Living Room Redo Design Plans

One thing that I’m obsessed with is beautifully styled rooms. Since I moved into this new home a couple of years ago, I’ve been changing out different spaces.. trying to see what works best for the layout, vibe, and overall comfort for my family.

The one room that I have always felt completely lost with is my living room. Until this home.. I have never had any issues with furniture placement. Many of you may remember Sofagate in my family room.. I have finally figured that space out, thank goodness. (Click here to see that post!)  The living room however is a completely different story. It’s has always bothered me. It never felt properly situated. I added so many cute pieces that I have collected and loved, new and old, and while it looked pretty on camera.. it wasn’t really a usable space for my family.

In May, I received an e-mail from adorable designer, Lauren Haskell. She’s from Tulsa, and while we had never met in person – I was familiar with her work after seeing her on Instagram.  I love her preppy, clean, and elegant aesthetic. Lauren reached out to me because she had just launched her very own home decor shop – Lo Home. The second I looked at her shop… I was blown away. Every single piece spoke to me. Lo Home carries so many gorgeous items – from furniture, art, rugs, hardware, curtains, pillow covers, throws.. and more.  Click here to check it out!

Living Room Redo Design Plans Kristy WicksPhoto via Lauren Haskell Designs

Living Room Redo Design Plans Kristy WicksPhoto via Lauren Haskell Designs

Living Room Redo Design Plans Kristy WicksPhoto via Lauren Haskell Designs

Lauren loves pastels as much as me.. and she knows how to incorporate them in the most elegant and beautiful manner. After looking at her shop, we discussed pieces that we felt would work best in my home and that’s when we came up with the idea of partnering on a living room redo. I was BEYOND excited! While Lo Home has many statement pieces, the Victoria Sofa instantly became my favorite! I knew it was the perfect style for me and my home. I’m a tailored girl at heart, and the picture-frame trim on the cushions really spoke to me.

When I shared my feelings about the Victoria Sofa with Lauren, she was thrilled. From there, Lauren came up with 3 different E-Designs for me to choose from.

Option 1  Living Room Redo Design

Option 2

Living Room Redo Design

Option 3

Living Room Redo DesignWhen I received the images.. I couldn’t believe this was the same space! I loved that Lauren placed the sofa directly under the windows – the room was still welcoming and inviting from the front door. The difference between my old styled living room and this new design was incredible. Lauren’s design contained more furniture than the previous space yet it didn’t feel crowded. Every part of the room had purpose vs. my old design that was filled with empty pockets everywhere you looked.

Immediately I fell in love with the blush option.. but the blue spoke to me as well. I used a lot of blue in my last home, and loved it.

Eventually after consulting with family and friends – I chose the blush design. Emma really spearheaded the blush party and reminded me that a warm pop of color is exactly what my home needed. As soon as I made the decision to go with the blush, Lauren disclosed that this was her favorite as well and she secretly hoped that I would choose it. So happy!

Living Room Redo Design Plans

E-design is such a great tool, especially when your favorite designer lives states away. Lauren Haskell lives in Oklahoma, yet she came up with constant new designs or accessory changes within hours! Because of this, I was really able to visualize what the space would look like. I sent her a million photos of my space with proper measurements of every wall and window.. and then after asking me a few questions about what look/style and direction I was hoping for.. she came up with the above designs. Isn’t she amazing? If you’re interested in hiring Lauren as your e-designer.. click here!

Final E-Design & Look!

Living Room Redo Design

Isn’t this gorgeous!? I am SO thrilled with the end result..and you guys – in person this space seems double the size! It’s my favorite room in the house now. I love that this space is open and inviting to my guests when they walk in the door yet cozy as well. The blush is perfect too. I can’t wait to share the final stylings and in-person photos with all of you. (Next week!) As you can see, the only thing that changed from the original e-design is the coffee table.. I loved the simplicity of this piece. It’s elegant, yet not fussy. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite piece is..

Photo via Lauren Haskell Designs

One of my favorite decor pieces from Lo Home has to be Lauren’s ginger jars. They come in 11 color options, 3 sizes, and range in price from $49-$99. They are the perfect gift and best accessory for any home. I love to use mine as vases, accent decor, and more. Click here to shop.

Monday Night Giveaway:
I’m proud to announce that Lauren and I are giving away a set of 3 ginger jars to 2 different winners in tonight’s Monday Night Giveaway on Instagram. Find out more on how to enter in my post tonight at 5:00pm. Click here for my Instagram.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about my 1st e-design experience and finding out more about my talented friend Lauren Haskell. Click here to shop Lo Home and to see more of the beautiful pieces that Lauren carries.

See you next week for the big reveal!



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21 thoughts on “Living Room Redo Design Plans

  1. Absolutely gorgeous design…can’t wait to see the real pics…as usual, you make the most beautiful,inviting spaces. I love the large linen prints on the wall…they are fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much Donna – you’re so sweet.. the large linen prints are incredible in person. I’ve never seen prints as gorgeous as these.. they look like real linen! Can’t wait to share. xo

  2. So pretty! I love to see the good parts of social media. This collaboration and, now, friendship are such a positive example!

    1. Aw Jane you’re so sweet! I agree, this is my favorite part of social media. Making real friendships.. Lauren is a doll. Thanks for stopping by the blog, xo!

  3. OMGoodness Kristy! It’s gorgeous! I love the entire room, but especially the large prints, sofa and rug. So glad you went with the blush sofa too. ?

    1. Ahh thank you sweet Jennifer! I’m in love too.. Cannot wait to finish up styling and get the post up to show everyone. I’m glad I went with the blush sofa too. :) Thanks for stopping by the blog! xo

  4. All designs are lovely, but I like having my back against a wall so I woyld have never placed the sofa there. Plus, the view!! I am picky that way but every single item is adorable. The sofa is gorgeous, that rug…. and the pastels pannels are so dreammy. Can’t wait to see real pics/video

  5. The blue and white floral wallpaper in the third photo, please tell me you have a link for it because it is STUNNING and I want it for our entryway!