Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Father’s Day is one of my favorite days because it’s a time we get to celebrate all the wonderful men who help mold and guide our children. I’ve been extremely lucky to have the most amazing Dad and I know that Jeff feels the same. Father’s Day has always mattered to us… We LOVE shopping for this day and now that Jeff is a dad we do the same for him.

Jeff has been the most incredible dad to Emma so we spoil him on Father’s Day with a few special gifts that we know he’ll love or with items he’s had his eye on. I know that many of you struggle with finding the right gift so we’ve pulled together several of Jeff’s favorite things and we’ve even enlisted Emma’s boyfriend to help pitch in with a few ideas. Nothing like getting a man’s point of view. ;) Have fun checking out our gift guide and let us know what you’re planning on getting the special Dad in your life this Father’s Day.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 | Best gifts to give your dad, grandfather, or anyone special in your life. All price points with many gifts under $100!
  • 1. Leather Card Case – Jeff has a very similar wallet and loves the smaller pocket size. It’s a great gift idea for any guy who wants an upgraded minimal look!
    Click here to shop the card case.

  • 2. Apple AirPods – BEST GIFT! AirPods make the best gift ever – you can use them in hundreds of situations and they are way more convenient than regular earphones/headphones. Both Emma’s boyfriend, Zach and Jeff have these and use them daily.
    Click here to shop the AirPods.

  • 3. Men’s Jersey Polo – Jeff has this polo and it’s gorgeous on him. It comes in 3 classic colors and believe it or not, the pink is Jeff’s favorite. :) He pairs it with every color short and even his swim trunks.
    Click here to shop the polo.

  • 4. Canon SL2 Camera Set – We have this camera set and love it! I take 99% of my pictures using this camera and they always turn out amazing. It’s the perfect gift for the wanna be photographer or for the guy who likes to pick up a camera and just point and shoot. It’s that easy.
    Click here to shop the camera set.

  • 5. Minimalist Fossil Watch – Loving the brown leather band and black face on this watch! Perfect gift for the stylish man.
    Click here to shop the watch.

  • 6. Allbirds Shoes – The most comfortable shoes ever made! Everyone in my family has a pair & if that’s not reason enough to buy them, they are extremely stylish. You will most likely get compliments while wearing them. Many color options and styles.
    Click here to shop the shoes.

  • 7. Clubmaster RayBans – These sunglasses are a classic! They look good on so many different shapes of faces that they are our favorite go-to when it comes to sunglasses. Both Zach and Emma have a pair and they look adorable in them. Great gift!
    Click here to shop the sunglasses.

  • 8. Skin Savors – We love the Jack Black brand! And this is a great gift set.. Emma gave this set to her cousins last year and they love it.
    Click here to shop the skincare.

  • 9. Herschel Weekender Duffel – Jeff has this duffle bag and uses it constantly for our weekend getaways. I gave it to him for Father’s Day last year and he loves it. It’s the perfect look for an understated guy & it fits so much inside. Great gift. Click here to shop the duffel bag.

  • 10. 6-Piece Nonstick Set – Another incredible gift. Jeff bought this set for himself for Christmas and he truly LOVES it and uses it daily. If you follow our Instagram stories your probably very familiar. The best part? It’s also on sale right now! Must-have.
    Click here to shop the pan set.

  • 11. Wooden Gift Set, Decanter & Glasses – Love this high-end monogrammed gift. This is a great personalized gift idea for anyone who loves a nice drink at the end of the day or just wants a cool looking decanter and glass set to leave out for looks.
    Click here to shop the monogrammed decanter set.

  • 12. Ralph Lauren Polo Velour Robe – This robe is so soft and comfortable. It’s the perfect gift! Everyone needs a nice robe to relax in after a shower & hard day’s work. 3 color options.
    Click here to shop the Ralph Lauren robe.

  • 13. Linen Shirt – The best kind of casual/dressy shirt for Summer! When the days are extremely hot.. linen shirts look great and have that breezy chill look and style. Jeff has several and wears them all summer long. Many color options too!
    Click here to shop the linen shirt.

  • 14. Braun Shaver – Greatest gift for any man! Not only is this shaver on sale but it has incredible reviews. Click here to shop the shaver.

  • 15. Telescope – What a fun gift to give! Not only is this a very cool activity to share with family and friends but the price is great making this the perfect surprise gift. Emma gave Jeff a telescope for Father’s Day several years ago and it’s become a hobby they love doing together as a result.
    Click here to shop the telescope options.

  • 16. Monogrammed BBQ Tool Set – Nothing like a personalized BBQ set to make a dad proud to cook. ;) We love this as a gift option and plan to give one to Jeff this year. Click here to shop the BBQ Tool Set.

  • 17. Sous Vide – For the high tech cook/guy in the family! I didn’t know what this tool was until Jeff explained it to me: it’s a precision cooker that you can operate using an app on your phone! None of your meats, desserts, grains, veggies will ever be overcooked again using this tool. (Don’t tell Jeff, but this is one of his gifts!) Click here to shop the sous vide.

  • 18. Virtual Reality Headset – What a cool gift! This is something that I think Jeff would love to have. This headset allows you to interact with a game as if you are actually there! Also on sale. Click here to shop the VR Headset.

  • 19. Vizio Soundbar System – Jeff had one of these at our last house because it gave him the surround sound that he was looking for without the huge ‘built-in’ pricetag! Any man would love this gift. Click here to shop the soundbar system.

Additional Gift Ideas:

  • Giftcard for a massage!
  • Cooking class – Emma is going to be taking Jeff to a couple of cooking classes at Sur La Table for her gift. Fun way to spend time together. Click here to see classes at your local Sur La Table.
  • Movie tickets! Emma gave Jeff one year a popcorn box full of his favorite movie candy, snacks, and tickets to see a movie together. This was one of his favorite gifts.
  • Any kind of professional sports gear – a jersey, hat, or jacket. Emma has given Jeff numerous items over the years featuring the 49ers or Giants baseball.
  • Tickets to an activity: favorite band, sports team, or comedy show! (Emma’s friend gave his Mom two Elton John tickets for her mother’s Day gift so that they can go together. How sweet is that?!)
  • A weekend away: Zach and Emma gave his dad a weekend trip away to wine taste for his Father’s Day gift!

Hope this post helps you find the perfect gift for that special Father/Dad/Grandpa in your life!

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5 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

  1. I really enjoy your feed and your posts. This Father’s Day Gift Guide has so many great ideas. I gave my husband a sous vide for Father’s Day last year. He loves it and uses it all the time!
    Do you happen to have a source for the top/dress you have on in your Instastory this morning when you are speaking about the gift guide, it’s lovely. Have a blessed day.

  2. This is great! I originally bought my dad a nice golf polo from Nordstrom – he has a ton but I couldn’t think of anything else. It’s going back and I just purchased a movie gift card to this old-style movie theater he and my mom love to go to. You even helped me with my mom’s birthday (hardest person to shop for!!) – Sur la Table cooking class! Thanks so much! Now for my MIL 70th b-day – any suggestions?! ha!

    1. I’m so glad Despina :) How fun they get to go on a date.. and a cooking class?! How fun!

      I know my MIL and Mom love cozy things :) Slippers, robes, sweet pajamas, anything comfy and cozy for a nice evening in.

  3. Hi there! I was wondering if you have an Anniversary gift guide. I”m stumped what to get my husband for our 25th Anniversary. He says he doesn’t want anything and I can’t come up with anything extra special. I would love your suggestions of Jeff’s favorite gifts.
    Thank you so much,