Best Graduation Gift Guide for Guys

As we discussed in yesterday’s ‘Graduation Gift Guide’ (for girls), it can be hard to find that perfect gift for your loved one/friend. I find that shopping for men is even harder than shopping for women. What can help with that? Shop early when everything is in stock! We consulted with the men in our lives and asked them what would they love to receive as graduation gifts… thus, the ‘Best Graduation Gift Guide for Guys’ was born!

Both Jeff and Zach graduated from high school and college, and had tons of opinions on what the hottest gifts should be. They both love different technology based gifts, along with wardrobe staples & other accessories. Thanks to them for the help! 

After some of our ‘Favorite Gift Ideas For Men’, you’ll find a section that’s all about dorm room essentials for guysIf you’re a mom or guardian of a senior in high school than hopefully you’ll find that lots of these items will help the shopping go by in an easier & more organized way. 

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Best Graduation Gift Guide Guys Kristy Wicks


One. // GoPro Hero5  – Many graduates immediately travel after graduating because they have a little time to take off. Gifting someone a GoPro is a fantastic gift because it is something that so many want (video their memories abroad or away) but can’t justify the purchase all by themselves. Plus, if you’re a prime member, this GoPro (which gives off stunning 4K video) is $150 off. Click here to shop.

Two. // Wool Sneaker – This shoe is the hottest on the market for guys.. they are trendy and SO comfortable. Emma’s boyfriend, Zach has a pair and recommends them. The price point is great. They come in multiple colors and the grey is a classic. Click here to shop.

Three. // SoundSport Wireless Bose Headphones – We love this set of headphones and think they are one of the best gifts. Not only are they wireless (so convenient) but they are perfect for anything you’re doing.. working out, at work, or hiking.. They are weather resistant! So many of you bought these from us during the Christmas season and loved them. Definitely a best seller. Perfect for a grad! They come in 3 colors.. click here to shop.

Four. // Novel Duffle Bag – Everyone needs an overnight bag.. this duffle is a great gift and a bit of an upgrade. It’s made by Herschel which makes all the cool bags/backpacks that kids are into. Plus, it comes in 3 color options. Click here to shop.

Five. // Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses – A classic style of Raybans that look good on almost every face shape. Emma’s boyfriend Zach has this style in multiple colors and loves the investment. Every guy needs a nice pair of sunnies. Click here to shop.

Six. // Nespresso Espresso Machine – This coffee machine is small enough for a dorm room/apartment. It comes in multiple colors (including pink!) and it’s on sale if you’re a prime member. Click here to shop.

Seven. // Nike Shield Jacket – Love this rain / weather resistant jacket and think it’s the perfect gift.. It’s versatile and high-quality which everyone will love.  Jeff and Zach both have a variation of this jacket and love it. Click here to shop.

Eight. // Fitbit Smart Watch – We love a classic fitbit but this is a bit of an upgrade.. it’s a cross between a fitbit and an Apple watch. It has bluetooth so you can stream music to wireless headphones, has different exercise modes, tracks everything from calories burned, bpm, steps, and you can also see texts, emails, phone calls and more. Comes in 3 colors. Click here to shop.

Nine. // Polaroid Instant Camera – A classic camera that is currently a hot item to own.. so fun to bring to concerts, while traveling, and more.. to create memories instantly. Click here to shop.

Ten. //  Slim Wallet – Help your loved one out and get them a slim wallet. Don’t let them walk around with a huge flip wallet.. Zach and Jeff have the slim wallet and approve this gift. ;) Click here to shop.

Eleven. // DJI Spark Mini Quadcopter – Wow… a drone? Why not we say! Especially if your grad plans to travel.. This drone can provide hours upon hours of entertainment and memories… A drone is a pricier item but it’s also a great gift to share… Click here to shop.


More gifts we’re loving: 



Dorm Essentials

Hope this helps! We plan on writing more about preparing for college & sorority recruitment during the summer.. so look out for that!

Let us know if we missed any grad gift ideas or dorm essentials that you love in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Best Graduation Gift Guide for Guys

  1. Thank you Kristy and Emma. I have twins (boy and girl) going to college in the Fall. You’re list of dorm essentials made me want to do back flips ! I have been stressed on what my kids need and where do I start? Thank you for putting that list together. Sending blessings from Chicago

  2. Thank you Kristy for the list!. My young brother is graduating this year, and I think I will get him a Polaroid Instant Camera has he loves outdoor activities. Thanks again.