Best Graduation Gift Guide For Girls

Who can believe it’s already May and it’s time to think about what you’re getting for your favorite grad?! I just received an announcement from a family member yesterday & almost fell over. Where did this last year go?

This year I have several graduation gifts that I’ll be needing to send out so I’ve pulled together a couple of graduation gift guides full of favorite gift ideas that Emma & I both love to help me.. and you. You’ll also find a boutique filled with the best dorm decor staples for those who have a high school senior in their life.. heading off to college in the fall. It’s never too early to begin dorm shopping. I remember Emma ordering all that she needed in the early spring for her dorm.. monogrammed, etc.. Not only was everything available but it arrived right away. All the cutest patterns & pieces sell out by mid-summer so it’s not always worth waiting for that sale price. (Especially the bedding.. because dorm beds are that awkward Twin XL size – these are one of the first things that sell out)

Love this sweet memory before Emma headed off to school…


Don’t think we’re leaving the guys out… I’m posting another gift guide & dorm decor ideas for them later this week.

Best Graduation Gift Guide & Ideas for Girls and Guys (Women and Men) Kristy Wicks


One. // Petite Ring with Semiprecious Stones & Diamonds – This ring is stunning & comes in many stone colors & options. When Emma joined her sorority, she noticed that 70% of the girls were wearing these.. they received them from their parents as graduation gifts! Emma was always jealous. ;)  Click here to shop.

Two. // Bluetooth Speaker – A small yet powerful speaker that looks sooo cute on a desk. Everyone headed off to college needs a quality wireless speaker that will last them through their 4 years of undergrad. If your grad isn’t a pink-person.. then there are other color options – grey, orange, white, and black! Click here to shop.

Three. // Floral Satin Robe – I’m so obsessed with this robe I’m purchasing it myself.. It’s a great gift for a grad because everyone needs a quality robe when they are living in the dorms. Basically everything you do is ‘in robe’ because you’re sharing rooms & bathroom spaces! This is a cute option and makes you look fashionable. It also comes in a blush or blue color option. Click here to shop. 

Four. // Glitter Glass Water Bottle – Perfect reusable & eco-friendly bottle to take to the gym, work, class, or wherever! It’s an inexpensive and a fun “extra” gift to throw in with some cash.. or in a basket filled with other goodies. Click here to shop.

Five. // Blush Luggage – Many grads end up traveling directly after school because they have a little time between getting a job/or continuing their education.. have them travel in style! This bag is one of the “in-style” bags of the season and it will help your grad stand out among the sea of black luggages! Click here to shop.

Six. // Letter Pendant Necklace – This necklace is a little more fashion forward than the typical monogrammed necklace. Love the clean circle design that doesn’t break the bank. Click here to shop.

Seven. // Monogram Jewelry Box – Another great gift under $25.. a smaller sized jewelry box that is personalized with a rose gold monogram. You can always gift it with a piece of jewelry inside to take it up a notch. Click here to shop.

Eight. // Rayban Aviator Sunglasses – Emma has these sunglasses and they have lasted for 6 years! We both love the gold & blue color but they come in other options as well. This style looks good on so many people and it’s always in style, so you can’t go wrong. Click here to shop.

Nine. // Longchamp Tote – This is a fan-favorite bag.. for an amazing price! It’s a go-to because it’s water resistant and you can beat it up & it will last forever. Plus they come in a million colors. Emma has this style in black but I love the pink ;) Click here to shop.

Ten. // Slim Tropical Flip Flops – Havaianas came out with this new pattern & color recently and we are dying over them. The rose gold straps & the tropical bright pops of color are stunning.. plus they are inexpensive. (We are huge Havaiana fans & own multiple pairs.. They will last you through the whole summer if not longer!) Click here to shop.

Eleven. // Marble Charging Station – This is a really cool gift for a recent high school grad who is planning on staying in the dorms. Charging your phone at your desk is important plus keeping it trendy with the marble & gold is sucha great detail. Click here to shop.

Other gifts we love: 

More gift ideas include: CASH – grads love this one ;),  gift cards (Starbucks is always popular), even a fun weekend away with your grad or an activity that involves the entire family, like a concert or a show.

Dorm Room Essentials 

I remember Emma leaving for college like it was yesterday. More than anything – I remember how organized Emma and her roommate were & how they had everything selected & purchased before June. As a result, move in was a breeze for them.. while some of the girls on her floor were scrambling and running to target 100 times for leftover last minute finds. We’ll do a more detailed post about this topic over the summer.. but for now here are some of the items that Emma said were the most important staples that she constantly used in her dorm the first year.

Emma’s dorm room her freshman year.. Best Graduation Gift Guide & Ideas for Girls and Guys (Women and Men) Kristy WicksBest Graduation Gift Guide & Ideas for Girls and Guys (Women and Men) Kristy Wicks Best Graduation Gift Guide & Ideas for Girls and Guys (Women and Men) Kristy WicksBest Graduation Gift Guide & Ideas for Girls and Guys (Women and Men) Kristy WicksSorry about the grainy pics… we didn’t plan to take pictures on drop off day. :)

Shop Dorm Essentials below by clicking the image:

Hope this helps with either shopping for a grad gift or to help stock your loved one’s dorm room!

Kristy & Emma


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