Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Hi Friends!

First of all – I want to kick this review off by saying that I have been meaning to write this blog post for the longest time. For starters, if you look for ANYTHING on Restoration Hardware, from a blogger’s point of view on the internet, you won’t find much…  There are negative posts of course about the company, etc. I have read all. VERY informative. As a matter of fact, RH doesn’t do much in terms of advertising outside of their catalogs. Not sure why, people are always asking me what I think of RH and what I think of all of the items that I have purchased over the years, etc. Also, they aren’t on Instagram which I personally think is a HUGE mistake. Everyone I know looks at Instagram at one point in time. Even my 84 year old mother-in-law. :)

I finally decided to write a detailed post about everything I own from RH because it wasn’t until recently that I realized how much of their products I have in my home. Years ago I fell into the popular Silver Sage paint/white marble love (as shown below) that RH was known for… just like everyone else. Their entire store was centered on it so much so that unless you lived under a rock, it was hard to miss.

Since then, I have had to endure Restoration Hardware’s new darker phase (yuck) and now find myself thankful for their rediscovery into the whole white, lighter wood look, yet again.  Like everyone else, they are constantly rediscovering themselves.. and through it all, I have been there.

To be honest I think that shopping at RH has become more of a ‘convenience thing’ for me – they carry so many looks and styles that I love, they are SF based (I get everything in a day or two, can you blame me?) and their return policy is great. Also, my experience with their customer service has always been positive.

As a matter of fact, that’s one of the main reasons why I continue to shop at RH, regardless of the price. Especially with a custom piece. I know that if I have any issue… even 4-6 years down the road, they will take care of it.  For example, a few years ago I fell in love with the Antibes Collection and ordered a couple of sofas, chairs, coffee table and side tables. We LOVED all and found everything extremely comfortable. After several years though, I noticed that some of the iron was chipping and rusting on a couple of the pieces. (btw, I used their covers religiously during the winter months so that wasn’t the reason behind the chipping) When I called RH to complain about this, (this is before I was active on IG) they asked for a few pictures then immediately told me that they would switch every piece out. We couldn’t believe it! The next thing I knew they were delivering an entire new set to me.  I was shocked.  This is why I shop at RH.

Restoration Hardware has a reputation of being expensive. I tend to agree and always try to shop there as often as possible during their sales. They just launched a membership program last year that entitles you to 25% off on full priced items plus an additional 20% of all sales items – year round for $100. I signed on right away because I knew I would be shopping there more than  once. The discount is very helpful, especially when you include sales on top of that. If you’re thinking of purchasing anything there (especially high-end furniture) I highly recommend becoming a member. But… they are still expensive for the most part.

Before beginning my review of the MANY items in my home I want to emphasize that this post is not sponsored by RH.  All opinions are my own. I simply want this to be a helpful guide for those who like to shop at Restoration Hardware or wonder if it’s worth shopping there for a particular item.

So let’s dive in! I’m going to be reviewing each item on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best ever!) and I’m going to give specifics based on: appearance, quality, fabric, and pricing. 


Belgium Classic Slope Arm Slipcovered Sectional3.5/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review I have had this sofa for several months after a long and exhausting sectional search that we coined “Sofagate“. It was quite the nightmare but I am SO glad that I finally found a piece that I’m happy with. Click here to see our original thoughts on the sofa when it first arrived as well as our opinions on others.

Click here to learn more about this piece.

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture ReviewRestoration Hardware offers 3 different sizes for their sofas -petite, classic, and luxe, which is amazingly convenient. I ultimately went with the classic size for the sectional in my Family Room, but it was definitely a tough decision. I consulted with many family and friends, all different heights. Everyone had an opinion. We measured and remeasured more times than I can count. (typical!!)

Choosing my RH sectional was probably the hardest decision that I had to make. I like the classic fit for the way in which it sits in my family room, but we love the comfort of the luxe. I wish the classic was just a couple of inches deeper.  I also like the fact that you can slightly customize this piece. I wanted an armless feature on one end and RH offered this option So great! ( I loved a Pottery Barn sofa but it didn’t offer this option so I crossed that off my list)

Appearance: After a few months the bottom cushions and the back cushions are a little slouchy but that’s to be expected. Fabric gives a bit and RH cushions are NOT spring wrapped. ( they don’t offer this feature – bummer)
Interestingly, their outdoor sofas have firmer bottom cushions that I’m in love with. If I can’t have the spring wrapped cushions (Like Ethan Allen and other high end companies) then I would choose their outdoor cushions if that was a choice but… neither are an option. Hate that!!!

Cushion Fill options: I went with the standard fill because the down fill would have been even slouchier! Can you imagine plumping a 120″ long bench seat every day? No thanks!!

Seat Height: This sofa sits comfortably for us but if you need to lay your head back you may want to keep looking. We have windows right behind our sofa that I did not want to block. No one has complained yet. Sometimes Jeff will tuck a pillow behind his head if he starts to conk out. ;)

Quality: It feels like a high-quality sofa to me. Not that I’m an expert but I have owned a few Ethan Allen (my favorite in terms of quality.. just wish they had more choices in styles) , Pottery Barn and RH sofas in the past. I have always felt that my sofas from RH were heavy duty and well made. My sectional sofa is made of 2 large pieces that click together perfectly. That’s all I can say about that.

