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February Book Club Discussion

February Monthly Book Club - Thrillers & Killers & Husband's Who Lie, Oh my!

Welcome to the February’s Book Club discussion everyone! This month’s book, The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle was such a suspenseful page turner. Thanks to Emma and Caitlin from Southern Curls & Pearls for the book recommendation.

If this is the first time you’re reading one of our book discussions, we want to make sure that everyone understands the process. To learn more about January’s book click here. In this post, we will be writing our thoughts & opinions on February’s book, The Marriage Lie, then we would love for all of  you to let us know what you think about the book in the comment section below!

The great part about book discussions is that everyone can comment on one another’s comments to invoke deeper discussions. We will be checking in on this post and responding periodically throughout the month, so feel free to comment at any time – even if you decide to read this book after February. We will always try to read people’s comments and answer back ASAP. Last month we received so many amazing and great comments.. we loved hearing all of your opinions. Sometimes it may take us a little time to respond but it’s always our goal to stay as interactive as possible and to try and answer everyone as soon as possible



From the minute I read the description on the back of The Marriage Lie, I knew I needed to read it!  Not only does my husband travel for business a lot, but having been a flight attendant for many years.. I’m more than aware of the risks of flying. The opening pages of this book turns everyone’s fears to reality.
As to the book… I was hooked from page one. Like Iris, I too love my husband dearly and hate whenever he has to leave or go out of town. The title gives quite a bit away but I was still intrigued.

The most ironic thing is that I began reading this book on the day that my husband, Jeff left on a business trip. It matched up so perfectly with the beginning of the book that I could not put it down! Believe me when I say I made sure to call him once he landed..

I found this book through Caitlin from Southern Curls & Pearls – she read this book recently as well and reviewed it on her blog. I trust her opinion because I’ve agreed with her on so many other different book endings. My thoughts are usually the same as hers. When I saw the description of this book I knew it would be perfect for the book club – and I think I read the novel in about a day. It was a fast read and a perfect book to pick for all of you. I enjoyed it, some parts were a bit predictable but overall it was a page-turner that I enjoyed.

Like Emma, I loved the fast-paced storyline. While I guessed some of the ‘who done it’ moments early on, I still found it interesting. This is a popular storyline in movies, and every once in a while you hear about someone ‘faking their own death’ in the news. For some reason I find these sorts of plots crazy on one hand but also very compelling on another. Iris was such a great character. I loved how smart she was portrayed. It was a fast read.. I think it took me just 2 days to read. I love books like that!

I liked Kimberly Belle’s writing style because it kept me intrigued and made me feel like I was actually with Iris the whole time. Writers who make the reader feel close to the main character are so talented! I also felt like the characters were super in-depth, even some of the unimportant ones, and that’s what I really enjoyed. 

Our Favorite Parts of the Book (so many)

