Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents

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I love tips on wrapping presents. Especially during the holidays! There are a few rules that I always follow when I’m deciding on what design, paper and ribbon I use and it’s usually a reflection of how I’m decorating my home for the current Christmas season.

It’s important to me that my paper picks up the tones in my color scheme and the style in which I’m decorating the house. Everything looks more pulled together and cohesive when you consider the overall look… This year I knew I wanted to keep everything soft and feminine.

Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy WicksWhen choosing wrapping paper I usually look for 2-3 different style papers that are similar or at the very least, complimentary in color. Whether it be sheen or design, I like to pair them with silky fabric ribbons that match or compliment what I have going on with the rest of the house. I don’t get extremely fancy like some of my talented blogger friends but I think my overall look is just as effective in it’s elegant, simple styling.

Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy WicksAnother thing I consider when choosing paper is I try to keep my selections classic, clean and complimentary to one another. If one of the papers I choose has a floral design then I like for another to be geometric using a shade from the floral. A 3rd can even be more simple/tailored. The most important thing is to select 3-4 papers that can blend beautifully.

Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy WicksYou don’t need to spend too much for good paper… This year I found all my holiday wrap at Homegoods. They had so many great choices in all of my favorite colors. I went with a blush, white and silver/rose gold theme.
As to my ribbon selections… Paper Source, Hobby Lobby and Michaels are my go to stores for ribbon. All the fabric ribbon I chose is soft and silky, ruffled and feminine.
Another important tip… Go to the fabric section, not the gift wrapping section when looking for fabric ribbon. I don’t like wired ribbon when making bows for gifts. A more romantic soft style is what I’m aiming for. The best silk and grosgrain ribbons can be found in the fabric aisle of any craft store. There are plenty of personalised packaging ideas if you’re stuck for ideas of how to make your gifts look great. Personalised touches can make gifts much more special!

Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy WicksTo make wrapping a little easier this year I added a few ‘ready made’ decorated boxes in the same white and silver tones to mix with my wrapped presents. I love that you can find these types of boxes everywhere nowadays. Ready made decorated boxes make gift giving so much easier and they always add a more professional look. What’s not to love? ;)

Finally, when it comes to tying the ribbon around a package I always go with a large loose bow. Sometimes I’ll add an ornament, decorative accent, or flower to the fabric ribbon to personalize the package but for the most part it’s the simple, classic bow.
Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy Wicks
Where are the best places to find wrapping paper and fabric ribbon?
My favorite places for finding wrapping paper are the Container store, Paper Source, Homegoods, Marshals, Target and Tuesday Morning. The prices are competitive for the most part and these stores are always on with the current styles and trends.
All the best fabric ribbon can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Paper Source.
Last but not least, after everyone has opened their presents on Christmas morning, try to collect all the ribbon so that you can use it the following year. I always try to recycle if possible.
For more gift wrapping ideas.. check out some of my talented blogger friends below..
Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy Wicks
Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy Wicks
Image via Monika Hibbs
Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy WicksTips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents - Kristy WicksImage via Mves Blog
To view a little of my past blue and white Dining room all dressed for Christmas click here
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7 thoughts on “Tips On Gift Wrapping Holiday Presents

  1. Thank the Lord I am not the only one who tries to find gift wrap that coordinates with the tree!! ? I like using wired ribbon but I also like using tulle ribbon. It can make your gift pop and use can do so many things with it! Your gift wrap choices are gorgeous!!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I love coordinating.. it’s my favorite part of the season picking out what my color scheme is, and then going from there. Thank you so much!