10 Easy & Beautiful Spring Porch Ideas

10 Easy & Beautiful Spring Porch Ideas - Lots of decor ideas and easy options to update and add curb appeal to your home. Many links and sources!

I know so many of you are spending a majority of your free time at home nowadays. It’s important to make your home an oasis and a relaxing space that you love during this crazy time! Spring provides the perfect opportunity to introduce some color and beauty to your front porch.

This past weekend I decided enough was enough and I completely tackled the space. Not everything is 100% finished but I’m so happy with the changes that I’ve accomplished! Today, I’ll be sharing 10 easy & beautiful spring porch ideas that I used to update my space and I can’t wait to share all with you.

Change doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. These ideas don’t require you to be a DIY blogger or home renovation expert! That’s the last thing I’d want to throw at you right now.. :) To make these changes easy and doable for everyone I’ve rounded up a TON of affordable and simple spring porch ideas that can overhaul any size front porch or space.

10 Easy & Beautiful Spring Porch Ideas - Lots of decor ideas and easy options to update and add curb appeal to your home. Many links and sources!

1. Add a Spring Wreath

This is one of the easiest changes that you can make with the biggest impact! There’s something about a seasonal wreath that adds that extra curb appeal & beauty to your space.

My spring wreath hasn’t arrived yet so I’m using one of my favorite green boxwood wreaths as a substitute. A tip that I have regarding wreaths and front doors.. always keep a classic evergreen wreath (whether it be boxwood or something else) on hand for those in between seasonal wreath moments! It’s a great fall back and green wreaths always look fresh and beautiful no matter the season.

Shop Spring Wreaths:

Shop Greenery Wreaths:

10 Easy & Beautiful Spring Porch Ideas - Lots of decor ideas and easy options to update and add curb appeal to your home. Many links and sources!

2. Hang Your Wreath With a Beautiful Ribbon

An easy update to hanging a wreath is to use a beautiful ribbon. I’m all about details and I think ribbons add that touch of personality. We love hanging our wreaths with a ribbon from the top of the door. (click here for a tutorial) Another way I like to use ribbon is by adding a bow to the wreath. I’m always scouring the internet for new ribbons..

Shop Ribbons:

3. Add a Welcome Mat or Rug to Introduce Texture

Nothing like a blast of color or a sweet saying to greet your guests with! There are so many options and styles of door matts and rugs available depending on your preference and needs! You’ll find many affordable rugs in this category that don’t break the bank.

My oval black braided door rug is from Colonial Mills – I love their wide assortment of rugs in different colors and sizes. They are based in the United States and everything is braided in their Rhode Island factory. (Not sponsored!) They also always have major sales which are so nice. Right now they’re currently having a 50% off sale + free shipping so make sure to pay attention to the top of their home page for the promo code. They switch the codes out often. Click here to shop their website!

Shop Door Mats:

Shop Rugs:

4. Plant Fresh Flowers Along Walkways

One of the best way to drive curb appeal is to line your walkway with fresh flowers/succulents. Variations of color work best – including greens and other spring tones. Right now many places are offering curbside pickup of flowers and even delivery! Check your local nurseries, Lowe’s, Home Depot’s, etc. If they are closed, you can always check to see if you can order florals/seeds online and get them delivered. Planting is not only therapeutic but so rewarding once done. :)

5. Update Exterior Lighting

Something that many homeowners don’t realize is that updating exterior lighting is an easy task. It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult! It’s actually quite simple switching outdated lighting for classic lantern styles or some of the new trendy options.

When we first moved into this home we changed all of the exterior lights from the smaller in scale size that was in style in the 90’s to a much more updated larger lantern style. Jeff did it himself and it’s not difficult. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube if you haven’t done something like this before. This is an easy weekend project that can give your home a quick and fresh new look.

When looking for new lighting you may want to look at the newer LED varieties… They’re not only energy efficient but the newer styles are warm and beautiful in tone. I always look for the 2700 Kelvin grade for the warmer, more welcoming glow.

