Saturday Cocktails

I love that summer feeling… Get togethers with family and friends are the highlight of my summer nights. One of our favorite things to do? Find amazing cocktail recipes online and test them out. While some of the recipes are yummy and fun, others are duds. That doesn’t seem to make much a difference in the outcome however… we always have fun attempting to make them. ;) As a matter of fact it’s not uncommon to find someone adding their own personal twist to make the recipe a little more special.  I love that… especially when it’s Jeff!  He has so much talent at making everything great.

This week I have 5 cocktail recipes for you all to try. Leave me comments below if you try them and let me know what you think! (affiliate links used in this post)

Watermelon Frosé (Frozen Rosé)

Sharing via Yummy Mummy Kitchen

This frozen Rose is the bomb! And it takes less than 10 minutes to make. I first read about it in May from the adorable, Yummy Mummy Kitchen, and it was an instant hit with my girlfriends. All you need is watermelon juice (either store bought or make it yourself), Rose, and a blender. It’s natural, healthy (kinda lol), light and refreshing. Only 137 calories per glass. Enjoy!
Click here for the recipe.

Peach Margarita with Peach Wedge

Via Martha Stewart 

Every summer I live for ripe, fresh peaches. We buy bushels of them and once they are ripened, we slice them and use them on everything…from yogurt, ice cream to even our drinks. This Peach Margarita recipe is something I have been dying to try, and if Martha Stewart has her name attached to it, then I know it has to be good. I love this recipe because it has orange liqueur in it, and that is something we haven’t tried before. Jeff is always up for trying new things when it comes to recipe ingredients. Looking forward to enjoying this sweet cocktail in our stifling 90 degree heat!
Click here for the recipe.

More Cocktail Favorites~

Jeff’s Moscow Mule ~

Ingredients ~

4 oz ginger beer
1 1/2 oz Tito’s Vodka
splash of fresh lime juice
over ice
lime wedge to garnish

 Jeff’s refreshing Lemon Drop Recipe

Summer White Sangria

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Cocktails

  1. Hi Kristy, I love all of your Insta stories, and I particularly love this post! The Mule recipe really caught my attention with your use of Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale. Seems like one drink would leave you tipsy, no?

    1. Lol… Thanks Carol! Depends on who is drinking and with food it should be ok. A Moscow Mule is like having 1/3 of a beer and a shot of vodka. :)

  2. Hi Kristy, the cocktail recipes sound wonderful. I saw your link to a suggested copper mule mug and wanted to share the mugs I have purchased. They are from http://www.moscowcopper.com and are authentic, beautifully crafted mugs – the wooden boxes they come packaged in are so gorgeous they are worthy of display. I am very happy with mine, and they make great gifts. Their company story is great too; they are based in Santa Barbara. I enjoy your lovely Instagram feed and stories. Cheers!