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March Book Club Picks

Hi guys! Emma here – I’m back with more book club news! So excited to announce our March Book Club Picks.. and I’m hoping you all love this month’s book options a little more than you did February’s..

As many of you know, we have a book club page on Facebook where we swap book recommendations, chat about the books, and more. Click here to join!

Anyways.. on to our March Book Club Picks! For those of you who are new or who aren’t in the facebook group.. we decided to add a secondary book to January’s lineup for the overachievers & decided to keep it going! We’ll be discussing the secondary novel solely in the facebook group, not here on the blog. We’ll always have 1 main book for each month and a secondary book for those who aren’t interested in the main book or for the overachievers who want to read both.

We also wanted to share that we have a ‘bookshop’ online – where we have ALL of the book club books, our favorite reads, what we are currently reading, Jeff’s favorites.. and more linked HERE. You can order everything from that page & proceeds go back to the authors and independent bookstores. It’s an amazing opportunity to not purchase from Amazon. Click here to shop & see everything we’re reading!

Now on to the March Book Club Picks!

Our main book is…

Long Bright River by Liz Moore!




“[Moore’s] careful balance of the hard-bitten with the heartfelt is what elevates Long Bright River from entertaining page-turner to a book that makes you want to call someone you love.” – The New York Times Book Review

“This is police procedural and a thriller par excellence, one in which the city of Philadelphia itself is a character (think Boston and Mystic River). But it’s also a literary tale narrated by a strong woman with a richly drawn personal life – powerful and genre-defying.” – People

“A thoughtful, powerful novel by a writer who displays enormous compassion for her characters. Long Bright River is an outstanding crime novel… I absolutely loved it.”
—Paula Hawkins, #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The Girl on the Train

Two sisters travel the same streets, though their lives couldn’t be more different. Then one of them goes missing.

In a Philadelphia neighborhood rocked by the opioid crisis, two once-inseparable sisters find themselves at odds. One, Kacey, lives on the streets in the vise of addiction. The other, Mickey, walks those same blocks on her police beat. They don’t speak anymore, but Mickey never stops worrying about her sibling.

Then Kacey disappears, suddenly, at the same time that a mysterious string of murders begins in Mickey’s district, and Mickey becomes dangerously obsessed with finding the culprit–and her sister–before it’s too late.

Alternating its present-day mystery with the story of the sisters’ childhood and adolescence, Long Bright River is at once heart-pounding and heart-wrenching: a gripping suspense novel that is also a moving story of sisters, addiction, and the formidable ties that persist between place, family, and fate.

Doesn’t this book sound incredible? I am SO excited to dive right in and read it. Sounds a lot better than last month’s pick, and I’m really looking forward to it. Click here to shop.

Second Book…

Persuasion by Jane Austen

March Book Club Picks - Kristy Wicks and Emma Wicks book club - the March book is Long Bright River by Liz Moore. Thoughts and decisions before reading!


Of all Jane Austen’s great and delightful novels, Persuasion is widely regarded as the most moving. It is the story of a second chance.

Anne Elliot, daughter of the snobbish Sir Walter Elliot, is woman of quiet charm and deep feelings. When she was nineteen she fell in love with—and was engaged to—a naval officer, the fearless and headstrong Captain Wentworth. But the young man had no fortune, and Anne allowed herself to be persuaded to give him up. Now, eight years later, Wentworth has returned to the neighborhood, a rich man and still unwed. Anne’s never-diminished love is muffled by her pride, and he seems cold and unforgiving. What happens as the two are thrown together in the social world of Bath—and as an eager new suitor appears for Anne—is touchingly and wittily told in a masterpiece that is also one of the most entrancing novels in the English language.

Okay, Okay, I know you guys. Jane Austen? One of the most famous authors in all of history? I just LOVE her writing and have read many of her most famous works – but haven’t read Persuasion. I think it’ll be a great love story and a lighter option compared to our other choice. The best part is.. it’s free on Apple downloads! (At least it was for me.) If it isn’t, you can click here to order. (or pick up at any local book store.)


What do you think about our March book club picks? Let me know in the comments below.

Please keep in mind that I’m reading alongside you each month.. I don’t know anything more than you other than what’s in the main summary. If there are issues that may trigger you while reading a book, please do your due-diligence and research whether this book is right for you. This book club is open to all subjects – hard times, politics, romance, horror, serial killers, miscarriage and so forth. Please make sure to research if topics are of a concern. Thanks!


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12 thoughts on “March Book Club Picks

  1. I’m in Australia right now with two days at sea coming up. If I don’t find a bookstore soon, I will have to download AT LEAST one of them to keep me happy on the ship! Hope I can do it! Both sounds excellent.

  2. Such a happy coincidence to see Persuasion as a March choice.
    I received it as a Christmas gift and appreciate the incentive to begin reading.
    Looking forward 📔

  3. Can you pick which book? I may read with my middle daughter who LOVES Jane Austen! I have 2 of the 3 home from college, since their schools, in 3 different states, have closed. They reverted to online for 4 weeks, so they have coursework to keep up, but it may be “doable” & fun to do together❣️

  4. Me again, Emma! My oldest may join us, but she’s in medical & just out of college. Since ai have 2 girls & a boy, it may be good to do the first, since they’re sisters. Do we need to let you know which book before we start?

  5. I’ve also just finished Long Bright River, I loved it! The way it flips between ‘then’ and ‘now really kept me reading. Looking forward to a discussion!