Easy Summer White Sangria

Monday nights are the one night I set aside with my girlfriends where we get our ‘fix’ and watch the highly intellectually stimulating show… ‘The Bachelor’.  ;) Easy Summer White Sangria is one of my favorite drinks in the summer.

There are certain staples we have to aid us in this all night endeavor.   We always have a huge bowl of popcorn along with candy, fruit and cheese and of course the required energy drink of Moms everywhere…  wine.

Last night it was still warm with the temperatures in the mid 90’s so I decided to make my friend Nikki’s, ‘Summer White Sangria’.  It requires 3 ingredients, it’s super easy to make and oh so refreshing…

White Sangria

Leading such busy lives I thought this recipe might be a good one to share for those times when you need something in a pinch…

Summer White Sangria

  • Sauvignon Blanc (even amounts with juice)
  • Passion Orange Guava Juice (Sun Tropics makes a good one, in refrigerated section)
  • Fresh Fruit

Pour over ice and garnish with more fruit 



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11 thoughts on “Easy Summer White Sangria

    1. haha! It was so yummy and well… actually just plain easy! ;) Love that when I’m in a rush. Hugs!