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Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring

Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring
Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring

With the change of seasons, I love to introduce new feelings and mood in my home. The biggest way I do this is through color.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. There are SO many options – fresh flowers, home decor and paint to name a few.

This year I decided to add a stunning piece of abstract art full of fresh spring colors to my family room from Dallas artist, Taelor Fisher! Taelor is SO talented and her art speaks to me on so many levels – her use of color and technique is absolutely stunning.

Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring
Image via Taelor Fisher

The piece that Taelor and I worked on together for my home is titled, ‘Garden’. Taelor worked her magic to incorporate all my favorite pastel tones of – grays, blush, pinks, greens and soft periwinkle blues. All combined together.. the piece she painted could not be more beautiful. I craved something light and airy and Taelor pulled through for me. I’m crazy about it!!

Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring

I first met Taelor through my good friend and talented designer, Lauren Haskell. Lauren loves pastels as much as me and fills her gorgeous shop (Lo Home) to the brim with soft colorful pieces, Taelor’s art and more. When I expressed an interest in finding something special and new for my family room Lauren knew that Taelor’s art would compliment my home perfectly. She was SO right. I could not love an art piece more.

Taelor Fisher studied at NYU’s Art School and other prestigious art programs. She was originally inspired by the beauty of flowers and this theme is one that carries through with so many of her gorgeous pieces! We were meant to be friends..

Taelor created a small print of ‘Garden’ which she shared in Lauren Haskell’s shop – Lo Home and I immediately fell in LOVE with the piece the first time I saw it. Together, Taelor and I came up with a new color scheme that best fit my home. I was thrilled with the result. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect representation of spring for my family room!

Something else very exciting to share about Taelor is that she has even designed a special piece for Neiman Marcus and The House of Creed for their new women’s fragrance, ‘Floralie’. So up my alley! I love their floral fragrances. Creed? All I have to say is.. I’m SO impressed.

Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring

Jeff helped me hang the piece to the right of the fireplace in a spot that has always remained empty until now. It brings SO much color to that vacant spot.. I’m in love with how it looks. Especially above the white accent chair – it fills a void that always troubled me.

Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring

I wouldn’t call myself an art connoisseur but I know that Taelor’s art is classic, full of beauty and creative. This piece inspires me every day because my family room is essentially my office and looking at it hanging in the space makes me so happy.

If you’re interested in acquiring a piece of Taelor Fisher’s art for your home, click here to learn more!

Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring
Taelor’s new collaboration with LoHome

Another new exciting venture is Taelor’s new collaboration with Lauren Haskell! The two just designed and launched a collection of wallpaper and pillowcases centered all around Taelor’s art. The colors and designs are absolutely gorgeous and bring so much life to a space. If you aren’t in the market for a new piece of art yet LOVE Taelor’s designs.. you should definitely take a look at her new floral pillow and wallpaper line. Such an easy way to bring a bit of spring life to your home! Click here to learn more about Taelor and Lauren’s new collection. :)

For more pastel inspiration.. Check out my living room redo collaboration with Lauren Haskell from this past fall by clicking here.




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520 thoughts on “Beautiful Abstract Floral Art for Spring

  1. Kristy, your home and garden is beautiful I love the softness of your color choices, the kitchen is my favorite it’s beautiful with all the white which I absolutely love!! I also love the way the coffee table it looks so pretty in white and continues with the soft color choices you have made! Thank you for sharing it inspires all of us who watch and follow you and give me great ideas!!!!?

    1. Love the pastel art it gave your living room a pop of color with out taking away from the other pieces in the Room

  2. Kristy,

    I never thought to do pastels as an art piece. It’s a great idea, I’m looking for art for my first house – and it’s definitely on my list now!!I absolutely love following you. I love how endearing you are and you really to seem to care about your followers. I love your blog posts and stories (and Maggie). Thanks for being so wonderful!!
    P.S. I would love those pillow cases, they’re to die for

  3. I hope this is how we enter your giveaway!! I love, love, love the painting!! It is light and airy, and I love the tone of the colors. The piece shouts “SPRING”!!

  4. I love the idea of adding art to your rooms via pillows and wallpaper. Not everyone can commit to an expensive piece of art. I love the designs.

  5. I love your new art work. Also excited to see what pop of color you decide for your backyard. Hope I win the pillows. ??

  6. Kristy,
    Your calm and serenecolor decor is beautiful! It is so inviting ! A perfect place to welcome friends for a glass of wine and listen to Chris Botti.