Fabric: LOVE the choices in fabrics at RH. You can either go high-high-end or keep things more budget friendly with the twill choices. I chose Vintage Velvet in the light gray Mist color. I love that their velvet does not crush and holds up well. It also spot cleans well. I have had to do this twice already. One was a wine spill and the other a crushed M&M. ;) (Bachelor night spoils)

Disclaimer: I sprayed 2 cans of scotch-guard on the bottom cushions for more protection as soon as they arrived and I suggest that everyone does this every several months or so with any piece of furniture you are trying to protect.
Many don’t know this but – with each sitting, you rub off some of the protective layer that comes with your scotch-guarded fabric pieces.

Pricing: Expensive. It is a sectional, so it’s like 2 sofas in one.. BUT it’s Restoration Hardware so depending on the fabric you select you can expect to pay $5,000 on up. Membership pricing is always better.My sofa was $7,000+. (UGH!)


60″ Bennett Rectangular Ottoman – 4/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

This ottoman would be a 5/5 except the fabric could be a tad tighter around the sides.  I went with the crazy decision of white velvet, but love the way it looks. (for now, lol) White is not practical for most people. Just trying to keep it real. I also love that this ottoman comes in a few different sizes. I went for the largest so everyone has a spot for their feet.

Click here to learn more about this ottoman.
Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Appearance: I love the light-color wood grain feet on the ottoman. They blend in beautifully with my floors! It’s also the perfect height for my sofa.. and the tufted detail gives it a classic elegant look.

Quality: The quality seems great however, like I previously mentioned, the fabric could have been secured a little tighter all the way around the ottoman. It’s getting a little baggy in the corners already which I don’t love but other than that, it’s exactly as it appears in the image.

Fabric: I chose the White velvet for my ottoman and while I love the look… it’s going to be hard to keep clean. I knew that going into it but took the gamble anyways.  As you know, white stains easily – scotch guard or not. Because of my color choice, I take precautions when friends and family come over by placing a throw under their feet. Silly I know but hey, it looks nicer longer.

Pricing: This 60″ x 36″ Ottoman is huge. I settled on this specific model because I couldn’t find many others in this size. That being said.. I think it’s expensive. But I still think it’s worth it if you want this specific look & size and you select a different fabric.
Member pricing = $821 – $1196 depending on the fabric. I have to mention… I had a large leather ottoman in my last home for almost 12 years ($1200) that looked amazing the entire time we had it because of my fabric choice. You get what you pay for as they say.


Lyon Chair (2) 3.5/5 

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

I’ve always loved the style of this feminine chair. I ordered it in the burnt oak finish and immediately wished that I had purchased it in the distressed white oak. Why do I keep doing this??? I didn’t love the different wood against my floors. So, of course I painted it white. ;) Love the way it looks now.  Much better!

Click here to learn more about this chair.

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Appearance:  I have to say, when the chairs first arrived I wasn’t in love with the feel of the wood trim around the chair. I’m assuming they had a coating of some sort on them but whatever it was.. it just didn’t feel like real wood.  (Laura Berns ears must be ringing) Other than that.. I loved the chairs and they are extremely comfy!

Quality: Seems good except for the wood feeling different. I’m also seeing a slight crack where the arm fits to the back on both chairs so that must be some sort of an issue? Who knows but it’s tiny and no one but me would probably notice.

Fabric: Once again I went with the Vintage Velvet in Mist. Love the color and the look and feel of the fabric. Like with all other upholstered pieces I sprayed additional Scotch-guard on the seats.

Pricing: $608 – $1995

I paid $850 using the membership pricing for this chair but I have noticed that the prices have recently gone up a bit. I still think it’s a good price for the chair if you love the style..

Maison Powder Vanity – 4.5/5

I consider the powder room one of the most important spaces in the house. It’s an opportunity to really spoil your guests in a beautiful small space. You don’t need to go crazy but it’s amazing what a difference adding a few pieces with pretty detail can alter their experience. My mom has always treated the powder room as an opportunity to turn things up a notch and I try to do the same.

I knew I needed a very small vanity or a pedestal style sink of some sort in my powder room so I looked into the Maison Powder Vanity. The size was perfect. I love the shape and appreciate the extra storage. (Important to note, the top drawer is a fake drawer and doesn’t open)

Click HERE to view the Maison Vanity.

Appearance: Beautiful. I actually went with the oak and didn’t paint it if you can believe it.  I love the piece. I think it looks perfect in my powder room and it fits like a glove in my small space.

Quality:  No issues with anything. The sink is the perfect size for the powder room and the Carrara marble has held up beautifully. I ordered my own faucet.

Material: Antique Gray Oak and White Carrara top. Love the marble but they also have a few diff selections if you aren’t a marble lover like me.

Pricing: $1100 with Carrara Marble. Expensive but beautiful.


Maison Upholstered Panel Bed With Footboard – 4/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

We have had several different beds throughout my marriage but I have to say that this has become one of my favorites. I always wanted to have an upholstered bed and this style with the wood trim and nail head detail spoke to me. It’s beautiful and elegant yet still tailored and clean. I loved it.

Click here to learn more about my bed.

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Appearance: When the bed first arrived I was a little disappointed because the white wood trim appeared more yellow than I thought it would be. I should have paid more attention to the sample at the store. It has a little more of a yellow tone than I had remembered. Instead of returning it I washed a little of my leftover white paint (Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace) on top until it was the desired look I was going for. Think wipe on, wipe off with a damp rag. Now I love it.

Quality: The bed has held up well.

