Front Door Reveal

Front Door Reveal

Front Door RevealIt’s here! It’s finally here! I can’t believe I’m saying this.. but my new front door is installed and looking more beautiful than ever. For those of you who have been following our long journey of renovation.. you know I’ve been wanting this for a long time!  It’s taken 2 years but well worth the wait because our new front door from Andersen Windows & Doors is more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined. Click here to check out the design process and to see how we came to select this door.

I have to thank quite a few people for helping make this possible. A huge thank you to Andersen Windows & Doors for partnering with me on this amazing project. Andersen made this possible and they helped me SO much throughout the entire process. The front door was the exact style I have always envisioned for my home. The fact that we were able to make it work is beyond exciting.

Another thank you to Dolan Lumber and Joe Matta Construction. Dolan Lumber (Brian Barney especially) spent SO much time with me finding the right design and created the most beautiful door for my home. Joe Matta Construction had the difficult process of installation – I really appreciate the time and diligence the guys put into this project.

Our old door
Front Door Reveal Kristy WicksLet’s take a look at the door before renovation, shall we? When we first moved into this home.. the original walkway and entry were all concrete and very plain. There was no stone to speak of, and the door itself was over 20 years old. Our home was built in the 90’s by a builder who went out of business and did not use high quality products. The door was completely dented from years of hard usage.. and we were ready for an upgrade.

Front Door Reveal Kristy WicksI did everything I could to compensate for my off centered, dented door – which is what most people do on a budget! We had already renovated a majority of our home and wanted to space out our projects. Before we were able to change out the front door we had to complete a new front walkway with steps and tile. We also replaced part of the fence and added a custom gate. The new door had to be put on hold.

Our new Door

Front Door Reveal Kristy WicksLet’s be honest.. there is nothing like a beautiful front door gracing a house. It’s the added jewelry that sets a house apart. Looking at this door makes me SO happy. It anchors my entry and it allows for more light in my home. I love that the style is also classic and elegant.

Front Door Reveal Let me share some of my favorite features about this door. First of all – our new black door has glass windows which was extremely important to us. We wanted as much light as possible.. and now we have it! Clear glass was a must. Not only does clear glass allow for more light but it was also different than the patterned glass door that we had in our previous home. The clear glass without any bevel gives the door the clean look and style that we were searching for.

Front Door RevealMore details.. The grid style I chose for the door mimics the windows on the house and compliments them perfectly. Another feature that sets the door apart is the moulding that wraps around the exterior and interior of the door. I knew that with the exterior, I wanted moulding that was a little more traditional. I simply felt that some of the newer shaker trends just wouldn’t work with this house. Brian from Dolan Lumber helped me select the perfect pieces to frame it properly. I went with brass hardware on the exterior door handle because I love the richness the gold tone lends to the black paint and my exterior house paint color.

Front Door Reveal Kristy Wicks

Front Door Reveal Kristy Wicks

Front Door Reveal Kristy WicksAs to the interior side of the front door… Rather than using the same moulding as the exterior, we went with the exact same crown moulding that is featured throughout the inside of my home. I love that! The door is painted in the same white paint color as the interior walls and we went with chrome hardware to match the existing hardware on the inside of the house.

Front Door Reveal Kristy Wicks

Front Door RevealAs to addressing privacy issues using clear glass – we are adding shades which we will be able to lower during the evening times. I will probably use the same natural woven shades that I currently have hanging in the adjacent windows in the living room.

Front Door Reveal and Redo

Front Door Reveal Kristy WicksOnce again, if I haven’t said it enough… We are in love with our new Andersen front door. It was so worth the wait. I’m going to have so much fun decorating our front porch for every season now.. As you can see, I have already kicked off autumn with a little fall decor. I haven’t finished everything yet, but I’m loving all the seasonal additions. To help dress my door for this special first week at home.. a few princess pumpkins and purple mums. Perfect for reveal day!

Let me know in the comments what you think!! So excited to hear from all of you. :)



Thank you to Andersen Windows and Doors for partnering with me on this front door. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that keep going. 




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113 thoughts on “Front Door Reveal

  1. It looks ahhhmazing! Your home even looks larger with it’s great expans! What great work they did. Enjoy your new door.

