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Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

My living room used to be a space that I walked into twice a day. First, in the morning to raise the shades, and once in the evening to lower the shades. It was beautiful.. but not usable. Now – it’s my favorite place to have my morning coffee, curl up with a good book, or work side by side with Emma.

It’s amazing the difference I feel about my home now when I look around my living room. It’s as if that last piece has been put into place.. I’m loving the elegant completed space that now anchors the front of the house.

As many of you know.. my sweet Lauren Haskell designed this space for me. (Click here to view our Living Room Design Plan Post) She even drove all the way from Oklahoma to help with the final install. I can’t imagine having done any of this without her. Lauren is the catalyst behind my entire living room redo and I’m so thankful for her eye for detail, her creative ideas, and most importantly our new founded friendship. Lauren’s e-design simply changed the way I see my home.. she “got” me from the beginning and I love that. Not many can appreciate whites & pastels as much as we do, and I truly felt like I had an ally throughout this entire living room process.

Let’s walk through the space so that I can share every little detail! Lots of pieces are from Lo Home.. use promo code KRISTY15 for 15% off your entire purchase (including furniture!!).

My living room before the big change..Living Room RevealThe room only had space for two to sit.. big mistake on my part.

Living Room RevealWhere the circular staircase is –
the wall was always empty and looked awkward in person!


My Living Room Now…

Living Room RevealWhat a difference!!

Living Room Reveal

Blush Sofa – This blush velvet piece is one of my all-time favorites. It anchors the room and I love all the details. The tailored, clean lines, the white picture-frame trim on the back cushions and even the white feet. It’s cozy and so comfortable.. one of the most comfortable pieces in my home! There are 9 color options and even more customizing options via Lauren. Click here to shop the sofa.

Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

Throw Pillows – All throw pillows in this space are from the pillow shop at Lo Home. I have 2 of “The Knot” 20×20 pillows in the color – Dune sitting on my blush sofa. (Click here to shop) and a Frame pillow in Dune sitting on my white chair. (Click here to shop). Lauren has several color options, sizes, and designs – but for this space I kept with the neutral tone of Dune to complement the blush and white.

Rug – The cream and blush tones in this rug are so soft and beautiful. The design is perfect for my living room in that it’s feminine and elegant. It completely grounds the space. The size I have is 7.6″x9.6″.. It’s also a great price point at just under $500. Click here to shop.

Living Room Reveal

ChairSitting opposite the sofa is the Banyon Lounge Chair in “Stain Resistant Ivory”. I’m loving the shape of this chair and the open airy design. We decided to keep it white on white so that it didn’t compete with the rest of the room.. and I’m so happy with my decision. The chair is made with an outdoor Sunbrella fabric which can withstand pets, kids, and everything in between. (In case you think I’m crazy.. Lauren has an entire sofa made out of this fabric and they said it’s still in perfect condition after years of use!) There are 9 color options. Click here to shop the chair.

Side Table – This special piece looks like art. The thick glass top and gold base make it a standout in the room, regardless of it’s smaller size. Lauren sourced this for me, and while it’s pricey.. it definitely has that wow factor. Click here to shop the side table. For other side table options, click here to shop Lo Home.

Floor Lamp – I’m all about Greek key.. and this floor lamp from Regina Andrew Design (sourced from Lamps Plus) speaks to me on so many levels. I’m obsessed with the gold tone as well as the drum size.. plus the fact that it uses 2 light bulbs! I live for light! The dangling gold tassel pulls are just one more sweet feature from my all-time favorite floor lamp. Click here to shop the lamp – The floor lamp comes in silver & gold and there is also a table lamp option.

Wall Panels – The bird linen-like wall panels fill my otherwise empty wall space where my buffet hutch used to sit. I decided to leave the glass off the two panels to add a bit more texture and prevent glare… if you decide to order these you can customize the size and glass options to your liking. A soft taupe tone is how I would describe the color of these panels – they ride between a soft grey and beige color. They are such high-quality and truly look like real linen.. I even had to touch the prints to know that they really aren’t linen. Click here to shop the panels.

Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

Chest When Lauren presented this chest to me.. I immediately fell in love with the soft feminine lines. It’s unlike anything I have seen before. Click here to shop the chest – the tassels are from Lo Home.. I have 3 different color tassel sets so that I can change the look and feel of the chest whenever I want. Click here to shop the tassels. Lauren has a chest that isn’t exactly the same, but it’s very beautiful and the price point is incredible! Click here to shop the other dresser at Lo Home.

Living Room Reveal

PrintsAbove the chest of drawers, Lauren pulled together 4 prints and framed them in the most beautiful champagne-toned frames. They are the perfect neutral accent featuring creams, whites, and blush tones. I’m also in love with the large mats and their light and airy feel. They are truly transitional pieces that can fit in any style and space.. Emma plans to order a set for her bedroom above her headboard. (Perfect fit!) They also come in blue. Click here to shop.

Chest Accent Pieces – Love the collection of accents that we included on the dresser. Lauren has a new line of acrylic pieces featuring prints from the talented Dallas artist Taelor Fischer.. I have her Box Frame with Gold Leaf Detail, with the print “Garden” inside. So gorgeous and affordable! Click here to shop the Box Frame. Whenever I look at the gold “Love link” sculpture standing on the right of the dresser I’m reminded of Jeff. Classic. Click here to shop the love link sculpture. On top of the stack of books lies the Lucite and Gold Leaf Globe.. another fun accent accessory for a tray or side table. Click here to shop the globe. The last piece we added in this vignette is a small pink ceramic vase where we stashed faux florals. The price is incredible.. click here to shop the vase.

Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

Side Table & Accent PiecesThe textured woven side table placed next to my new sofa is so cute.. the caster wheels add even more detail to the piece. Click here to shop the natural woven side table. I love the classic white lamp. It’s the perfect size for the woven side table and the acrylic base takes it up a notch. Click here to shop the white lamp. Lo Home also carries more lamps that I love.. My other favorite is her new ginger jar line of lamps. Click here to see her ginger jar line. Last piece I want to mention is another acrylic accessory from Lauren’s new line. This Gold Leaf Box is gorgeous and you can order them with Taelor Fisher prints, or without. Great gift for yourself, or for someone you love during the holidays! Click hereto shop the acrylic box.

Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

Coffee TableAnother piece that Lauren sourced for me is the white marble and gold coffee table. The clean lines keep it from appearing fussy yet it’s still so elegant with the gold base.. I love the look of this marble piece in the room. The price is pretty great too – click here to shop. For other coffee tables that we considered and love, click here.

Coffee Table Accessories – I am constantly switching out my accessories.. For the reveal I went with a cleaner look and style sharing Lauren’s Acrylic Tray with art from Taelor Fischer, a marble box, a small ginger jar, and a little gold bird accent piece that I am obsessed with. Click here to shop all accessory pieces.


Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal

The new living room transformation has changed the entire way we look at our home. I hear we could change the way we look at the home even more if we compare energy here, my friends have been raving about it for a while now! But anyway, when we walk through the front door now, we have a beautiful new space that is not only welcoming but warm and elegant. It’s amazing what finishing a room properly can do for a home! I’m so glad that Lauren Haskell felt up to the task of working around a circular staircase, a home with completely open floor plan, and one that has ceiling heights of over 25 feet. Definitely not an easy task.

If you’re considering using a designer.. I would highly suggest reaching out to Lauren. While I stumble through some of my spaces.. I know most people don’t have the luxury of a job that can handle this sort of thing. It’s easier tackling a difficult space using e-design rather than purchasing and returning multiple pieces on your own. Click here to learn more about Lauren’s e-design services.

Let me know what you all think about my new space in the comments below! :) I’m sure you weren’t surprised I went the blush route. I can’t emphasize how soft and beautiful this space is in person. So happy!

Click here to see the Kristy Wicks x Lo Home page featuring most of the pieces in my space. Use code KRISTY15 for 15% off of everything!





This space was sponsored by Lo Home. All thoughts and opinions are my home. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep kristywicks.com running!


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45 thoughts on “Living Room Reveal

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Kristy…the space looks fabulous and so inviting…love the soft colours. You are Lauren make a great team!

  2. Kristy…I loved your living room before, but this change is stunning. Each piece is styled perfectly. I love the soft blush couch and parrot tulips are a favorite. Stunning art on the wall. A perfect combination of so much goodness. Enjoy! xo Elizabeth

  3. Kristy – wow! I can’t believe the transformation. I did like the before, those grey chairs looked so comfy but the after – amazing!!! Sooooo much space and I think Lauren captured your spirit perfectly. Just so pretty!

  4. It turned out perfect!! It’s elegant but yet cozy! The transformation is stunning! The door on that one picture ties in perfectly!! Beautiful❤️

  5. I LOVE that you finally got your blush couch but in your living room this time! This room looks perfect for sipping some wine and some girl talk. Thanks for sharing! You ladies are awesome!!!

  6. Kristy,
    The room is so wonderful! It has the perfect balance of color. Love that pink sofa…. headed to the web-site now to get my order together!

  7. Hi Kristy – You room is very pretty and I love the wall panels. Thanks for sharing. Question….where did you put the bar cart?

    1. Hi Catherine, Thanks so much! My bar cart floats around the house. ;) Right now it’s sitting outside the dining room in my new outdoor seating space. xx

  8. Wow! This space has your name all over it. I love it!! That couch looks so cozy. You must be so excited to share the reveal. And I spy Maggie already enjoying it as well.

  9. I loved it the way you had it but this is stunning. I’m in love with that sofa! Everything works so well together. What did you do with the pieces from the before shot? I remember you said you gave the hutch to your landscaper. Did he get the chairs also? ❤️

    1. Thank you Renee! We have a few of the pieces still from the before shot.. Other items went to friends and family. Emma’s friend Maddy took 1 chair and the other went to Jeff’s office.

  10. Kristy – Your new living room is spectacular! Your partnership with Lauren hit a home run! I love how it feels when that final, challenging room comes together and your entire house feels cohesive. I adore your color palette and the sense of serenity it brings. xo

  11. Hi, Kristy,

    Love your living room reveal! Would you please share the source of the round white box that is pictured on your coffee table by the tulips? Thanks!

  12. Love everything you do..curious about your flooring. We are ready for new for the downstairs. is it laminate, does it streak when washed? We have a bichon so no shedding..i need light, doesn’t show water spots from our dog after drinking water, easy care..there are so many choices and brands,i’m at a loss where to begin. could you share color, brand etc..we would like to get a good quality…yours looks like light oak plank,,we now have red oak engineered shaw hardwood with a satin finish which was not a good choice..thank you!!!