Material and Fabric: Solid hardwood and Sand Linen upholstery bring this bed to light. Antiqued light nickel nail-heads were still a little dark for me so I dabbed a q-tip in a lighter silver paint and dotted each and every nailhead again. They look so much better. The Sand linen headboard and footboard look great and to help keep it clean we lean on large Euro pillows at night while watching TV or reading. You can always spray more Scotch-guard on them if you are worried about them getting dirty. Ours still looks brand new a year and a half later.

Pricing: $1871 – $2096 Member / $2495 – $2795 Regular


Maison 32″ Closed Nightstand – 5/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

We have 2 of these nightstands and they pair perfectly with the Maison Paneled Bed. I love the height (this was important as I like tall nightstands) and the 32″ width size is large enough to hold a lamp and an accessory or two.

Click here to learn more about my nightstands.

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Appearance: Beautiful nightstand. Like the bed.. Both french inspired. Like the wood trim on the bed, I also lightened the color of the nightstands with a watered down white paint. I dislike anything yellow toned. Love the detail of the hardware on this piece but once again I lightened it a little in color with silver/champagne paint. (As you can see I’m dangerous with paint)

Quality: Great! Feels good and the drawers open easily.

Material: Solid Hardwood in Antique White Finish

Pricing: $821 – $1095


Kent Double Vanity: 2.5/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

I wanted a white double vanity and this piece fit my home perfectly. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see one in person so I ordered it without having tried the doors and drawers, etc. My local RH store had a different style in the store that I loved  and it felt solid but it didn’t come in white so I winged it on the Master Bedroom bath vanity & the Guest Room bath vanity by ordering the Kent.

Click here to learn more about this piece.

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Appearance: Beautiful although a couple of the polished nickel handpulls on the piece were crooked. Jeff tried to straighten them as much as he could. (Unacceptable for a piece this expensive) The height was great and the size really fit the space well.

Quality: Not a fan of this piece for the quality of the frame. The door closures make an extremely LOUD sound when they close.. to the point that we don’t shut the doors. (it’s like fingernails running down a chalkboard) Jeff tried to add a soft closure but hasn’t been able to find one that works with the existing holds of the hinges on the piece so we may be stuck with it. The drawers are typical for a ready made vanity in that they are shallow but they are fine.  The marble is beautiful and makes the piece. Still HATE the doors.

Material: Solid wood frame and wood vaneers. The doors seem paper thin… Carrara marble top is honed and I love it. It also comes with a 4″ backsplash that looks nice. Once again, I chose my own faucets and love the way they look with this piece. The ceramic basins are included as well and have cleaned well. No issues with chipping etc.

Pricing:  $3200 – $6095


Kent Single Extras-Wide Vanity – 2.5/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Same as the double wide vanity above.

Click here to learn more.

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Pricing: $2700 – $5100

Venetian Beaded Mirror –  5/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

I really LOVE this mirror and I feel that for the price that we purchased it (was on sale at the time) – it was an amazing deal. I selected the 60″ x 48″ size mirror to place horizontally over my Kent Double Sink Vanity and it looks beautiful. The beaded detail and the extra antique mirror trim around the mirror gives it an elegant look. It weighs a ton but the guys didn’t have any difficulty with the hanging process. The special french cleat hanger came included.

Click here to learn more about this mirror.

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Appearance: Gorgeous. I especially love the the outer edges are not black but match the silver of the trim. It’s a great piece I would buy again.

Quality: Seems well made.

Pricing: $371 – $995


Marceline Bed With Low Footboard: 4.5/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Our daughter loves this bed from the Baby and Child Collection. It’s a queen and very comfortable. We use a mattress boxspring which raises the mattress above the footboard but we love how it looks. You can apply everything from my bed above to this piece as well. I made it a little lighter by using a damp rag dipped in white paint and love the effect.

Click here to learn more about this bed.

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Appearance: Beautiful feminine shape with a mix of wood and upholstery.

Quality: Great

Fabric: Sand Linen and Antique White Finish wood trim.

Pricing: $1049 – $1849


French Panel Desk: 5/5

Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

Jeff has this desk and uses it for the 1 day he works from home. He has 2 large monitors for conference calls sitting on top of the desk at all times plus a laptop so the large size was really important. If we were going to have a desk this size in the house I wanted it to blend into the walls and not stand out so we chose the white. So glad. He loves the drawers and the piece is perfect.

Click here to learn more about this piece.

Appearance: Beautiful desk that is clean yet classic in style. Tons of storage with a large top for computers and  more.

Quality: Good. No issues with anything after using the desk for 3 years.

Material: Wood with a distressed white finish

Pricing: $2096 – $2795


I would love to know what your experience has been with Restoration Hardware.. Do you have many of their items and if so, what are your favorites? Can’t wait to talk about my outdoor furniture and home accessories in the next post.. So many thoughts on this! :)

Stay tuned for Part 2 –  RH Outdoor Furniture & Indoor Accessories!