  • We loved the relationship that Iris had with her family. Iris’ brother, Dave and his husband were the cutest. It was nice to see a close brother/sister relationship and the way in which Belle, the author, showed Dave’s unwavering support. The most important thing was that Dave believed Iris from the beginning and stood by her side the entire time.
  • Iris’ love for her husband was evident from page one. It’s what pulled us into the story and gave the story a lot of credibility. You could really understand the drive behind her endless searching for answers. Knowing everything that Will did to Iris.. it was a little hard to fully understand why Iris jumped into bed with Will at the end of the story. It was obvious the struggles she battled within.
  • When Dave and Iris went to Seattle.. they acted just like we would… asking questions and snooping hard core. Loved it! When Dave stole the yearbook, we cheered!
  • Every time Belle shared something new that Will lied about we inched closer to the edge of our seats.  From the moment we found out that Will didn’t make the Orlando flight and instead headed to Seattle for a new job, we were hooked. Discovering that he wasn’t as nice as Iris knew him to be from the Coach back in Seattle or that he could possibly have a hand in his Mom’s death was shocking.  Each of these moments played such an important part to Iris’s character development.
  •  We loved when Iris teamed up with Evan, the lawyer. At first you aren’t sure if Evan was hiding something.. but then he shared his true colors by helping Iris.
  • While Emma was surprised that Corbin was behind the money being stolen, I wasn’t. He seemed funky from the first meeting and the fact that he kept hovering around made him stand out even more. I didn’t know if Belle was purposely trying to make me think that Corbin was more guilty than he actually was or what… Of course in the end we discover he wasn’t a good guy at all.  When Iris discovered that Corbin was the one tracking her phone and lying to her we both found this part predictable… from the minute he showed up at the memorial full of info about Iris and Will we had doubts about him.  What we didn’t understand was his motives at the time. Also why she would go to his house alone later in the story is beyond us. Evan (the lawyer) felt the same way and yelled at her.. she is described to be so much smarter than that.
  • We loved when Corbin showed himself to Iris after Evan (the lawyer) checked her house. The real reason we enjoyed this crazy part is because Iris knew how to play him like a fiddle. She zoned in on his narcissism and it was great to see.
  • It was so great when Will showed up at the end! We finally got some answers. It was a long-awaited moment and I’m glad Kimberly Belle added this to the ending because it made him a little redeemable. He was the one who got Iris into this mess.. at least he saved her from crazy Corbin.
  • While it was nice that Will saved Iris… Will showed his true colors when he told Iris that he didn’t mourn his mother’s death because of the way she was as a person. He also said he was still leaving and tried to persuade her to go with him. Iris would have looked to be involved from the beginning had she gone with him. Will cared for noone but himself.
  • Our all time favorite part occurred on the last page, when Iris hit the panic button in her bedroom when Will was still with her in bed. Turning him in was the right thing to do. What a strong woman.. We loved that she didn’t take the fall for her man or go with him in the end.



What did you think about the book?  Did you find parts or specific people predictable?  Did you suspect Corbin? What did you think of Iris & Will… and what Will did? Were you surprised that Iris pressed the button in the end when she said she still loved him?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and remember you can always add to other comments as well..


Kristy & Emma

March Book & Discussion 

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51 thoughts on “February Book Club Discussion

  1. I absolutely loved the book from the first page to the last and thanks so much for the introduction to a new author! I will read more of her books! This book had everything I love. A main character that we could relate to and like and cheer for, intrigue, suspense, adventure (what would she find out about her husband?). I too wondered if Corbin was as good as he wanted her to believe but, like you, thought maybe the author just wanted us to wonder and that he really was a good guy. I loved the keep-you-in-the-end-if-your-seat showdown with Corbin …and love how it left us with a new friend in her life that may potentially be a future romance. Very good choice, Kristy and Emma!

    1. Hi Sandy,
      It feels so good to be introduced to a new author! It’s crazy right? I have no idea how I didn’t know of her earlier.. she is great. I love that we could relate to Iris & cheer for her too…

      So true about her new friend. I look when books leave you wondering where the characters are after the book ends!

      Are you going to read March’s book?


  2. Hi Kristi and Emma! Thanks again for picking another great book. I finished it in a couple of rainy days. I also loved the relationship between Iris and her twin brother. I am a twin too so I really related to their connection. The only thing that put me off when when Iris came downstairs when she was staying at Evans house wearing his wife’s tee shirt and yoga pants. I know she needed some fresh clothes to wear but could not imagine doing that in that she had recently died in the airplane crash. May be I am just being over sensative about the situation. I am still trying to cast this movie in my head!!!! I am going for Jennifer Lawrence as Iris. Can’t wait for March’s selection. This is so fun!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Yay I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And I loved Iris’ brother… so sweet. I agree that part was extremely off putting and I felt it was odd that Evan felt like that was okay..

      I could definitely see Jennifer Lawrence as Iris!!! Yay!

      Did you see that we did announce March’s book? Make sure to see that!

  3. Loving this book club so much! You guys are picking out great ones. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    I usually can figure stuff out early on, but felt this book really had me questioning what was his story. Loved her close relationship with her family. Even at the end I wasn’t sure would the go off together? Good ending hehe.

  4. Hi Kristy and Emma. I bought this book to read on our family vacation. I couldn’t wait to start it and the book never made the flight. Definitely a page turner and I loved how strong Iris was throughout her horrible ordeal. She wasn’t about to give up until she had all the answers. Thank you so much for letting me discover new authors. Can’t wait to read March’s book.

