems very similar to the vintage velvet. Do you have to steam yours regularly?
        Thanks as always,

  20. this is the art piece I am looking for!! Can you please send me a link or the name of the website where to get this? thank you so much. I know you told me before I have just completely forgot.

  21. I appreciated this review but wanted to comment that my understanding is that “slipcovered ” at RH is not what it sounds! The sales person said the cover is not meant to be removed and cleaned ( it is rather reflecting a “style” of upholstery)
    It can be spot cleaned with clear dawn or cleaned by professional on site
    Anyone else heard this??

  22. I gave my two sloped slipped deep sofas after 11 months. The center foam completely failed and as I bought them at a sale price they were not returnable. I thought they were made in the usa as a lot of their product is, but this is 100% china tags inside the belgian linen back cushions.

  23. Hi Kristy. Would you be able to tell me when you purchased your sofa. Thinking of buying the same one. They claim they have now gotten sturdier fill. And they do now have a standard fill to test in their showroom. Just curious when you purchased it. Thanks.

    1. Yes my sectional is from RH a few years ago and you’re right.. they’ve gotten a much better fill now. I just purchased 2 new sofas and they are much better fill-wise. :)