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Perfect Gift & It’s On Sale: My Espresso Machine

Does this view look familiar? One of my favorite things to do is share little pieces of my day with you over morning coffee. My coffee time is a daily ritual that I enjoy so much, so we invested in a quality espresso machine years ago and we’ve never looked back.

As you know, Jeff and I really love our espresso machine! We’ve had this machine for years and it works perfectly even with all the daily use! I’m a 3-4 coffee a day kind of girl so having a machine I can rely on really matters. This coffee maker makes the best coffee & even makes espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Jeff loves a good cappuccino! It’s also self-cleaning which is so convenient – Jeff stays on top of keeping things sparkly clean inside and out however which helps. This machine has a tray that pulls out so you can dump all grounds and clean everything. Super important to us as we like keeping it empty and ground free. I’m thrilled to share that we just found out that our coffee maker can be found on eBay completely refurbished for far less than retail and what we paid. Perfect timing with the holidays around the corner.

I have the Saeco PicoBaristo Carafe model in silver

I’m always checking eBay’s guaranteed refurbished section because they have the best deals on vacuums, tools, and other small appliances. It’s worry free because everything is backed by eBay’s 2 year warranty. Jeff recently purchased gardening tools and they looked indistinguishable from brand new items and the best part is they were nearly half the price.

Our espresso machine, brand new, costs anywhere from $1800-$1200… these machines are less than $900. I know this would make the perfect gift for any coffee lover on your list. Better yet, you can send this post to someone & drop the hint that it’s on your wish list this year:)


Thank you, eBay for sponsoring this post & thank you readers for supporting the businesses that support me.


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