Q & A Sesh – January 7

Q & A Sesh - January 7 - Kristy WicksWelcome to this week’s Q & A!

I feel so fortunate to have such great followers and readers on both Instagram and my blog. You all listen to me, you’re there for me and I am honored to have your friendship. I have learned so much from all of you during our back and forth commenting… I feel there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not learning something new about myself, my home or the world in general because of all of you and I thank you for that.

Whenever I feel there are a ton of questions I like to pull together one of these Sunday night Q & A’s. It’s hard to see all the comments everywhere and I just want to make sure I try to answer all. Thanks so much for popping by… I hope you’re having an amazing night. I’m watching the Golden Globes as we speak and relaxing. It’s always such a fun show to watch!

If there are questions that you still have after tonight or in any of the previous Q & A sessions please leave them in the comment section below on this blog post. I will address them in the next Q & A.

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Q & A


Love your style… I have a traditional style that includes warmer tones but want to go light and bright like yours. How should I begin?

Thanks so much! I did the same just a few years ago. You don’t have to jump in all at once… I began making changes with small things such as home decor pieces that I could afford then moved on to painting the rooms white. Furniture looks different with throws draped on them etc. I painted wood pieces that I felt looked heavy and dark and the difference was extraordinary.  Don’t feel the pressure to break the bank for the change over…
Take your time and enjoy the process. It’s fun! ;)

Do you have any favorite skin treatments or facials that you prefer and can you share about your faith?

No favorite skin treatments yet but I’m going to begin doing facials so look for more on that in the near future… As to my faith or faith in general… I don’t discuss that or my politics here. I like keeping my work world separate from those types of personal topics.  Everyone has an opinion and a belief on both which I think is great! Hugs! xx

Do you use fillers on your face?

No but I did try it 5 years ago on the lines going from the side of my nose down to my mouth. (clown lines?) I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome but maybe it was the person I went to? Since then I have gained a little weight so I have the natural filler. ;) When I lose weight again, if I need it then I would have no issue with getting fillers again. I’m all for doing whatever makes you feel good.


What type of foundation do you wear?

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear. I love that it lasts all day and it doesn’t cake or crease on me.


How do you clean your marble in the bathroom?

I use the recommended little bit of dish soap with water. I try not to use harsh chemicals if I can.  This is a newly renovated house so no mold or any types of issues in the shower. I always leave the shower door open to air everything out and squeegee off all excess water from the shower doors, walls and floor too. This helps with water spots, etc. As to the floor I steam clean with straight water.


Is your floor downstairs made of wood, laminate or tile?

Our floors are made of a white oak wood and I love them! Nothing dings them and it’s so hard to see any dust or dirt on them. The entire house is wood except for the upstairs baths. Water doesn’t seem to do anything to them either. They are also pet friendly. No scratching as of yet but Maggie is also very little.

Is your shirt on inside out?
 (see above picture)

LOL Nooooo… My Mom thought the same but it’s simply the style. ;)


Why weren’t you at the HGTV Dream Home this weekend with other bloggers?

I wasn’t invited! I would have loved to have seen my sweet friend, Brian’s ( @BPatrickFlynn of Flynnside Out ) work in person. I love HGTV and the Dream Home has always been one of my favorites. I try to win a home every year. :)


How did you run your household and duties when Emma was younger?

Everyone plays an important part in a household. If you live here then you contribute. No matter the age.  Jeff and I have always been that way with one another and we passed the thinking on to Emma. It was as easy as that.
We would ask Emma to put things away when she was finished from the age of 2 with the Barney song. Clean up clean up everybody everywhere… ;)

We showed her how to make her bed and we made it together each morning until she knew how to do it on her own. Jeff and I presented cleaning in a fun and caring way for all who live in the house.
Whenever we made dinner, whoever cooked, didn’t clean… the others would take care of the dishes. Everything was presented in a fair for all kind of way.

