Finding the Perfect Stool

You would think choosing the perfect stool for your kitchen would be an easy task. However, after moving into my new home and having the chance to try new styles, I’m finding it more challenging than I originally thought.

My old barstools were beautiful, but very traditional, and I’ve had them for over 12 years. I’ve painted them twice, and had them reupholstered twice, and I can honestly say they’ve had a great run. While I loved them, I’m ready for a whole new look.

Something is happening to me. I’m no longer looking for the comforts of traditional styles, and instead I find myself being more adventurous. I’m in a minimalist mode, and find comfort from the more contemporary and cleaner designs. There is something refreshing about trying new things, especially with interior design.

Some of my favorite stores, like West Elm, All Modern, and CB2 carry many of the new styles I am leaning toward. With my kitchen being open to most areas of the house, it’s important for me to keep things simple. My island is curved and I would like to accent the beautiful feature rather than block the edge like my other stools did. Think: Clean lines, Scandanavian in style, and even acrylic or metals. I’m open to all and I am finalizing my decision as we speak.

Below I’ve listed 10 of my favorite stool designs that I am deciding between. Do you have a favorite? I think I know mine. As soon as it arrives I will let all of you know!

1.  Mira Counter Stool 

I love the elegant curve on the back of this stool. It looks cozy & comfy, yet feminine.

2. Chippendale Counter Stool

This stool while classic, still has a contemporary vibe.


3. Alpha Brass Bar Stools

This brass stool reminds me of a piece of art that belongs in a museum.


4. Crestwood Barstool

I love everything about this stool. The combination of materials makes it interesting and beautiful.

5. Kennedy Woven Leather Stool

Delicate is what I think of when I see the Kennedy. While it’s simple, it’s still extremely high-end looking.

6. Fuji Counterstool

Modern & contemporary, yet the gold makes these stools look glamorous and regal. They remind me of jewelry.

7. Vapor Acrylic Barstool

This is one of my top favorites. After not having any stools surrounding my island for the past week, I’m appreciating ghost chairs and stools more and more.


8. Riviera Stool

This woven counter stool is one of the most popular stools in interior design. Everyone loves it for a variety of reasons but I just think it’s gorgeous.


9. Aaron Barstool

Streamlined and graceful, the Aaron barstool would accent the curve of my island beautifully.


Clements Barstool

I love the shape of the Clements barstool and the seat shape and design is what I was originally looking for. If I purchase this, I would probably want to get this reupholstered in a soft grey or blush fabric/faux leather.





If you’d like to follow me on the hunt for the perfect sectional, click here.


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25 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Stool

  1. I think you will pick # 4! I love that one, I want it for my home now!
    However, number 2 looks like it matches your new moving bar….. hmmmmmmmm
    How fun to look through these, read your thoughts and guess which one you chose. :)
    So even though it could be 2, I think 4 is the winner!

  2. Hi Kristy!!
    I love #4 and 7. Can’t wait to see what you picked. You can’t wrong with any of them!!

  3. I love them all! If a had had choose for you , I would pick number 2 for your lovely home . Can’t wait!

  4. Great post! All your choices are beautiful…anyone of them would work! Just keep in mind that if you go with bars at the bottom going front to back, they could scratch your beautiful floors. Might be best to pick one that you can put the little felt feet on the bottom of the legs…just a thought. I just went through the process myself and found these little clear plastic cylinders with felt on the bottom that goes around each leg of the stool.

  5. I actually looked at all of them and I think they are all nice but number 4 is just sooo different: just beautiful

  6. Hi Kristy! I think Stool #6 is perfect for the Island. They brake the line of the countertop. Is a simple line, elegant and contemporary. Perfect for another 12 years with you, like the other ones.

  7. #9 Aaron – would go well with your silver accents (cabinet handles, pendant light, etc) plus it has a simple, slightly curvy line that matches your island and is not overwhelming.

  8. I love the first one! But some of the reviews from that buyer aren’t very good. Do you look at reviews?

  9. I Ike # 4, and the others that are white with nickel finish. Love #1, however, not the gold. If it was rose gold it would be perfect.

  10. Kristy, I’m so in love with #1 and #4 for your space. But it’s not an easy choice with all the gorgeous pieces you’ve selected. I know whichever ones you choose, they will look fabulous in your stunning kitchen!

  11. Hi dear Kristy ? I love #3 the best. It’s simple also has lots of caracter same as your personality ☺️ I love your daily stories and your posts ? You have a beautiful heart ❤️ Good luck ??

  12. Oh my, Kristy, how will you choose? I feel like I want to see them all at your island before deciding, so many cute options! Love the Chippendale and all of the nickel and white ones … and some of the upholstered ones too! See what I mean? Lol! Good luck!

  13. I am new to your blog so I do not know your house or style very well, but I rot for number 1 or 4. Soft shape combined w elegant contrasting materials. I would stay clear of nr 6 and 7, the superlow back is a killer and acrylic is a pain in hot weather, lol.

  14. Hi Kristy. 7 or 9 (swaying to 9 as my favourite). Looking forward to seeing your choice. I know what you mean about changing style. I’m 47 & my style is totally changing from when I was younger. My home is slowly getting a complete facelift and I’m loving the process which is why I enjoy looking at your IG account and others like yours for inspiration. xxx