  5. Hi Kristy,
    I ❤️ participating in your book club, and I’m learning about books/authors I didn’t know about! So fun!! I loved January’s book, which will make an amazing movie!! Such a page turner…or in my case, a cause to keep driving after I reached my destination because I listened on audible:)
    February’s book was an easy read…kinda predictable…but very entertaining. Good characters and good ending. Looking forward to March book…sounds so good!

    1. I’m with you… I loved both books but I have to say that I felt February’s was a little too predictable for me. I loved it but felt the Corbin character a little too convenient? xx

  6. Hi Kristy and Emma! Loved this book! I thought early on it was going to be a predictable read, but boy was I wrong. I didn’t trust Corbin, but I also didn’t see how this story would go. The last page was wow! I wanted to call someone and talk about it. I hope there’s a sequel. I can’t wait to start March’s book. You guys know how to pick great books!:)

    1. Thanks Alice! I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t expect Iris to push the panic button after heading to bed with Will… I’m proud of that moment, being a woman. ;)

  7. Hey Kristy
    I just started the wife between us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. It’s new and it’s SO good. The description is vague but I got right into it and I love it. Maybe it can be your April book. :-)

      1. Hi Kristy and Emma!!
        No problem!! It’s SOOO good!!! I am LOVING it!!!! There wasn’t much of a description so I kind of just wung it and omg all I have to say is juicy!!!

  8. Another great book! Thanks you two for keeping this going. This one was a little predictable in some parts but there were still some good twists and turns! Oprah just came out with her new book club selection, ‘An American Marriage’, which coincidentally is very similar to your selection… hmmm… :)

    Looking forward to the next book!

    1. No way.. love Oprah! I’ll have to read her book recommendation. I couldn’t agree more about, ‘The Marriage Lie’. We are just delving into this based on what is new and what we love. We are by no means experts. We love a fast thriller and a page turner is always high on our list. :) Thanks for commenting!

  9. I did like the book but i was surprised when she pressed the panic button. I thought she was going to go with him. In the end love doesn’t conquer all. Overall i enjoyed the read?

    1. I think love does conquer all and what Iris did showed that her love for herself beat Will’s ‘supposed’ love for her. It was the only move she could make if she planned on having any kind of a good life. :) (but I have to say I was surprised she really did it also)

  10. Oh my I have this on my e-reader but I haven’t read it. I always wanted to be part of a reading club. Count me in. Next month I hope to have caught up with everyone!

      1. I just couldn’t put it down. I felt the ending like a slap in the face. To betray her husband during a moment of intense intimacy showed that Iris didn’t really love him. As much as she said. No she should have left him just not like that. I would have appreciated an Epilogue. It was the only flaw in her writing— to not tie those ends up.
        Sorry I’m a harsh critic but I loved the book.

  11. I really enjoyed this book at the start but the more it went on the more I found it getting a bit unrealistic. I find it hard to believe that a husband can have that many secrets from his wife; but sadly, I suppose it does happen! I just can’t imagine not knowing such fundamental things about my husband. Will was definitely a good liar, which was a real shame as he obviously really loved Iris and wanted to keep her thinking he was someone he wasn’t. I really went back and forth with Corbin, first I thought he was weird, then I thought ok but then obviously he was a maniac! I thought the author developed his part really well.
    I too loved Iris’ relationship with her brother David, and I also loved Evan! In books like this you start to become suspicious of every new character so I was really praying he was genuine and thankfully he was!
    I was cheering when Iris pressed the panic button at the end; as much as I think Will was a good guy at heart and his love for Iris was real, to keep that many secrets from her and then fake his own death was unforgivable in my eyes.
    All in all, a very interesting read – thanks girls!

    1. I agree Rachel with your last paragraph. It doesn’t matter whether Will truly loved Iris or not (and I think he did), the depth of his deception and lies was unforgivable. I loved the use of the panic button at the end!