We have always approached treating one another and the house from a respectful stance… We are fortunate to have what we have so let’s all play a part in keeping things beautiful.


Any advice for someone afraid to fly?

Having been a flight attendant for such a long time I’m not fearful of flying. I also happen to have a sister and brother-in-law who are pilots at United and fly the largest planes. As a result I hear a lot of stories and know how safe we are.  Just the other day, the news was blasting how safe planes are now with the newer technology. It’s amazing. It really is true that it’s more dangerous on the road than in the air. Stay strong and try to relax when you have to go somewhere. Take your earplugs, listen to music, watch a movie and try and have fun. :) xx


I see you making coffee with your machine every day… What kind of coffee system do you use?

Our coffee maker is so good! I’m actually writing a post about it soon.
I can’t tell you how nice it is being able to have a real coffee in the morning (I love cappuccinos) without having to pay a fortune. It’s easy to use and we bought ours on sale at Williams Sonoma for a huge discount making it worth it all the more. You can click here to learn more about it.


I love your kitchen counter stools. Where are yours from, are they comfortable and how do you keep them from marking your floors?

My stools are from All Modern and I love them!  They are so comfy but if you like a higher back they may not be for you. I wanted something that sat just under my counter leaving the kitchen the main view. They come with pads that are already attached at the feet and the stools withstand all kinds of weight and dragging without a scratch made to the floor.  Click here for more on my stools.


How do you keep your shower glass clean and clear?

I talk about this in my Master Bathroom Before and After blog post. We had the glass treated with Diamon-Fusion which helps protect the glass from water stains but for the most part we squeegee the glass after every shower. We direct the water away from the glass also and then I Windex occasionally.


If you could change one thing about your home renovation what would it be?

I would change the family room layout!!! I am so mad I didn’t switch things up. I wanted to move the fireplace to the spot between the windows but due to cost we didn’t. As a result the TV sits in the far corner and I’m not crazy about the way the seating has to be laid out. We love watching movies and shows together and now we all have look to the corner. UGH!




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9 thoughts on “Q & A Sesh – January 7

  1. What is the best way to gain followers on your instagram account? Did you do paid advertising? Thanks! :)

  2. Hi Kristy,
    I love hearing about your lifestyle and watching all the yummy meals Jeff prepares. You are such an inspiration and my question is… I have earthtien colors in my living room and a bit of teal. I did buy a blush throw and I love it. Can you suggest what else I can add in blush besides the pillows? Thank tiu

  3. What does that very first blog post look like? And do you build your blog and then reach out to collaborate or do you collaborate right away to build your blog? Thanks Kristy! You’re the best!

  4. Hi Kristy, In a previous Q & A Sesh you mentioned that you steam clean your wood floor every week. I have engineered wood floors and would love to be able to do this but I’m worried it might damage them. Do you use straight water only? Did you test a area first or just go for it? Thanks, Suzanne

  5. Hi Kristy! What drives the most traffic to your blog: IG Stories (Swipe Up) or Pinterest? Also, have you found that being on Instagram Stories often has helped to increase your follower # even more than when there was no Stories?

  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer blogging questions! What server/host do you use? I’ve been using blogger for forever & I’m frustrated with the limitations it sets!

  7. Hi Kristy
    After seeing the photos of your new coffee table, I started to think about the design and materials in the kitchen and the family room. This is only an idea after I did some searching…just throwing this out there:
    The size looks good for lots of feet to rest on the coffee table, the materials and tones would compliment what you have going on in the kitchen…
    Give Maggie a hug for me. Our 13 year old Springer passed away in March 2017…I miss those long Spaniel ears.?

  8. Question for next week: BLOGGING
    What made you startby blogging?
    Do you feel differently now about blogging then you did when you first started?

  9. Hi Kristy!
    Either on a blog post, on an insta story or Q&A, could you tell us about your time living in Greece? I’d be so interested to know! Thank you! Xo