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Monthly Book Club – January

January Monthly Book Club Kristy Wicks


12 books. It doesn’t seem like much, but in this busy world of working and technology, I find that I have pushed one of my favorite hobbies aside.. reading. No more! This is the year of me – living in fantasy worlds, going on detective hunts, and learning new skills. No matter the place or adventure, reading is my greatest escape and I want more of it.

One book a month is what we’re aiming for. You don’t have to go overboard and read a book a week (although my mom does this and she’s brilliant), but once a month I can handle. The genre of books that I tend to enjoy are fictional, thrillers with a mystery element and juicy. If you enjoy these types of books as well, then I would love for to join me in this fun year of reading!


  • Look for bi-monthly posts on this subject – one will be introducing the book and discussing why we chose it, and at the end of the month we will post our opinion along with a discussion… including your comments and feedback.


  • For the first post each month – no spoiling comments allowed! We want everyone to have a fair chance of enjoying without ruining the ending/details on this post. We would love to have a great discussion on the book in the second post of the month.


Emma (my daughter) loves to read and picked our first book. January’s read is called “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn. You can purchase the book pretty much anywhere, but I linked a copy on Amazon. You can purchase the book in a hardback version, on kindle, or even listen to it on audible! I love listening to books while driving. It already has a movie deal in the works as well.. and it just came out this month.


Brief synopsis:

Known as the thriller of the year, the story revolves around Anna Fox, a recluse who lives in her New York City home alone. A tragic accident caused her to become a agoraphobic, which means she is afraid of the world outside her front door. She drinks too much, watches black & white movies all day, and spies on her neighbors through the zoom on her camera lens. The Russell family moves into the home across the street: a man, woman, and their teenage son. They are kind to her and seem like the perfect family. One night, while Anna is watching her neighbors through the window, she sees something she shouldn’t.. and things begin to spiral out of control. What is real? What is imagined? Is someone dead?


Seems very ‘Gone Girl’ or ‘Girl on the Train’ esq. (which we are very excited about because we loved both of those books!) Let us know what you think of the book choice and if you’re going to read it. Also, do you like our monthly book club idea? We love to hear your feedback.


The discussion on this January’s post was posted! Click here to read about it & find out what February’s book is.






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114 thoughts on “Monthly Book Club – January

  1. I love your monthly book club idea and your book choice! I am going to order it right now. One of the goals I set for myself for 2018 was to read more. I absolutely love to read but last year I just was not making it as much of s priority as it should have been for me. So 2018 it
    is!! Growing up as a kid I would be under the covers with a flashlight reading into the wee hours. Great idea Kristy and Emma! xo

  2. Tku Emma and Kristie I just finished it and really enjoyed it !
    Will discuss at the end of the month ☺️
    Great recommendation ! ?

  3. Hi Chrissy and Emma thanks for the book suggestion I already read it and I loved every bit of it I can’t wait till the next one. Thank You!!

    1. I had already ordered that book and it arrived today! I can’t wait to start it and I love the idea of doing an online book club!!

  4. Such a great idea I can’t wait to read it. I usually only get to read right before bed and this will get me reading more. Thank you! ?

  5. I ran out and got the book after seeing it on your Instagram. I loved it!! Can’t wait to read more of your selections.

  6. I’m so excited for this! I started this book last Sunday after seeing Emma’s recommendation and I’m already half way through. Love it

  7. Wow! You two are sure taking on a lot.
    a). Love the book club. I
    love to read and
    haven’t in ages. What
    happens to us?
    b). What is your workout?
    What specific exercises
    do you do?

    1. Hi Alexis,
      We are doing so much – but loving every minute of it!

      A. I don’t know. Emma and I both used to read a book a week. Now we’re lucky to read once a month.. so crazy.

      B. I usually do hard cardio for 30-40 mins (HIIT style). then I do weight circuits along with yoga/pilates classes as well. I can go into more details in a post. xx

  8. I ordered the book and have started it! It hooks you right from the first page! Glad to be a part of this fun book club!
    xo SANDY M

  9. Love this idea.. I love to read. I am in 2 book clubs and now I am excited to share in this one ..HAPPY READING!

  10. The book synopsis reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, the name of which escapes me at the moment. Anyone notice a similarity (injured man, in that story, watched neighbors out his window and stumbled onto something….)

