Bachelor Recap Week 8 – Hometowns!

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Hi! As many of you already know – I write a recap of The Bachelor each week. It’s been so fun, and we are so close to the end… WooHoo! If you missed last week’s recap, click here.

OK… Let’s do this shall we? Week 8 and we are into the Hometown visits. There aren’t many girls left so I’ve included more pics to give you an idea of the look and feel of each visit. I have to say.. this episode was so much better than the others. It’s nice getting to see how Arie and the girls connect with one another alone.. without all the other girls interrupting them. (minus several cameras and the entire crew of course)

It’s also nice to finally meet the families to see whether there is a connection there or not. These visits are always so interesting to me. Parents are either really encouraging and believe in their daughters wholeheartedly or they are doubtful in what their girls are doing and try to hold back. (for their ‘own good’)  I personally don’t understand that because my parents have always trusted me to make the right decisions. They would have never been rude to anyone I brought home.. nor ask him insulting questions. We aren’t talking about 16 year olds here.  I would love to write what I really think about different parenting styles but I’m too smart to go there. ;)

Before I get into the dates I have to share the first hug pics with all the girls… just because… How can I not?

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!These girls kill me! I don’t think I have ever jumped, straddled and kissed Jeff (simultaneously) whenever I’ve greeted him… and we are passionate! ;) I guess I need to up my greeting game.

First Hometown Date – Kendall

Kendall is the first Hometown visit and they appeared to have really missed one another. I never thought he took Kendall very seriously until now. I just can’t get over the whole taxidermy thing. And it’s not just me! Of all the hobbies in the world…

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!I couldn’t believe it when Kendall took Arie to a large space filled with taxidermy. I know she’s really into it but bonding over stuffing a rat? As Kendall said.. it’s just like hugging a stuffed animal. HUH? Enough said..

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!After time spent with dead animals Kendall and Arie went to dinner at her parent’s home. (what’s wrong with this sentence?) Everyone seemed very nice although Kendall’s Dad told Arie that Kendall isn’t ready for marriage. This is what I have an issue with. Kendall is 26. Time to let her figure things out… That’s just me though. ;) At some point in time it’s good to let our birdies fly. But then he pipes in with, but I trust her. Kendall and her twin sister are so similar yet very different. She quizzes Arie and just like everyone else.. doubts Kendall on this journey. Hmmm..

2nd Hometown Date – Tia

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Tia… Sweet Tia! I love this girl. She cracks me up and seems so down to earth. I love how much she talks to Arie and the way they are together. She is from a tiny and I mean TINY town named, Weiner which she is super proud of. Love that!

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Arie meets the family, gets questioned by the brother who admits he hasn’t been there for Tia for most of their life.. (interesting that he’s quizzing him first) then sits for a talk with Tia’s Dad. He is protective but kind.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!I found her family genuine and their toast using little weiners was well… too cute. Tia’s mom acted worried. Did none of these families talk before the girls left?

3rd Hometown Date – Becca

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!It was all about Apples.. (Jeff would love this part) Apple picking, apple slingshots, caramel apples. Perfect fall date.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Arie met the family at Becca’s home and it was a tough crowd. The producers show the family  sitting and talking ahead of time and the overall feeling I had was… Good Luck Arie! None seemed thrilled with this whole Bachelor idea.

Becca’s father passed away so the family is a little protective as a result. I understand that as the same thing happened to Jeff’s Dad. It’s hard to go through something like this. Becca’s Uncle stepped in and became a strong figure in her life so he took the first one on one with Arie.  At first I wasn’t in love with his approach with Arie but then I realized he is coming from a place of concern and love. He talked about losing Becca’s Dad and how difficult it was on everyone in the family. It was all very sad.. Arie is so compassionate and listened so well. Loved that.

Becca’s Mom on the other hand is not as convinced but I can understand why she’s worried. Being alone is hard. My Mother-in-Law can attest to that. Trying to give advice as both the mom and the dad is not an easy task.

4th Hometown – Lauren

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Last hometown date goes to Lauren. They actually seemed so much more in sync this time around than on any of the previous dates. They talked a ton as well. Finally. Also, I love the location! I grew up in Virginia just outside of DC and used to go to Virginia Beach all the time. It’s beautiful. Taking in the full advantage of their setting they ride horses on the beach then eat crab on the pier.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Lauren filled Arie in on her family before they went to meet everyone and Arie was NERVOUS! I can’t blame him. She wasn’t easy to get to know… can you imagine an entire family just like Lauren? ;)

Lauren’s home was beautiful and it reminded me of the neighborhood I grew up in…

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!They sat and talked with the family in the living room and it felt soooo formal and awkward. Everyone on one side of the room… Arie and Lauren on the other. I felt so bad for Arie. At one point he had to excuse himself when he was sitting at the dinner table to wipe away the perspiration. I can’t blame him! This family wasn’t having any of this…

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Arie and Lauren’s dad stepped outside and I was actually worried for Arie. The two hit it off however once Arie opened up about going to Iraq with other professional racers to help boost the soldiers morale. He was impressed. I was impressed. They even raised their wine glasses over their bond. It was actually amazing watching her Dad change his outlook completely. Lauren’s Mom was a completely different story. She isn’t convinced and she let everyone know it… yet she also said she trusts Lauren.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!

Final Rose..  

It started as a normal rose ceremony, with all 4 girls lined up waiting for Arie. Arie arrives but looks super nervous… uh oh! Not the best sign, this late in the game. He tells the girls he needs to step out of the room for a minute… Oh boy.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!The girls are shocked because they had such great times with Arie and they all feel soooo confused as to why he would still be so unsure at this point. Arie comes back in the room, and asks to speak to Kendall.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Kendall and Arie start talking about their relationship – Arie seems confused about her feelings and wants to make sure that she is ready for marriage. Kendall says she’s not sure yet, but she’s being open and honest with him about her feelings and tells him that she really likes him. Arie seems to accept this for what it is and they both head back to the room.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Meanwhile, the girls are back in the other room whispering stressfully. Tia seems extremely worried and keeps asking why he would be doing this. She was confused as she feels that clearly Kendall isn’t the right choice out of the remaining 4. She feels that she, Lauren and Becca should be the final 3. She keeps throwing her hands above her head and I can literally see her breathing fast.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Arie comes back in the room with Kendall and gives the first rose to Becca. No surprise there.. next up is Lauren.

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!So the final rose is between Kendall and Tia. Arie ultimately chooses Kendall and Tia looks absolutely shocked. I felt really sad for her because even I thought he was going to pick Tia!!

Bachelor Recap Week 8 - Hometowns!Arie leads Tia outside as she cries her eyes out.. I’m not sure if all her tears were from her not being able to date Arie any longer or because she was just dumped on national T.V. Either way, I’d be crying too!

Check back next week for my thoughts on the Women Tell All and Week 9!


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5 thoughts on “Bachelor Recap Week 8 – Hometowns!

  1. I think he’s sooo into Lauren. But I’m afraid it’s her who has an ex coming for her in the next episode. I hope not but….it looks that way. ?

  2. The one thing I don’t understand is why go on a TV show designed to find your husband if you’re not ready for marriage?. I do think Becca is the total package, mature, ready to commit and when Arie talked about her he only said about her, that he could imagine her as his wife and the mother of his children. He didn’t say that about any of the other women…..hmmmm

  3. Have you been watching bachlor winter games? I could not believe Luke? Really disappointed in hiz actions, lies and attitude. I kept thinking something was off with him but was shocked at after the games