  2. This is so beautiful! I know you must be thrilled! Thank you for sharing ?. I’m looking at black paint for my door and it’s as hard as deciding on the perfect white paint… so many options.. What color of black did you use ?

    1. Hi Holly – thank you so much! We are just so so excited.. I actually went with a clad black door.. so it’s whatever black color that Andersen uses for black. xo

  3. Your new front door is gorgeous! I was worried about the privacy issue but you have it all figured out with the shades! I didn’t even know you could do that! What a great idea! Enjoy!

  4. EXCELLENT!!!! I love it! It is big and spacious looking. Grand yet traditional! Perfect!!!!??????????? Just beautiful!!!!

    1. Hi Vicki.. how kind of you to say! I am so happy with the new door and some of the porch stylings (not finished though.. definitely need to add a wreath!) xo

  5. Your new door is absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention your Autumn decor. Your and Jeff’s home is perfect. So wish I had
    your talent. Everything is stunning! Hope I can find some pastel pumpkims soon. We live in Central NC and so fortunate to have no water damage. It’s such a tragedy for so many areas and families have lost everything. We typically make a trip to the mountains where there are an abundance of every kind of
    pumpkins yet, they’ve had
    flooding, as well. I may have to enjoy looking at yours. Take care…? ????

  6. Your door is beautiful and really is the shining jewel of your entrance. It’s amazing what a difference it made to the curb appeal of your home. Your home was beautiful before but now it is simply stunning.

  7. Kristi I love your new door! Your design and choices are perfect and fit your beautiful home. Of course Miss Maggie is just the added topping in your photos!

    1. Hi Wendy, thank you!! The hardware was the most difficult choice for me but we are so happy with the end result.. thank you so much for stopping by the blog. xo

  8. It’s just beautiful! Love the color of the door, brightness it adds and your choice of moulding inside/out. Your home looks perfect and complete.

  9. Wowzers.. Looks sooo good! What a difference.. and little Maggie just makes it even prettier. Shes so cute. You did your homework in finding the right company because they did an outstanding job. Enjoy the Front Door :) Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Anna.. We love Andersen, we added their French Doors to my home when we first renovated and knew their quality was top-notch! Sweet maggie.. thank you for stopping by the blog.

  10. The door is beautiful Kristy! So happy you got what you always wanted…isn’t that fun ;) We have black double doors and I want to change them out for french county doors with glass, love the glass look! Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Denise! It’s so fun!! ;) But I’m just glad that I waited for the right timing and really thought about exactly what would look best.. I love french country doors. I’m sure they will look amazing!! Thank you for stopping by the blog and your sweet comment.. xo

  11. Just beautiful Kristy! Really makes a huge difference. I’m curious about the shades you will be using on the interior side, as we are contemplating this type of door design on our vacation home. Will you put shades on the little side windows too? I’m thinking of just forgoing the shades all together and hoping I don’t get any peeping Toms. I’m not sure I will like the look of the shades on the inside.

    1. Hi Pattie! Thank you so much.. The shades are going to match the natural woven shades I have from Wendy Belissimo’s line with Smith and Noble.. the best. I am going to get shades for the sides as well. Wendy and I went around and around about this topic yesterday but even though you’ll see the woven’s from the outside looking in.. I think they will add the right amount of cozy texture that we need to the house. If you’re interested in looking into the same wovens I have.. here’s a blog post I wrote on the subject.. You can always email me if you have more questions. xx

  12. Very pretty. I have the same concern about a clear glass door and privacy. Would like to see how the natural shades look once installed. It is beautiful though!

    1. Thank you so much Amanda!! I totally get it – I’m definitely going to share how the shades look with the windows after they are installed. I’ll share on stories and probably will post a pic on IG. Stay tuned! xo

      1. I would love to see how the shades look on your entry door, but can’t find the post. Can you post photos of how it turned out? Thank you!!

  13. Love love love the vibe of the new door. Matches the rest of the house beautifully! Where did you get that beautiful handle from?

  14. Wow! This is gorgeous and I would love to make this happen for my home. First, is this the “Straightline Glass Panel” entry door by Andersen? And, do you know if it would be available with Smart glass technology?…you know that frosts with a flick of a switch?

  15. My husband and I are just starting a new construction home. Wondering how much this door cost, if we should even start the quote process only to be discouraged at the cost…

  16. The doors are beautiful. I have a question , im a renter and how can i make my little duplex have the beautiful feel like you guys have in the interior being a renter of a small duplex.

