Curly Hair Essentials & Tips // Our Favorites!

Curly Hair Essentials & Tips // Our favorite budget-friendly and top products for curly girls. We also add our tips we use daily!

Let’s talk hair! Emma and I both have naturally thick blonde hair that tends to frizz up with any ounce of humidity or summer heat. My hair is wavy while Emma’s is way curlier, but nonetheless we tend to overlap with similar products! We decided who better than us to write a post on our Curly Hair Essentials & Tips to help those of you looking for better curls that last and don’t frizz?!

Neither of us wash our hair every single day. We have found that washing our hair less helps it from getting dry and keeps the frizz at bay. Less work for us! It takes Emma anywhere from 2-3 hours to straighten & curl her hair.. yes her hair is THAT thick & long! If she doesn’t straighten her hair – she can achieve curly ringlets using the right products. Without them, her hair is a mess. My hair never looks quite as beautiful as Emma’s unfortunately but it can look really cute in a natural wavy way using the right products as well.

We each use an array of products but we’ve been trying to minimize the cost because we go through SO much of it. Luckily for us, there happens to be many amazing hair care products that work well and don’t cost a fortune. We order the majority of products from Walmart Beauty – which carries almost every single brand out there that we love. It’s nice finding a huge variety of options there.. from drugstore to high-end brands. Walmart Beauty also offers 2-day free shipping, which makes it easier than ever. Especially nowadays when online is more convenient than dropping by the store!

Our Favorite Products

Curly Hair Essentials & Tips // Our favorite budget-friendly and top products for curly girls. We also add our tips we use daily!

We have SO many favorite hair care products that we use constantly. It’s actually a problem because both of us have a drawer full devoted JUST to hair care. Oops! ;)

We’re both big believers in leave-in conditioners and hair care masks. Healthy hair = beautiful hair & we both find that this is a 100% requirement when it comes to the normal shower routine. A couple of our favorite leave-in conditioners include Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream & Not Your Mother’s Leave-In Conditioner Spray. Emma personally swears by the Cantu conditioner and it’s extremely affordable (only $5!) so take that as you will.

Curly Hair Essentials & Tips // Our favorite budget-friendly and top products for curly girls. We also add our tips we use daily!

In terms of shampoos & conditioners – Emma is the queen of all-natural products. (Meaning no parabans or any other harmful chemicals!) She swears by the company “Not Your Mothers” and uses a few of their products like the delicious-smelling Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Shampoo & Conditioner. Not only are they extremely affordable ($7) but they smell amazing & help keep her curls healthy and frizz free.

A couple of other products that we both like to use on a daily basis by the same brand are the leave-in conditioner & the weightless mousse. They both smell AMAZING & they are really easy to use. Right after we get out of the shower, we use a micro-fiber cloth to dry our hair. (We never wrap our hair in a towel because it’s actually really bad for your curls!) We brush our hair with a wet brush, & then scrunch it with the towel to dry it while we bend over for 5-10 minutes. We then spray the leave-in conditioner on our hair and add in the mousse for a bit of volume. Love the way it looks!

Curly Hair Essentials & Tips // Our favorite budget-friendly and top products for curly girls. We also add our tips we use daily!

A few other products that we LOVE are the Redken curvaceous curl refiner cream, the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie Cream & the eden natural curl defining creme. All are great products to use at different times. Emma uses the curl refiner cream as a way to keep her curls looking perfect & not frizzy after a few days of not washing. The curl enhancing smoothie cream is what I like to use after a few days to keep my waves looking healthy! We love our creams.

I have a couple of curling irons that I use to make my waves look a bit better than they do naturally. ;) My favorite affordable iron that I’ve used for years is the Hot Tools 1″ curling iron. It makes my hair look good ALL the time, which I’m thankful for. The other curling iron that I recently invested in is the T3 1″ curling iron. I love it as well but it’s not 100% necessary.

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As you can see, we both take our hair-care routine very seriously! These are just some of our favorite products that we swear by along with some tips and tricks that we stand by. We hope you enjoyed this post on our Curly Hair Essentials & Tips! Let us know below if you have any helpful tips that you swear by. :)


Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always, all product selections and opinions are my own.


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