  7. Hi Kristy!
    Your home is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us! I have two little boys and love decorating but have a hard time finding time! I love seeing all the new ideas and items you post! I just bought two sets of the jars from LoHome in pink and white! I love them! Cheers from Texas!
    Crystal Baldwin

  8. I do love your new art! I have a great appreciation of the talent an artist has and this piece is stunning in your home which is a masterpiece too. Your home, inside and out, is one of my favorites on Instagram. And of course, Maggie might be the true star of your stories! Have a good evening.

  9. Absolutely stunning! Would love to order one of her designs for my home! That was the perfect fit for your living area! Love the pastels!

  10. This artwork is beautiful. Love all the colors. I love watching your stories for inspiration. I love to decorate and recently completed a makeover on my home office. Your pink/blush colors inspired me!!! I will send photos as soon as I hang my artwork ;)

  11. I absolutely love the floral print! It brings out every piece of furniture in your room!!! Its so light and bright!

  12. I just adore your posts and thank you for sharing your beautiful home!! You are one lucky lady to have a great hubby to help you around the house!!!
    Keep doing the amazing work :)

  13. You know I love you’re art and frames!!! Beautiful colors!!!!ive asked u about the beautiful 4 in your formal living room and u posted! The pillows r gorgeous love the colors ?

  14. Absolutely love you beautiful home, so inviting! Beautiful colors in your painting, brings so much warmth to the room! Can’t wait to see what color you use outdoors! Love art and being able to bring art to home through these beautiful pillow covers! Thank you for all your wonderful and useful ideas. X Regan

  15. Kristy,
    I love your home thank you for all the ideas and inspiration. I’m moving and want my home to have a similar feel. I love your style and how light and airy your home is. Lauren Haskell designs did an amazing job on you living room space. I will definitely be ordering her ginger jars and I have been eyeing those beautiful pillows from taelor and Lauren. The art looks amazing too!!

  16. Kristi, I love your beautiful home, inside & outside. The way you are still able to change it up with each season and still keep the calming color tones is gorgeous. Also love the artwork and pillow covers. Just perfection ??

  17. Hi kristy I’m from Canada I just want to say I love your home and garden. The new art goes beautifully in your home. The pillow from lohome are so beautiful and the colours are perfect for spring!!

  18. This artist is incredibly talented. She creates with her whole heart — and the art piece reflects it. It looks so stunning in your space!

  19. Kristy! You are so right- your new painting is absolutely gorgeous and classic. Love the spring vibes of Taelor’s work and the collab with the pillow covers. LOVE ???

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  23. I love the pastel print! We are moving to Myrtle Beach SC from Missouri next week and changing my dark furniture and palette to light and airy decor and furniture. I can not wait! It will be our first year with an empty nest!!! ❤️

    You and Jeff are my favorites!!!
    ~Lindsay Jones

  24. Hi Kristy I just started watching your blog a few weeks ago & I love it! You got such class in your style & seem just like one of my girlfriends! ? all your stories. And Miss Maggie is so adorable when I have you on & listening to your stories my kitties are usually next to me & they love to see Maggie haha- so cute! Have a great evening ! Best wishes Katherine ?

  25. Your home is so stunning. I love how well this beautiful piece looks in your living room. It’s such an amazing work of art. It was made for your home. It ties in so WELL!!

  26. Kristy as always your home is the best decor ever ! Always to delicate and touch of feminine as well lovely choice on the art work cant wait to see your future pictures & projects! Xo,

    1. Beautiful artwork! It blends in with yoyr home so effortlessly! It makes me feel very tranquil and reminds me of spring!!????

  27. Just love your style! And love how your new piece of aft ties not only the inside of your home but your outdoor space too. Home and Garden goals for sure! New art is the perfect touch!

  28. The art is beautiful… and I love that it could used in so many spaces or rooms( thinking baby nursery, office, bathroom)

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    Thanks for all you do Kristy, you’re wonderful!

  32. Oh wow….those pillowcases are absolutely gorgeous….they are so different than anything I’ve ever seen….I truly love how wonderfully they match that one of a kind artwork….you are so lucky to have such loving, caring, sharing, & talented friends….your how is magnificent!!!!???❤️

  33. Your spring art is beautiful. It was as if it was made just for you and your home. I’ve looked at her instagram shop her items are beautiful and was pleasantly surprised the items are so reasonably priced. Thanks for introducing us to her and her amazing and beautiful items. ?

