Coffee to Cocktails with HomeGoods
So excited to have you join me on an Afternoon Coffee Date & Cocktail Hour with my Friday Favorites!

All the beautiful items displayed are from HomeGoods and they give my Outdoor Room the finishing touch that I needed.

https://kristywicks.comAfter using our Backyard this past month we’ve realized that a Bench was really needed!

We love putting our feet up and also needed a place to put food and the computers we often take outside.
I found this incredible Tommy Bahama style Bench at HomeGoods that fits in perfectly with my Restoration Hardware Furniture.

I love the way the added texture is provided in the rattan weave.

The mixtures of the blacks and browns pull in the natural elements from the garden as well as the color of my RH furniture..

https://kristywicks.comAlthough this specific bench is completely different looking from my furniture collection, I love that it still looks perfect alongside it.

When you aren’t adding an exact match to an existing collection but need another piece, it’s your opportunity to bring in something unique.

https://kristywicks.comIntroducing a unique piece allows you to show your creativity…

Just make sure when doing so that it blends well with what you have or just looks ‘right’. ;)

I’ve also added a soft throw and beautiful dinnerware pieces that look gorgeous with my color scheme.

Off to enjoy my little Latte ~

Have a great afternoon…

I’ll see you later today at the all important Friday Cocktail Hour where you’ll be able to see the transformation I’ve made from Coffee to Cocktails. :)

Friday Night Cocktails ~

While at Homegoods I found this amazing iron mirrored tray which I have placed on the bench to prepare for our Lemon Drop Cocktails. :)

https://kristywicks.comThe mirror reminds me of the Speakeasy that we used to go to when we lived in Austin, Texas and I knew it would be perfect for tonight.

I absolutely love Lemon Drops on summer evenings.

Happy Friday with Homegoods! <3 So excited to have you join me on an Afternoon Coffee Date & Cocktail Hour with my Friday Favorites! #ontheblog http:/www.wicksnest.comThey are  cool and crisp with ‘just’ the right sweet factor that I love.

My partner in crime is keeping me company while I’m busy working…

Hope you have a wonderful Friday night and just to make it that much better, I’m throwing in my Lemon Drop Recipe.

Lemon Drops ~

3 ounces ‘fresh’ Lemon juice

1 ounce simple syrup

1 tsp sugar

2 ounces Vodka

shake with ice and add to a fine sugar rimmed chilled glass

Cheers from Ptown!



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6 thoughts on “Coffee to Cocktails with HomeGoods

  1. How beautiful Kristy! The bench was a wonderful find. I love the thicker texture in that rattan weave. A nice addition to your pool area! I see that sweet Cal has found a cozy spot for his warm afternoon nap. It should be another lovely weekend!

    1. I do too Allison! Thanks! It’s perfect! Thanks for your sweet comment and hope you’re having an amazing weekend! :) Hugs! xo

  2. Your patio is just gorgeous! What an oasis. I love the bench and the texture it adds. It fits right in with the tropical feel you have going on.

    1. Thanks so much Karen! So sweet! We’ve done just about all we can with this area… or at least that’s what my hubby thinks! ;) Hugs! xo