Blue & White Summer Backyard Decor Ideas

Every year when Summer approaches, I get so excited to sit outside and enjoy my backyard spaces. Don’t you?! Our backyard has become an extension of our home. Having a smaller home means that every bit of space matters.. both inside and out. To make every inch usable I always try to make our outdoor living spaces feel even more cozy and comfortable with added layers and details. Having an outdoor living room is something we really love. Today I thought I’d share some easy and affordable backyard decor ideas that may help you upgrade your spaces as well. I know that I’m always looking for new ideas myself.

Outdoor spaces have changed SO much over the past 20 years. Thank goodness! Gone are the days when backyards were primarily used for just grilling or swimming/playing. Nowadays people are decorating their backyards with outdoor lamps, rugs, and home accents made specifically for the elements! I love this new trend and think it’s one that’s here to stay. Another advantage we currently have? Online shopping that offers us many different pieces, price points and a mix of brands. Everyone can find exactly what they need and have it shipped directly to their homes which makes it even more convenient.

Since I have a ton of green boxwood and white iceberg roses in my garden, I thought it might be nice to add more pops of color this year using one of my favorite color combos – blue & white! I love the calm & soothing vibes that blue provides… As a matter of fact my last home was decked out completely in blues and we loved it.

Below you’ll find a round up of all my new blue and white backyard decor along with similar items for things that I can’t link. Certain pieces are either no longer available or special finds.

Add Cozy Texture with Rugs

Whenever I begin decorating a space with a new color introduction, I like to start with my rug. It grounds the space and sets the tone! I found this gorgeous plaid indoor/outdoor rug in the prettiest of periwinkle blues from Frontgate & knew that it would be the perfect base for this year’s look. I have the 8×11 size. It’s currently on sale right now, which is great! Click here to shop the rug.

I’ve rounded up more blue & white indoor/outdoor rugs for you to gather inspiration from below!

Blue & White Summer Backyard Decor Ideas - Everything you need for an affordable DIY garden and backyard makeover. Renovate and upgrade your space!

Introduce Pops of Color with Pillows

Another couple of accents that I like to change out continuously are the pillows/throws on my sofas. It’s the easiest and quickest way to change an entire look and feel of a space. There are many places to order pillows and throws in a variety of price points. This year I found exactly what I was looking for at Frontgate once again.. they have sales ALL the time which I love.

The solid french blue pillows that I chose have a soft fringe which adds a cozy texture and the boucle pink & blue pillows tie in two of my favorite colors beautifully.

I updated my outdoor sofa cushions a couple of months ago with new white covers made of an outdoor material and love the clean backdrop they provide. You can find many great outdoor fabrics online. I chose a Perennials outdoor white. My two sofas are from Restoration Hardware – click here.

I’ve rounded up more favorite blue & white pillows below.

Blue & White Summer Backyard Decor Ideas - Everything you need for an affordable DIY garden and backyard makeover. Renovate and upgrade your space!

Personalize Your Space with Home Decor

I like to treat my outdoor patio spaces just like I do my interior rooms. Adding accents like favorite ginger jars, faux florals, candles and more are just a few ways to cozy up an area. As this year’s theme is more blue & white focused, I found SO many stunning pieces that I love.

Utilizing layers through trays on top of coffee tables is something I always love to do. Trays ground the table and offer one more way to add color and a spot to lay accent items in a clean/tailored manner. This year I painted an older tray that I love, gold. It adds a bit of warmth and luxe vibe to the space and I like that the tone compliments my firepit. My tray is an older piece that I’ve had for years so I can’t link it however I found a similar tray for you that works just as well. I actually have that piece as well and use it in my other outdoor space! It comes in a mix of sizes which is also nice. Linked here.

On the top of my gold tray, I’ve added one of my favorite blue and white ginger jars and filled it to the brim with faux peach stems. Such a fun way to add pops of color that doesn’t require any watering/care! Both are linked below.

In front of my sofas you’ll find two beautiful white garden stools from Frontgate that introduced a bit of texture with the floral medallion. These are made of an outdoor material making them very practical and currently on sale. So pretty. Click here to shop.

All the other accent/decor pieces that I have in this space are linked below, including my favorite blue greek key ginger jars from Lo Home. The jars come in a variety of sizes and they’re affordable & stylish! You can customize any color/pattern you’d like which I love! Click here to shop my jars. Use the code KRISTY15 at checkout for 15% off.

Blue & White Summer Backyard Decor Ideas - Everything you need for an affordable DIY garden and backyard makeover. Renovate and upgrade your space!

Make Your Space an Outdoor Living Room with Furniture

Unfortunately the majority of my furniture in this space is unlinkable. My sofas are from Restoration Hardware – the Provence collection. Click here.

We added this firepit in the space last year and LOVE it. It gives us that warm/cozy vibe that I crave and we feel like we’re at a resort whenever it’s on. You don’t have to have a gas line to have a firepit. Many, like this one come in 2 options. We have the propane tank option and keep it hidden behind one of our sofas.
Our firepit originally came in a charcoal color that I have since painted gold using this paint. The 2 fireglass colors we use in the firepit are – Starfire mixed with a little Gold Reflective. Click here for the fireglass. We turn our firepit on almost every night we can!
Currently on sale.. Click here to shop our firepit.

My coffee table is a homegoods find that I painted white. I love having coffee tables for people to have a spot to place their drinks, feet, etc. I find them so useful. I only paid $100 for my table.. once everything starts opening up again it’s nice to check out consignment shops/Homegoods for different options that you can DIY like I did.

Two other important pieces to our backyard space are the console tables from PB. Unfortunately they no longer carry mine but I love that the tables anchor the space. If you haven’t thought of using an outdoor console before you should consider it. They really provide a nice added height element for extra home decor and they offer another buffer between your grass/bushes or even the house. My sister has a console table sitting between her sofa and the exterior wall of her home. She keeps outdoor lights on it and a large piece of art. It looks beautiful.

Obviously loving my blue and white outdoor theme this year! By keeping my furniture pieces white, I’m able to introduce the pops of color in a much easier way. How do you like to introduce color with home decor?

Hope you’ve enjoyed my blue & white summer backyard decor ideas post! Let me know in the comments what theme you are going for this year. :)


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12 thoughts on “Blue & White Summer Backyard Decor Ideas

  1. Love everything about this space so stylish and cosy. The blue cushions, rug and ginger jars are gorgeous. Enjoy your beautiful garden room.

  2. I love it all! So beautiful! So glad you get to do this garden decorating! We have storms and rain and wind in the South that everything has to be so sturdy. But I love admiring your garden and patio!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! :) I love to garden and the weather here is prime for it. My Mom lives in Austin so I know how summer storms can be. ;) Hugs!

  3. I love everything about this! I’m about to take the plunge in the RH Provence set as well. I’m just wondering what size sofas you have the 78” classic or the longer & deeper luxe depth. Also-Does the low back on the sofa bother you at all?