Kristy’s Friday Favorites

Friday… My favorite day of the week! To help celebrate I have included 4 fun categories that incorporate some of my all time favorite things… Art, Nordstrom, a fun DIY project and a celebration of one of the most colorful people I know, Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar Blog!

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1.  Friday Favorite: Art under $200


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I’m always looking for new art… the more affordable the better!  Finding beautiful pieces with a budget may seem like a daunting task but all that’s required is a good sale and a keen eye.  I appreciate art of every type so when given the opportunity to mix things up I’m always doing what I can to make it work.  Today I’ve selected several of my favorite pieces under $200 for all of you… Enjoy!


2.  Friday Favorite: Nordstrom Sale

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Only 2 more days for this highly anticipated yearly sale.  I can’t emphasize how much I love this sale!  Slashing prices before a season hits doesn’t happen often but Nordstrom seems to enjoy doing it year after year and I for one am thankful.  ;) There are still so many amazing Fall items up for grabs… Take a peek!






3.  Friday Favorite: DIY – Lauren Conrad Gold Ring Wall Hanging

Image via Lauren Conrad

I absolutely love the idea behind ‘DIY’ home decor. It’s something special that you get to work on, call your own and proudly showcase in your home once completed. It’s made even more special when performed with friends and family in a group setting. Another plus, DIY projects usually end up being far less expensive than purchasing the item you are trying to make.. Always a motivator for me.

Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite creative bloggers with so many fun DIY tutorials on her blog. One of my all time faves is her “Gold Ring Wall Hanging DIY”. Emma is dying to make one of Lauren’s rings for her new apartment and she makes it seem so easy I may have to join in as well.  ;)
Click here to head over to Lauren’s tutorial to make one yourself!

4.  Friday Favorite: Colorful Instagrammer & Blogger,
Will Taylor of @BrightBazaar

Image via

If you haven’t discovered lifestyle blogger Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar yet… then you are missing out on one of the greatest color inspirations on Instagram this year.  Will has single handedly taken over as color spokesman for many and he’s become my personal daily inspo cheerleader. His smile and can do enthusiastic attitude motivates me constantly.
Will has a passion and appreciation for everything that surrounds him and it’s completely contagious. With a love for all things coastal and colorful, especially blue… I find myself checking in to see where he is and what he’s up to on a daily basis. I love the enthusiastic way in which Will approaches design and decorating and what’s most admirable is that he strives to do all while keeping budget in mind. He’s proof that you can live colorfully and happy without spending a fortune.
You can follow Will on Instagram here and his amazing blog here.
Be prepared to be inspired…

Colorful Friday Picks ~



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  1. I love many of the Rifle Paper prints, especially that San Francisco one . Lots of nice things suggested.