    2. It happens Rachel… I found out that a former neighbor married another woman and had a baby with her while he was working business trips to Japan. They had been married for 20 years also and had 3 kids. So sad… :/

      You and I think so much alike! I loved Evan too and what Will did was definitely unforgivable.. :) Thanks so much for commenting! xx

      1. WOW!!!! You’re kidding me?! That is crazy; I often wonder how people manage to keep up a double life like that; I’m sure I would forget what lie I had told and trip myself up. Some people are just terrible. I can’t imagine finding that out about my husband. Poor woman and kids!
        About to order this month’s book; can’t wait to get started, I LOVED Big Little Lies so hoping there are similarities! xx

  12. I loved this book.. Quick read and love how it keeps you in suspense right up to the very last sentence..??

  13. Loved this book. So good right up to the last page! I smiled when she hit the panic button. I’ve never read this author but will continue to. March book sounds really good too!

  14. I really enjoyed this book, and trying to figure out the mysteries of it all. I love that Iris was such a great strong character and that she was able to handle Corbin in such an intelligent way. Too often, a character who is supposed to be super intelligent falls into really stupid scenarios that makes me frustrated that they got into that situation in the first place. I thought that Iris’ reactions were realistic and similar to what I think my reactions would be in that situation. I loved Evan and that there was a connection between him and Iris that could develop into a relationship. I appreciated that they were there for each other and worked on building a friendship.

    I also loved the final page – knowing she hit that panic button was so well-done! I did not expect it and I am so glad that she proved to be such a strong character from first page to last.

    again – thanks for suggesting such a great read!

  15. Another great choice–stayed up until 1:30 last night to finish the second half. Started at midnight?Cheering on Iris throughout the sleuthing process–my (adult) children say I can find out anything ?and loved her brother’s concern and devotion. So creepy after Evan left! Could not understand how she could be intimate with Will after all that she knew. She seemed to be mostly smitten with how sexy she found him as his character traits were pathologically flawed. But in the end, she triumphed over tragedy and chose to be honest preventing him from further harm to others. If he actually existed! ?

  16. I haven’t been that into a book in a long time so kudos to you guys for picking it. I found myself trying to put myself in her shoes quite a bit throughout the whole book and ask myself what I would do and how I would feel if that was my husband lying to me. It was so hard…. But I found myself super disappointed at the end when I thought she was going to take him back. The ending however was just perfect! Great book. Can’t wait till next month ?

  17. Thank you for the recommendation! Im not a big reader however, I could not put this book down. My spouse travel a ton and was not comfortable with the whole plane crash but it was to good to put down. I love Evan and hope they have a future together:) I was completely shocked and torn by the ending! I just got the next book and can’t wait to read.

  18. Love the book suggestions! A book club is always a great idea. Just finished this one….. and I cheered for her when she reached over and pushed that button! The whole conversation with Will at the end was so messed up and dysfunctional. She needed to untangle herself from him, and the best way was to push that button!! She loved him- but it was based on a made up person… not the true authentic person. Her inner voice kept telling her- he chose the money over me. He denied it. But it was the real truth. And that he didn’t trust her enough to be able to handle his truth when Corbin first threatened to tell her first. She would never be able to trust another word that came out of his mouth. And I don’t believe that was ALL the lies. He had to have an entire closet full of skeletons!! And to have the audacity to feebly ask her to go with him and leave the most important and TRUE relationships that she has- her family! – to live a life hiding and lying. What a horrible and selfish thing for him to even voice aloud to her. If she hadn’t pushed the button, I was going to!!!! Lol ?

  19. Hi Kristy, I am enjoying this book club and the books you and Emma have chosen. The title of the Marriage Lie lets you know from the beginning Will is up to no good, but what a horrible past he had. It would not have been a suspenseful book if Will would have just come clean and told Iris about his past and disallow Corbin/Huck to blackmail him, Their love seemed so true ?and I was surprised that he could walk away from that strong of a love . Overall I enjoyed the book and I am enjoying this book club. I live in the Midwest and our weather has been great for snuggling up to a good book.
    Excited to start the next book!

  20. I am absolutely loving every single book you guys have recommended! My absolute favourite was The Woman in the Window, I gave it to my mom to read and she just can not put it down! I am so excited for the April book. Ive been checking everyday to see if it has been posted! Thanks again for all the amazing finds! :)

  21. My goodness, I’m on my honeymoon and read this in a day by the beach! I could not put this down! Thank you for sharing! ❤️ Not been part of a book club before and really wanted to get back into reading regularly but struggled to find good reads. These are brilliant!