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73 thoughts on “Detailed Restoration Hardware Furniture Review

  1. Kristy,
    I enjoyed reading your RH post to very much. We have 2 homes (one a beach Home in Watersound, FL) and your post had me thinking about all the RH items I have… outdoor furniture, 4 beds, bar stools, dining chairs, dresser, night stands, 2 console tables, 2 Belgian slope arm sofas and 2 chairs and a Lyon accent chair All said, the wood coating on the bar stools, Lyon chair and wood surround on the upholstered beds looks and feels like a resin composite material???? It’s solid, but doesn’t feel like wood. Just as you mentioned. I love my fully upholstered king bed. Gorgeous. The Belgian slope arm sofas and chairs are, like yours, standard fill. We’ve had them at the beach house for 2 years and they have begun to look a bit stretched out and slouchy. There is also a bearing of the fabric that has occurred. We have the perennials performance classic linen weave in natural. Stains come right out including red whine.. lol!! No at all happy with the fabric beading up and the fabric shaver doesn’t help. My outdoor furniture at my home home is 15 years old and still looks fantastic. I do need to change out the cushions though. Color is outdated. My outdoor bar table and chairs are teal and the table has a cracked line in it. It is 2 years old ?. All in all I’m pleased, but plan to address these issues with RH. By the way, love you and Jeff and sweet Emma. Love you blogs, posts, and thoughts. You live life happily as we all should!! Hugs…Angela

  2. Just love your blog, style and family. My sister is a supervisor for customer service RH, and I’m thinking one reason people don’t review for them is their clients (big movie stars for one) don’t have the time. And the product sells itself. Also RH has stores only in areas that meet an income level. Those are just some thoughts. Look forward to your future posts!

  3. Thanks for doing this post. I’ve often wondered why RH isn’t on IG. It’s disappointing. We purchased all of our outdoor patio furniture, and a fire table, from RH and we love it all. The quality is excellent and, of course, it’s beautiful. We also purchased our dining table host chairs and all of our new homes’ hardware, bathroom lighting and mirrors from RH. And, yes, we definitely paid the $100 membership fee! We had a similar ‘sofa gate’ experience a few years back. I love Ethan Allen, but found their sofas uncomfortable and not deep enough. Of course, after we moved on from EA they came out with a deeper slip covered sofa, but we’re really happy with our Pottery Barn Comfort Grand sofa/sectional. I love a deep bottom cushion, and a back I can rest my head on. My motto is ‘life’s too short for an uncomfortable couch.’ Anyhoo . . . I enjoyed learning more about your experience with RH. Everything in your home looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see your new outdoor space. It will be interesting to see if RH gets on the IG bandwagon. I’d love to hear from someone at RH, on the down low of course (!) about the reasoning for their curious marketing strategy. Looking forward to Part II of your RH insights! Hugs.

  4. What a great round up of reviews, Kristy!!! Thank you for taking the time to pull all your thoughts together… can’t wait to hear what you think of the outdoor sets!
    We have the RH St. James table in our dining room and LOVE it except for the fact that it gets water marks really easily if water is left on for an extended period of time. I think we will treat it / redo the top soon. We knew this buying the piece though from reading blog posts about it so it wasn’t a surprise.
    It can fit 12 people which was a must for us and the table moves apart really easily to extend / make smaller when I need to do it myself (I was worried about this b/c the table is so large and heavy).
    We got it at the outlet on a 40% off sale which meant we paid a 1/3 of the price that’s it’s listed for on the website.

    For our wedding, nine years ago, we registered for their bedding and we don’t use it every day anymore b/c it’s the Eucalyptus color (like Silver Sage) and I don’t really have anything in that color anymore BUT we use it when we need to throw something heavy onto the bed for guests and it’s incredible how nice the fabric is on the duvet cover / blanket.

    1. Its jan. 2020 i am looking to buy the st. James rectangular table but worried about purchasing after reading reviews. The table will go in my dining room. Do you still recommend this table. It will only be used for hOlidays. My children are grown so its just my husband and i. Or do you think i should consider a different table. Thank you for your advice.

      1. I love the coffee table and I’m surprised to hear that people left bad reviews about it.. I’ve painted mine however (both top and legs) so I’m not sure what they didn’t like about it.

  5. Thank you for your review . I also got many pieces from RH but I choose linen for fabric . I got 120 in all tuffted sofa in gray linen and same large ottamon all in gray linen . So far so good but I used a scotguad too. I never allow anyone to put feet on my ottamon though … I have 2 chairs also . People are not allowed to sit there only quests ?

  6. This is a great review! I am anxiously awaiting your review of outdoor RH furniture. I am contemplating the Provence sofa for my screened porch ( currently under construction.)

    1. I have the Kensington sofa in (I think) vintage cigar. I have the luxe size. I bought it years ago and the leather is great- a little vintage-y and broken in, but not at all fragile, very thick and tough. It’s also a great place to read or take a nap. It’s huge and the curved arm is very comfortable. Even though the legs look a little delicate, its really sturdy and heavy.

  7. I’ve been frustrated many times by the lack of online reviews on RH furniture- so I appreciate your post! I have the Kensington sofa in the luxe size in my living room and cloud sofa- LOVE!- in my family room with the white cotton duck slipcovers (even with 4 kids and a dog), and everything comes out in the wash. I have 2 sets of dining chairs, 2 sets of barstools, 3 dining tables, the white slip covered Capri chairs, nightstands and dressers and their linen bedding. I’m like you- RH is just easy, and the customer service is great. That said, I’d still love more online reviews. I live out of the way in the Rockies, and so sometimes I have a wait before my furniture is delivered. I also love the scale of their furniture. My house is open with big rooms, and I have 3 big boys ( one a college football Offensive lineman) and my youngest is a daughter, but she’s still 5’10”. Their friends are mostly athletes too, so I love how the luxe size sofas and chairs can handle lots of people comfortably.
    I just ordered the Saunderson nightstands in Dove, and I have to say, I don’t like the color. I saw it in the store and liked it fine, but in my house with natural light, they look like dirty off white. I wish they’d lighten up their stores a little more. This isn’t the first time the color has been way off from samples I’ve seen in the stores. Anyone have the Aspen French bedroom set? Im thinking of exchanging the Saunderson stuff for that.
    Also, I’ve considered painting my RH Swedish 19th century nightstands (now discontinued) white but didn’t know if I had the guts to tackle it. Glad to see you’ve painted with fabulous results! I’m inspired! Thanks

