Maggie’s Halloween Costumes + Our Favorite Candy

Affordable Pet Halloween Costumes & The Best Halloween Candy. We rounded up the cutest dog Halloween costumes that are under $8!
Affordable Pet Halloween Costumes & The Best Halloween Candy. We rounded up the cutest dog Halloween costumes that are under $8!

So… we did something amazing this weekend. ;) Many of you know that our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Maggie, has become a staple in our lives since adopting her 2 years ago. She didn’t have the best life before she met us so we do everything we can to spoil her. This year we wanted to try something new by including Maggie in our Halloween festivities! Last year when the kids came to the door for trick-or-treating, Maggie was always by our side. We thought it would be so much fun to dress Maggie up this year in a cute Halloween Costumes of her own. The kids will go crazy and Maggie will love the attention!

We found a few costumes at Walmart for Maggie to try on. In case you didn’t know, Walmart has tons of costumes for everyone.. from adults to pets and all are affordably priced. The best part is that they have lots of options available for 2-day shipping, making last minute shopping a breeze.

Jeff & Emma & I each chose a different costume… but we can’t decide which one Maggie should wear! I loved the bee, Emma picked out the Taco, and Jeff got a kick out of the shark. They are all so adorable. So we’d love to know – which of the 3 costumes is your favorite?! Click here to shop Walmart’s selection of Halloween costumes, decor, and candy.

More cute pet costumes we love:

Halloween wouldn’t be halloween without our favorite candy! While shopping for costumes I also ordered a ton of candy for the kids (and Jeff, Lol!) Our neighborhood is very busy on Halloween night and I wanted to make sure to stock up. All the candy below is available for 2-day shipping.. you’ll receive everything in perfect time for Halloween!

Can you believe how cute Maggie looks? Let us know in the comments below which costume you think she should wear on Halloween night!

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86 thoughts on “Maggie’s Halloween Costumes + Our Favorite Candy

  1. I love Maggie!!! Such a sweet sweet girl!!! But i love the taco Costume tge best!!! Whichever you choose she’ll be adorable 😍

  2. Love the bumble bee costume then the taco, mainly because the bee costume looks the most comfy and I love bees, and it’s super cute! The taco costume is very colorful, so cute too! The shark last because all though it’s super funny, I am more of a cute lover then comic type, if that makes sense. Maggie will look cute in any of them! Good luck!

  3. I vote for the taco! So ADORABLE
    ! I love SEEING Maggie and what she is up To. I grew up with a King CHARLES CAVALIER spaniel so seeing her REALLY brings Back a lot of good MEMORIES.😊

  4. she looks absOlutely precious as a bumble bee…but taco maggie is way more original!!! She sure is one loved dog!!🐾

  5. My favoritE is the bee bUt truly the taco feels so perfeCt. You share so many WONDERFUL meals and RESTAURANTS in addition to the special CoOkware items,recipes and specialty dog Food. The taco just seems So perfect for your sweet maggie.

    1. I LOVE that Sweet Maggie lets you dReSs her up!! ThEy are All adorable, but i like the Taco the best! Thinking “Jeff the Chef” COULD be whipping some up for dinner on Halloween 🎃

  6. I gotta go with the shark! She’s the opposite so it is funny!! Can’t wait to see her interact with the kids.

  7. My vote is the taco! 🌮 I love them all though. I WOuld have liked to have seen her in the “Belle\Beauty” COSTUME too. Maybe next year…..????

  8. I love little Maggie💕🐶 Shes the sweetest thing!!! I like the pineapple and the bumble bee on her the best!!

  9. MAGgie looks so Adorable in all of theM, its a tough decision but My pick would be the taco costume. Cannot wait to see which one you guys choose!

  10. Maggie is precious. I’ve always wanted A king charles, but we are not ready for another dog since our MALTESE Passed. I think the taco is the cutest!

  11. I lIke the bee but I looked at some and love the Tootsie Roll and the Scooby Doo. Maggie could be a big dog for a day!🐕

  12. I think Maggie is absolutely adorable In all of the costumes However……Taco Maggie is the one that i get the biggest kick Out of! it fits her so cute 🌮🌮🌮

  13. The shark stands out the most, so that would be my first pick followed by the taco only because the bee is really hard to see ON her. However, what ever you pick will be super cute. We are dressing our golden Ret. as a school bus and we have two cats that we have costumes for: a queen and a parrot. Halloween is so fun! ( They really dislike them though, haha).