  34. Hi Kristy! Your new piece of art is absolutely beautiful, Thanks so much for sharing about this artist. I love her pillow cases and wallpaper. Also, I have to say your ig stories bring a smile to my face each day. You and Jeff are total #couplegoals!

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  36. Kristy, I absolutely love following your design journey! Your color scheme is in-like with my own. I love everything to be light and welcoming. I was born in March, so spring is naturally my favorite time of year! ? Taelor Fisher did an amazing job on this piece! I loved the pillowcases you showed us on Instagram today! Thank you for sharing your home!

  37. I absolutely love these designs by Taelor! They are so feminine and the colors make me so look forward to the spring months ahead. Here in Connecticut we keep getting storm after storm. It’s a constant gray color outside but I might have look into these pillows to give some color back to my life! Love the blog and really enjoy the new additions to the subtitles on your insta stories!! I watch them usually at work and can’t have the volume up so loving it! Beautiful home!

  38. I LOVE Taelor’s work, your custom piece is stunning! Looks like a beautiful abstract floral arrangement. The colours work PERFECTLY in your home and the green ties in a little bit of your pretty garden to the inside! :)

  39. Beautiful addition to your decor.
    Will be checking out her site for some pullows. Just completed a patio renovation which is covered and floral pillows would be nice pop of color on my creamy beige cushions.

  40. Love the soft colours! I feel like I should add some spring colour to my home since we won’t be seeing spring for a while here.

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  42. Hi Kristy~
    The art piece is beautiful! I love the mix of colors and it looks perfect in your home.
    It’s so much fun to follow you. I appreciate the variety of topics you share and you’re just so sweet!
    Would love to win the pillows. Thank you for the opportunity!


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  44. Absolutely love your new artwork in your living room! I just ordered two new beautiful Lauren Haskell prints that were released today! Would love to win the pillow covers!?

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  49. I Just adore the pastel painting. It looks just beautiful in your home I’m a big fan of pastels myself. Aqua & turquoise are my thing Any shade of blue. I’m so glad I found your Instagram account first. You’re like a breath of fresh air it’s like a friend comes over every time I get to see you. I would just flip if I won those beautiful pillows they would look gorgeous in my room thanks again for your wonderful blog and Instagram account.

  50. I love how you are always tweaking and refreshing your home. Even the little inexpensive things can refresh. Thanks for all of the inspiration!?

  51. The art and pillow covers are stunning, they’ve inspired me to add more color and print to my otherwise neutral home. I’m loving the spring looks

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  55. There’s a calmness all throughout your home and this picture reflects this feeling also. It says come on in, sit down and have a glass of wine with me.

  56. Hi Kristy,
    I’m Dea From Indonesia, and I really like to see your beautiful and georgeus house. Very inspiring me. And love everythings you do with your home decor.
    Love to know your blog and Instagram.
    Thanks Kristy ❤️

  57. Kristy,
    Love the beautiful colors in your new art work. Your home seems to have such a nice flow to it. Your furnishings, fabrics, and colors are so airy and light. I Love all of it!

  58. Kristy,
    Thanks for sharing your new art work and pillows. Both are so beautiful!! The zipper on the pillow covers are a beautiful detail.

  59. Hi kristy ,
    Love this !!! After seeing snow and ice all winter .. this is refreshening to look at.. brightens the day!! ?

  60. Kristy,
    Your new wall art is beautiful. I love the colors. Your decorating is beautiful. Love all the white!!!!!

  61. It is the perfect piece of art on your wall , I adore all the pastel tones and what a statement it makes on the wall . For me summer is ending , autumn is starting to appear – enjoy spring in your beautiful home

  62. These pillow covers are beautiful.Especially for the spring season! Fingers crossed I get the chance to win!

  63. First of all, I love how your friend spells her name absolutely gorgeous just like the pillows you are giving away! It’s so beautiful that the artwork complements the textiles so it will pull the whole room together. You are the sweetest and I look forward to your posts every day, I learned so much from you and you inspire me thanks, Jolie

  64. I love the beautiful spaces you create in your home. The bright, romantic and calming palate. The new art piece was meant to be there. Well done!

  65. Hi Kristy! I am loving your new art piece! I think the colors are so pretty and definitely match your home!

  66. Kristy,
    It’s always such a pleasure looking at your beautiful home! Love the painting!!! Always looking forward to your Monday night giveaways. :)

  67. Love the muted tones with the white background in the artwork. Gives you so many opportunities to pick up those colors in your room through accessories!