    1. Thanks so much Tamra for all your comments… I agree, I wish more would talk about their experiences owning RH. I say go for it and paint your nightstands. You’ll love them all the more. ;) Hugs!! xx

  8. Hi Kristy!
    I love your site! I’m ordering the RH sofa, and hoping you can tell me your configuration b/c it looks slightly different from others I’ve seen. Is this the armless sofa attached to a Left arm sofa? Do you know the sizes of each? I love the look of the long back cushion pillows, and it looks like there are only 5? It seems like the ones I’ve seen, there are 6 smaller pillows that are not quite as long. I like the look you have much better!
    Thanks so much!

  9. I am looking for a coastal feel to the dining .
    I am thinking about the white textured linen weave. for the chairs.
    Are you familiar with how the performance textured weave fabric . Does it hold it as they say it does for a dining room chair? My 2ond choice is the Sand.

  10. We have been debating on what fabric to get with the Kensington sofa. I like the feel of the Belgian linen but worry about stains. Have you had anything with this fabric? Can it be scotch guarded. We are hesitant to order one of the performance fabrics without being able to see and feel it on the couch. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you:)

  11. Hello. We have been going back and forth of what fabric to order for the Kensington sofa. I love the look and feel of the Belgian linen but worry about stains. Can this be scotch guarded? We are hesitant to order performance fabric since we are unable to see the look and feel of couch with it before ordering. Any advice would be great.
    Thank you

  12. Thank you for sharing you RH reviews! Great info and reviews, any thoughts on the Antiqued Grey Oak 20th Century Brass Bar Pull Glass 6- door Sideboard? I love the look, but still so undecided about the greyboak color in my semi-modern FL condo. Do you have any RH sideboards or experience with them? They look great, I’ve looked at RH half-dozen times at this piece trying to decide on my sideboard-Gate! But as you say, it’s a bit dark in their showrooms. I have taken a swatch to compare and it looks a soft grey, just didn’t want a green tinge in the color of the sideboard. Thanks for any info/insight you have!

    1. Not sure how long ago you wrote, but I actually purchased this exact piece recently March 2020 and do really like it. There are some “decorative” hardware pieces inside each door that made a scratching noise when used so I asked the delivery guy to unattached.
      I don’t feel like there is a green hue at all.

  13. We are considering to purchase from RH but weren’t sure of the overall quality and value. I appreciate your reviews of multiple items, including the outdoor furniture pieces. Have you ever purchased any of the lighting at RH? We are looking at a few chandeliers but haven’t read too many reviews regarding them. Would love to hear other’s thoughts and opinions. Thanks!

    1. Hi BJ – Sorry this has taken awhile to Message you back! We haven’t bought lighting at RH before. Regarding quality.. it’s really a toss-up. :/ It’s tough too because the price is SO high. I would try and make it into a store to see some of their lighting up close in person. xx, K

    2. I have purchased multiple lighting pieces from RH over the years (and recently). All are good quality and well packaged when they arrived. Have had no problems at all. In my opinion, I think their lighting pieces happen to be of better quality than their furniture pieces.

  14. Hi Kristy,

    Could you update us on your RH Sofa? Is it wearing well? I was thinking of getting one, but I have some friends who have complained that their linen sofas have not held up that well. What are your observations?

    1. Hi there, My sofa is slipcovered with a velvet fabric and it’s held up well. Not quite sure about the linen…? Their customer service has been amazing. That’s all I can really say since I don’t have a linen piece. :/ Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good Luck!

  15. Thanks for this post. It is a bit disheartening how few blog posts and honest reviews of RH furniture can be found online. While of course we have all seen the giant threads from several years ago regarding RH furniture, I would still like to hear from people who LIKE their RH stuff as Im sure they exist.


    1. Just want to respond saying I got my RH maxwell sofa and leather ottoman and absolutely love them!

      1. Curious did you get the leather Maxwell sofa? If so what leather and do you like? We have the leather sectional with Italian Berkshire.

  16. Thank you kristy for this detailed description of the products you have purchased from RH. We are considering RH for a living room makeover and are apprehensive to take the dive. We have RH dining room, and bedroom night tables and dresser, and love them. AT the moment, i despise our sofa and cannot wait to let it go. Our furniture is about sixteen years old with ware and tear after kids, that are now grown. We are looking at linen. We do not want a soft sofa. We would like a sofa that supports getting up and down but comfortable. Have you any information you can share since you are in the area of a RH store. We are not near a store. After so much research into furniture, i gravitate back to RH for their style and variety, and satisfaction with the pieces we have so far.

    Thank you again

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      While I do love my RH sofa – I have to be honest and say that my previous Ethan Allen Sofa with the spring comfort seats were more comfortable and held up better than my current sectional. I really want to make sure that you think about that because I know how expensive the RH sofas are. I’ve had this sectional for a year & a half and I previously also had 2 RH slipcovered sofas in my last home and found that I like them but I do think there are better quality for the price out there.

