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My New and Perfect Barstools

I can’t believe it! I have finally found the perfect barstools for my home.

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I had better start at the beginning… I actually had barstools in my last home that I loved for over 10 years. When I brought them to my new renovated house, they just didn’t fit the island the way I had hoped. The top of the stool would swivel and hit the marble on my island constantly, and they were so heavy in both looks and feel. I hated moving them around and so did my guests.. To be completely honest, I was done.

The island in my new home has a beautiful rounded curve, and I felt that my old barstools blocked the clean open view.  They were beautiful and while I had enjoyed them for over 10 years… I was looking forward to a little change.  I wanted something new and not so traditional in style.

I began my search for new barstools as most of you may remember with my recent post here with many of my top choices. While I loved all of the stools featured, I didn’t end up picking any of them.

My dream stool needed to be lower in profile, upholstered, and I wanted it to have a rounded back to match the curve in the island. If I could avoid having four legs, all the better. The interesting thing is, the stool that I ended up choosing is the stool that I loved from my search at the very beginning. Unfortunately it was sold out at the time, and so I kept looking.

My friend Sandra, @OldSilverShed on Instagram, helped me with my search and she encouraged me to follow my recent adventurous contemporary streak.  She has the most gorgeous home and I knew she would guide me in the right direction. I’m so glad I followed my heart and pushed my boundaries.

Because my dream stool was unavailable, I ordered a couple of other barstools online.  The first was a Parisian cafe style stool from Ballard Designs.  I have always loved the look but once it arrived I felt it was too similar to my original stool in trends. Simply put, it felt traditional.  I craved change and this wasn’t going to cut it.

The second stool I ordered was a ghost acrylic stool with chrome legs. As soon as I put one in place I knew it looked too cold and sterile for my all white kitchen. The four silver legs x 3 stools was just too much for the space. It looked busy even though it was clear and drove me bananas.. I took them back to CB2 the following day. I shared them in my Instagram stories and while some loved them, many felt that I needed something a little more comfy and cozy looking. (You all know me too well and I love you for that!)

Not long after the 2nd stool failed I received an e-mail saying that my dream stool was back in stock.. I couldn’t believe my luck! I ordered 3 on the spot and prayed they would work this time around.  They did!  When I opened the 3 boxes this weekend I couldn’t believe how beautiful the stools looked in person.  They looked sleek yet elegant. They were the perfect combination stool for me and my family.

My Dream Stool

My new white stool is not only extremely comfortable, but it adds a bit of flair and looks so elegant in my kitchen. This dream stool has an upholstered seat that is made with a faux white leather… It’s perfect in that I don’t have to worry about dirty hands touching them or scratches.  The price was on point and the rounded back look so beautiful tucked underneath my island, Even the legs on the stool are unique. I’m a little obsessed. They are currently on sale, so if you are interested in checking them out, I suggest you jump on it, because I could not find them anywhere until just recently. To make this stool even better… The stools not only come in white but also black, grey, and beige.

Thanks so much for following me on my recent barstool search. I have learned so much through this process… Listening to your heart is so important when designing and being adventurous is always a good thing.

Have a great Monday… I hope you love my new stools as much as I do. They really are perfect!
Click here for my new stool.



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21 thoughts on “My New and Perfect Barstools

  1. A Brilliant choice Kristy! They look as though they were made for that space, and so sleek and elegant. You were totally correct to keep searching until you found the perfect style – well done. x

  2. I love everything about them!!!! Never settle!!! The right thing will eventually come along. Now, where do we stand on the sofa/sectional? Cannot wait for that reveal. xo

    1. Hi Dianne,
      Thank you so much for saying that! If you look at my last blog post, you’ll see the couch that I ordered.. it is coming in January. Have a great day! xo

  3. Thank you for sharing!! I just moved into my house and was looking for bar stools. These look perfect. I just ordered them and can’t wait for them to arrive.