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Tasks & Tools: How We Are Maintaining Our Yard

Everyone knows one of the best things about Southern California is the weather, being able to enjoy the outdoors year round is such a treat and our new home has so much space to do so! Those of you who have been following along with us for some time know that when we left Pleasanton we had to leave our dear friend Serafin, who helped us with our yard for years. Serafin executed my garden vision to a ‘T.’ Now that we are on our own Jeff has volunteered to help, but he has some big shoes to fill. ;) He will occasionally get help from a new gardener and friend, Daniel who has been working on some of the changes we’ve making on our yard. Between his visit however Jeff will be filling in. I thought I’d share some of our journey with you. If you’re starting your garden fresh or considering taking on more landscaping yourself these are the tasks and tools we are taking on to help us work on our yard.

Task: Trim the lawn edges and between the Stepping Stones

I find the most impactful part of the yard to keep manicured is the lawn. You tend to get away with more time between gardener visits when the lawn is freshly mowed, edges and stepping stones are edged. Jeff ordered a string trimmer to take care of these details

Tool: 14″ Folding String Trimmer

I know eBay has really good deals on certified refurbished products because I share their vacuum sales often. We also have a refurbished mixer from eBay. I told Jeff to check their site before buying from a big box store and we are so happy he did because he found some really good deals. They carry certified refurbished items from top tool brands like DeWalt, Rockwell, & Makita. Jeff ended up ordering the 2 tools he set out to get and saved enough to buy a third tool he was eyeing.

Task: Keeping the hedges at bay

Keeping hedges looking fresh and clean is another impactful way to keep the yard looking polished. I was really excited when Jeff said he was confident he could take this task on himself. He ordered a hedge trimmer to get the look I wanted…

Tool: 22″ Hedge Trimmer

I’ve seen videos on Instagram of shaping hedges and they are always so therapeutic to watch. I imagined it was so much harder than it looks. When Jeff gave it a try he said it was surprisingly easy and I was really impressed by the great job he did his first time using the tool.

Task: Branch Maintenance

Some of the foliage in our yard has been here for years and it’s still beautiful but with age the branches get thicker and harder to trim and shape. If this sounds like your yard, Jeff suggests a Reciprocating Saw

Tool: One- Hand Reciprocating Saw

This was the bonus tool Jeff got! It’s great for yard work like trimming roots & branches but there are a number of projects he plans to use it for beyond landscaping too.

How do you keep your yard looking it’s best? Do you have a few favorite tools that you rely on? Let me know in the comment section below!



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3 thoughts on “Tasks & Tools: How We Are Maintaining Our Yard

  1. Great Idea! We will look into that for sure. I have enjoyed watching you and Jeff maneuver this move! Your inspiration has been heartwarming. Mike and I have been married 38 years and we have started doing the “cheers“ in the morning with my coffee and his tea!
    My mom had breast cancer so you are always in my prayers. Continue to stay who you are especially with everything white..😍 this is totally what I love too!
    All my best wishes for you and your new adventures. Joy

  2. Your yard looks beautiful Kristy. One question, are you able to mow over the stepping stones or do you have to use a trimmer. I’m considering stepping stones but wonder about the maintenance. After putting in a pool and house this year, God knows I don’t need more maintenance! 🤣