      The customer service is amazing though! Hope this helps. xx

  17. Kristy,

    I appreciate you taking tHe time to put together such a comprehensive set of reviews. We just purchased the French Panel Desk and matching bookshelf in white as it seems to go well with the molding in our house. We also like the detail on the back of the desk and plan to position it in the middle of the room. What kind of chair did you pair with your desk? We’re not sure if we should get a “computer chair” or something More classic in appEarance. We plan to use the desk about once per week.


    1. Hi Trevor, The chair we have is an oldie from Kathy Kuo Home. I love the shape and the linen. I like adding something that works for whomever is sitting. If it needs to be a major desk chair, than so be it but personally I like to look for something pretty as well. ;)

  18. I cannot tell you how helpful this blog was! I have been searching and searching for a “look” that I desired but couldn’t find anywehre! and i even get the RH catalogues! But I never saw the slope arm sofa! and Its exactly the style i was looking for! I am concerned about the slouchy look after what seems like very little time passed for you and Kristy’s comment below. I must sit on one, though, which means i have to drive an hour and a half to get to the closest store. THis may be the last sofa i ever purchase, so i need it to be great quality and the look that i have desired for such a long time. thanks again, and you’re home is beautiful!

    1. Good Luck Kara! If it helps you we’ve sat on this sofa for over a year and a half and it still looks and feels good… The wear has been a concern for me too as I’ve always had down wrapped spring cushions with Ethan Allen and those always held up well.

  19. could you give me a review of your 1850’s coffee table from RH and what alteration/improvements you made to it? I am looing at it for a 2nd home. I would greatly appreciate your information. Many thanks.

  20. Kristy,

    i wander on your page via google search on reviews of rh furniture. I just bought their sconces and i love how they look and decided i would splurge on furniture if i find a piece i love and also if i find good reviews.
    Thank you so much for your review. I’d ask you for two thing – please always add the date of the post (unless i missed it somwhere on the page) and also can you please do a review on their rugs and draperies and accessories that you might have?
    Your house is beautiful.
    Thank you

  21. Kristy,

    Thank you for a thorough review. We are considering purchasing our first piece of RH furniture and our first platform bed. We certainly have many concerns. We wonder how many slats come with the RH bed and what is the best mattress for a platform bed. We also wonder if we will rest as well without having box springs. Also, we wondered if the RH furniture is good quality but your review erased this concern. We are considering a linen and velvet RH fabric for the platform bed-any thoughts which might hold up best. We would appreciate any information you might provide.

  22. Hi Kristy, Thanks for this wonderful blog. I really liked reading your detailed review. We recently purchased our first RH furniture: Cayden nightstands, unfortunately the wax finish from the stands came off after a month of use. Do you have any recommendations on durability of a particular finish on their products? Oak is wire brushed with a sealed wax finish.

    1. We’ve had the same issue with the Cayden line. We purchased the dining table in Waxed Gray Oak and after just 3 months the wax finish is chipping in many places across the surface of the table. We’ve only used water and a soft sponge to clean the table, and the chipped areas aren’t getting used more than other areas. It’s extremely disappointing for such an expensive table from a place like RH which is supposed to be high quality.

  23. Good Day,
    I am asking for help rather than making a comment. I purchased the Restoration Hardware Grand Scale Shelter Arm sofa in 2009. I am looking for a replacement slipcover and wanted to know if you know of any sources that I can investigate. I’ve asked sales associates in the store and spoke to the online personnel and have always come up empty. What little information I find online is regarding the Grand Scale Roll Arm sofa.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

    Best Regards,

    1. I also had RH slipcover sofas that were 15 years old and thought if slipcovers. I did a ton of research. Lee Industries used to make most of RH sofas but in recent years they started sourcing from China. Hence the decline in quality on many sofa styles. Look on the sofa itself under the slipcover. If you can find a lee tag it will have the style number. If they still make the style there’s sources you can use to order a replacement. Custom covers are much different in cost if you can find a good seamstress. In the end we decided on getting new instead. You can still find high quality but it comes at a price even higher than RH’s membership costs…

  24. Hello! THANK YOU for this! Can you confirm that the French panel desk is a bright white and not a creamy or linen white! Thank you! (I LOVE this desk but am hesitant to order it re: online reviews of delivery and service issues.) Thanks, again!

  25. My Thanks to you as well. I have been very frustrated in the past by being able to find a store that can offer real and quality furniture. I keep getting fed the line by many sales people that (overpriced) composite material is better and last longer. I just want well made furniture of solid wood, even if it does cost a little more. I have not shopped at RH before, but your article gives me the confidence to go in knowing what to expect.

  26. Hi I bought the St. james nightstands and dresser. My furniture when you open the drawers has. Strong chemical odor. I tried for two months to open the doors to air out and they still smell. I put clothes in one drawer and they absorbed the order and stink and I have has to wash everything. It’s four months and still smell. RH sent me a second set still smells. My third attempt is to order another collection and risk it smelling or they said they would give me a refund. Did you have any problems with your furniture having a chemical odor? And if yes what did you do to get rid of the smell? Thank you for your answer.