  68. I love your blog and insta stories. I always get so excited when I see a new one uploaded. Just love your peaceful and calming nature, and Maggie !!

  69. Hi Kristy! I’m so excited for this giveaway as I commented earlier today on your IG story of how I loved the pillow covers! They are gorgeous! So pretty for spring and will match your new beautiful pastel art! Your home is stunning yet cozy and fresh and I love your stories! ?

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  72. Love the colors of your art piece by TF and also the abstract feel to it . Goes perfectly w your home decor . Thank you for your generous spirit . The give always are so kind of you . ?

  73. Just wow! Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I love your style & am always excited to see what fresh new content you will add for each season.

    1. Your new artwork is absolutely beautiful! Love your style. The pillows look lovely. I looked at her site and would love to have some.

  74. A lovely piece of art for your home! I love how your indoor and outdoors are so inviting. I would love the pillowcases from the collaboration. To die for!

  75. Hi Kristy! I absolutely adore your house and I wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Lauren Haskell! I am about to order two ginger jar lamps as soon as my husband and I can agree on a color!

  76. Love your new piece of art. The colours are beautiful and it definitely brightens things up in lovely, subtle way. Also love how precise Jeff is when hanging anything! :)

  77. Love, love those pillow covers!!
    I must say-there hasn’t been one single thing that I just absolutely haven’t loved from your blog, stories and Jeff’s ig too!!
    So glad I found you!!


  78. Absolutely love the art and where you decided to hang it! Your whole house is just beautiful and I really enjoy watching your stories with jeff and the stuff you share with us.

  79. I love this artwork Kristy! Looks so fresh and pretty ?
    Thank you for doing the give aways! Fun to have the opportunity!
    XO Becky

  80. Firstly I think your home is stunning. It’s so fresh and crisp but you add so much warmth with your accessories. It’s a perfect flow. The art and pillows are just gorgeous. You can tell she puts a lot of love into her artwork.

  81. The moment I saw that painting I was all ???. Trying to talk my husband into one but I have a hard time sneaking anything too feminine into our home interior. I always have my girly guest room though!

  82. Hi Kristy!

    These pillows look like a dream, you can see the quality. The colors in my home are pale blue and white (I’m painting our dining room mural in those colors as we speak!) . The mural has pale blue flowers and pale pink, when you mentioned the pillow colors in the giveaway I couldn’t believe it! The velvets were my favorite! Thanks for always being so fun and sweet, you’re a joy to follow!


  83. Love the painting! It’s a strong piece without overpowering the room and so colorful but still so neutral. Great addition to your living room. :) and, you have a very thoughtful and sweet husband that will hang your art for you. :)

  84. Kristy, I am new to following you and just love to see how much you enjoy life, your amazing husband, and all things beautiful! I love your beautiful home and not to mention that adorable little dog! Thank you for letting us follow you❤️

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  86. If you aren’t following Kristy Wicks your seriously missing out. ? From everyday tips and tricks to inspiring messages and yummy recipes. She really does it all and her instagram & blog is guaranteed to brighten your day. I know it does mine. Thanks, Kristy!! XO

  87. I LOVE that artwork and the pillow cover materials! Beautiful! My budget can’t afford to buy any art right now (saving up for some travel, using the tips you and your daughter Emma shared recently!), but it is inspiring me to get out my own paintbrushes and try a little abstract work!

  88. Kristy,
    Taelor’s abstract art is absolutely stunning in your home! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent for home decor with us. I’m currently in nursing school, life is busy and stressful at times but one thing I always look forward to at the end of my day is reading your blog posts and getting inspired by all of the projects and tips you share on Instagram! I hope that you, Jeff, and Maggie have a great weekend!

  89. Hi Kristy,

    This picture is stunning. The colors are soft and remind me so much of spring which is right around the corner. Thank you for always sharing such beautiful products! You are such an inspiration Xo

  90. Hi there,

    How wonderful is your abstract piece by Taelor Fisher! I love flowers and soft colors so to be able to incorporate a bold yet subtle art is spot on. I am in love with the pastel velvet pillow covers you shared on Instagram. My sofa is white too, and I can see those colors in my room too.
    Your blog is so much fun. I always smile looking at your posts!