  11. Reading has always been a passion of mine and two years ago I decided to put down the devices at night and read when I got in bed. I am obsessed and have read over 50 books in the last 24 months. Just bought this book and will start as soon as i finish my current read. Look forward to the discussion next month?

  12. Can’t wait to read this book! Is anyone else having issues with purchasing on kindle? It just says it is ‘Currently Unavailable’ for me.

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      Yay!! That’s super weird – I just looked at it to see if you can get it on kindle and it shows that you can purchase it? Not sure what’s up with that. Hopefully you can still get it. xx

  13. Love the book club idea! I have been wanting to be a part of one for a while and I made a goal to read a book a month this year too so this is perfect! Can’t wait to order and read this one!

  14. I am on the waitlist at the library for this book. I probably won’t have it before the end of the month, but will save your review to read afterwards. Can’t wait!

  15. Love this idea and thanks for mentioning audible. I am going to Boston on business and have 4 hour drive each way. Joined audible and first book is free – ❤️❤️

    1. Hi Pam,
      That is awesome to hear! I love audible and listening to books is one of my favorites. So great to hear that the first book is free. xx

  16. I ordered this book in early January based upon your recommendation. I too had set a goal to read 12 books this coming year and am thrilled you are doing a book club-count me in. Love the accountability and an easy way to find book suggestions.

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      So great to hear – thank you for joining and taking the time to comment :) Such a great goal. I totally agree with that statement. Easy to stick with especially because you’ll want to join in for the discussion.

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment. I love to read too – can’t wait to see what you think.

      1. Kristy I’ve been following you for a couple yrs. LOVE the instastories! Thank you for your positive example and uplifting spirit!!

  17. Love this idea! Actually just finished this book per the recommendation in your stories! I have thought about following along with a few book clubs but the books don’t always peak my interest-this one was RIGHT up my alley, so good and my favorite genre! Excited to follow along with you ladies (and thank you again for the rec!) ?

      1. LOL!! I used to read a book every couple of days.. Emma finallyyyyyy gave me the book. (we are sharing our copy) ;) So happy you loved it! xx

  18. Hi Kristy,

    Just bought the book, so excited to be apart of your book club! Going to Maui this week, so it will be my beach book!

  19. I love to read but never do it anymore. With such a busy life, any me time is taken up with technology and Netflix, and reading has taken a step back. But I will join you! I love reading before bed. Will try to Pick up The book this week. Sounds awesome!

  20. Hi Kristy and Emma!! Love this idea! Ordered the book ASAP so I could read it with you and ended up devouring it in a few hours, love a good thriller! When I was a kid I would read all the time and it’s nice to get back to that!! I find as you get older and things like work and life get busy, you don’t take as much time for yourself so it was nice. Also, I am not usually such a voracious reader but I am on rest after endometriosis surgery so I had extra time on my hands!! I’m sure next month I won’t be as fast!! Thanks again, great idea!

  21. Excited about your book club, I bought the book from audible Friday and started listening. It seems like a great book so far. Love that you guys choose books in this genre!

  22. I am so happy you two are doing this. I’m half way through and can’t wait to see what everyone has to say about it. Thanks for getting me back into reading!

  23. Love this idea! Bought the book yesterday and I already can’t put it down! Thanks for the selection!

  24. Just purchased this book in Kindle format and am going to be reading it on the plane ride home from Cabo. I’ve always wanted to be part of a book club. Came across your insta-stories and thought to myself what better time than now to be part of one. Thank you Kristy and thank your daughter for the great book choice! A good book will help make the flight feel shorter.

      1. Thanks! Just finished the entire book on the flight home (read i tall the through customs). Wow is what I can say right now. Can’t wait to hear from everyone else as well. =)

  25. I was so excited to read this book, and it did not disappoint – I read it all in two nights! Can’t wait to discuss! My only concern…what could possibly top this in terms of a page turner?!

