My Blue and White Dining Room Makeover

Blue and White Dining Room makeover. https://kristywicks.comLoving my blue and white dining room makeover this winter!  I’ve been looking to refresh this space for quite awhile and finally decided to get on with it.. After attempting a different direction with color last summer I’ve fallen back to my true love of blue and white.  My home has an open floor plan making every room visible from one end of our home to other. Keeping things within the same color tone lends a seamless look and simply seems to work best within my home…

Blue and White Dining Room makeover. https://kristywicks.comApproaching the space one of the first things I knew I wanted to do was replace my dining hutch with a piece that fit the niche better.  My hutch has always been a little small for the larger sized niche and I was ready to get a different piece like that of a sideboard.  Beyond thrilled when I stumbled upon the perfect piece at one of my favorite consignment stores. After another visit I found the large round mirror to hang above it and with both at rock bottom prices I couldn’t pass them up.  All that was required was a new coat of paint.

Blue and White Dining Room makeover.
While I’ll miss the shelves I used to decorate in my hutch, I love that my sideboard is large enough to house a piece or two of decor along with the two silver lamps I found at Ethan Allen.  The niche looks so pretty lit up at night and accents my Antler bowl filled with Paper Whites for the holidays beautifully.

Blue and White Dining Room makeover. Blue and White Dining Room makeover. https://kristywicks.comBlue and White Dining Room makeover. https://kristywicks.comBlue and White Dining Room makeover. https://kristywicks.comTaking the change a step further I switched out my matchy matchy Pottery Barn side chairs for a blue upholstered set from Cost Plus World Market.  Once in my home I wasn’t in love with the color of the wood tone against my floors so I painted the chairs as well.  The cost of the chairs helped make my decision to paint them even easier as they were just $299 a pair.  Yes a PAIR!  I figured it was worth the gamble and knew I’d love them.  How could I not at that price??

Blue and White Dining Room makeover. https://kristywicks.comBlue and White Dining Room makeover. https://kristywicks.comYou may remember that I introduced the new ‘Edisto’ chandelier a couple of weeks ago from Kathy Kuo Home. It’s a grand piece that I really love. The frosted beaded glass and iron really shine in my space and it needed the right rug to anchor it.  The gorgeous ‘Icelandia’ rug from Dash and Albert fit the bill perfectly.  The platinum rug made of soft wool in a combination of cool tones elevates the room and the subtle stripes of the icey grays, whites and creams pull everything together from my white walls to the cream colored dining table. This new piece as classic and elegant as it is will become a long standing staple I’m sure.  I’m crazy about it.

Blue and White Dining Room makeover.
Across from my dining room I’ve added a new large blue and white piece from Minted that incorporates all the colors I’m working into my space.  The abstact print also coordinates perfectly with the 2 existing turquoise ginger jars from Kathy Kuo Home.

Blue and White Dining Room makeover. IMG_4844 (1)

Last but not least… drapes.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the perfect linen drapes from HomeGoods.  I’m switching things up far too often to spend a fortune anymore… I’ve done it twice before and refuse to waste money on an expensive set again.  When I found this linen pattern with all my colors intact I bought 6 panels and knew they’d work perfectly. The new champaign painted wooden drapery rod and finial set from Calico Corners completes the space and accents the tones reflected in my new chandelier beautifully.  I was thrilled.

Blue and White Dining Room makeover. https://kristywicks.comBelow you will find links to everything.  While the room may not look vastly different to someone else it’s exactly as I had envisioned.  It’s a light, airy and open space with pieces that look and feel so me.  That’s the most important part of decorating… staying true to yourself and choosing what really makes you happiest.

Blue and White Dining Room makeover.

Have a great day!

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22 thoughts on “My Blue and White Dining Room Makeover

  1. I love the transformation…it’s fun to see the before and after photos. What is the color on the wall behind the sideboard, I really love how soothing it looks! I’m trying to find a similar color to paint my master bedroom. Great job tying everthing together!!!

    1. Hi Karen… I mixed that paint color myself. ;) It’s half Restoration Hardware Silver Sage, Half Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee with a couple of cups of Restoration Hardware Glacier. (to take the tone from the grey/green silver sage side to more of a blue) It always trial and error with me. I hated the way Silver Sage looked in this space. It doesn’t bounce of my hardwood the way it does upstairs with my light carpet. For some reason it looks so light and pretty there but in my dining room it looked more like split pea soup! LOL. My husband laughs at me because I constantly change colors. I simply mixed and used what I had left over in my garage.

    1. Thanks Maria! I feel the same. I loved playing with it but in the end it simply bothered me that it never fit the space correctly. Hugs and thanks so much for commenting! xo

    1. Hi Nal… I painted the chairs like I do everything… veryyyyyy carefullyyyyy. Lol. I wish I could say I know what I’m doing but I simply do everything I can to NOT get it on the fabric. I usually paint with the TV on and someone to talk to while painting. Hugs and let me know if you need any more help. I’ll do everything I can to try and help you. ;)

    1. Thank you so much Paula! Miss you and Sammi. :) We need to get together the next time I visit Austin… Hugs and kisses to you both!
      Have a wonderful Christmas! xoxo

  2. Just beautiful Kristy. So peaceful. Inspiring to see some before and after pics. Have a wonderful New Year ?

  3. Your dining room is fabulous Kristy. I get some idea from your article.I have a question to you,my dining room is too small & want to decorate my room like it suitable color for my room?

    1. I’m not sure what your home looks like Mikha but if it’s something you are wanting to do I think you should go for it! ;) I love the lighter color my white has given to my home. Good luck in your designing and thanks so much for dropping by! xoxo

  4. Hi Kisty! I am in love with your style! ! Do you mind sharing what brand/color/type of paint you used on your sideboard? I just found one for my kitchen and want to paint it same as yours? Thank you!

  5. Your comments about staying true to your color wheel – We built new a year ago. I did a different decor style than I’ve ever had, classic traditional farmhouse???? Anyway, I decided to try blue here. In my late 60’s, I have never had a house I thought blue worked in. I am in love, have carried it all the way thru in some form or other! And I agree, open floor plan calls for good flow. Your room looks great & I can tell it makes you so happy!