  91. The colors Lauren chooses are so beautiful! Your home is just lovely! Love watching you transition your home from season to season.

  92. Love the colors of the artwork and how they perfectly coordinate with those gorgeous pillows! My husband says I have too many pillows as they’re changed out for seasons and holidays but I disagree- new pillows and throws give new life to a room easily and I am especially ready to pack up the winter-styled ones to help usher in spring as we prep for another snowy weekend in STL!

  93. The painting is amazing! I LOVE the pastels! It fits your home perfectly. And the pillow cases look gorgeous!

  94. I LOVE your style Kristy! I am going to look into some of the art because I need a beautiful piece like yours, just a few different colors to coordinate my home. Thanks for your great style and information!

  95. The print is so gorgeous! It really brings a pastel beauty to the room and picks up nicely on the throw pillow as well. Perfect for spring’s approach!

  96. Kristy- I have recently started following you on Instagram, and I just love your Insta stories!! Your home is lovely and I think you and Jeff have such a sweet, fun relationship!! Keep up the great work!!???

  97. I love your new painting! It’s a perfect fit in your beautiful home! I always look forward to your new posts! So inspiring!

  98. Can we say #goals!?!?

    It’s been a hot minute since I’ve discovered a style that I instantly fell in love with! (All the HeARt eyes)!

    Thank you for introducing me to Lauren! She is a fantastic artist and can’t wait to do a commission with her!

    Thank you for for being a great source of inspiration with REAL and honest opinions!

    A spring refresh is in the works and I would love to have some of these FAB velvet pillows to help complete my look!

  99. I LOVE the pops of color in this painting! It’s so perfect for Spring and brings out the brightness from the colors that are already in the room.

  100. I love everything that you share! You have such beautiful style and elegance and your generosity is inspiring! Thank you!

  101. I love the art. My daughter is an artist. She is in college now and uncertain of a career choice but I feel sure that art will always play an important part. I also have begun adding pillows to my home decor and would love the 2 you have picked as a prize. Thank you for sharing your home and life. I enjoy your stories!

  102. I can’t believe you’re doing this give away. I was out shopping today for some spring pillows. I was unsuccessful but these would be perfect!

  103. How gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this beautiful artist~ love an original fabric on a pillow.., definitely on my wish list! Thank you for sharing & your generous heart makes me smile!

  104. Love the fresh look of her art and in your home kristy it looks amazing, the pillows are classy and beautiful, thanks for the opportunity ?

  105. Your house lends so well to the seasons especially spring. Your new artwork Garden looks like you. If I saw it in a gallery I might have even tagged you. Taelor nailed your style soft, clean, breezy (Friends reference:)) style.

  106. Hi Kristy, I’m excited for your giveaways! That is very generous of you. Your style and sweet personality are amazing! An artist that I love is named Emily Jeffords. Your new art piece sort of reminded me of the colors she uses.

  107. Absolutely gorgeous! I have been searching for unique art to add to our home. I have young children and I would love something bright and cheery. I will definitely be looking her up! :)

  108. Kristy! I live following you on Instagram! Beautiful home! Everything you’ve done is stunning! Thanks for sharing your life with us!!!

  109. I love the new spring artwork! What a fun way to brighten the room and add color. The room looks so inviting, and clean and crisp. I love to follow your stories for ideas and inspiration.
    I find your stories to be very inviting, full of information, and things I can relate to. I can’t wait for all the spring colors/items so that I can use some of this inspiration and put it to good use in my home! Heather

  110. Spring is my favorite season! Love the freshness that comes with Spring….the tulips & daffodils pop up, the sun shines brighter & the rains are cleansing. Love your home & yard Kristy….you inspire me to change things up in mine with the seasons! ???

  111. Love, love, love the painting and pillow covers! So gorgeous. Simple, sweet and fresh! Your home and garden is so beautiful; your kitchen was my inspiration for my new home. Thank you for always keeping your blog and IG so down to earth ❤️ Becky Keillor

  112. Kristy? I so enjoy your Instagram everyday❣️You & Jeff are so cute & remind me of me & my husband ( we’ve been together for 38yrs?) I get so many ideas & inspiration from your home & everything you share. Your home & backyard are a dream♥️

  113. The art work fits perfectly in the space! Love your style and I love the new pillow covers! ❤️❤️

    You’re such an inspiration to me!
    Thank you for sharing your new finds with us!