Shop Exterior Lighting:

10 Easy & Beautiful Spring Porch Ideas - Lots of decor ideas and easy options to update and add curb appeal to your home. Many links and sources!

6. Create a Cozy Seating Area

Porches that include a bench or chair/side table are always welcoming. Sometimes I like to have a spot to place things. It’s also nice to have a spot to relax on the front porch during the evenings with a glass of wine. It not only adds a beautiful curb appeal but provides a cozy spot for guests to sit! Lots of great spring porch ideas below.

My affordable chairs and side table came from Homegoods years ago..
I’ve linked a few similar options for you below!

Shop Benches:

Shop Chair Sets:

Shop Rocking Chairs:

7. Introduce Spring Pillows

Another easy way to dress up your porch for Spring is to add strong/colorful statement pillows for your bench or chairs. There are so many affordable options & prints to choose from nowadays.

I opted to keep my classic black & white monogrammed pillows for now but may switch them out for something entirely different for summer!

Shop Spring Pillows:

8. Add a Cozy Throw

I have 2 throws in a beautiful black & white houndstooth pattern that I love draped over my chairs. Throws add just one more layer of texture and welcoming warmth to your home. Throws also add an easy pop of color! I love coordinating my pillows and throws for a more cohesive look.

Shop Throws:

9. Scatter Baskets, Lanterns, Planters, Hang Flags, and Add Extra Accessories

Adding extra pieces of decor on and around your front porch/patio is a fun way to decorate for Spring! I love adding baskets, planters filled with flowers, lanterns lit up with outdoor candles and even hanging a beautiful flag. I like to switch out the florals for each season and switch up the placement. Recently, I added two faux potted hydrangea trees which flank my front door and you all went crazy for them!

Shop Flags:

Shop Baskets:

Shop Faux Plants:

Shop Planters:

Shop Lanterns & Candles:

10. Hang a Welcome Plaque

I’ve always wanted to add a welcome plaque to the exterior of my home. I love the personalization factor and the detail they provide. You can either personalize one with your name and address or simply using a special welcoming saying! It’s the perfect solution to filling an empty wall space also. I’ve always hated that open spot just above my chair and now I love the space with my new plaque. If plaques aren’t your thing you can always add large decorative house numbers instead. I love both looks and styles! There are so many options online and this is an easy change with a huge impact.

Shop Plaques/Numbers:

If you’re thinking of freshening up your front porch for the Spring/Summer season I hope that this post on Spring Porch Ideas has helped you! It’s important to remember that everything doesn’t need to be done all at once.. you can always slowly add and update pieces as your budget allows. This is usually how I approach my porch. Transforming the front porch is one of the favorite projects that I look forward to tackling every season. Updates are always appreciated and enjoyed by all!

I’ve also rounded up more of my favorite outdoor decor pieces below!


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10 Easy & Beautiful Spring Porch Ideas - Lots of decor ideas and easy options to update and add curb appeal to your home. Many links and sources!