  27. LOVE this review ! Contemplating getting the Maison bedroom furniture ! Was concerned maybe the feet were too high, and also was concerned that there is only one ring to open each drawer. I don’t think it will be a problem with the nightstands, but was worried it may be annoying with the bigger/longer drawers in the dresser and chest. Also was considering the Farmhouse collection from Pottery Barn, but after seeing both in person, RH seemed better quality (or is that just me?) PLEASE email me; I loved your blog post and would LOVE to hear your thoughts !!!!

    1. Hi Allie,

      We love our Maison side tables. No issue with the rings for us. :) I don’t think RH is necessarily better in quality than PB.. I would read all the reviews on specific pieces to compare. Google is my best friend. Our RH has the maison side tables in the store so you might want to check with yours to see? That can help. Good luck with your decisions. New furniture is so fun! xo

      1. Hi Kristy,
        I am considering the Maison bedroom furniture in antique grey oak. In your post the Maison vanity looks grey which is what I want, but the swatch samples look more brown in the pictures. Can you confirm the true color please. It looks different in every post I see!
        Thank you!

      2. Hi Patricia,

        Kristy’s is the Antique white but she added watered down white paint with a sponge. Hope this helps :)

    2. What did you decide on the Maison bedroom furniture? I am also trying to decide on it for the master bedroom in the gray oak. And what pieces did you get? I want to get 2 nighstands and either the 6 drawer dresser or the 5 drawer chest.

  28. I am considering purchasing the RH LaSalla Metal wrapped storage bed- I like the finish sample but have been unble to actually see the piece or any similar pieces in the Philadelphia showroom. Is anyone familiar with this finish or their storage beds ? Appreciate any input !

    1. This info and everyone’s comments has been helpful. I haven’t bought anything from RH yet but am looking at office desks. The quality of furniture nowadays is poor in most cases. Can anyone compare the quality of their wood products from RH to Drexel Heritage, Baker, Hendredon, Hooker, or Baker. These were some high quality manufacturers that i think may be gone now.

  29. Hi kristy,

    Beautiful blog finally found something reliable regarding RH.
    Currently I am looking to get a kenwood bunk bed in driftwood. I have been searching a lot of other brands as well I thought RH might be better and stronger than other brands. Can you or anyone who might be reading my comment help me decide if kenwood bunk bed is worth getting or not. I don’t have a RH near me where I can go and look at it in person. Thanks.

  30. Thanks for your blog/review. I find it balanced, fair and well thought through. Great design, too. Love the “just right touch” you have. Nothing is excess. From my personal RH experience, I purchase only their leather (dogs who believe they are human) and solid wood furniture. We recently purchased the Collins sofa, swivel library chairs, the brass finish cocktail tables to blend with the Cayden Campaign coffee table, a T-brace side table, and the Prado teak table for outdoor use. We also purchased the same office desk as you. I did get some of the Oushak, cactus silk and sheep hide pillow covers and they exceeded expectations both in quality and design. The cases way more than we normally spend, but what the heck at this point? I don’t write this to boast. We buy new furniture about every 15 years, so dollar cost averaging, it’s about $150 a month. I have friends who’s monthly Starbucks spend is higher. All of our pieces are too new to rate really, but initial quality is top notch. I shopped many places before buying, but I always came back to RH, because I love the design and quality. We do have two Lancaster chairs that are 15 years old. Our rescue pup is a nester and dug into the cushions of both chairs – if you ever feel you are too materialistic in life, adopt a rescue. Like children, they will get your “what’s really important” priorities in line! He dug in like he was burying a bone but didn’t even dent the leather (was their original waxed leather finish – I think). He did take off the finish and color in at the back of each seat cushion. We will have those chairs professionally restored which is always an option with quality leather. We always get the down/feather fill for the cushions and find they age very well and just get cushier with wear but have not worn out. We have some lamps as well. Here’s what I know about RH, they can be expensive (and you can spend a lot more than the prices you find at RH, too), but I find everything of solid quality and great design. For most things they offer, you get what you pay for. Their delivery is all white glove level. Every piece arrived in perfect condition – after my experience with Arhaus, I inspect everything like a crime scene detective. Even the items delivered by UPS are packed so well, you could drop them from a plane, and it wouldn’t hurt them. I have purchased other furniture from other places – notably Arhaus, Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, and Crate&Barrel. None are as good as RH in quality or service. We purchased 3 items from Arhaus, and all three arrived damaged, two of them badly so with an obvious previous repair on the sofa table. Their solution is to send a repair person to complete an in home repair of damaged wood pieces. While he did a great job, it was still very disappointing. The office chair arrived with one little washer missing from a caster, so the wheel constantly fell off. The Arhaus solution? Send me another chair when I only needed a caster replaced. When the replacement chair arrived 4 weeks later, the leather on the back was damaged, so I took a caster from the new chair, put on mine and sent the replacement back. With the prices they charge, I expected much better. No complaints about Ethan Allen, but there were no options for feather/down, which I prefer. Pottery Barn is great for affordable wools rugs that clean up easily and and hold up well to our Bissell Big Green rug cleaner which you need, because that thing could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. It doesn’t bother their rugs. Their leather is not anywhere close to RH in feel and comfort. We purchased PB bar stools and parts fall off the adjustable part and have to be re-attached. Haverty’s – master bed frame that the sales person said was leather – It’s bonded leather. $1599 and the bonded leather started peeling off after 5 years. We would never knowingly purchase something with bonded leather since I believe that’s just disposable furniture – it can be perfect for what you need in the moment, but it doesn’t last long. I have learned this – ask a lot of questions of the designer/salesperson, but read the labels, too. Trust but verify. I educated myself on the basics of better made furniture (leather types/grades/finishes, top quality kiln dried wood, 8 way hand-tied vs webbing, solid vs veneer and thickness of the veneers, etc). Some things just cost more because of how and of what they are made. And if you love it – buy it. And who knows? RH may want to choose your or my home for their next magazine shoot!