  114. Kristy,
    Thanks for always adding some positivity into my day with your lovely posts and stories. I’m in Ohio so can use all the cheery and spring-inspired posts and motivation I can get. I think the new spring art piece is beautiful
    out in the open but how pretty would it be in a baby girls nursery?! There would be so many wall color schemes you could go with to make this the ultimate nursery. The soft tones are so inviting! Love this piece and can’t wait to see more from this fabulous artist! ?

  115. Hi Kristy!
    Your new art work is fabulous and goes perfectly with your home. I love your feed, storievand webdite you have a gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

  116. So beautiful! I love how organic her artwork is. The pillows are a dream, too! Thanks for sharing these talented artists and your kind spirit!

  117. The artwork is absolutely beautiful!! ? My home decor is also blush and neutral, so it would look beautiful in my living room!

    Also loved the Lauren Haskell pillow cases you shared! She is one of my fav designers and we are both from Oklahoma ☺️

  118. Hi Kristy! I love everything you do in your home! All the pinks and blues are so inviting!!! You are a inspiration to me?

  119. Love the artwork as it fits perfectly in your home. I’m also putting in some pink and green accents in my home in preparation for spring. A new pillowcase would be much welcome if I get lucky to be chosen, if not, whoever it is will surely love it as well. Thanks for your generous giveaways! ?

  120. Stunning work by Taelor Fisher, and how special you were able to customize your art with her! Love collaboration of any art work, my daughter is in art school in Georgia, a freshman, and it is incredible how much she’s learned about creativity with others! This pair of TF and LH is just stunning, and those pillows…swoooon!!

  121. Kristy,
    Love your beautiful home! This pastel Art is perfect! I don’t like abstract art, but the colors and design is so soft and unique I just love how it brings your room together and adds a touch of beauty and softness . Thank u for always sharing your designs and Suggestions for bringing Beauty to any home!

  122. I’m so happy I found your instagram I love all your aesthetics, the information you share, how overall nice you all seem and of course … your dogs name ! Thank you for sharing all that you do!

  123. I love your garden and I think that the art work that you chose has complimented the beauty you have outside as well as inside. Everything in your house is so fresh and beautiful.
    I love the pillowcases too! :)

  124. Hi Krosty, I love the way you have decorated your home. It has inspired me to redo my entire home, one room at a time, and to reorganize all my closets. I have my work cutout for me for quite a while. Wish me luck.

  125. The artwork is beautiful as is everything in your home! I would love those velvet pillows! They are gorgeous. Thank you for doing giveaways ??

  126. I had to scroll for five minutes to get to the bottom of these comments :) I love love love these pillows. Thank you for doing what you do. It’s such a treat to watch your IG stories and read your blog everyday. You are Jeff are lovely. And Maggie. She’s a doll too.

  127. Thank you so much for introducing us to such a beautiful artist. Her work sounds incredible. I love the piece she created for your home. The colors fit perfect with your decor and the size can’t be more perfect for your wall! It looks fantastic in your family room!!

  128. In love with the gorgeous way she used these watercolors in her art to instantly make you feel like it’s spring time just by looking at it!

  129. Kristy,
    I follow you on IG
    You’re home is so lovely. Serene and inviting; inside and out.
    That painting adds the perfect touch to the living room.
    Looking forward to your Spring Decor.

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    It also, someone unfortunately, made me start evaluating all our choices that I’ve made. Luckily, my gay best friend has stepped in to correct some of my framing mishaps in the past so I do have some good stuff, but there are some clunkers too.

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  144. Hi Kristy!
    I just recently started following you and I am loving your blog & your stories. Your home is just gorgeous and the painting is a beautiful new addition!

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    So much and that’s one reason I follow your page. I wonder if you have a moon in libra also? Soft and beautiful things all around us is one of the hallmarks of that placement . ✨?

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    Thank You, Jennifer ?

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    Your home is stunning! Love the artwork! Makes me want to change my entire home fo pastels!
    Also, thank you for being so generous to your followers.

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    Lots of love and a big thank you

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  192. Good Morning Kristy
    I am pretty new to Following “stories” but I have loved following YOU! It’s kind of an addiction lol. I love the pillow covers and hope that I make the entry to win one! Thank you for giving back and for sharing all your talents with beginners like Me!
    Becky B.

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    I LOVE your home so much and look forward to your posts and insta-stories each and every day. Taelor is an incredibly talented artist. I would never had known about Taelor or Lauren’s talent had it not been for you. I have drawn so much inspiration from you in decorating my new home. Thank you!