Outdoor String Lights
All porches look great with string lights! Cozy vibes at night to curl up with a glass of wine and friends.
Hanging Floral Baskets
I love the addition of hanging baskets to any porch or outdoor space! They add warmth and texture. For spring, add a bunch of colorful florals!
Flameless Outdoor Candles
My #1 accessory for every indoor or outdoor space! They don't melt, they are programmable, and no care required. Place in a lantern, on a tabletop, or on the ground next to furniture. I have these and love them.
Hydrangea, Moss and Kalanchoe Wreath
Just ordered this beautiful handcrafted wreath and can't wait for it to arrive. Love the colors!
Spring Artificial Mixed Flowers Wreath
Cutest addition for Spring.. butterflies & spring colors! Under $70.
Crescent Hydrangea, Lemon, and Berry Wreath
This wreath has the perfect mix of rustic vibes and Spring/Summer accents with the oranges. 25% off, under $40.
Farmhouse Apple & Peony Wreath
I love this wreath and small shop so much! Jessica is an artist and I love every wreath she makes.
Cream & Pink Cabbage Rose Wreath
Another affordable wreath option I love! The blush tone is soft and beautiful. This wreath could work inside or out. Under $45.
Hello & Goodbye Doormat
Cutest doormat ever! Really popular and a cute option for year round use. 25% off by using code HOME.
Lemon Wreath
Sur La Table occasionally sells beautiful wreaths, and I'm loving this affordable lemon option. Hang it on your door or in your kitchen! Under $40. 25"
Cream Hydrangea Door Hanger Basket
This versatile piece can be hung or propped anywhere! Can be hung on a side gate, fence, front door, or propped against a chair. Small shop love!
Lemon Tree Monogrammed Coco Door Mat
You can personalize this mat a few different ways, which is so nice! Currently on sale.
Here Comes The Sun Doormat
Another cute doormat option for Spring & Summer! A bit of happiness. Currently on sale - 25% off using code HOME.
Wall Address Plaque
If you have space for a front door plaque, this piece is my new favorite addition to our space. They have several shapes and size options and colors that you can choose from! On sale. Love the personalization aspect.
Wicker Balcony Planter
Cute accent to place flowers in! Love that you can either hang them on a fence/balcony or place it on the ground. Set of 2 is on sale.
4ft Porch Swing with Cushions
If I had a larger front porch I definitely would! I love this idea and such a fun home project. Currently on sale - under $250.

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27 thoughts on “10 Easy & Beautiful Spring Porch Ideas

  1. Galvanized buckets, vintage olive pails, and other unexpected containers make wonderful planters for your spring plants. Look for ways to add the unexpected in decorating to create character in your curb appeal. Spring is a great time to incorporate some floral prints on the porch! Love this affordable DIY pom-pom throw by Lolly Jane.

    1. I do love floral prints out front. I had them last year.. I’ll have to find something diff to add when I can fill in more… :) Thanks again!

  2. Think outside the wreath when decorating your front door! Rainboots filled with faux flowers are an adorable and affordable spring door decor idea. For more outside the wreath ideas, you might want to check out 36 Creative Front Door Decor Ideas . If you re looking to add some tropical flair to your porch or patio, consider adding accessories in a tropical color scheme. Cerulean blues, navy, aqua, and tropical greens are wonderful options for a relaxing oasis.

    1. Thanks so much Kim! My door is actually clad on the outside and wood on the interior. It matches Sherwin Williams TriCorn Black perfectly. That’s also on my shutters. The door has a satin sheen that I love. Hugs!

  3. Absolutely beautiful. You have such great taste. I love it all!! I would really enjoy if you did a version with things that are less expensive, like trees.

    1. Thanks Taylor! My front trees last year were under $50 and fresh. I loved them. That’s a great idea to incorporate diff price points when things are a bit more. I’m always trying to mix thing up.. prices too. Hugs! xo

  4. Beautiful! All such great ideas and just love love love your front porch! We used to live in Livermore and miss that area so much! 🤍

  5. Thank you for sharing such beautiful ideas to spruce up our front porches/living areas. I’ve taken them to heart and have added several of these elements to my own front porch. 😊

  6. Amazing ideas. Thank you so much for the inspiration and incredible, relevant, affordable pieces and content. 💕🌸💕

  7. Thank you for the gorgeous inspiration!! I love the black, white and kelly green combo! Reminds me of the lobby at the Viceroy Santa Monica. Where did you find the faux potted hydrangea trees?? I have been googling and coming up empty? The chairs are awesome too – I love Home Goods!

  8. Hi Kristy, love everything about your house & yard! It is beautiful! My question is about the new trees you planted in front. You mentioned what they were a couple of times, but I have a terrible memory! Could you please tell me again & didn’t you day they keep their leaves all year? Thank you!

  9. I just had to comment on your porch. Never have I seen such a lovely, cozy, warm, versatile, impeccable & impressive front entry! I was immediately overcome with a sense of hospitality, conversation & inclusion. Those emotions are so rare these days that I thought it important to write you a Thank You note. So Thank You for creating it & for sharing your beautiful home.