  17. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you do next. I got a new door installed from conservation construction, but yours is much more beautiful than mine or maybe you just style things better? Whatever it is good job!

  18. Great door!!! I’ve gone to the Anderson website to try and find it. I would like it in plain white! What is the name of this door?? Thanks in advance

  19. Is your door wood or fiberglass? Please comment on whether you considered both and why you chose one over the other. Thanks.
    Looks amazing btw.

  20. Do these doors come in the fiberglass as well? I would love to use this style for my patio door replacement but would prefer they be made of fiberglass so the same thing doesn’t happen that happened with my current doors. Love this wide pain look. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Diane,
      My door is clad on the exterior and wood on the interior so that it can withstand all elements. You should look into that option. :) Hugs! xo

  21. I love your front door! I’m doing a design project and feel it would be the best door for my project. Would you be kind enough to give me the name of the door so I can order one too. Thanks, Jen Hemming

    hope you are safe and well

  22. Would love to see what you are doing for blinds- any chance you can share. This is exactly the style of front door I’m looking for but a little worried about privacy. Thank you!

  23. Dear Madam
    The door is painted Sherwin Williams Naval. Could you give me the colour codes of the White and Wallet color please?

  24. Your door looks great. I am about to order same look only a double door with two sidelights. Can I ask are the grids attached to the glass or in between glass? Looks like attached (simulated divided light).

  25. We really like your front door. Is this a door that can be purchased from Andersen or was it a custom from them?

  26. Did the pane in the window get put in after the installation or was it always there? I currently am remodeling and I picked out the same door as you have selected, and its sitting in the garage currently, without the pane?

    1. Hi Carrie,
      My door arrived as you see here – complete with side windows and middle pane intact. Hope that helps. You have to order it specifically.

  27. I love these doors, I would be very helpful If I could know what size where your door opening. My door opening is 60″ Do you think my opening is too small for these doors? What size was the center door was it 36 inches . I would really would love to hear from you.
    Thank you

  28. LOVE it! I believe I am going to order this same door…well, I’m planning to have 6 lites… but I have a question about the shade you’re going to use… have you installed it yet? The interior part of the door is wood, right, and you’re going to attach it to the frame? I’d love to see how it turned out… Thanks.

  29. I love it! In fact, your article is so perfectly timed as I have been shopping for an entry door and this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Everything from the sidelights to the hardware. Thank you :) One question, is there an option to have the door pre-treated black, or did you paint it after the fact?

  30. Hi Kristy, I love your door and am considering it for my new home. Please share the dimensions H X W of the door and side lights.

    Thanks Andrea

    1. Hi Katie! The door is wood on the inside and clad on the outside. We get so much sun exposure we decided that would be best over the long haul and I’m so happy we went in that direction. xo

  31. Hi are these doors real solid wood with the many colors showing? The doors look amazing. Is this an Andersen door?

    1. Hi Jermain!
      Because this part of the house gets so much sun they went for a clad door to protect against warping.

  32. Hi Kristy
    I would love to know what you did for privacy. We are looking to replace our door with something like your door. I am very concerned that my neighbors across the street will be able to see in (both front doors line up exactly). Thanks!

  33. I love the look! You choose the perfect dimensions.
    I looked at Anderson but could not tell much about the size of the door and the sidelights.
    Can you share them with me?
    Thanks again!

  34. Can you tell me how you ordered the door? I went to their site, but it wasn’t very helpful. We want something very similar, except maybe the top light as well.
    I tried to look up places nearby to go, but they sent me to HomeDepot which was no help. I’m in Oklahoma.
    Please feel free to email me :). Thank you so much!

  35. I love your front door as well and the color is gorgeous. You will have so much fun decorating the entrance area. God bless you and all who share this beautiful home. Dianne Bryant

  36. Beautiful front door! Can you give me an estimate on the cost? Was there a long wait? I live in Virginia. Do I just contact Anderson doors?

  37. Looking for new front door with sidelights could you tell me size your door is and where you purchased it. Love it.

  38. Hi Kristy, We love you front door. Can you tell us what model it is from Anderson? We are trying to find it in all Anderson’s materials but is proving to be difficult. Thank you. Your sense of design is amazing.
    Tim & Sue