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    P.S. I am one of those lucky people who is married to an amazing man who is just like Jeff….except I’m the ‘chef’ but he can grill! ?

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    Your home is beautiful and I love the way you change up things often. As I listen to you, I find you very inspiring. It motivates me to continue to work on my home.
    The artwork and decor in your home is awesome

    Susan Ream

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    What a wonderful giving person you are, your home is simply stunning and so welcoming to all who enter and follow you like myself.

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    I share your Instagram stories with family and friends & they feel the same way about you ❣️
    Also Thanks for always responding to my questions ?
    Best regards ,

  231. Kristy, You and Jeff are so pleasant and you have such a way with describing your design, and decor. I love the way you describe what Jeff is cooking and how your looking forward to what he is preparing.. Your outside is as lovely as the inside of your home. You have such a clean, white, bright and crisp look to your home, which I love! Your posts brighten my day!

  232. Hi, Kristy!
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    Denise ?

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  238. Your home is beautiful and you do collaborations with the best artists/designers! Love to watch your stories they keep me motivated to keep my house bright, clean and airy! ??

  239. Hi Kristy,
    I am new to your sites and just adore your beautiful home and creative ideas! Love pastels and appreciate the lovely, velvet Lauren Haskell pillow covers. So thoughtful of you and lots of fun to do a giveaway! Enjoy your evening and thank you for thinking of all of us!!

  240. Hi Kristy!

    I absolutely love the way your home is decorated. I think it is so great how you transition the decor in your home to go with each season, it is such a fun way to change things up. That painting is absolutely stunning and goes so well in your living room. I love how it is an abstract piece but has so much intentionality behind it! Your style and eye for design is amazing.

    Sending my best to you and Jeff!

  241. Really love the posts you write with your daughter. As a mom it warms my heart to see you working together. Thank you!❤️

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  243. What I really like about the products you share is that they are so versatile. I feel like each piece has so many possibilities. Thank you for sharing!

  244. your home is our goal, we dream with having a home as beautiful as yours. Thank you for always sharing your home with us ?

  245. HI Kristy! I think I may have accidentally deleted my post. So….I just wanted you to know I love your home, your styling and how classic and romantic you display in all you do. You have such a unique flair to your styles, from your gorgeous muted pastel colors you chose for your home, but your eclectic taste in detail, it’s all you …in every single piece you pick out for your home and garden to your design influences when you do a redo., Kristy, you are very talented and an artist yourself and I enjoy your daily news. I wanted to point out the sweet artwork called “garden” in muted tones just as if we were looking in a field of flowers, the elements are conscious of spring into summer and the colors are gorgeous together. Taelor Ficher is amazing as she brings such detail of all you love into your piece of art displayed. It really fits your room, style and mood. Where do I finish, I have much to say about how adorable your instastories are and I so look forward to them daily… so much more to say but…You, Jeff and Maggie are so cute and adorabLe and your family is sweet.. I would love to have the gorgeous pillows from designer Lauren Haskell”s collection, they are simply tasteful and would match so much in my own home. I’m a big fan thank you for your insta- stories and posts!

  246. I can see why you love Taylor Fisher. She does incredible art. Like I said before it is so soft and inviting. Peacefull.

  247. Absolutely love your new art piece and the fact she does custom prints is wonderful. Thank you for sharing , love her collaboration with pillows and wall paper. Your home is always lovely and so kind to share your inspiration to us all !

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  249. Absolutely stunning? I love them and your style! You and Emma remind me so much of my mother and I! ??‍♀️
    Also, keep up the great work with exercise!

  250. I like the painting there! It’s fun to collect art you really connect with… I would love to purchase a piece of art everywhere I travel to so it will remind me of the trip!

  251. Kristy,
    How lovely! Your IG is elegant, simple and relaxing. I love the way you carry yourself and the love and respect your have for Jeff. I look forward to your posts and stories daily. God bless your family!

  252. Kristy, thank you for sharing your beautiful home with your followers. You give me such inspiration for the designs in my own home. Love the beautiful colors in your wall art and love the Lo Home collection.

  253. Wow! It turned out beautifully! Love how light and pretty it is. In the process of buying our first home, and I’m loving all the inspiration you’re providing!

  254. Pick me pick me! I adore the beautiful pillowcases. ?. And I love love love following you.

  255. I cannot wait to start building our house so I can actually apply what I learn from you. I love how clean and class your house looks.