  31. Thank you very much for this detailed post on RH furniture. You’ve pictured many pieces I love most and wished I had! One item I do own is the Maison bed in Antique white and Belgian Sand linen. I’m now looking to purchase the complimenting dressers and nightstand, but have concerns given the drawers have wooden glides – will they be difficult to handle when weighed down with clothes?

    Given the price point and what other manufacturers offer, this seems less than what I would expect. What do you think? This is my first home and have waited a long time to be able to buy what I love, so would welcome your thoughts.

  32. I’m devastated. I’m finally after 25 years waiting to do an addition to my home. I have a feline and because of Covid can’t wait until the ridiculous 4 to 6 month deliveries. I need 2 sofas and want the Belgium slope are in a performance sand upholstered. I can only get the sofa in a slip cover not performance fabric. I think they sloppy. The skirt looks poorly sewn. They have possibly 2 upholstered sofas coming in just about 6 weeks later but no guarantee .. I would be so happy to have those instead. Finding furniture now is so difficult. How messy is the down?

    1. That’s so hard Beverly… I wouldn’t get anything except performance fabric. I also don’t have the down as I think they’d look really messy. While I love the look of my sofa,(our skirt looks fine) I’m not crazy with how the regular cushions are holding up. I think we may need more support. So frustrating.
      Good Luck!

  33. Hi Kristy,

    Thank you so much for this post. I am currently looking to buy the Belgium couch and have a million questions before purchasing. One of the biggest ones is deciding dimensions. Looking at your picture it looks about the dimensions that I am looking for. Would you mind sharing those. Also, I kept on reading reviews on this couch and a lot of people where saying that after couple sittings it turned to a pancake and I do not want that, so from the blog you recommended going with the standard fill to avoid that, correct? I am looking to go with the Perennials performance and im concerned about it being and “itchy and not comfortable” material, do you have any thoughts on that?

    1. Hi Janette,

      Sorry to just be seeing this now! I do love the sofa but… it’s still not quite as supportive after 3 years of sitting non stop on it as I would like. Even with it being the foam wrapped. The perrenials fabric is very soft and I LOVE it. I wouldn’t change the fabric. I also have to order a new sofa for the new house so I’m unsure as to what I should do. I may end up ordering this one again simply because it is comfy enough.. just not as firm as I would like. There isn’t anything else I don’t love about it. Lol. So hard!

  34. So glad, this white washed furniture has taken a backseat to RH modern and contemporary style of grays and black.

  35. Thanks so much for the honest reviews. I am also a RH member. I’ve purchased many items from them over the years, both for our vacation home and our new residence.
    I have the Maxwell leather sectional sofa, with down fill. Even though it’s in my vacation home, which has occasional renters, it’s held up well. I do have to fluff the back cushions occasionally and it was an absolute NIGHTMARE getting it into our home, due to the size. Based on our complaints, they did give us a credit.
    Most recently, I’ve ordered four of the Oliver track arm swivel chairs. Fabulous quality and I love them. The Heston round dining table is ok, but the top doesn’t seem as substantial as I had thought. More like a cement veneer.
    With all the pandemic supply shortages and delays, RH has been surprisingly speedy with shipping.

    1. Hi Ali,
      We are considering the Oliver Slope Arm swivel chairs. Not sure how we feel about having chairs that swivel. I’m afraid we’ll be constantly adjusting them. LOL! Glad to know that you have been happy with yours.

  36. Hi Kristy,

    I love your honest reviews. We also own furniture from RH and love the pieces we do have. (French Caseman Media System, St. James bedroom set, 17c. Priory table with Hudson Roll Back chairs). All of these pieces have held up wonderful and we are very happy with them. Now we’re looking to replace our current couches. We’re considering the Belgian Slope Arm Sectional you have, but in leather and was curious if anyone has any insight on their leathers. We’re also looking at getting the Belgian Slope Arm sofa for our living room in Perennial Performance Textured Linen Weave. We’ve been searching for nearly 6 months now and keep coming back to these pieces. We’d also be getting chairs to go with the sofa. I’d love to hear if any one has any insights on the leather. Thanks so much!

  37. Let me begin with I am in LOVE with your home!! It is so wonderfully decorated. I actually work at RH and given that my discount is 50%, even more at outlets if slightly blemished, I have been buying and putting away furniture in storage. In your opinion, what would be some “key” pieces to have tucked away? I live with a roommate but working towards my own little humble abode. Single veteran dad of two, ages 2 and 10. Let’s omit a bed, mattress and artwork as that’s covered. Keep up the great work, it was a pleasure reading your piece.

  38. Hi, I loved your review, especially with regard to the sofas. I bought the slope arm sofa in the vintage velvet (ironically in the gray as well) and we have had it for a little over 4 years. I am planning to have it professionally cleaned as it needs it. Have you done this yet and if so how did it come out? We have a dog and she loves to lay on it and while we have blankets down it does have spots and overall just needs a refresh. I’m only concerned because the velvet is so beautiful that I don’t want to ruin it at all. Any tips you could give would be much appreciated!