  26. I have ordered the book and it should arrive tomorrow – just in time for the weekend! I am excited to read it and take part in the book club – LOVE the idea. ;) Thank you for the book recommend, as it wasn’t on my radar. Can’t wait to discuss at the end of the month.

  27. Reading this book right now. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I love to read but haven’t been making the time but this book has gotten me back into reading. Love your book club idea.

  28. Just ordered!! Can’t wait to start reading it. It sounds awesome!!
    Im a huge reader so this should be fun ?

  29. Hi Kristy and Emma

    Thank you for the suggestion. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I love to read and am always looking for new interesting books.Love the idea of the book club. I am half way through reading it and am thoroughly enjoying it. Cant wait till the end of the month.

  30. I loved reading as a teen late at night, early into the morning, especially mysteries. I just ordered and I am looking forward to reading this book. Also looking forward to the conversations at the end of the month. Thanks for a great recommendation!

  31. Hi Kristy! I just got mine from kindle. I am so excited about the book club!! Since I live in Japan, I can’t get good suggestions for fun good books, so this is great! I will definitely start reading again! Thanks to you and Emma! ??

  32. Hi Kristy and Emma

    Thank you for the recommendation. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Love the idea of the book club. Half way through and cant put it down.

  33. Did someone say Thriller? My favourite genre by far – I scoure Netflix to watch these seasons especially if it involves any detective work. I’m intugued.
    Since it’s close to the end of the month I might just listen to the audio vision, great idea while I do some adult colouring – nothing like more relaxation time.
    Looking forward to reading more this year – very happy to join your book of the month club!!
    Candice – Calgary Alberta

    1. You sound just like my daughter, Emma! This happens to her too.. she is obsessed with anything “thriller, mystery, etc” We love to adult color too.. so fun! If you’ve never used Audible before, download the Audible app and you get your first book, free! xx

  34. I bought the kindle version and read it in a few days. I really enjoyed it – good choice Emma. Looking forward to next month’s now.

  35. I loved the book. Ordered when you guys were discussing it and I read it in 2 days! Lol. My kids are 6&7 and I stay home, used to read all the time and hardly ever since being a mom now. I appreciate this lil club, look fwd to next book.
    This was a good mystery and I liked the authors style. Bummed this was his first book nothing else by him out yet hehe.

  36. Hi Kristy and Emma!
    I’m part way through the book and loving it! Seems the only time I have to read is at night in bed for half an hour before going to sleep, but I’m getting there! So glad you chose this book, Emma, it’s just the type of story I love!


  37. Hey Kristy&Emma,
    First, I would like to thank you for this amazing and encouraging idea!
    In my whole life I’ve barely read an entire book, always been trying and start and can’t even finish 50 pages.
    Your idea really motivated me and the book is soo interesting, i finished it within 4 days only!
    I guess it wasn’t about that I’m not a book person, it was about the books that I’ve chosen that didn’t catch my attention.
    This book chaned my mind and I’m super exicted for the next book!

  38. I loved this book! It was an easy read but good. This is the first time joining a book club and I’m already enjoying it. I’m looking forward to slow down and relax with a good book and it also good for my kids to see me reading and I’m gonna pass it on to my daughter.

  39. I never seem to find the time to sit and read. I am so excited to read 12+books this year! I loved this one and want to buy the second pick! Can hardly wait until next week! C’mon Emma, announce Feb 1. Thank you, girls! ❤️

  40. I’m catching up on the book club and just bought this one yesterday. I have been craving a “can’t put it down” kind of book since reading Gone Girl and I think this one is it! Love this genre. So excited to read this and the others, and such a great idea to do the book club!! Thank you for the great recommendations :)!

  41. Signed up for the newsletter but is there a designated spot for the book club posts? I have read January and February and will be picking up March’s next. Love both picks so far!

    1. Hi Kim – We actually haven’t held the book club in a while! We are planning to start up again in the Fall.. I’m going to share some of my Summer beach reads next week here on the blog though! xx