Front Door Redo Plans (and Fall FD Decor)

Front Door Redo

When we first purchased this home two years ago our front door was 22 years old, dented and had definitely seen better days. While we have been living here I have been dreaming of designing a new door that I would love. I had hoped to make the change with our renovation right when we purchased our home but we had to draw the line as they say.

The floor plan to our home is an open concept and as a result.. our door is seen from every room in the house. The front  door also sits smack dab in the middle of the dining room and living room which isn’t ideal. I don’t mind this terribly however.. if it’s taking center stage than I would like for it to look a little more worthy? For example, I would love for the door to reflect more light and showcase my style more than it currently does. It’s a very wide plain white wall with a door stuck in the middle. Because we don’t have a formal entry, I would rather fill the empty vast wall space with a view that reflects more light and beauty.

When looking at door brands, I knew I wanted to install an Andersen Windows and Doors front door. With our renovation we added 3 sets of Andersen French Doors throughout our home and loved them from the minute they were installed. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Andersen said they wanted to partner with me on a project as large as a custom front door. :)

We’re working with Dolan Lumber,  a wonderful local window & door company on the installation process. On top of installing the actual door and sidelights, they are also framing out the entire door with custom moulding inside & out. I could not be more excited.. it’s going to look so beautiful! If you’re local to the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure to check them out if you’re looking at adding a new door or window to your home. Dolan has been so incredible to work with throughout this process & their showroom has examples of every door style and material that you can imagine – click here. Their showroom is located in Concord, CA.

Front Door Redo PlansMy Andersen front door inspo

Andersen offers so many different door styles.. but the one that spoke to me most was the Straightline (181) Door with 2 sidelights (183). My new door will look similar to the white door in the photo above (without the window above the door)  except for a few changes to the door.  We changed the height of the wood at the bottom of the door & sidelights to be a little higher so that the bottom of the glass in the door and the sidelights will match the window height of my windows in the living room. These windows run adjacent to the door so it was important that they line up properly. In regards to the materials, we went back and forth between wood and clad. Dolan Lumber recommended clad for the mere fact that my front door gets direct sunlight most of the day. Direct heat can warp the door and where I live our summers can reach over 100 degrees many days in a row. Not good for a door long term.  The clad door on the other hand is perfect for long term sustainability.

Front Door Redo PlansWindow shade inspo for my front door via Brooke Wagner Design

Many ask about the privacy issues with regards to having a clear glass front door & side lights. I plan to hang the same natural woven shades from Smith and Noble that I already have hanging throughout my entire living room and home. Extending them to my front door like those shown in the photo above will give me all the privacy that I need.. when I want it. My shades are also a bit lighter in color than those above and I love them.

Front Door Redo Plans | Kristy WicksA close up of my new door dimensions. The width of the entire door plus sidelights will be over 74″ wide.

I was doubtful at first as to how the clad would look and feel in comparison to the real wood until I went to Dolan Lumber and looked myself. I felt so much better once I went in and saw the doors in person. It’s hard to change my mind on something one I’m set on it.. especially after growing up with wood doors.. but I knew that after a year or two the wood would probably begin to have issues and I didn’t want to deal with hearing everyone tell me that I should have listened. ;) Clad was surprisingly a little more expensive than the wood but it’s worth it.

I’ll share more details like the color and glass once the door is complete in a couple of weeks. Door installation begins on Monday Sept. 17th and we can’t wait! Watch out for my IG stories because you can bet I’ll be sharing nonstop. Can’t wait to style my new front door and take tons of pictures – and reveal the final look to all of you!

Click here to check out more of Andersen’s Doors and Windows. They have been an absolute dream to work with.. If you’re thinking about redoing your front door, definitely consider Andersen Windows and Doors. If you’re local to the bay area, don’t forget to check out Dolan Lumber located in C0ncord! Their showroom is worth the drive.


Front Door Redo

Front Door Decor – Wreaths!

With a new door coming, I can’t help but research the hottest fall decor to help dress my new front door and porch. One of my favorite small shops, The Accidental Farmgirl Co, designs gorgeous wreaths in new fresh styles each season. They are hand crafted and absolutely gorgeous. I’ve owned a few of them now and the quality is top notch. I will be adding some of Jessica’s amazing fall wreaths to this space so keep out. Can’t wait to share.

If you would like to order a beautiful fall wreath of your own you can use the code: KRISTYWICKS to receive 10% off your order! Click here to shop the many styles, colors, and designs.


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My new front door is in collaboration with Andersen Windows & Doors and Dolan Lumber. My wreaths are gifted and I have partnered with The Accidental Farmgirl Co. through the fall season – however all opinions are my own and I truly love all of her products. 




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7 thoughts on “Front Door Redo Plans (and Fall FD Decor)

  1. How exciting! I love the door you chose and can’t wait to see it installed! Did I miss your living room reveal or is that surprise still coming? Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Juliet! We are so excited over here.. can’t wait for install day.

      I haven’t revealed the living room yet – coming so soon!! I can’t wait to share with all of you. Just adding the last few touches!

  2. Hi — we are trying to purchase this exact front door –we’re inspired! But we cannot find where to purchase it online or the cost. Could you please send us a link or information? Thank you!

    1. I am also looking to purchase this same door – and I’ve been on Andersen forEVER trying to track it down. Would you mind just sending me the name of the door and (if you have them) dimensions? I’d appreciate you so much!

      1. Hi Mandy! The dimension are here on the blog, the third photo from the top. This door was custom-made so it doesn’t have a name but if you reference Kristy they may be able to look up the details. Hope that helps :)

  3. Hi! We are updating our front door as well and I would love have a door similar to the one you’ve chosen but I’ve been going back and forth for weeks regarding the privacy. Can you explain your installation of the curtain and what you used for mounting? My main concern is this is a big investment especially since I have a double door and I do not want to ruin them. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you

  4. Your door is stunning and I keep coming back to it as I plan my new one! Did you use 12 or 14 inch sidelites? Is the door 36 inches wide? Thanks very much.