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  257. Love your home Kristy. That piece of art is perfect for spring ?. Thankyou for all you posts and information sharing ?

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  259. So beautiful! I love how soft the colors are. They perfectly accent your style in your home!

  260. Hi Kristy! I look to your feed and blogs for inspiration in my home and on my dinner table. I enjoy all of your blog posts. Love this one on pastels. Thank you!

  261. Hi Kristy! I really, really love your new artwork. Totally romantic and fresh! Perfect for spring time! Beautiful home as

  262. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration in home decor, self care and a loving marriage! Your home is so beautiful and inviting and I love the art. Thank you!.

  263. I looove the pastel colors! They are so calm and peaceful. Of course they also scream SPRING!! Such a beautiful piece !

  264. WOWZA! I’m so in love with the periwinkle blue with the greens & pinks. It reminds me of my home & our beautiful coastline in California. Stunning work. I think Kristi the size of your print on that wall by the fireplace is perfect. I bet when the light comes in from the opposing windows it’s magical. Love it!!!

  265. This piece is gorgeous and compliments your living room so perfectly!! If this wasn’t in your home and I saw it out shopping I would immediately think of you!! It will be lovely to admire while sitting outside in your garden also! I love your decor so much and I’ve always loved placing soft pastel colors throughout my home too, so when decorating I always use your home for inspiration :)

  266. Kristy,
    Your photos inspire me everyday! No matter what type of day I’m having, st the end of the day when I look at all your soft colors in your pictures I feel relaxed and happy! Thank you for bringing some light to my night and putting me in an “inta” good mood!☺️

  267. I adore the soft spring colours in your home decor and in the art pieces and pillows. Once March is on the calendar I feel like winter is FINALLY loosening its grip and warmer temperatures and refreshing breezes are on their way! Your home and
    decor inspires me to open the windows and let the
    fresh in!

  268. I am so happy that I came across your Instagram & blog! Love your style! I am getting amazing tips & ideas. The artwork looks beautiful!

  269. Hi Kristy,

    What a great blog post. I love the spring colors. It is totally my style. I love a more neutral room with pops of colors through artwork and pillows. Thank you for sharing. Your entire blog is an inspiration for me. I bought and am moving into my very first home this month :)


  270. Kristy
    Love all your color tones in your home.. very soft and inviting.. I always read your blogs and it seems to get my family through the week.. love all the tips from Emma and Jeff.. hope I win your pillow covers.

  271. I can’t say enough of how much you have inspired me for my home! I’ve let you know on Instagram but this painting is everything!

  272. Beautiful art work and such a lovely addition to the space. I love how something so simple can have such a wonderful impact

  273. Oh Kristy that piece is the perfect addition for spring! I really like Taelor’s artistic style.

  274. Hi Kristy,

    LOVE your post about art! I’m in Danville and love seeing how adorable you and Jeff are in everything you take on! From your creative touch ups transforming pieces around your house to his yummy cooking! I’m hooked- keep up the good work.

    His yummy cookies

  275. I absolutely love how you are always switching up pieces within your home to match the current season. The new art piece perfectly meshes with the warm muted tones you have throughout your home. Your style and home are definitely an inspiration!

  276. These pillows are absolutely beautiful! They look so lovely in your home. I enjoy your stories so very much. You have such an eye for beautiful and you at e so lovely and pleasant. Very uplifting, positive and informative. Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your life with us! ?

  277. Kristy,
    I adore your home and your new piece of art. I love your color schemes. I think the pastel pillow cases are so nice- my favorite is the blue, it reminds me of the beach!

  278. Hi Kristy, my mom is all about the details whenever it comes to decorating. Your home should be your haven and you demonstrate that through and through. I’ve been living in my apartment since November and I’m still in a work in progress. I don’t just want to fill it up, i want it to be cozy and reflect who I am! My mom and I love your blog and stories! Enjoy your artwork, I need a piece for my wall in my living room. That’s up next!!!

  279. Kristy! That painting is such a beautiful compliment to your stunning home!!!
    That blue hydrangea pillow case you’re giving away would be perfect in my living room for two reasons:
    1: I love blue hydrangeas
    2: it’s my birthday!?

  280. Kristy,

    Your home is absolutely stunning and I LOVE the new artwork! It really ties everything in nicely, and I love that you can see it from your garden! Great inspiration! Thank you for sharing, have a great weekend with Jeff and Maggie!